Pruett’s Lucha Underground Hit List: Taya and Johnny Mundo get married, XO Lishus vs. Jack Evans in a No Mas Match

By Will Pruett, Senior Staffer (@itswilltime)

Lucha Underground Hits

Johnny Mundo and Taya’s Wedding: This was a classic corny wrestling wedding. Instead of working against the tropes, it actively embraced all of them. Taya and Johnny played their parts well. This was silly, but fun silly and a nice display of what Lucha Underground ahs become in its fourth season. Matanza’s attack finished off the wrestling trope barrage with the attack that is a part of every wedding. This was fun.

XO Lishus vs. Jack Evans: This was not on the level of past No Mas matches (Sexy Star vs. Mariposa is the gold standard), but it was quite good. Evans and XO work really well together. Throwing in Ivelisse and Joey Ryan to increase the drama was a nice touch. These two didn’t have to do anything insane and put their bodies in intense dange to convey drama. That’s huge.

Drago vs. Jake Strong: This is a minor hit for being the first true challenge to Strong. I’m not big on Drago and Aerostar being fed to Strong so soon, but with the reduced roster, I guess it’s necessary. Strong is getting over slowly.

Lucha Underground Misses

None: I wouldn’t call this the best episode of the season. Most of it was skippable, but nothing was bad.

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  1. This was the worst episode of the season

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