NXT TV results (6/4): Moore’s review of TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Stevie Turner, Tony D’Angelo vs. Damon Kemp for the NXT Heritage Cup, Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live June 4, 2024 on USA Network 

[Hour One] NXT GM Ava and Robert Stone were waiting in the parking lot with security guards. “All Ego” Ethan Page drove up in a red car and thanked Ava for the warm welcome. Ava, Stone, and Page walked over to the performance center to sign Ethan to NXT…

Highlights from last week’s NXT aired… Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Mike Rome was the ring announcer…

Jordynne Grace’s NXT in-ring debut opened up the show. Grace wore a vest that had the letters “NXTNA” on it. Steve Turner still had her Twitch streamer themed video wall. She came out looking like Alexa Bliss though with her hairstyle. Right after Stevie entered the ring, NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez made her entrance to join commentary…

1. TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Stevie Turner in a non-title match. Stevie started the match with a slap to Grace, who came back with a whip and her own chop on Stevie. Grace hit Stevie with a modified suplex and a kip up. Steve came back with boots and a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Stevie went for a Camel Clutch, but Grace turned it into a Electric Chair. Grace hit Stevie with a snap suplex. Grace body slammed Stevie a few times.

Grace hit Stevie with a signature back elbow. Grace hit Stevie with a World’s Strongest Slam and Vader Bomb. Grace glared at Perez and hit Stevie with the Grace Driver for the victory.

TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Stevie Turner via pinfall in a non-title match in 3:03.

Perez entered the ring and held up the NXT Women’s Title while jawing with Grace. Grace no-sold a shove by Perez. Grace shoved Perez back to the mat. Perez backed up the ramp…

Trick Williams met up with Lash Legend in the parking lot and wondered where Ethan Page was. Lash said he’s probably in the office with Ava. Trick said he is going to knock the ego all out of Ethan Page. Lash said she’s worried about all the attacks that Ethan did to Trick, Oro Mensah, and Noam Dar. Trick said he’ll take care of all this. Lash told Trick, whatever this is between her and Trick, it’s over.

Lash said she has the opportunity to become the first NXT Women’s North American Champion and she has to do this. Trick said he gets it. Trick told Lash to get locked in and get that title. He said he’ll take care of Ethan Page and Lash is good with him…

A NXT Women’s North American Championship summit was hyped for after the break…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Simple and effective showcase match to introduce the impressive Jordynne Grace to NXT viewers who may not watch her weekly on AXS or YouTube. She’s definitely impressive and it’s good to establish her powerhouse moveset in a shorter match. Here’s hoping they give Grace and Perez some time at battleground because against a competitive opponent, Grace has stone the show on many PPVs (even having the match of the night most times).

Shawn Spears was coaching Je’Von Evans, Uriah Connors, and a few developmental wrestlers. Josh Briggs showed up and said that they shouldn’t listen to Spears. Spears called Josh a friends. Josh said he didn’t like being called a lost soul. Spears said he wasn’t the lost soul he was talking about. Spears then brought up the “Who is Josh Briggs?” question. Josh had to be held back by Evans. Spears said Josh is showing his immaturity and misguidance…

Chairs, the title belt, and a podium were in the ring with the women competing in the ladder match sitting in the chairs. Booker T hosted the summit. Booker hyped up the North American Championship ladder match at Battleground. Booker asked Mia “Michin” Yim first what she was going to do. Mia said she knew she had to be a part of this match to be the first champion. Mia said she knows what it takes. She said she had her face and nose shattered in a ladder match in NXT. She said NXT allows her to be her, the HBIC. Jaida Parker cut in.

“Mia said “Oh no she didn’t”. Jaida said this isn’t black and gold, and if Mia tries to get near her title, she’ll turn Mia black and blue in the face. Fallon Henley cut in and bragged about fighting for herself now. She said she doesn’t care about anybody and will step over everyone. Kelani Jordan cut in and said that everyone is qualified in the ring, but nobody wants to risk it like “Lani”. Lani said the fans deserve a crowd like Lani. Booker T led the crowd in a Shucky Ducky Quack Quack chant.

