AEW All In results: Powell’s live review of MJF vs. Adam Cole for the AEW World Championship, Will Ospreay vs. Chris Jericho, CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe for the Real World Title, Stadium Stampede

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW All In
Aired live August 27, 2023 on pay-per-view
London, England at Wembley Stadium

AEW All In Pre-Show results: MJF and Adam Cole defeated “Aussie Open” Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis in 7:45 to win the ROH Tag Team Titles, and Hook defeated Jack Perry in 8:20 to win the FTW Title.

Bush’s “Machinehead” played while shots from inside and outside the stadium were shown. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Nigel McGuinness checked in on commentary. Ring announcer Dasha handled the introductions for the opening match. Samoa Joe came out first to “Joe” chants and held the ROH TV Title above his head once he was inside the ring. CM Punk made his entrance to “Cult of Personality” and received a favorable reaction…

1. CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe for the Real World Championship. Paul Turner was the referee. Punk applied an early side headlock. Joe tried to break it with a suplex, but Punk held on. Joe rolled to the floor and was able to break the hold. Joe chopped Punk and sat him on a chair, but Punk returned to the ring before Joe could do whatever he had in mind.

A short time later, Punk stood on the ropes and head faked Joe, who smirked as he thought he was letting Punk crash and burn. Punk waited for Joe to turn around and then performed a huracanrana from the ropes, which Joe took by bumping on his head. Joe rolled to the floor. Punk tried to dive onto him, but this time Joe did sidestep him and let him crash and burn on the floor.

Punk battled back and went for a huracanrana from the apron, but Joe caught him and swung his head through the side of the broadcast table. Joe flipped off Punk while he was down. Punk came up bleeding heavily from the forehead.

A short time later, Punk got Joe down and then cupped his ear to more cheers than boos. Punk performed a leg drop. Punk covered Joe, who kicked out at one. Punk acted horrified. Joe rallied and did the Hogan point while firming up.

Punk went for a high knee in the corner, but Joe caught him and powerbombed him for a two count. Joe immediately hooked Punk in an STF. Punk eventually countered into a pin for a two count. Punk threw a high roundhouse kick that dropped Joe.

Punk performed a spinning toe hold in a tribute to Terry Funk. Joe caught Punk in a cradle for a two count. Punk went for a knee strike in the corner, but Joe caught him with an enzuigiri. Joe placed Punk on the top rope and set up for a Muscle Buster, but Punk fought back.

Joe chopped Punk, who fell to the apron. Joe pulled Punk back to the ropes. Punk bit the forehead of Joe, which drew a lot of boos. Punk performed a Pepsi Plunge from middle rope and scored the clean pin…

CM Punk defeated Samoa Joe in 14:00 to retain the Real World Championship.

Powell’s POV: There was no reason to think Joe would win the Real World Championship, so that did take away any real sense of mystery, but it was still an enjoyable match. The boos for Punk grew as the match went on, but he was also leaning into them. Meanwhile, I can confirm that there was an incident backstage involving Punk and Jack Perry prior to this match. If they are working the boys at their biggest show, they have issues. If there was a legitimate altercation at their biggest show, they have issues. Seriously, WTF either way?

A video package set up The Golden Elite match. Entrances for the match took place. All four Bullet Club Gold members entered first followed by Konosuke Takeshita and Don Callis.

2. Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi, and Hangman Page vs. Jay White, Juice Robinson, and Konosuke Takeshita (w/Austin Gunn, Colten Gunn). Don Callis sat in on commentary. Rick Knox was the referee. Omega performed an early flip dive from the ring onto two opponents on the floor for a big pop.

Back in the ring, White avoided a top rope dive by Omega, who sold rib pain. Omega was isolated by the heels. Ibushi ran in to help Omega and then traded elbow strikes with Takeshita. Omega and Takeshita had an elbow exchange that Takeshita got the better of. Takeshita performed a leaping clothesline that put Omega down.

The heel trio continued to isolate Omega and targeted his knee. Robinson suplexed Omega so that his legs hit the bottom rope and then covered him for a two count. Omega got up and traded punches with Robinson, who rakes his eyes and ended up dropping him with an elbow strike. Omega finally made it to his corner, but the Gunns pulled Ibushi and Page off the apron.

Page took the hot tag moments later and cleaned house on White and Robinson. Page put White down with a fallaway slam and then kipped up and dove onto Robinson on the floor. Page returned to the ring and clotheslined White to the floor. Page performed a suicide dive on Robinson, then returned to the ring and executed another suicide dive on White. HIs feet hit the ropes, so he came up a little short on the White dive.

Ibushi tagged in and put White down before executing a standing moonsault for a two count. A short time later, Omega checked in and performed snap dragon suplexes. Takeshita put Omega down with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Excalibur said Takeshita inherited the move from El Generico.

