AJ Francis recalls the NXT Promo Madness tournament, TNA and NXT working together, claims he is “the best promo in the world”

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Brass Ring Media interview with guest AJ Francis
Host: Zack Heydorn
Podcast available via YouTube.com

On developing promo skills: “I’ve always had it. The lack of opportunity is not the same thing as a lack of ability. When I first signed to WWE, it was the pandemic. And in the Performance Center, they had what was called Promo Madness. And what it was, was like a March Madness bracket style tournament.

“It was a promo tournament for every single person in the Performance Center from the NXT World Champion, Karrion Kross, to Santos Escobar, Shotzi, and I mean the list goes on and on. I beat all of them. I beat Santos. I beat Karrion and I beat Shotzi. I beat any and everybody that stepped up because I’m the best promo in the world. And I have been for a very long time. I had just joined – I just signed. So, that was another thing that probably would get you heat – when you show up and you’re better than everybody at talking. That’s not really something that people are happy about. And you know, utmost respect to all those guys.

“I have a great relationship with Karrion, Santos, and Shotzi. They’re great. It’s not like I’m saying their promos are trash. They weren’t. I’m just the best promo in the world. And I will show that at any given time. There’s a reason why whenever somebody like a Joe Hendry or an LA Knight, who’s the babyface that everybody’s supposed to be getting over, right? There’s a reason why they get to promo and I have to stay in there and listen to them talk.”

On TNA working with NXT: “Everybody’s chomping at the bit for their opportunity to do something in NXT or work against people from NXT in TNA. I want to go to NXT. I think it’d be hilarious for me to walk in NXT as a guy who, when he was in WWE, never really got the opportunities he deserved and come back as a champion and be like, ‘Hey, look what happens when you actually let me do me.’

“Personally, I would train at the PC all the time. There’s a lot of guys and girls, from Kelani (Jordan) to Lola Vice, to Oba Femi – guys that I’ve trained with and helped them find themselves that are now at the forefront of the next scene. We already have chemistry. We’ve already done a lot of cool things together. It would be cool to do it on a bigger stage.”

Other topics include being inspired by Paul Heyman, being the TNA Digital Media Champion, and more.


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