Booker then pointed out how Sol Ruca was the number one ranked in the combine. Booker asked Sol how she was going to get things done, even though she’s not in her element. Sol said she knew everyone wants to get things done. Sol said five souls will be snatched on Sunday. Lash did an annoying yell and said Sol ain’t gonna be snatchin’ anything. Lash said she’s had a few hard weeks, but Sunday is about her.

She said she’s going to go from being a girl with “potential” to a champion. Jaida pointed out how Lash be going for that Trick. A brawl ensued. Robert Stone walked out and announced that Ava booked a six-person tag team match involving all six women who will compete in the ladder match at Battleground for later in the show…

Charlie Dempsey was staring in a mirror trying to act like Robert De Niro saying “are you talkin’ to me?”. Myles Borne showed up and wondered what Dempsey was doing. Dempsey told Borne to bring Kemp over. Kemp showed up. Kemp said it was weird they were talking at each other while staring at a mirror. Dempsey said that Kemp will bring back the title to his family, Kemp reluctantly responded with “capisce” after Dempsey forced him to…

Chase U were in the Gorilla Position. Duke Hudson and Riley Osborne refused to walk out due to Chase U associating with Ridge Holland. Andre Chase and Thea Hail went to the ring. Ridge Holland joined them…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Looks like Regal’s son is starting to seep into some of the comedic things his father used to do. As for the summit, I liked the Lash and Mia part. The rest of it was just the rest of the women taking turns to get their words in to set up a tag match. Jaida Parker and Michin were the ones who showed the best attitude during the segment by not following the “take turns” formula.

Jasmyn Nyx made her entrance…

2. Thea Hail (w/Andre Chase, Ridge Holland) vs. Jasmyn Nyx. Hail started the match with a few pin attempts to start the match. Thea then worked on Nyx with methodical chain wrestling. Hail hit Nyx with a few armdrags. Nyx popped up Hail in the corner and punted her gut. Nyx hit Hail with a running kick. Nyx stretched out Hail a few times. Vic noted that Nyx’s kick come from her collegiate soccer background.

Riley Osborne and Duke Hudson showed up to ringside from the crowd. Hail hit Nyx with the World’s Smallest Slam and Liger Kick. Hail got distracted by Hudson and Osborne showing up outta nowhere. Hail managed to put Nyx in the Kimura. Nyx used Hail to pressure the referee to the corner. While Hail was apologizing to the referee, Nyx nailed Hail with a Pele Kick for the win.

Jasmyn Nyx defeated Thea Hail via pinfall in 4:29.

Vic Joseph hyped “exclusive footage” of an altercation at an NXT merchandise truck for after the break…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Basic stuff from Nyx, but that’s what we expect from WWE’s NIL types. She was fine here and NXT has been doing good keeping inexperienced wrestlers off TV until they are ready to work a television match (which was different from the 2.0 days where they would throw rookies out there to fumble and bumble). Looks like Riley Osborne is most likely going to be the one going heel from this. Interested to see what they do with Duke, who’s been hidden in the background for a long time despite being impressive in recent showings. One thing that would crack me up a bit is if Hudson goes full Chase U mode with the shirt and everything.

Ethan Page was talking with Ava outside her office and said he likes the contract, but Ava forgot one detail. Page said he has all the leverage and can ask for whatever he wants. Page left. Robert Stone showed up and Ava thanked him for his assistance. Stone asked Ava how things were with Ethan Page. Ava showed him Page’s long list of demands in a folder…

Vic and Booker sent things to phone cam footage of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson brawling with Nathan Frazer and Axiom at a NXT merchandise truck. Security guards eventually ran out to drag Gallows and Anderson to the back once they got the advantage…

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in on commentary. Vic noted that Gallows and Anderson were supposed to wrestle on this episode, but Ava sent them away from the performance center after the brawl. Vic said Gallows and Anderson will be at the UFC Apex for Battleground…

Josh Briggs was supposed to make his entrance, but the camera ran over to see Shawn Spears lay out him with a chair. Spears was yelling at Josh. Je’Von Evans showed up in street clothes and traded hands with Spears. They brawled all the way over to the ring. Evans hit Spears with a suicide dive on the announce table. Referees ran out. Spears shoved Evans into the steel steps for a breather.