Page tagged in and then he and Omega took turns performing moonsaults on Robinson. Page went to the ropes and performed a fallaway slam press on Takeshita for a near fall. Omega and Ibushi set up for a move on Takeshita, who stuffed it.

Ibushi went for a Komigoye on Takeshita, who shot up and blasted Ibushi with a jumping knee. Cool spot. Page returned and hit Takeshita with a lariat from behind Omega tagged in and drilled White with a V-Trigger knee. Omega ran the ropes and took out Robinson with a V-Trigger, then followed up with another on White. Takeshita rolled up Omega and pinned him…

Jay White, Juice Robinson, and Konosuke Takeshita defeated Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi, and Hangman Page in 20:30.

Powell’s POV: A highly entertaining six-man tag match. Takeshita going over was logical if the plan is for them to meet in a singles match next week at All Out.

A video package focused on FTR vs. The Young Bucks… The Young Bucks made their entrance to a song about how “a superkick knocks you out.” Once that song stopped playing, their usual theme played as they headed to the ring. The FTR entrance followed…

3. “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler vs. “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson for the AEW Tag Team Titles. Rick Knox was the referee. FTR wore armbands that paid tribute to Bray Wyatt, Brodie Lee, and Jay Briscoe. There were dueling chants for both teams as the match started.

Nick and Cash both performed huracanranas on their opponents and threw punches at them. They looked at one another and then stood up and traded punches while Matt and Harwood stood up and joined in.

The Bucks dropkicked Harwood and Wheeler and then clotheslined them over the top rope to the floor. Nick performed a corkscrew dive over the top rope onto both FTR members. The dueling chants started up again once the match returned to the ring.

Wheeler was isolated by the Bucks. Matt draped Wheeler over the middle rope and then Nick tagged in and performed a dive onto him. Moments later, Matt performed a Bret Hart style elbow from the ropes on Wheeler, then stood up and crotch chopped Harwood.

Wheeler was on the verge of tagging out when Matt shot past him and superkicked Harwood off the apron. Nice spot. Wheeler eventually caught Nick coming off the ropes with a forearm. Harwood took the hot tag and suplexed both Bucks and then suplexed one on top of the other.

Matt came back with three Northern Lights suplexes. Harwood caught him in an inside cradle for a two count. Matt performed another Northern Lights Suplex into a bridge for a two count. Harwood came right back with a bridging German suplex for a two count of his own.

Moments later, Harwood put Matt in a Sharpshooter. Wheeler took Nick down on the apron and applied the same hold on him. Nick ended up powering out, which sent Wheeler crashing to ringside. Nick performed a facebuster on Harwood and then moonsaulted onto Wheeler on the floor.

Matt superplexed Harwood. Nick went for a top rope splash, but Harwood put his knees up. Wheeler tried to top rope splash Nick, who put his feet up. The FTR duo followed up with a spike piledriver on Nick and then Wheeler covered him for a near fall.

Harwood accidentally knocked his partner off the apron. Nick caught Harwood in a backslide for a two count. The Bucks took turns superkicking Harwood and then hit him with a double superkick. The Bucks put Harwood down with a spike piledriver. NIck covered Harwood for a near fall.

A short time later, the Bucks went for a BTE Trigger on Harwood, who ducked it, causing the Bucks to slam their knees together. Wheeler returned to take out Nick. Wheeler tagged in and then he and Harwood hit Matt with a BTE Trigger and kissed his cheeks. The Bucks hit the Shatter Machine on Matt. Wheeler covered him for a near fall.

Harwood superkicked Matt. Nick head-scissored Harwood and they both tumbled over the top rope to the floor. Wheeler went for a 450 splash on Matt, who moved out of the way. Matt superkicked Wheeler and covered him for a close near fall. A “fight forever” chant broke out.

The Bucks hit Wheeler with a BTE Trigger. Nick covered Wheeler and had the pin, but Harwood rushed in to break it up. Harwood stood up and knew something was waiting for him, then walked into his own Shatter Machine finisher from the Bucks. Matt and Nick followed up with a BTE Trigger on Wheeler and it resulted in a close near fall.

The Bucks set up for a Meltzer Driver on Wheeler. Harwood returned and caught Nick as he was leaping while Wheeler slipped away from Matt. Harwood and Wheeler executed the Shatter Machine on Nick and then Wheeler pinned him.

“FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler defeated “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson in 21:45 to retain the AEW Tag Team Titles.

After the match, Harwood and Wheeler offered handshakes to the Bucks, who blew them off and exited the ring. McGuinness said FTR can hold their heads high as the best tag team in the world…

Powell’s POV: A terrific match with the WrestleMania style kickouts of finishers. The Shatter Machine and BTE Trigger have both been highly protected, so it packed a punch when the recipients kicked out after taking those moves. I’m happy we didn’t get the handshakes and hugs afterwards. It’s just not what I want from these two teams, who will surely run this back again when the time is right.

