WWE Raw onsite report: Notes on the in-person experience for the Royal Rumble go-home show

Dot Net reader Justin Beck attended Monday’s WWE Raw in Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Arena and sent the following report.

This was not my first Raw and it definitely was not my favorite. Some of the things I didn’t like included the amount of tag matches and the number of dark outs (commercials). It was too repetitive and really the lack of anything big occurring. You could tell they were just trying to get by with filler. On the other hand, they will be back on July 4 in Columbus.

The crowd started half empty, but by first match of rRaw I’d say the arena was 90 percent full. JBL got the biggest pop for the announcers. And Lillian Garcia’s entrance video is really hot (think Sports illustrated meets the cover of the movie The Notebook).

So many people enjoy chanting “you look stupid” at Sheamus, who almost got hurt. Kalisto still had his trampoline out by ring and Sheamus hit it and immediately they zoomed elsewhere so like three guys could come and take it to the back. League of Nations drew so much heat.

During the Roman Reigns match, Chris Jericho yelled “get up” at Roman a couple times.

After the Wyatt Family vs. Ryback and Dudleys match, the lights went out for a commercial break. The Dudleys went over and messed with JBL. It was a funny thing that may not have been on TV.

A guy in the crowd behind me started chanting “this is boring” during Tamina’s match with Becky Lynch. No one joined in, but Tamina yelled at him and told him to shut up.

The crowd was pretty dead for most of the Dean Ambrose and Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus match until Ambrose tagged in.

The loudest chants through the night were You Look Stupid, We Want Cody”, “We Want Sasha, We Want Tables, “O-H IO”, Y2J, and New Day Sucks.

Biggest Pops
Tyler Breeze (surprising)
Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar

Most Heat
League of Nations
New Day

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