Spears cleared out the announce table. Unfortunately, Spears spilled Vic Joseph’s candy bowl. Spears tried to drive Evans through the table, but Evans backdropped Spears on the table. Back in the ring. Evans hit Spears with a high flying slingshot cutter. Evans stood tall with his song playing to end the segment…

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Tony D’Angelo who was with the rest of the family. Sarah asked Tony about his upcoming title defense. Tony said Luca gave him all the details about the “Catch Clause” and the NQCC are about to find out how things go when the family is in control. Sarah hyped the Heritage Cup match for after the break…[c]

Vic Joseph announced that Sexyy Red accumulated 21+ million views on social media from her appearance last week. Vic hyped up Red as the host of Battleground…

No Quarter Catch Crew made their entrance first with Kemp in ring gear. The D’Angelo Family were out next. Mike Rome handled the formal championship in-ring introductions. Tony D joked at Stacks defending the title via the “Catch Clause”, but it was just a joke…

3. Tony D’Angelo (w/Channing Lorenzo, Luca Crucifino, Adriana Rizzo) vs. Damon Kemp (w/Myles Borne, Charlie Dempsey) in a rounds match for the NXT Heritage Cup. Kemp started the match  with leg takedowns and pin variations. While Kemp went to chat with his team, Tony D grabbed Kemp and hit him with hockey punches and a suplex. Kemp came back with a back suplex. Kemp got a two count off a back elbow. Tony D picked up the first pinfall after a Fisherman Buster. [End of Round 1]

Tony D’Angelo pinned Damon Kemp 1:46 into Round 1 to go up 1-0. 

The next round started up during the picture-in-picture.[c]

[Hour Two] Round 2 ended during picture-in-picture with no falls.  [End of Round 2]

Tony D rallied with right hands. Kemp slammed Tony’s face into the buckle. Kemp hit Tony D with a double stomp and running splash for a two count. Kemp got a two count after a rollup. Kemp got another two count after a Bridged German Suplex. Kemp worked on Tony D with some Belly to Back work. Kemp worked on Tony with a series of German Suplexes and bridged pins.

Tony tossed Kemp away. Tony fired up and hit Kemp with a series of right hands and his own Belly to Belly suplexes. Kemp shoved Tony off the top rope and hit Tony with a Death Valley Driver. The clock ran out before the referee could count to three. [End of Round 3]

Tony D quicked up the quick pinfall after a uranage after the bell. [End of Match]

Tony D’Angelo defeated Damon Kemp via pinfall 0:08 seconds into Round 4 to retain the NXT Heritage Cup. 

John’s Thoughts: A showcase win for D’Angelo and another straightforward non-gimmicked Heritage Cup match. A good match between two former collegiate wrestlers. Damon Kemp being Bobby Steveson (the “better” Steveson brother in terms of pro wrestling). Glad to see Kemp back in the ring because I thought he was one of the standouts of the 2.0 era with his good in-ring and mic work when feuding against Julius Creed and Roderick Strong. It’s cool to get some of these straightforward cup matches as opposed to the comedy matches we got under Noam Dar’s long reign.

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Ava about an update on Ethan Page’s contract status. Ava noted that she wanted Ethan to sign his contract behind closed doors, but he wants to sign in front of everyone. Ava said she’s

Jordynne Grace hugged her old friend in TNA Mia Yim backstage. Grace told Yim how surreal it was to see TNA in NXT. Sol Ruca showed up and talked about how jacked Grace was. Grace said she wants to know how Sol does the Sol Snatcher. Jaida Parker showed up and noted she’s sick of everyone kissing each other’s asses. Mia and Jaida jawed a bit. Jaida left and Yim said she’ll put a muzzle on Jaida. Yim left.

After Yim left, Arianna Grace showed up and noted that they aren’t related despite similar last names. Arianna noted that Perez isn’t thrilled at the thought on Jordynne walking out as double champion. Tatum Paxley showed up to glare at the Knockouts title. Jordynne said the title was important to her. After Jordynne left, Tatum said the title is important to her too…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Jordynne Grace vs. Tatum Paxley for the Knockouts Title on a future episode of Impact? If you told me that a few months ago. I would say that this would be too early for Tatum, but Tatum really stole the show in her match against Lyra Valkyria and Roxanne Perez to the point where I want to see her showcased more in the ring. Would be a good start for the NXT crossover to TNA, especially if we get higher profile matches down the road. That segment also laid out a list of women we can see show up on TNA Impact down the road. One joke I would have liked to see was Ariana Grace acknowledge that her father, Santino Marella, is the on-air authority figure of the current Impact show.