A video package set up the Stadium Stampede…

“Wild Thing” played and then Justin Roberts introduced the Blackpool Combat Club members and their partners. The BCC, Santana, and Ortiz entered through the crowd. Moxley gave the camera a double bird salute. The babyfaces entered via the stage…

4. Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero Miedo, Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, and Trent Beretta (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, Santana, and Ortiz in a Stadium Stampede match. Schiavone replaced Ross at the broadcast table. Eddie Kingston ran down the ramp and was met by Castagnoli. The wrestlers all brawled in various locations.

There were weapons at ringside. Moxley was the first to bleed. He also used a branding iron as a weapon in a tribute to Terry Funk. In the ring, Santana and Ortiz set up for a Street Sweeper. They oddly cut to a different camera shot that missed Penta breaking it up with a chair shot.

They cut to a split screen shot with one camera focused on the ring while another followed a backstage brawl involving Best Friends and a couple of the heels. In the ring, Moxley pulled out skewers from a bat of weapons. Penta ended up getting the skewers and pounded them into Moxley’s scalp. Gross.

Penta set a couple of chairs back to back in the ring. Santana flipped him off and fought with him. They went back to a split screen to show Kingston and Castagnoli brawling through an upper level in the stadium. In the ring, Santana powerbombed Penta onto the top of the two chairs (it looked like he mostly heat the seated part of one of the chairs).

Santana followed up with a piledriver on a chair. The trainer and referees checked on Penta and then helped him away from the ringside area. In the ring, a board wrapped in barbwire and a kendo stick were introduced. Beretta was bleeding heavily. Meanwhile. Kingston jabbed the head of Yuta with an umbrella. Taylor also used an umbrella as a weapon on Castagnoli.

Kingston side slammed Yuta on top of a bar. Kingston attacked a security guard and left him lying. In the ring, Beretta took a bump on a ladder that was propped over the middle rope in a corner of the ring. Santana and Ortiz tossed Beretta onto a ladder that was leaning in a corner of the ring.

Beretta fought back, but Moxley ended up dumping him on top of a door board that was wrapped in barbwire. Ortiz hit a top rope splash on Beretta and covered him for a two count. Moxley piledrove Beretta on top of the ring steps. Ortiz jabbed a bloody Cassidy with a fork.

Sue’s minivan pulled into the area next to the entrance area. The crowd popped and yelled “Sue.” Moxley approached the driver’s side and planted a kiss on Sue. She ended up handing her son Beretta a sheet of cookies, which he used as a weapon.

Music played and then Penta returned dressed in red gear and a red mask. Penta and Sananta fought on a ladder that collapsed. Abrahantes held it in place and then Penta performed a Code Red from the ladder and put Santana through a table.

In the ring, Cassidy, Beretta, and Taylor performed their hug spot and included a weary Yuta. Other wrestlers quickly arrived. Castagnoli performed a Swing on Cassidy. Meanwhile, Beretta superplexed Ortiz from the ropes through a table at ringside.

Once Castagnoli was done with the Swing, he set up for a move that Cassidy avoided. Cassidy hit Castagnoli with a few Orange Punches and covered him for a good near fall. Schiavone said Cassidy’s hand is damaged and therefore the punch wasn’t as impactful as it normally is.

Cassidy wrapped his hand and then dipped it into a container of glass. Moxley cut him off and dumped the glass in the middle of the ring. Cassidy performed a DDT that put Moxley on the glass. Castagnoli executed popup uppercut on Cassidy.

Kingston returned with a chair wrapped in barbwire and used it to batter Castagnoli with once he was in the ring. Moxley stopped Kingston from slamming it over the head of Castagnoli. Kingston and Moxley bickered. Kingston hit spinning back fists on Moxley and Castagnoli. Kingston shoved Moxley through a door board wrapped in barbwire that was set up in the corner. Cassidy hit Castagnoli with an Orange Punch and pinned him.

Eddie Kingston, Penta El Zero Miedo, Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, and Trent Beretta defeated Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, Santana, and Ortiz in 21:30 in a Stadium Stampede match.

Afterward, Kingston and Moxley were still down in the corner after going through the table. Kingston, who was seated in front of Moxley, held up his middle finger in Moxley’s face while Moxley made a fist. Cassidy celebrated with Beretta and Taylor, and then collapsed to sell the abuse from the match…

Powell’s POV: Good for Sue for getting a free trip to London! Anyway, this was the wild brawl that it was billed as. But now it’s time to sit on this style of match for a bit so that it feels special and still packs a punch the next time they use it. For being the badass fight club guys, the BCC sure do lose a lot.

A video package set up the AEW Women’s Championship match… Entrances for the match took place. Saraya came out to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and was accompanied by her family in a really cool touch. The remainder of the entrances followed…

5. Hikaru Shida vs. Toni Storm vs. Saraya vs. Britt Baker in a four-way for the AEW Women’s Championship. Paul Turner was the referee. Storm and Saraya worked together, but then bickered less than two minutes into the match when they both wanted to pin Baker. Shida slammed the heads of Saraya and Storm together.

