WWE Raw onsite report: Shane McMahon returns, live crowd’s reaction to Roman Reigns

Logo_Raw_dnDot Net reader Sam Smith attended the WWE Raw event in Detroit, Michigan at Joe Louis Arena on Monday and sent the following report.

-Shane McMahon got the loudest pop I have heard since Dolph Ziggler won the title. He came out after his segment to thank crowd. Vince dropped the F-bomb… I hope that came across.

-I was disappointed that there was not a New Day promo. They had a decent match with Neville and the Lucha Dragons.

-I hope Y2AJ was a one time deal.

-The Ascension didn’t get any music…not that they deserve it. The Dudley promo was flat, as was the Uso Brothers vs. Ascension match.

-The Wyatts vs. Who Cares was lame. There were a lot of “Let’s Go Red Wings” and “Go Blue” chants. Jim Harbaugh left by my section.

-I got a new Suplex City shirt during the Divas match.

-The main event with Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus was extra lame until Triple H came out. Reigns was booed whenever his face was shown. Overall, a good show.

Biggest Pops
Shane McMahon (by far)
Brock Lesnar
Dean Ambrose
Sasha Banks

Most Heat
League of Nations
Social Outcasts
Roman Reigns

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