Vic Joseph plugged Battleground as well as the six-person tag match for later in the show. The commentators checked in on commentary…

Vic sent the show to a Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice NXT Underground hype package. Vic talked first about her rise in NXT. Lola Vice highlights aired which focused on her striking. She talked about bringing back Shayna to NXT and how she looked up to her. She said she never thought her idol would be jealous of her. The show cut to Baszler talking about people forgetting that she was the most dangerous person in NXT.

Baszler spoke about having the longest NXT Women’s Champion and being the first person to crossover from MMA to WWE. Baszler said if not for her, Lola would be shaking her ass on some street corner. Clips were shown of various UFC personalities, including Josh Barnett, giving their predictions for the match. Vic Joseph ended the promo by hyping the Underground match…

Izzi Dame made her entrance (her theme sounds like it was sung by the same person who sings the Damage CTRL theme). Natalya and Karmen Petrovic made their entrance next. Karmen had a crutch. Vic noted that Karmen was supposed to be in this match, but was injured and Natalya will be taking her place. Natalya did the Bret Hart glasses thing to Booker T…

4. Natalya (w/Karmen Petrovic) vs. Izzi Dame. Izzi dominated early with her power. Natalya came back by slamming Izzi to the mat, running off her back, and hitting her with a basement dropkick. Izzi worked on Natalya with a side torture rack. Izzi got a two count off a Yakuza Kick. Izzi put Natalya in a modified abdominal stretch. Natalya reversed a power bomb into a huracanrana. Natalya got a two count off a discus lariat. Izzi broke a arm hold with a deadlift bomb on the buckle. Izzi worked on Natalya with ten punches in the corner.

Natalya reversed the ten punches with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Natalya and Izzi and Natalya traded rapid fire rollups with Natalya getting the last rollup for the win.

Natalya defeated Izzi Dame via pinfall in 4:10.

Nathan Frazer and Axiom were in the parking lot where they were selling the brawl injuries form earlier. Frazer and Axiom cut a promo about how they are going to kick Gallows and Anderson’s ass while proving they are tough…

Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe made their entrance. Vic noted that we don’t know their opponents yet because their scheduled opponents Gallows and Anderson were kicked out of the building…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Simple match to give Natalya a win on NXT while giving Izzi some experience against a veteran. Izzi definitely has potential. She has a good presence about her and what stands out is she’s tall and athletic. Her size will definitely make her stand out.

Igwe and Dupont were attacked by Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang during the break. Joe took a mic and talked trash about Sexyy Red. Joe even poorly twerked to mock Red shaking her ass. Mark spoke about not caring about social media and how Gallus is here to be professional wrestlers. Wolfgang talked about the locker room being wee boys just posting things on the internet. Joe said Gallus are grown men.

Joe talked about how he’s wrestling in a Triple Threat at Battleground and how that means there’s no rules. NXT North American Champion Oba Femi made his entrance. Oba acknowledge that Gallus are extremely dangerous. Oba said Gallus have been causing chaos all across the division. Oba said Mark and Wolfgang can try to assist brother Joe, but the outcome will remain the same.

Wes Lee made his entrance through the audience. Before Wes could get words in, Gallus jumped Oba Femi and had the numbers advantage. Gallus also beat down Wes Lee. joe took down Oba with a clothesline. Mark and Wolfgang took down Wes with their tag team dropkick finisher. Gallus’s theme played while the trio posed on the ramp to end the segment…

Vic Joseph hyped up the six-woman tag team match for after the break…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A simple segment to put some heat on Joe Coffey heading into the North American Championship match. I’m happy they’re attempting to put heat on him because they’ve foregone putting heat on him in past feuds. I hope this time it finally clicks for him (and they don’t put him in some goofy sports entertainment mess later like they’ve done with him in the past). The promo segment also showed that Joe is clearly the best talker of the group; where he stood out in a good way when they were passing the mic. I also got a mild chuckle out of Joe attempting to twerk.