Storm took Baker to ringside where Saraya’s mother (Saraya Knight) put her in a Full Nelson. Storm tried to hit Baker, who moved, causing Saraya mother to take the punch from Storm. Saraya confronted Storm once they were back in the ring together. Storm tried to calm her down, but Saraya grabbed her back the back of the head and hit her.

Saraya and Storm traded strikes with the fans cheering Saraya and booing Storm. Ruby Soho ran out and tried to talk Storm out of going after Saraya. Storm tried to walk past her, but Soho grabbed her hand. Storm turned and blasted Soho, who left the ring and stormed toward the back.

Baker had a bit of a flurry that included superkicking Storm, who fell on top of Saraya and got a two count. Saraya fired up and put Storm in a Sharpshooter and then hooked her arms behind her. Baker hit Storm with a Stomp, cleared Saraya with a punch, and then covered Storm for a nice near fall.

Shida returned and slammed Baker on top of Saraya. Shida went up top and hit a meteora on Saraya, who kicked out at two. Shida played to the crowd and then hit the Katana kick on Saraya and had her beat, but Baker broke it up and went for her Lockjaw finisher. Shida blocked it.

Saraya returned to the ring with a can of spray paint and used it on Storm. Saraya put Storm down with a DDT and then pinned her to win the match…

Saraya defeated Toni Storm, Britt Baker, and Hikaru Shida in 8:50 to win the AEW Women’s Championship.

After the match, Saraya’s family entered the ring and celebrated with her. Pyro shot off over the stadium. Saraya was emotional as she left the ring…

Powell’s POV: I can’t imagine that the Queen rock anthem was cheap, but it made for a really cool entrance. Saraya’s had a rough run in AEW. I enjoyed the moment she had with her family, but I can’t say that her winning the title excites me. If nothing else, it looks like The Outcasts are finished. Here’s hoping that this was the last lousy spray paint finish we’ll see in AEW.

A brief video set up the coffin match…

Flash Garments and DJ Whoo Kid played Swerve Strickland and Prince Nana to the ring. Swerve took the mic and asked who’s house, and the crowd responded with “Swerve’s house.” Christian Cage and Luchasaurus were out next, but Luchasaurus did not accompany Cage to ringside.

A video aired with Darby Allin and Sting in Joker Sting mode. Allin and Sting made their entrance to Metallica’s “Seek & Destroy”…

6. Darby Allin and Sting vs. Christian Cage and Swerve Strickland (w/Prince Nana) in a coffin match. The coffin was at ringside and had spray paint on it. Darby opened the coffin early in the match. “Swerve’s House” was among the things spray painted under the lid. Darby pulled out a couple of thumbtack jackets.

Sting hit Nana and Swerve with a cricket bat. Darby handed Sting the other jacket and he put it on. Sting and Allin took turns performing corner splashes while wearing the thumbtack jackets. A short time later, Cage used take to pin Allin’s hands behind his back. Sting ended up freeing Darby’s arms.

Cage got Allin in position for a Conchairto, but Allin avoided it. Swerve popped up Allin, who landed face first on the top turnbuckle. Allin came right back with a Stunner on the ring apron. Swerve was leaning over a table. Sting dove from the apron onto Swerve, but the table didn’t break. Sting went back to the apron and ended up putting Swerve through the table, which got a big pop from the crowd.

Allin seated Cage on a chair on the floor and punched him a few times. Allin went to the top rope and then dropkicked Cage out of the chair. Allin and Sting leaned the coffin against the side of the ring. They put Cage inside of it and tried to close the lid, but Cage blocked it. “This man is a father,” McGuinness yelled. Funny.

Luchasaurus showed up and saved Cage, and then lawn darted Allin against the castket. Nick Wayne showed up and went after Luchasaurus with a skateboard, but Luchasaurus no-sold and ended up slamming Wayne onto the skateboard. Luchasaurus put Wayne over his shoulders and took him to the back.

The coffin was positioned to be flat on the floor. Sting put Swerve on top of the coffin. Allin went for a Coffin Drop from the top rope, but Swerve moved and Allin crashed onto the coffin. Damn. In the ring, Sting hit both opponents with corner splashes.

Sting put Cage in the Scorpion Death Lock. Excalibur reminded viewers that there were no submissions in this match. Swerve slammed a chair over the back of Sting, who no-sold it and released the hold on Cage. Sting went after Swerve, but Cage caught Sting with a low blow.

Swerve executed a top rope double stomp on Sting. Cage and Nana shoved the coffin inside the ring. Cage ran Allin into the ringside barricade. Swerve put Sting and his baseball bat inside the coffin. Swerve kicked the lid shut, but Sting’s bat blocked it from closing.

