2/24 Moore’s Lucha Underground TV Review: Cage vs. Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans vs. PJ Black, King Cuerno vs. Killshot, El Texano Jr in a Gauntlet Match


By John Moore

Lucha Underground TV on El Rey Network
Taped November 21 in Los Angeles, California

Cage and Johnny Mundo’s feud was spotlighted in the opening video. Chavo vs. Mexico was also featured because of El Texano’s return last week.

Pentagon was speaking to his master, Vampiro, in his dojo. Vampiro talked about how Ian Hodgkinson locked away the persona of Vampiro. He said Vampiro had no choice but to take control. Vamp said he was secretly running the show as Ian’s nightmares and voices in his head. Vamp talked about seeking an apprentice. A man so vicious that he can follow in his footsteps and make Ian’s nightmares a reality which in turn will free Vampiro. Clips of the Cero Miedo match were shown. Vampiro said together, nothing was stopping them. Pentagon said “No Maestro!”. Vamp told pentagon not to let anyone get in his way, including “her!”. A sepia tone picture flashed on the screen and Pentagon Jr said “Si, Maestro”…

John’s Thoughts: Has Sister Abagail joined the temple too? Just kidding, I’m assuming “Her” is Catrina.

Matt Striker checked in on commentary alongside Vampiro. Striker mentioned that Johnny Mundo vs. Cage was the main event. Vampiro talked about four matches in total being on cue for tonight as they passed it to Melissa Santos. Before Melissa could do a proper introduction, Jack Evans nabbed the microphone from her and told her to let a real professional handle this. Jack Evans was met with huge boos and “culero” chants. Evans called himself the best of the best, better than the rest. He called himself the “Dragon Slayer” Jack Evans. Evans said you don’t have to fear if a dragon should appear. He said he would make Drago his bitch! He then told Melissa that’s how to do the job in a condescending tone. PJ Black was introduced by Melissa.

1. Jack Evans vs. “The Darewolf” PJ Black. Vampiro said he liked PJ’s concentration. Evans put out his hand for a handshake which Black took and was fooled. Black came right back with a back heel kick and a shoulder block. Black was crotched on the top rope. PJ Black snuck in an eyepoke on Evans and got a nearfall after a German suplex. Evans went for a guillotine choke which Black turned into a Suplex for a two count.

Evans did a flash kick on Black and followed through with a springboard roundhouse. Suddenly, Drago appeared with a Devil skull mask and nunchaku. Evans was distracted by Drago doing Nunchaku katas which caused him to bring water and a chair in the ring. He threw a water bottle at Drago. Black took advantage of the distracted Evans and hit a pop-up cutter on Evans. Only a nearfall though. Drago tried to hit Evans with the mist, but hit PJ Black by accident. Evans did a bridged pin on Black to pick up the win

Jack Evans defeated PJ Black via pinfall in 3:54.

Drago was angry at Evans sneaking away with the glory again. The camera showed PJ Black in the ring as he looked dejected and he picked up Drago’s nunchaku. Black slammed it to the mat in disappointment as the show went to commercial…[C]

John’s Thoughts: Lucha Underground is doing a good job at building Jack Evans as this pesky rudo who picks up cheap wins. Evans is doing a good job drawing heat off the fan favorite Drago. The extended camera shot on PJ Black was also a good move that I hope leads to something due to Black losing two matches in a row while this one was taken away from him by the technico Drago.

In the style of a used car commercial, a Famous B vignette aired where he told everyone to call 423-Get-Fame. He was talking about getting clients. He said he would turn you from a “jobber” to a “robber”…

John’s Thoughts: I called the number, and felt a bit like a dork, but it actually goes into a pre-recorded message by Famous B. I hope this doesn’t add hidden charges to my phone bill.

2. King Cuerno vs. KillShot. Striker said that KillShot was looking for redemption based on a hot feud from last season. Really? KillShot sent Cuerno outside and grounded him with a corkscrew plancha. Vamp and Striker were suspicious of Cuerno not defending the title. KillShot dominated Cuerno on the outside. Cuerno ducked a tope from KillShot and shook him up with a superkick. Cuerno then hit KillShot with his awesome Arrow from the depths of Hell tope!

