1/22 AAA Guerra de Titanes in Mexico City: Zim’s in-person report on El Mesias and Texano Jr. vs. Psycho Clown and Dr. Wagner Jr., new tag champions crowned due to Angelico injury

AAA Guerra de Titanes
January 22, 2016
Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera in Mexico City, Mexico

The show opened with the vacant AAA Mega Championship on theL stage and there was a promo exchange between El Mesias, Texano Jr., Psycho Clown, and Dr. Wagner Jr. They were building the main event tag match with the winners squaring off at Rey de Reyes for the vacant belt.

1. Nino Hamburgesa, Pimpinela Escarlata, and Dinastia got the win over Mamba, El Apache, and Mini Charly Manson. This was a super fun opener with Pimpi and Hamburgesa getting in some great comedy stuff. Hamburgesa scored the pin for his team with a low running crossbody.

2. Taya Valkyrie, Keira Strong, and Lady Shani beat Faby Apache, Goya Kong, and Maravilla. Taya won with her own little twist on Perro Aguayo’s foot stomps. Keira was a replacement for Sexy Star who came out in a neck brace and told everyone she couldn’t compete. There also appeared to be serious leg injury when Maravilla slipped off the apron while attempting a dive to the outside. She was being tended to at ringside throughout the remainder of the match and was carried out on a stretcher.

3. Australian Suicide, Jack Evans, and Fireball (f/k/a Flamita) over Daga, La Parka Negra, and Super Fly. Suicide won with a spanish fly through a wooden board, which resulted in another stretcher job for the victim. This one wasn’t as convincing as the previous one. Fireball was a surprise partner and made his mark by performing a wild dive off the second-story balcony. This was a good brawl.

The AAA Tag Team Champions Jack Evans and Angelico came out to surrender their titles due to Angelico’s leg injury. This led to Konnan and La Sociadad coming out for a promo segment.

4. Averno and Chessman won the AAA Tag Team championships in a three-way against Aerostar and Fenix, and Villano IV and 2000 Jr. Aerostar and Fenix were the stars of the match and it’s clear that they’re the future of lucha libre. They eliminated Villano and 2000 when Aerostar hit a huge splash off of Fenix’s shoulders from the second turnbuckle and Fenix followed up with a 450. In the end however, the rudos won with interference from La Sociadad/Perros del Mal and an Angel’s Wings. Post-match, for reasons that are unclear to me, Los Perros put a beatdown on the new champs. The segment closed with Aerostar and Fenix hitting the turnbuckles to keep the crowd content.

5. La Secta (Dark Cuervo, Dark Scoria, and El Zorro) won the vacant AAA Trios Championships versus La Parka, Electroshock, and Garza Jr., and Hijo del Fantasma, Hijo del Pirata Morgan, and Taurus. Parka was awesome here with his mannerisms and some great flurries of offense. He got the first elimination with a Romero Special on Pirata Morgan. Garza appeared to hurt his shoulder in the match and returned with his arm heavily taped to his body. Zorro got the win after killing Electroshock with a kendo stick and putting him in the Sharpshooter.

6. El Mesias and Texano Jr. defeated Psycho Clown and Dr. Wagner Jr. As the gimmick of the match would suggest, there was a lot of tension and miscommunication between both teams. They already have history and the winners would be going on to face each other for the world title. The technicos had the win in hand after hitting their finishers simultaneously, but Wagner abandoned his pin attempt to break up Psycho Clown’s. This cost them, as the rudos came right back with simultaneous finishers to score the clean win. Texano Jr. vs. El Mesias for the AAA Mega Championship will headline the Rey de Reyes show.

I really enjoyed this show. It didn’t start until around 9 and didn’t end until after midnight, so that wasn’t ideal, but every match was entertaining and the show didn’t really drag except for a few talking segments which could’ve been a bit shorter. I would’ve liked to see a bit less heel-heavy booking, as they won every important match, but that is only a small complaint in the big picture. Thumbs up overall, this was a lot of fun.


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