Sting excited the coffin, but Swerve slammed him on top of it. Meanwhile, Cage was choking Allin at ringside. Swerve went up top and attempted a 450 splash on Sting, who moved, causing Swerve to land on the coffin.

Allin started to get the better of Cage on the floor. Meanwhile, Sting executed a Scorpion Death Drop on Swerve on top of the coffin. Sting put Swerve in the coffin, but Swerve’s hands stuck out to stop it from closing.

Sting slammed the lid on the back of Swerve. Allin executed a Coffin Drop onto the lid while Swerve was sticking out of it. Allin got up and closed the lid to give his team the win…

Darby Allin and Sting defeated Christian Cage and Swerve Strickland in 16:00 in a coffin match.

Powell’s POV: Another big brawl. All four men worked hard and the crowd had fun with it. Allin getting the win is logical given that he’s challenging Luchasaurus for the TNT Title at next Sunday’s All Out pay-per-view.

A video package set up the Will Ospreay vs. Chris Jericho match…

Fozzy was on the stage. Chris Jericho warmed up the crowd by saying “day-o” and they said it back to him a few times. Fozzy kicked into their live performance of “Judas” while he made his entrance with Sammy Guevara. Will Ospreay’s entrance followed and both men had pyro…

7. Will Ospreay (w/Don Callis) vs. Chris Jericho (w/Sammy Guevara). Aubrey Edwards was the referee. Several minutes in, Ospreay draped Jericho over the top rope and then performed a shooting star press on top of him. Jericho caught Ospreay going for a springboard move and hit him with a Codebreaker. Jericho followed up with another Codebreaker and covered Ospreay for a near fall.

Ospreay rallied with an OsCutter for a near fall of his own. Ospreay went for a Storm Breaker, but Jericho executed a great huracanrana as a counter. Jericho put Ospreay in the Walls of Jericho. Ospreay powered his way toward the ropes.

Callis climbed on the apron and argued with Callis. Guevara used the distraction to hit Ospreay with Jericho’s baseball bat. The referee checked on Ospreay and indicated that he was able to continue. Ospreay came back with a standing Spanish Fly for a near fall.

Jericho caught Ospreay charging at him and performed a Codebreaker. Jericho performed a rough looking OsCutter. He took his time making the cover and Ospreay kicked out immediately.

Ospreay hit Jericho with a series of strikes and set him up for a move, but Jericho slipped away and kicked Ospreay below the belt while the referee was shielded. Jericho put Ospreay down with a Judas Effect and then covered him for a good near fall. The fans popped big for Ospreay kicking out.

Ospreay hit Jericho with what Excalibur called a combination of a Judas Effect and a Hidden Blade, then followed up with a Storm Breaker for a near fall. Jericho got to his knees and flipped off Ospreay, who hit the Hidden Blade. Ospreay followed up with a Storm Breaker and got the three count.

Will Ospreay defeated Chris Jericho in 14:55.

After the match, Ospreay celebrated his win with fans along the barricade. Guevara helped up Jericho, who blew him off and left the ring. Jericho showed frustration over losing the match as he headed toward the back, leaving Guevara behind.

Powell’s POV: A good match. I’m not sure why they turned Jericho before this match. The live crowd clearly liked both guys, but they were behind their native son Ospreay when push came to shove. Ospreay going over was definitely the right call and plays into the story of whatever is happening with Jericho.

Nigel McGuinness stood in the ring and said “what a moment, what a night.” McGuinness announced the paid attendance as 81,035. A graphic listed the number and touted it as a new worldwide record for a pro wrestling event…

The House of Black made their entrance. The Acclaimed followed. Max Caster rapped on his way to the ring and had a line about Prince Andrew…

8. “House of Black” Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews (w/Julia Hart) vs. Billy Gunn and “The Acclaimed” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens in a No Holds Barred match for the AEW Trios Titles. Aubrey Edwards was the referee. Excalibur, McGuinness, and Taz were on commentary. Lexi announced that The Acclaimed team had selected the stipulation, as is the case with HOB matches.

Early in the match, Gunn teased a suicide dive, but Hart stood on the apron. Hart entered the ring jawed at Gunn, who gave her a crotch chop. Gunn and The Acclaimed hit her with Scissor Me Timbers. House of Black quickly regained offensive control.

Mercedes Mone was shown sitting in the crowd, which got another pop from the live crowd. HOB dominated the offense for a stretch. They hit their three-way kick and cannonball splash move on Bowens, but they couldn’t put him away.

King pulled out his chain. Black held Bowens in place with his foot. King tried to hit Bowens, but he ended up taking out Black accidentally. Moments later, Gunn hit Matthews with a Fameasser and had him beat, but Edwards pulled the referee out of the ring. Black dropped Gunn with a big kick for a good near fall.

