NXT TV results (9/26): Moore’s review of Butch vs. Joe Coffey in the Global Heritage Invitational final, Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe in a strap match, Gigi Dolin vs. Blair Davenport, Joe Gacy vs. Trick Williams, the final push for NXT No Mercy


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live September 26, 2023 on USA Network

[Hour One] Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

The show immediately started off with entrances for the Global Heritage Invitational finals. Noam Dar and the Meta Four were in the VIP lounge seating. Vic Joseph assumed it was Oceans Eleven themed (they were dressed fancy with Noam holding money bags). No time limit for this match…

1. Butch vs. Joe Coffey (w/Mark Coffey, Wolfgang) in the finals of the Global Heritage Invitational. Butch started off with a slap right to Joe’s face. This led to a “You got Butch Slapped” chant from the crowd, which Vic Joseph acknowledged. Vic also noted that Butch (Pete Dunne) vs. Joe Coffey was the first NXT UK Takeover main event. Butch then hit Coffey with his usual joint manipulation into an elbow stomp. Joe recovered and used an armbar to grind his knee into Butch’s face.

Butch used a kip up to get back to his feet for a separation. Joe slammed Butch to the mat and softened up Butch with knees to the chest. Joe took down Butch with a running Gallus Pose. Butch slammed Joe to the mat with an armbar and mocked the Gallus Pose. Butch gave Joe another elbow stomp. Butch then gave Joe’s elbow a double stomp. Butch put Joe in an armbar. Mark Coffey distracted the referee which allowed Wolfgang to break the hold by punching Butch.

Joe went for a springboard crossbody, but he was punched out of the air by Butch’s right hand. Joe went to regroup with Gallus. Gallus got wiped out by a Triangle Moonsault. Back in the ring, Butch hit Joe with a Snap German, hand stump, and buzzsaw kick. Wolfgang and Mark tried to interfere again, but were ejected by the referee heading into picture-in-picture.[c]

During the Picture-in-picture commercial break, Joe and Butch were trading ora ora ora punches. Back from break, Butch set up and hit Joe Coffey with about 20 Beats of the Bodhran. Butch then gave Joe a DDT on the apron. Coffey recovered and gave Butch some fatigued right hands and a springboard crossbody. Joe’s arm gave out on him when he when for a German Suplex. Joe then fought through and gave Butch a German while selling the arm pain.

Joe hit hit Butch with a flying knife edge strike. Butch hit Joe with an eznguiri and Joe stumbled into a lariat to leave both men on the mat. Joe went for a pin, but Butch grabbed Joe’s hand. Joe escaped the wishbone and gave Butch a Jackknife Power Bomb. Joe hit Butch with another flying knife edge strike. Joe turned Butch inside out with a discus lariat. Butch kicked out of Joe’s finisher. Joe went for another flying knife strike at ringside, but flew into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Butch nailed Joe with the Bitter End for the clean win.

Butch defeated Joe Coffey via pinfall in 12:42 to win the Global Heritage Invitational tournament. 

Butch yelled at The Meta Four at a distance while Vic Joseph plugged No Mercy tickets…

John’s Thoughts: Decent enough match with the most logical result. Noam Dar’s a heel, and everyone expected a babyface out of Group A to be the one going to face him (WWE did a good job making Butch, Bate, and Axiom feel all like contenders). I only wished they gave them about 5 more minutes. As Vic noted, Butch vs. Joe Coffey was the first NXT UK Takeover main event and that one had a lot more drama throughout the match (go out of your way to see that if you have time). Now the question is, will another main roster star in Butch pick up an NXT title?

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Dominik Mysterio about his recent win against Dragon Lee last night. Dom noted that since he took care of Dragon Lee, he has a free Saturday. He said now he can rest at home with Mami on a couch eating Chicken Tendies. McKenzie Mitchell informed Dom that Shawn Michaels announced a triple threat for this week’s show to find Dom’s opponent for No Mercy (due to Mustafa Ali being released from his WWE contract).