Cuerno took the action back in the ring with a running knee. KillShot was shaken up with a feint kick. Killshot came right back and went for a superplex, but it was blocked. Cuerno went for a sideslam which was blocked. Killshot tripped Cuerno on the apron and fell to the mat himself. The two luchadores traded forearms in the ring. Cuerno blocked a punch and came back with a slap. They then traded high kicks with Cuerno kicking stronger.

KillShot went for a flip which Cuerno met with a roundhouse. Killshot fought out of a tombstone with an inverse lungblower. Killshot went for a Corkscrew flip and met the thrill of the hunt from Cuerno which earned Cuerno the victory.

King Cuerno defeated KillShot via pinfall in 5:29.

Cuerno continued to attack Killshot and almost hit his new unique package tombstone piledriver. Fenix ran in for the save and Cuerno ran in retreat.

John’s Thoughts: There was just something missing in this match because it was not that good. The crowd was not really into it as well. I’m guessing this is mostly due to Killshot still missing something. They never even gave him a vignette. Striker and Vampiro are trying hard to try to get him over to no avail.

Texano was already in the ring for a Gauntlet Match.

3. El Texano Jr. vs. Mr. Cisco, Cortez Castro, and Chavo Guerrero Jr. in a gauntlet match. Mr. Cisco started off against Texano. Texano hit him with a superkick and picked up the win immediately. Cisco was eliminated.

Cortez Castro was next. Texano beat up on Castro in the corner. Castro came back with a feint kick. Castro grounded Texano with a tornado DDT. Texano hit a jawbreaker on Castro, but he came right back with a cutter to earn a nearfall. Texano powered out of a guillotine. Texano eventually nailed the Ruff Ryder leg lariat on Castro to get a nearfall. Castro hit some strong forearms which Texano didn’t sell. Texano eliminated Cortez Castro with a sit-out powerbomb.

Chavo snuck in from behind and tried to steal the win with a rollup. Chavo mounted punches on Texano. Chavo worked on Texano in the corner and waited for him to get up. Huh? Texano fought back with right arms and eventually took down Chavo with a clothesline. Texano nailed Chavo with a superkick and running forearm. Chavo got sent in the air high with a back body drop. Texano said Viva Mexico. Cisco distracted the ref and Castro used the bullrope to hold down Texano’s feet during a pin. Chavo won… [C]

Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated El Texano Jr via pinfall.

John’s Thoughts: I’m not used to there being consecutive boring segments in Lucha Underground, but here’s one. I wanted to give Chavo a chance with Blue Demon Jr being taken out of the picture, but this was not a good start to the feud that they wanted to do so badly. Is this still a feud of Mexico vs. Chavo because I’m simply not sure? I hope the main event and post credits save this show.

Cool! Dario Cueto and Black Lotus are still 375 miles away from The Temple at Dario’s little shop of horrors as I like to call it. Black Lotus wondered how much longer they had to stay there. Dario said that after breakfast they need to make sure “he’s” ready, as he cradled his red bull. Cueto said that his brother saved his life. Dario Cueto said that his mother was “El Diablo” who hurt him and his brother.

He said he stood up one time to her but was not strong enough. Dario said that his mother came after him with a hot iron. Dario said that if it wasn’t for his brother and the red bull, he’d be dead. He said that his brother pummeled her in the back of the head with the bull and didn’t stop. Lotus said it was terrible. Dario said no, it was a happy memory because it taught him how much he loves violence. The screams in Mantanza’s cage quieted…

Back in Los Angeles, Pentagon Jr was in the ring and yelled at Catrina. He said Prince Puma had to be taught a lesson. They did this strange thing with the subtitles where they were flying all over the screen. Catrina teleported and told Pentagon to teach him a lesson. Pentagon demanded a match. Catrina refused after what he did to Mil. They had a kung fu fight and Pentagon was about to break Catrina’s arm. Catrina used her teleportation powers to escape. Catrina said that Pentagon Jr could have Prince Puma next week, but putting his hands on her was his biggest mistake…[C]

John’s Thoughts: Okay, now the show just got better after a bit of a lull. Dario Cueto was as good as usual as far as a promo is concerned. He comes off as either very sympathetic or very manipulative with is very cool with the deep Dario Cueto character. As for Catrina and Pentagon, it was basic setup for next week which they are doing a good job of this year. I also wonder if Catrina fighting means she will soon be inserted in the Women’s division so we can have even more women vs. women matches?

