Linda McMahon announces new business venture

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon announced her new startup business Women’s Leadership Live. She describes it as a company geared toward promoting leadership opportunities for women. “It’s impossible not to recognize that even in 2016, women are clearly underrepresented in leadership,” McMahon told Hearst Connecticut Media. “Women are 51 percent of the population but only 20 percent of Congress. Women earn the majority of college degrees but on average only make 78 cents on the dollar.

“Women make 80 percent of household spending decisions, but only 5 percent of Fortune 500 companies are led by women. Only 17 percent of corporate board members are women. This is not about setting quotas, but about having a diversity of perspectives and experiences in decision-making roles. We are making progress, but there are still glass ceilings that need to be cracked.” Read the full story at

Powell’s POV: The company is Texas based and McMahon lists Stacey Schieffelin and Debbie Saviano as her business partners. The company’s first event will be a three day conference that will be held May 19-21 in Irving, Texas. Want to take part? It will cost you roughly $1,200. Apparently, it’s not cheap learn about leadership opportunities for women.


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  1. In other words, she couldn’t buy her way into congress so she’s going to try this way instead.

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