Dom said “what?”. McKenzie showed Dom’s HBK’s Twitter which announced Axiom vs. Tyler Bate vs. Dragon Lee for the title shot. Dom ranted about HBK and Adam Pierce always trying to screw him over…

Trick Williams made his entrance to his new theme which allowed the crowd to chant “whoop dat trick” to the cadence of the song…[c]

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo were eating food at an Italian restaurant with their NXT Tag Team title belts on the table. They met up with Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo. Tony said they had a 6 course dinner coming. Humberto said they came for the tag titles. Stacks noted that the rest of the tag teams will be joining them for dinner…

Joe Gacy and Ava made their entrance…

2. Trick Williams vs. Joe Gacy (w/Ava). Both men ran the ropes with Trick getting the upper hand with a shoulder tackle. Trick hit Joe with a body slam and dropkick. Trick hit Joe with a right hand uppercut combo. Joe came back with a knee and DDT. Joe got Trick on rear mount and gave him forearms to the back of the neck. Joe then put Trick in a crossface. Trick got to his feet but was immediately slammed to the mat. Trick dodged an elbow drop and gave Joe a boot.

Trick gave Joe another right hand combo. Trick gave Joe a side Crescent Kick. Joe came back with a back elbow. Trick reversed Joe’s lariat finisher with a shoulder tackle for the win.

Trick Williams defeated Joe Coffey via pinfall in 2:26. 

Booker was vibing to Trick’s theme. Kelly Kincaid congratulated Trick after the match for his victory. Trick noted that he’s ambidextrous and can whoop ass with both hands. Kelly asked Trick for a prediction for the Melo vs. Ilja match at No Mercy. Trick said let’s not talk about this someone elses match, but rather Trick’s biggest win yet.

Trick then talked about how hard Ilja hits and said he will be a fool to bet against him, and “him” is Carmelo Hayes. Trick said Trick Melo Gang will always be here. Trick said while Melo already has a championship, “it’s about time I get mine”…

John’s Thoughts: Simple stepping stone match for Trick Williams, who’s on the come-up. I’m actually a fan of non-finisher finishes as they do catch the viewer off guard and prove that a person can pluck out a win out of nowhere. Trick is still developing, but he’s developing smoothly and steadily. The guy is already top tier in terms of look and voice. He’s athletic and smooth enough to get that in-ring up there in no time. I like that they’re also turning his singles development into a storyline that takes the crowd along with him on his journey. If they do break up Trick Melo Gang, maybe Melo’s the one that turns heel? Maybe?

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Blair Davenport. Blair called Gigi Dolin’s last attack feeble. Blair said that  imitation is the best form of flattery, but Gigi’s imitation was pathetic. Blair said when she sneak attacks people they don’t come back. Blair told Gigi to watch what she does tonight…

“Burn the Ships” Baron Corbin made his entrance…[c]

Andre Chase and Duke Hudson walked into Jacy Jayne and were looking for Thea Hail. Jacy introduced the new Thea Hail, who wore new leather clothes that showed skin. Duke said “Holy shit”. Chase was about to disapprove, but then faked saying that the clothes looked good. Hail said Jacy turned her into a grown ass woman and she’s looking forward to her match against Dani Palmer. Jacy Jayne hyped up Thea debuting new ring gear too…

Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley made their entrance…

3. Josh Briggs (w/Brooks Jensen, Fallon Henley) vs. Baron Corbin. Briggs dumped Corbin to ringside with a clothesline. Josh then tossed Corbin around at ringside. Briggs then gave Corbin a nice looking Big Boot. Corbin used a sweep kick and Chokeslam on Briggs for a two count. Briggs came back with a chokeslam and splash for a two count. Briggs staggered Corbin with a Yakuza Kick.

Corbin pulled the referee in as a human shield. Corbin gave Briggs a diving strike and an End of Days for the victory.

Baron Corbin defeated Josh Briggs via pinfall in 3:01. 

Corbin took a mic and hyped up his match against Bron Breakker on Saturday. He said we’ll find out if Bron will break or bite. Bron Breakker made his entrance wearing all black and an underarmor shirt. Bron teased talking, but instead gave Corbin a right hand. Developmental security ran out for a pull apart brawl. Vic then hyped up the Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton preview for after the break…

John’s Thoughts: A short match to give Corbin a win heading into his No Mercy match, but I thought Josh Briggs really made the most of the three minutes. Briggs dominated 80% of the match and it was just Corbin coming out of nowhere with the ref shield and End of Days. Briggs is someone I hope gets a chance as a strong singles wrestler down the road. He looks a legit 6’8” and he’s great in the ring. Briggs is someone who has that Kane or Undertaker type of skillset that can be very valuable to WWE if they want to go that direction.