4. Johnny Mundo vs. Cage. Mundo heeled it up big time on his entrance (which they oddly edited out a few weeks ago). Cage was a huge fan favorite here. Johnny Mundo slapped the face of Cage to start. Cage caught a flying mundo and took him to the corner to pummel him. Mundo pushed back and got the ground and pound attack started. Mundo dodged a clothesline and got a Pele kick that Cage didn’t sell. Cage came back with a backbreaker.

Cage got an Argentine powerslam on Mundo. Striker did a bad Mike Tyson impression. Mundo wiggled out of a superplex and sent Cage to the ground. Mundo followed up with a springboard corkscrew plancha on Cage. Cage was then slammed on the railing. Mundo got a two count in the ring and continued the ground and pound. Cage escaped out of a sleeper and Mundo came back with knees. Mundo grounded Cage with a single leg dropkick. Cage quickly recovered and sent Mundo to the mat with power strikes.

Cage earned a nearfall after a sitout Alabama Slam. Mundo recovered and managed to hit Cage with his old partner’s move, The Reality Check. Mundo gloated a bit and Cage recovered. After a slam and superkick, Mundo kicked out of the pin attempt. Mundo slid into several pin attempts and even tried to get his feet on the ropes. Mundo hit a cool caporieta kick. Cage blocked the Moonlight Drive into an F5-like maneuver. Mundo broke the pin with his foot on the rope. Cage tried the deadlift suplex, but Mundo escaped and went for many knee strikes. Mundo missed the End of the World and Cage came right back with a discus clothesline.

Cage pointed at Mil and hit Weapon X on Johnny Mundo. A random woman ran in and placed a pipe in the corner. Vampiro identified her as Taya Valkarie (the AAA Queen of Queens Champion). Cage and the Referee were distracted by Taya. Mundo got a clean shot on Cage’s head. Ouch! I hope there was some magic tricks done there as Mundo picked up the win.

Johnny Mundo defeated Cage via pinfall in 9:54

Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkarie put the boots to Cage. Taya and Mundo slapped on cage in the corner. Taya ran at cage in the corner with double knees. There were some Taya chants, but mostly boos. Mundo hit Fin del Mundo to close out the show…

But wait! There’s more! King Cuerno said the Fenix will not die and he was tired of making himself the hunted by carrying around the Gift of the Gods. King Cuerno said he wanted Mil next week, broken arm or not, and was cashing in. Catrina said that they had a deal. Cuerno said “too bad!”. Catrina put down her skull snowglobe and said that next week Cuerno will face Fenix next week instead for the title. Cuerno let out a sigh and said that he has the right to face the Lucha Underground Champion. Catrina said “to bad!”. Catrina said that the Fenix can fly and hopes that Cuerno can too, because it was a ladder match!

John’s Thoughts: For the second week in a row, a match that would normally be a feud ending match ended up being a chapter in a much larger picture, which is decent. This ending keeps heat on Johnny Mundo while also introducing US TV viewers to the reigning AAA Reina de Reinas Champion, Taya Valkarie. Taya’s introduction to the roster is a nice one as she offers this cool brawling rudo style and adds yet another name to the Lucha Underground women’s division. We go from two luchadoras last year to four or five this year so far.

Taya Valkarie reminds me of Taryn Terrell from TNA in that she plays this bubbly cheerleader type, but fights as a brawler of the women’s division. I’ve seen her in some bloody brawls in AAA and looking forward to see what she can bring to Lucha Underground.

This show had a good beginning and a good end, everything wrestling-wise in the middle was a bit meh. Where Lucha Underground is doing good, is they are developing a myriad of characters all across the board while making all of them meaningful (except Killshot, they still haven’t figured him out yet). Where they might want to improve on is their pacing. They are trying to stuff a lot into a one hour package whereas with the power of cinematography, they have the power to stretch things out if they need too. Thank you for reading along and make sure to check out Will Pruett’s audio review coming soon as well as my Hit List.


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