Bowens hit The Arrival on King. Caster followed up with the Mic Drop, but King kicked out of the pin. Gunn hit the Fameasser on King. Bowens performed The Arrival, and then Caster hit the Mic Drop and this time they got the pin.

Billy Gunn and “The Acclaimed” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens defeated “House of Black” Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews in 10:50 in a No Holds Barred match to retain the AEW Trios Titles.

After the match, House of Black held onto their tag titles and then presented them to Gunn, Caster, and Bowens. After HOB left, Bowens took the mic and recalled saying they were going to take Gunn to the top and said it’s happened. Bowens encouraged the fans to hold the biggest scissors party ever…

Powell’s POV: The highly predictable story of Billy Gunn’s faux retirement paid off in a predictable manner. The crowd had fun with the usual scissoring bits. I just don’t care about the trios titles. In fact, I hope this leads to Black moving to the singles division while King and Matthews work as a tag team.

A video package set up the main event… Adam Cole made his entrance. Pyro shot off above the stadium. MJF’s entrance followed. He was seated on a throne on the stage wearing his devil mask while fireballs shot off around him. A guy pushed the platform to the ring and there were masked women who were on their knees and bowes while MJF went past them.

9. MJF vs. Adam Cole for the AEW World Championship. Justin Roberts delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Bryce Remsburg was the referee. MJF and Cole went face to face and spoke to one another, then backed off and went to ringside. They both came back with their tag team t-shirts and put them on before locking up.

After a couple of early exchanges, Cole set up for a superkick, causing MJF to drop to his butt. Cole did his pose. MJF offered him a handshake out of sportsmanship and encouraged the fans to chant sportsmanship. Cole went for the handshake only to have MJF poke him in the eye.

MJF smiled and hammed it up while Cole was seated in the corner. MJF helped Cole to his feet. Cole slapped MJF and then went on the offensive. MJF had Cole in the corner and charged toward him, but Col pulled the referee in front of him. MJF asked Cole what he was doing. Cole pulled MJF into a turnbuckle pad.

A short time later, Cole returned the favor by gouging MJF’s eyes. MJF came back with ten punches in the corner, then shrugged his shoulders and it Cole’s head. MJF whipped Cole into the corner aggressively. Cole rolled to the floor. MJF played to the crowd and then performed a suicide dive. MJF rolled Cole back inside the ring and covered him for a two count.

MJF powerbombed Cole onto his knee and ended up getting a two count. MJF went to the ropes and jumped into a superkick. Cole followed up with the Heatseeker and covered MJF, who put his foot over the bottom rope to break the pin.

At ringside, Cole ran MJF into the ring steps. Cole pulled MJF on top of the steps and then performed a brainbuster on the steps. MJF stayed down. Cole returned to the ring. The referee counted to nine while MJF was down on the floor. MJF shot up and dove into the ring to avoid being counted out. Why wouldn’t Cole stop the count?

Cole went to the ropes and set up for a Panama Sunrise. MJF, who had a cut on his shoulder, rolled to the floor. MJF pulled Cole onto the apron and then cleared the broadcast table. MJF pulled Cole onto the broadcast table with him and said he had to do it.

MJF hoisted up Cole for an inverted piledriver, but he couldn’t follow through with it and let Cole go. MJF looked conflicted. Cole ended up performing the same move that MJF couldn’t perform on him moments later. Cole brought MJF back inside the ring and covered him for a near fall.

MJF caught Cole with a thumb to the eye, but then ran into a pump kick. MJF bounced off the ropes and hit Cole with an elbow strike. Cole followed up with a Destroyer, but MJF ended up on his feet and caught Cole with a kick before falling to the mat.

Both men used the ropes to pull themselves up. They looked at each other and said “double clothesline.” The ran the ropes and Cole ducked MJF’s clothesline, then MJF ducked Cole’s clothesline, and they finally hit each other simultaneously with clotheslines. They fell on top of one another. The referee counted the pin for a draw at 19:00.

Justin Roberts announced the decision. Cole got hot and asked for five more minutes. MJF told him no, then said, “We’re going until we’ve got a f—ing winner at Wembley.” Cole rolled him up and they had some back and forth pin attempts.

There was a REF BUMP!!! MJF brought a chair inside the ring and they passed it back and forth. Cole finally dropped down his back. MJF wrapped the chair around his neck and laid down. The referee recovered and questioned Cole about it.

Moments later, MJF hit the Heatseeker on Cole for a near fall. They ended up on the apron where Cole performed a straightjacket German suplex. MJF ended up on the floor. Cole hit him with a Panama Sunrise from the apron. Cole threw MJF back inside the ring and covered him for a near fall.

Cole went for another Panama Sunrise, but MJF pulled the referee in his path, causing Cole to hit the move on the referee. Cole looked shocked and remorseful. MJF reached in his trunks and pulled out the Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF put the ring on his finger and looked to the crowd. MJF looked anguished and then he took the ring off and put it back in his trunks.

