Wade Barrett doesn’t intend to re-sign with WWE

Wade Barrett (a/k/a Stu Bennett) has informed WWE that he does not intend to re-sign with the company once his contact expires in June, according to ProwrestlingSheet.com. Barrett is said to be unhappy with his current role.

Powell’s POV: WWE has wasted Barrett since The Nexus broke up. I’ve said many times that he was the main reason that faction that consisted mostly of newcomers worked, and I really thought he would mean more once it ended. He has had some unfortunate injuries along the way, but WWE did him no favors by saddling him with the one dimensional king gimmick. In other words, good for Barrett.

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  1. Can anyone blame the guy for not wanting to re-sign? Every time the guy even even hinted at getting over with the fans, the company pulled the rug out from under him, be it during his time as Nexus leader or his Bad News Barrett gimmick. I know he’s injury prone, but I hope finds work somewhere be it TNA, ROH, NJPW, or somewhere on the indies.

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