The show cut to a random woman (Wendy Choo) waking up and going to brush her teeth. They didn’t show her face at first. When she looked at the mirror we saw her face. She had a “darker” look with heavy eye shadow…

John’s Thoughts: Okay. Hopeful. I was afraid we were going to get the kiddy womanchild version of Wendy Choo coming back based off the recent teases. I hope the darker look means they are going to take more of a mature take on the character.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Lexis King, who was gloating about how he beat down Dante Chen backstage. Chen showed up and brawled with Lexis King. They brawled over to a bunch of developmental wrestlers. They were pulled apart by coaches Norman Smiley, Oney Lorcan, and Robbie Brookside…

Entrances for the women’s match took place…

5. Lash Legend, Fallon Henley, and Kelani Jordan vs. Jaida Parker, Sol Ruca, and Mia “Michin” Yim. Jordan and Ruca started the match even. Lash and Jaida tagged in with both women jawing with their own tag partners. Jaida dodged a standing splash and got a two count. Jaida tagged in Yim. Yim glared at Jaida for the hard tag. Yim hit Lash with a huracanrana. Yim caught Lash with a corner boot. Henley got a cheap shot kick on Yim and tagged in. Henley tagged in and hit Yim with her signature baseball slide right hand.[c]

Lash’s team cut the ring in half on Yim. Yim did a roll to tag in Jaida. Jordan rallied with strikes a d a back elbow. Jordan hit Jaida with an Angle Slam. Jaida caught Jordan out of the air and draped her on the 2nd rope. Jaida hit Jordan with her signature draping Banzi Drop. Jaida got a two count after a suplex. Yim tagged back in and continued to jaw with her tag partner Jaida.

Yim put Jordan in a Bow and Arrow. Vic hyped Lexis King vs. Dante Chen in a Singapore Cane for next week. Jasmyn Nyx and a masked Jacy Jayne (due to a nose injury) walked out to ringside. Sol Ruca tagged in for the hot tag. Fallon punched Sol out of the air. Fallon hit Sol with a twisting facebuster. Sol caught Fallon with a high kick.

Sol and Fallon took each other out with clotheslines. While reaching for the tag, Yim gave Jaida a cheap shot to cause a  brawl between the two. The rest of the women brawled with each other.  After things calmed down a bit, Sol Ruca hit Lash Legend with a Sol Snatcher in the center of the ropes for the victory.

Sol Ruca, Jaida Parker, and Michin defeated Lash Legend, Kelani Jordan, and Fallon Henley via pinfall in 9:37.

Ava was walking backstage. Stevie Turner tried to catch up with Ava to demand a match for next week. Ava walked past her and said she’s busy…

Ethan Page was shown walking through the hallways. Vic noted that Page is the “Man of the Hour” (a reference to his old tag team with Scorpio Sky. Speaking of which where has Sky been. Maybe he can come back to WWE under his old WWE name as “Harold, from Therapy”)…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A bit of a messy six person tag, but that’s expected from a wild card match with heels teaming with babyfaces and things falling apart. The person who stood out was Sol Ruca, who had the love of the crowd. I really like her recent matches too where she’s showing she can hit the Sol Snatcher from different parts of the ring as opposed to the corner.

An Eddy Thorpe vignette aired. He talked about fighting for past native American heritage wrestlers like Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco, Jay Strongbow, and Wahoo McDaniel. He said he’s fighting for more than winning matches. He said he’s fighting for representation for people who look like him. He said his mind and body have been cleansed. He said he returns to NXT reborn and with his eyes wide open…

A camera shot was shown of the UFC Apex ring. Vic Joseph ran through the advertised NXT Battleground 2024 card…

Ava was in the ring with a table set up in the ring. Ava welcomed “All Ego” Ethan Page, who made his entrance without entrance music. Page soaked in boos. Ava said she didn’t want to do this publicly, but she made an exception. Page told the crowd to shut up because they weren’t here to sign a contract. Before Ethan could talk, the crowd chanted “We want Trick.” Page said Ava is going to have to get used to Ethan Page calling the shots. Page said “if” he signs the contract, he’s going to get a lot of perks that the rest of the locker room won’t like.