Trick Williams knocked on HBK’s office door. HBK’s voice then welcomed Trick into the office…

Vic Joseph thanked the band Ryan Oakes and Loveless for providing the song “Heavyweight” as the theme for No Mercy. Vic then sent the show to a Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton No Mercy hyped package…

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger were in the middle of their entrance. Lucien Price, Bronco Lima, and Scrypts got their full televised entrance. Their entrance was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas themed. Booker asked Vic “where’s the beef” and said “here it is”…

4. Bronco Lima and Lucien Price (w/Scrypts).  vs. Hank Walker and Tank Ledger. Hank tossed around price early on. Hank and Tank used tags to swarm Lucien with agile power moves. Lima got a cheap shot on Tank off the distraction. Bronco hit Tank with a running big chest boot. Bronco then hit Tank with a reverse Bronco Buster on the 2nd rope.

Price tagged in and gave Tank a corner lariat. Tank staggered Lima and tagged in Hank who cleaned house. Hank gave Lima a Stinger Splash and Snake Eyes. Hank gave Lima a bicycle boot. Scrypts distracted Hank which distracted Tank. Lima tagged in and hit Tank with an assisted Alabama Slam for the victory.

Lucien Price and Bronco Lima defeated Tank Ledger and Hank Walker via pinfall in 2:48.

Vic noted that Lima and Price’s catchphrase is “out tha mud”…

Gigi Dolin was warming up backstage. The lights went out and she was jumped by Blair Davenport. Blair called Gigi “pathetic”…

John’s Thoughts: Good win for Lima and Price. I hope we see a lot of these big ol’ dudes because they’ve really impressed me with their work on NXT Level Up. Yes, they’re Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas themed, but that was one hell of a good game. They have this really Inglewood vibe about them too, which I’m a bit biased because it reminds me of home. As per the promo recently, Scrypts is starting to really fit in well with them too. As I also mentioned before, he does give them legit street cred because Scrypts was a real life crip gangsta (East coast crip, but all the same).

Vic Joseph hyped up Elimination Chamber in Australia. Joseph noted that former NXT stars Indi Hartwell, Grayson Waller, and Rhea Ripley were from Australia…

Back at the Italian restaurant, Stacks asked Carrillo and Garza why it looks like their chest were mauled by a sabertooth tiger. Garza and Carrillo then flashed their painted own claw marks (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards would be proud). Garza told them not to disrespect their grandfather. Carrillo said they have those tattoos as a reminder of who they are, which their grandfather left on their chest. Garza said that message equals winning the tag team titles. Tony D said it’ll be a while before they give him a return message.

Julius Creed and Brutus Creed joined the dinner. Tony D said they ordered extra spicy meatballs for them. Brutus said he heard that this was the restaurant where someone died of food poisoning, which scared Carrillo before he ate. Tony D said that was the Italian restaurant down the street. The dinner ensued…

John’s Thoughts: Oh no, don’t tell me Humberto and Angel are going to wrestle with those stupid claw tattoos on their chest. They were distracting when Eddie Edwads and Davey Richards wore them as the American Wolves, and it’ll be distracting now.

Axiom and Tyler Bate were backstage in the locker room. Bate said no hard feelings. Axiom accepted. Trick Williams showed up and informed Axiom and Bate that HBK inserted him into the match to turn it into a fatal four way…

[Hour Two] Entrances for the strap match took place…

5. Eddy Thorpe vs. Dijak in a strap match. Dijak tried to drag Eddy to ringside, but Eddy used the strap to drag Dijak into the ringpost. Eddy gave Dijak a suicide dive. Dijak came back by yanking Eddy into the apron. Eddy then used the strap to trip up Eddy. Dijak went high, but Eddy pulled him with the strap and gave him an Enzuigiri. Eddy’s family was shown in the crowd. Vic noted that Dijak was wearing the belt that he beat up Eddy’s tree with. Dijak dodged a Yakuza Kick and then lashed Eddy in the back with the strap.

Eddy was tossed to ringside heading into break.[c]

Dijak fishhooked Eddy’s mouth with the strap and taunted Eddy Thorpe and Eddy’s family. Eddy got to his feet. Both men paintbrushed each other with slaps. Eddy gave Dijak a back kick. Eddy and Dijak took each other out ot ringside. Dijak landed on his feet with Eddy in his hand. Dijak gave Eddy a chokeslam on the apron. Eddy’s family yelled at Dijak. Eddie’s niece and maybe mother were yelling at Dijak. Eddy’s niece was crying and told Eddy to get up as Dijak smacked him with the strap.