Roderick Strong entered the ring wearing a neck brace and kicked MJF in the balls. Cole went to the ropes and hit the Panama Sunrise. Cole lowered his kneepad and hit the Boom knee. Cole covered MJF and got a visual pinfall while the referee was still down. The referee crawled over and made a slow count, allowing MJF to kick out, which drew big cheers from the crowd.

The referee stayed down. Strong slipped the title belt in the ring. Strong said he’s Cole that he’s his best friend. Strong told Cole to do it. Cole removed his t-shirt. Cole thought about hitting MJF with the belt, then tossed it to ringside instead. Strong stormed away while Cole told him to “get out of here.” MJF hooked Cole in an inside cradle and got the three count.

MJF defeated Adam Cole in 29:00 to retain the AEW World Championship.

After the match, MJF approached Cole in the corner and told him that he wins either way because the people still love him. MJF said he got lucky and it could have been either one of them. MJF, who continued to hold the back of his neck, went to ringside and grabbed the ROH Tag Title belts.

MJF brought the belts inside the ring and told Cole they still have them. Cole threw the ROH Tag Title belts to the floor. MJF said Cole was a piece of shit who was never his friend and only wanted the title. MJF grabbed the title belt and threw it to Cole and told him to get it over with.

Strong stood on the apron and encouraged Cole to do it while MJF stood with his back to Cole and his arms out. Cole threw the title belt down. MJF and Cole hugged in the middle of the ring and the crowd cheered loudly.

MJF and Cole celebrated and then confetti shot off. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett came out and held back Strong while the in-ring celebration continued and pyro shot off on the roof of the stadium. MJF and Cole posed with their title belts.

Excalibur announced that All In will return to Wembley Stadium on Sunday, August 25, 2024…

Powell’s POV: A strong main event with good drama. I’m not a fan of the direction of keeping them together. It’s hard to blame the company considering the television ratings that they are doing together, but this struck me as the right time to have Cole stab MJF in the back and reveal that it’s been a master plan all along. Hopefully they have enough good material to keep this interesting.

Overall, All In was an enjoyable show. The atmosphere was cool and the production team did a good job of showing off the size of the crowd at different times. It didn’t have any of the match of the year type of performances that AEW shows are known for, but it was a good crowd pleasing show in that it seemed to go over well with the stadium crowd. Wait, so if they’re doing All In the same weekend, does that mean they’re going to do All Out a week later again? I will have a lot more to say when I team up with Jake Barnett and Will Pruett for our same day AEW All In audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).

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Readers Comments (29)

  1. What was the altercation? I didn’t catch any of that.

  2. Seriously? SMH

    Punk is an infant.

  3. Perry got pissy about not being able to use real glass in an angle on Collision and then acted like a bitch making a comment into the camera about using it in the pre-show match, but Punk is the infant?

    Sure thing.

  4. Yeah he is actually. He has been around FOREVER and should be a locker room leader. Instead he has an issue with pretty much everyone because he is a delicate flower. Even if Perry was completely in the wrong, as a vet and a leader it’s Punk’s role to make it right. But clearly he has almost no respect among his peers

    I used to be a massive Punk fan. A decade or so ago I thought he was a real trailblazer – very Roddy Piper like in that he could control the narrative in the ring and on the mic

    But because we have to know everything about everyone (social media. Diet sheet sites etc) we see what a tool he really is. AEW isn’t great but they would immediately improve their situation by showing Punk the door. That way he can sit on X or Threads or whatever and share his fist at the clouds until he is 99.

  5. THEGREATESTTHREE August 27, 2023 @ 1:13 pm

    When they took Punk back, they basically condoned his behavior. I’d like to see him gone ASAP.

  6. I’m sorry but skewers stuck in your head is not entertaining to me. Respect the pain tolerance but… people actually getting hurt or getting scared or impaled on purpose is not something I enjoy. I don’t WANT to see you get hurt.

  7. The BBC need to be off TV for a few years. How many botches can one group have and still be featured weekly? Moxley might be the worst “star” that isn’t a Young Buck. Tony has to see the absolute nosedive the ratings take when these guys are on TV.

    Kudos to the Bucks for doing the right thing and dropping the tag match.

    Putting the belt on Saraya is a bad move, even if the division has been booked horribly for years.

  8. Fightful Select is reporting that one side of the story says Perry confronted Punk backstage by walking towards and shouting at him leading to a shoving contest between the two. Punk is then said to have put Perry in a choke. Perry was then asked to leave the building?

    But this is punks fault?

  9. Up to now…

    If you are an AEW fan (not that is anything wrong with that) you probably love this show

    If you are not a big AEW fan this probably looks like the usual (some good matches that won’t stick in your memory past next Wednesday and one total piece of crap match that was embarrassing)

    It’s really going to be up to MJF and Cole to really make this a memorable event.

