2/23 WWE Main Event TV taping spoilers

images-1Dot Net Member Ryan Cardinal is at the WWE Smackdown taping in Indianapolis, Indiana and is passing along the following report on the taping of the WWE Main Event television show. Refresh the page for his latest updates.

A decent crowd. The 300 level is covered up, but about 80 percent of the 200s and all the 100s and the floor are full.

1. Goldust beat Stardust in a dark match. Jerry Lawler and Rich Brennan came out, but they kept the Smackdown graphics up in arena so this appeared to be a dark match. Goldust won a basic match in about six minutes.

WWE Main Event Taping

1. Bo Dallas (w/Adam Rose, Heath Slater, Curtis Axel) beat Darren Young. The Social Outcasts announced they are getting biker jackets for the road to Mania. I’ll admit I chuckled. Young got most of the offense, but Bo held the ropes and got the pin in about five minutes. The Outcasts got decent heat.

2. Naomi beat Paige. A long match that was pretty good all things considered. Naomi made Paige tap in about 12 minutes.

3. Ryback beat Tyler Breeze. Ryback did his normal ‘talk into the camera’ thing to come out but then they played what happened on Raw. Face maybe? He played to the crowd a bit during the match. A Goldberg chant broke out just before Rybak hit Shellshocked for the win in about 8 minutes. The offense was 50/50.

4. Braun Strowman beat Fandango. What you would expect. Roughly three minutes. This ended Main Event (thank God).


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  1. I was there tonight and it was awesome! I love going to the events, the best part is watching the expression of the peple around me. It’s totally worth it!

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