[Overrun] Page said he doesn’t give a damn because he earned it. He said he’s tired about sitting in the back waiting for opportunities, and is going to take them. He said Ava is about to sign the wrestler with the biggest upside in professional wrestling. Ava said she’s not signing anyone with the demands Page had listed in the contract. Page pointed out how NXT lost eight top stars in the draft, leaving him with a void to fill to take NXT to new heights. Page said he understands that there’s a lot of money in the contract.

Page noted that he sat down the last two years collecting money, but he’s not about that. Page said he wants the opportunity. Page noted that in NXT talent grants opportunity. Page said Ava may hate him, but she knows he has talent. Page told the crowd to shut up once they showered him with “Whoop dat Trick” chants. Page said he deserves the ego he has. He said he hasn’t said opinions, but rather spittin’ facts.

NXT Champion Trick Williams made his entrance. Page tossed the table to ringside and took a mic to confront Trick in the ring. Page said he’s been around the block a few times and seen how things go. He said he’s not here to get thrown through a table, but rather to handle business. Trick told Ava to let Page handle his business so everybody can get what they want, Trick whooping Page’s ass. Trick said he’s going to tell how things go around here, this is Trick’s house.

Trick said he’s been here since 2.0. Trick stumbled a bit. Trick said he has friends in the back and in the crowd who have been with him all the way. Trick said Page thinks he can jump the line and jump the NXT Champion. Trick said he’s going to make an example of Page by taking him out. Page told Trick to step back and chill out.

Page said he understands why Trick is mad, last time they met he beat down Trick and held up the title. Page said he’s been watching NXT. He said he knows what it takes to be in the shadow of someone like Carmelo Hayes. He said he respects what Trick did to break out of that shadow and take the spotlight to become champion. Page spoke about how he craves that spotlight. Page said it was nothing personal, but him making an opportunity for himself.

Page signed the contract. Trick told Ava to sign the contract. Ava said she can’t sign because of Page’s demands. Page noted that the contract includes a title shot on Sunday which will be the end of the “Whoop Dat” era. Trick said he would make it crystal clear, “You’re not going to end anything, dawg”. Trick asked the crowd what he’s gong to do. The crowd chanted “Whoop dat trick”. Ava signed the contract with Trick and Page jawing to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Decent contract signing segment to close the show. It was smart to sprinkle Ethan Page throughout the show to keep viewers watching, as he was one of the surprises from last week’s hot show. This is not a Lexis King situation where Ethan needs to develop more. Ethan Page is ready for TV and ready to be a star. I thought he showed promise all the way back to when he was Abyss-Joe Park’s cousin all the way to AEW. I’m confused as to why they kept him in the shadow of Dan Lambert of all people.

Trick did forget his lines a bit, but thankfully the crowd picked up for him. We all have moments where we get a brain fart, so it’s no big deal for Trick, especially since we’ve grown to know that Trick is one of the best talkers in WWE. Interested to see where they go with Page on Sunday. I don’t think they’re taking the title off him given it’s his first title defense. I also wonder why they would set up Page for a loss his first match in the company?

Hey, Trick lost the North American Title in his first defense, but I don’t think they’re going to do that here. My ultimate hope is that Ethan Page comes out of the match strong somehow because the guy is a well-rounded all around star player. As far as this week’s episode, not as hot as last week’s episode, but more of a character development episode to take the pieces from last week and seamlessly integrating them into the regular NXT storyline universe.


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  1. Good to see Wendy Choo is the latest successful normal character to be ruined by this darkness my friend garbage crap just like it just killed Tatum Paxley’s career

    More BLackcraft crap ruining prowrestling

  2. Ethan Page is giving me Bobby Roode vibes right now.

  3. This review needed to be edited. It was a hard read in certain parts.

    • It’s a live review. Mistakes happen. I typically treat Tuesday as a night off, so I avoid John’s report until after I see the show because I want to avoid spoilers and not be swayed by his opinion. I’ll clean it up now that I’ve seen the show and wrote the Hit List.

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