  10. Also. I have a personal announcement

    I am leaving my boots in the ring after today show

    Lately wrestling has become like politics and doesn’t bring me the same joy it used to. The passing of Bray kinda finished me off

    I am retiring the PG13 Icon name (many thanks to a AEW fan who many years ago said I wasn’t extreme enough for my original moniker!!). I will still lurk on the site from time to time, as this is my fav wrestling site. But I will no longer be offering my pithy insights

    Thanks to all of you for putting up with a guy almost as old as sting

    Peace out


    (F/K/A the PG13 Icon)

  11. What does Rick Knox do?

  12. What’s the difference between a regular AEW match and a no holds barred match?

    We’ve already seen literally everything in the first 7 matches.

    Kudos to the HoB for the perfect little Bray Wyatt tribute.

    Are they going to keep cutting to Mone without actually having her do something?

  13. Good luck to MJF and Cole. There’s nothing left to do. Finishers have been kicked out of all night, wild brawls have happened in half the matches, solid technical matches have happened, and most people have gone 15+ minutes. How the hell can they possibly do something memorable when there’s really nothing left to do?

  14. So baby Jack jack mouthed off to the camera like a big man.

    Then according to pw insider and fightful got in punks face and mouthed off and then pushed him , punk then choked the little b*tch out and he was then kicked to the kerb and ejected from the building. Another child … like the last ones who invaded punks space and they got knocked out as well. But that’s the thing with children. They never learn do they. Kudos to Punk for teaching him a lesson.

  15. If that’s how it went down backstage then Jack needs to be unemployed tomorrow. Of course, the Elite should have been fired for the first one and they got raises.

  16. Here is my 2 cents on The Perry/Punk thing. Jack Perry is trying to incite. Could you imagine if CM Punk back in the day, got into it with say The Undertaker in front of witnesses? Also, according to the reports , Punk has say in the creative on Collision. Real glass was dangerous and Jack should have just accepted it. Instead he whined… of course he’s friends with The Elite so he feels like he can say or do anything. Again, respect those that have more experience than you and maybe learn something?

  17. I doubt any of that is how it ran I’m pretty sure it’s just still the usual punk being a lockerroom cancer

  18. They pulled it off. The odd couple friendship is still working and the only weak spot was the cradle out of nowhere finish that AEW has done too much of.

    Roddy Strong got his steps in for the day during that last 10 minutes.

    More good than bad, which isn’t always the case for AEW. Matches 1-3 were good, 4-7 were somewhere between bad and just stupid, and then 8-9 turned it back around. They had to nail the main event to make it worthwhile, and they did.

    I honestly have no idea where MJF and Cole go from here, until the inevitable turn by one of them, but I’m glad they’re keeping it rolling for a while longer.

  19. TK was gifted an opportunity of a lifetime with 81k strong. And he completely blew it. I want AEW to succeed but what a hot pile of garbage that entire thing was.

  20. Besides the stuff with Billy Gun and The Acclaimed with Julia Hart, I enjoyed the show. Many great matches. Mox bits are getting too much – those skewers in the head is not needed. Then again, that opinion opens up the “how far is too far” argument that I don’t want. To each his/her own.

  21. So many E marks crying in here

  22. @ PG 13 Icon,

    You consistently brought of a lot of good thoughts and insights to the comments section. As you can see I still lurk from time to time but at this point I skim wrestling at the most. Stuff like the recurring backstage incidents I find to be off-putting and play a part in that. I presumed that Punk just told Perry that he always liked Brandon’s hairstyle better than Dylan’s, but I guess it was a disagreement that was way more serious.

  23. The only people that should call anyone a “Mark” is a pro wrestler. Otherwise, you are the “Mark”. What a overused term.

  24. Well said Morgan, its amazing how many losers still use that term and seem to think they are cool.

  25. PG, YOU are one of the worst offenders at that you are complaining about. Good riddance. Find somethine else to get off on complaining about everyday.

  26. The MJF/Cole friendship rivalry is getting old? I doubt that it’s 2 guys showing great respect, it’s a rivalry but they are funny together of course Cole could turn on MJF. If he turns on him I feel like people would say it was expected. How can it already be old, if on the WWE side you have the bloodline that just keeps spinning their wheels, it’s the same routine, only they have 4 guys.
    MJF/Cole are showing why the company is in good hands and they don’t need CM Punk, it seems like he is more of a liability than a resource. Also AEW is showing that they have many talented wrestlers that can carry titles, they don’t need to be 6’5 and 300 lbs. it was an amazing show, and the young guys are showing that they will be ready for prime time when the time comes.

  27. For those wondering, pretty sure the ‘Superkick Knocks You Out’ intro was a reference to Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” and Jericho’s “Day-O” routine was channeling the late Freddie Mercury’s banter with the live crowd at their (iconic) Live Aid ‘85 concert at the same venue.

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