Vic clarified that it was his mom, dad, Eddy powered up and gave Dijak lashes. Eddy went to town on Dijak. Eddy hit Dijak in the face with the strap too. Eddy wrapped the belt on his fist and punched Dijak. Eddy Thorpe gave Dijak an elbow drop for the victory.

Eddy Thorpe defeated Dijak via pinfall in 10:09. 

Eddy’s niece was shown happy that her uncle won. Dijak recovered and gave Eddy a Feast Your Eyes. Dijak’s face was bruised from a strap shot earlier. Dijak put Eddy on the top rope and superkicked him into a tree of woe. Dijak used the strap to trap him in the tree of woe. Dijak took the belt and beat up Eddy like he beat up Eddy’s tree.

Jacy Jayne was outside of Thea Hail’s locker room, acting super hyped about Thea’s new ring gear…

John’s Thoughts: A good strap match that got more violent then most WWE PG matches. No blood, but those lashes looked brutal. Big assist goes to Dijak’s mom and niece. I believe his family either lives in Reno or San Francisco so they made the trip all the way out there. The dad and sister didn’t really sell, but the mom was great in getting all angry-mad at Dijak. The niece was great throughout selling fear when Eddy was losing and showing relief when Eddy won. These wrestler family members are doing a great job these days adding to the stories of their wrestler counterparts.

Dani Palmer made her entrance first. Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in on commentary. Vic was about to announce that Gigi Dolin wasn’t able to compete tonight, but had his headset taken away by Blair Davenport, who promised that the next time she sees Gigi it would be much worse. Booker told Vic that he just got manhandled by Blair.

Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne made their entrance. Thea has new ring gear and music. The ring gear is leather and black, with lingerie straps. Her new theme music is rock themed. I think she’s using Jody Threat’s current Impact Wrestling theme? I’m pretty sure that it is because I review that show too and hear that theme most weeks…

6. Thea Hail (w/Jacy Jayne) vs. Dani Palmer. Dani got Thea with a side headlock takedown. Dani got a armdrag in. Palmer hit Hail with a huracanrana. Hail came back with a huracanrana of her own. Hail put Dani in an armbar. Hail gave Dani a enzuigiri and Exploder Suplex for a two count. Dani came back with a front dropkick and handstand kick. Hail avoided a corkscrew moonsault and put Dani in a Kimura for the win.

Thea Hail defeated Dani Palmer via submission in 2:22. 

Duke Hudson and Andre Chase looked disappointed at the crow’s nest watching Hail’s change…

John’s Thoughts: Solid makeover for Thea Hail who’s getting a chance to show off a heel side to herself. What works here is NXT took their time hyping up this transformation so it worked well in that sense. Dani Palmer looked solid showing off some of her athleticism in this match and she’s someone to look out for. As for Thea’s theme, it’s actually pretty good, but I looked it up and yes, it’s Jody Threat’s entrance music on Impact. It’s royalty free, I get it, but maybe WWE might want to change that because Threat had it first?

Trick Williams was hyped up with Carmelo Hayes backstage. Trick was more hyped then Melo, who was distracted by his phone. Trick asked Melo what was up? Melo said he’s busy with the contract signing and everything. Trick said he can handle his own business. After Trick left, Melo looked a bit remorseful at not paying attention to Trick…

Dragon Lee made his entrance…[c]

An Interviewer tried to interview Baron Corbin who shut her up. Bron Breakker then jumped Corbin. Another pull-apart ensued…

Axiom was in the middle of his entrance back to the ring. Bate and Trick made their entrance during the break…

7. Axiom vs. Dragon Lee vs. Tyler Bate vs. Trick Williams to become number one contender to the North American Championship. Axiom and Bate dumped Trick to ringside. Bate hit Trick with a plancha. Axiom and Dragon traded lucha moves. Axiom caught Dragon with a jump kick. Axoiom took down Trick with a rough looking Trust Fall. Dragon hit all three opponents with a Tope Con Hilo. Trick reversed a Power Bomb into a Boston Crab. Bate put Dragon in a armbar at the same time.

