Gutteridge’s Ring of Honor TV Hit List: The Kingdom vs. The Young Bucks vs. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly in a Philadelphia Street Fight, The Addiction vs. ACH and Alex Shelley, and Mark Briscoe vs. Adam Page

By Darren Gutteridge


The Kingdom vs. The Young Bucks vs. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly in a South Philly Street Fight: As expected, this was barely controlled chaos. However, this isn’t an “as expected” surefire Hit. The party pooper in me, be that superkick party or otherwise, thought the match was actually too out of control at times. The editing was so crazy that while it did feel exciting, it also felt rushed. No one spot really stands out in my memory, and that isn’t good when you consider the toll on the bodies involved. The spots we didn’t see were probably enough for another match edit on top of this one. Also, I’m never a fan of seeing men gang up on a woman whilst being cheered, no matter how much the female character may or may not have “warranted” it. And the bumps taken by Bobby Cruise and Kevin Kelly kind of fly in the face of the “zero tolerance” policy that was so prominent during the show. But ultimately, the spectacle delivered. Check this match out for sure.

The Addiction vs. ACH and Alex Shelley: A borderline Hit. I couldn’t shake the feeling all the way through that ROH would be true to form and not push forward with Shelley’s “implied storyline” with Chris Sabin (unless I’ve missed something, the true thrust of the story hasn’t been established). This distracted me slightly from the admittedly nicely paced match. Thankfully something did happen – Christopher Daniels got suspended. Huh. It doesn’t really furthering the Sabin and Shelley story (though Sabin did looked pained during the post-match beat down), but I can’t deny that it isn’t something, and it plays into the other concurrent “Addiction conspiracy theory” story.

Mark Briscoe vs. Adam Page: I actually enjoyed the content of the match quite a bit. Page is showing that he can put on a good match with just about anybody, and isn’t showing any obvious signs of being carried at all. The stuff surrounding this match however? See below.

ROH TV Misses

BJ Whitmer and Mr. Wrestling 3: This again? THIS again? I thought we were past this! This was garbage of the highest order, and that is all I have the enthusiasm to say about it.

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