Axiom put Trick in a sleeper at the same time. Bate broke up the sleeper and his own hold with a chop to Axiom. Dragon reversed Bop and Bang with a Bang. Bate hit Dragon with a dropkick. Trick hit Bate with a big boot. Trick hit Axiom with a punch and took out Dragon with a lariat. Trick hit Bate and Axiom with a double flapjack. The show went to picture in picture.[c]

Axiom caught Bate with a Half and Half suplex. Axiom hit Trick and Dragon at the same time with a huracanrana and armdrag. Axiom got a two count on bate after a strike. Dragon caught Axiom with a slingshot boot. Dragon hit Axiom and Trick with hesitation dropkick. Dragon hit Bate with a sitout Power Bomb for a nearfall. Bate broke up Dragon’s pin. Trick dumped Dragon to ringside. Trick caught a diving Axiom with an uppercut.

Trick hit Bate with a body slam. Trick then gave Dragon and Bate a Double Book End for the nearfall on both men. Vic joked that some call it a Double Rock Bottom. Booker said “why you gotta go there?”. Bate reversed Trick’s suplex into a DDT. Bate lifted up Dragon and grabbed Axiom. He hit both opponents with a Helicopter Spin and Giant Spin.

Bate press slammed Dragon on Axiom and hit Dragon with a Deadlift German. Axiom broke up Bate’s pin on Trick. Axiom hit Dragon with a Canadian Destroyer. Bate hit Axiom with Bop and Bam. Trick hit Bate with a uppercut. Everyone traded strikes. Dragon was the last man standing to hit Axiom with a superkick. Bate caught Dragon with a gamengiri.

Axiom hit Dragon with a Super Spanish Fly. Dragon kicked out. A “holy shit” chant ensued, lading to the sensors kicking in. Dragon hit Axiom with Destino. Dragon headbutted Trick, but stumbled into Bate’s head to knock himself out. Trick fell on Axiom for the win.

Trick Williams defeated Dragon Lee, Tyler Bate, and Axiom via pinfall in 10:59. 

Trick celebrated the win like it was the biggest win of his career. Highlights form the match aired…

John’s Thoughts: A really hectic and fun four way match where everyone looked good and was protected coming out of it. That headbutt sequence was tricky, but it worked out to keep Bate, Axiom, and Dragon looking strong. Props to Dragon for taking jobs two nights in a row and looking good coming out. Trick hung in there with a bunch of wrestlers with decades of wrestling experience. He didn’t have to be to fancy, and it really fits into his whole plucky storyline. On top of that, he passed the test of not being gassed after two matches.

Back at the Italian restaurant, Price, Scrypts, and Lima joined the dinner. Tony joked that Scrypts needs a booster seat. Price said not to disrespect his mans like that. Scrypts said it’s ok because he brought cheese for the rats. Lima said he’s not here to break bread. Brutus said he really liked the ketchup bread.

They all then wondered which team gets the title shot at No Mercy. Brutus meanwhile, wanted more chicken because the food was better then his mom. Each team then said they should face Tony D and Stacks. Price threatened that this place bout to get dirty real quick. Tony D called in security. Stack said everyone makes a good case. Tony D said he doesn’t want their first PLE defense look easy.

Tony said they’ll face all the teams and if they disagree they can leave. They all stayed. They then all did a toast…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Dominik Mysterio about facing Trick on Saturday at No Mercy. Dom said that HBK threw him a curveball, but he’s going to whoop that trick like he did to Dragon Lee the prior night. Dragon Lee then ran in and punched Dom out. Dragon was dragged away by referees.

Trick Williams caught up with Melo backstage to share a dap. Melo said he and Trick are about to leave No Mercy both as champs. Trick told Melo go go handle his thing…[c]

A vignette aired for an unseen person. He was watching WCW Saturday Night, an old Cincinnati Bengals game, and an old newscast on an old CRT television…

(UPDATE: As one of the commentators on the free side pointed out. This is probably a Brian Pillman Jr. vignette. Pillman Sr. being from Ohio and a former linebacker for the Bengals being the giveaway. That on top of the vignette being legacy themed.)

Vic Joseph ran through the advertised NXT No Mercy card…

Ilja Dragunov and Carmelo Hayes made their entrance for the NXT Championship contract signing. There was no moderator. One thing I did notice is that Ilja wasn’t wearing his red contacts. Melo took the mic first and said there is nothing to talk about and should just sign the contract. Ilja said that he’s convinced that Melo is the wrong man for the NXT championship. Melo talked about how he didn’t plan that spot last time where Ilja put his face into the title, but at No Mercy he’ll prove once and for all that he can beat Ilja.

Ilja said that he can see that Melo struggles outside of his comfort zone. He said Melo will witness unbearable pain from the Dragon. Melo cut off Ilja and said that Ilja is buying into his own hype that he didn’t lose to Melo at Great American Bash. Ilja said the crowd and Melo know that Melo didn’t truly win. Ilja then asked Melo what will Melo do when he throws everything at Ilja and Ilja doesn’t stay down, and if Melo shoots and misses.

[Overrun] Ilja asked if Melo can answer those questions. Melo said the reality is being NXT Champion is not how much pain you can endure, how man veins you can pop out of your head. It’s about being undeniable, it’s about being “him”. Melo said he’s not like Ilja’s past opponents like Wes Lee, Oro Mensah, and Trick Williams. Melo stuttered, saying his best friends name. Melo said he’ll push Ilja to his limits because he’s NXT champ for a reason.

Ilja signed the contract first. Ilja told Melo that you can’t do nothing, because you can’t do nothing (huh?). Ilja said Melo won’t forget Saturday for the rest of his life. Ilja said then Melo will realize that his dynasty has fallen. Ilja said “Long live the Tzar”. Melo signed the contract. Melo got in Ilja’s face and told Ilja that the NXT Championship if bigger than both he and Ilja. Melo said for him, the title is a beacon of hope for those that look like Melo. For anyone that shot their shot and prayed it went in. He said he knows Ilja can carry the responsibility as Champion, but Ilja can’t do it better than Carmelo Hayes. Melo and Ilja then had a face-off to end the segment.

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in on commentary. Vic announced that Dragon Lee will be the special guest referee for the Dominik Mysterio vs. Trick Williams match. Vic then sent the show to the NXT Parking Lot, where Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin’s pull-apart brawl was still going on. Bron had the upper hand but then Corbin sidestepped a spear to send Bron into an open car door. The brawl continued.

Bron gave Corbin a spinebuster on the hood of a van. Corbin came back with a low blow. Corbin chokeslammed Bron on the top of the van. Bron no-sold the chokeslam and the brawl ensued. The brawl spilled back inside of the hallway of the performance Center. Bron tackled Corbin through the wall of HBK’s office, with HBK watching from his desk. The show caused with more security showing up to break the brawl…

John’s Thoughts: A decent enough contract signing, but I felt like nothing stood out much. The content was a bit rough too. I believe we got this before with Booker as the moderator. I think it was taken a step back without any sort of moderator. They probably could have used HBK, who was clearly around, but maybe they wanted him for that final shot in his office (which could have also been a pre-tape if they wanted). What really stood out was they were laying it on thick that Trick Williams will be involved somehow, particularly with Melo stuttering his name in accidentally saying he’s better than Trick.

Past week’s have had stronger NXT standalone shows, but this week’s goal was to give final pushes for NXT No Mercy, and I think they did a decent job at that. The Trick Williams story is pretty interesting, because a lot of this is a pivot audible due to Mustafa Ali being released; but NXT did find a way to give Trick the shine of the night, while weaving it into the main event story.






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  1. Wait a minute, Shawn Michaels knows social media?

  2. Great match between Butch and Coffey. NXT’s been putting on some strong matches recently, but then again, I just started watching NXT in full again. On a side note, that Jakarra chick with Meta-four is quite HOT, I mean really HOT. I just looked up some of her pics and… HOLY MAMA!!! Attitude era mentality aside, is she any good in ring.

  3. From a great opening match to one of the many reasons why I always changed the channel: Trick Williams (yuck) vs shitty Joe Gacy– why? And if that’s not bad enough “channel-changing” Corbin himself – why does this guy still have a job – vs one of those inbreds.

  4. I’m still waiting to see kid Tatanka (Eddy Thorpe) do the Tatanka hulk-out or no-sell.

  5. Despite the 3 indie midgets doing the same stupid flips, dives, and contrived spots, at least the main event went to the adult sized person with a personality and the potential to actually be a main roster star.

    Pretty good night after the opening midget match for the Heritage Urinal.

    WWE really needs to get away from the tiny, boring people who will never draw beyond the pathetic IWC donks that don’t like watching people who look like they could win a real fight.

  6. That Trick guy’s gonna be the one that costs that Melo guy the championship. Well, at least we won’t have a weak champion – as if Breakker wasn’t disgraceful enough.

  7. That vignette was likely for Brian Pillman Jr.

    • Ah, you’re probably right about that (With Pillman Sr. being a former linebacker for the Bengals). I was racking my head on who did WWE sign with an old school connection.

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