NXT TV results (8/8): Moore’s review of Dominik Mysterio vs. Dragon Lee for the NXT North American Title with Rhea Ripley and Rey Mysterio at ringside, Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner, Kiana James vs. Ivy Nile

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live August 8, 2023 on USA Network

[Hour One] A promo taped at Raw by Rhea Ripley and Dom Mysterio aired where Rhea and Dom were hyping Dom’s title defense against Dragon Lee. The show cut to footage from earlier today in the back seat of a car driving Rey Mysterio and Dragon Lee to the Performance Center. Dragon Lee thanked Rey Mysterio for being in his corner. Rey asked Dragon to teach Dom some humility…

Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer. Vic noted that this week’s NXT will have limited commercial interruptions for the first hour (ugh… my fingers)…

Entrances for the opening match took place…

1. Axiom vs. Mustafa Ali. Axiom was sporting Kinesio Tape on his shoulder. Ali got an early two count off a rollup. Axiom quickly got his own two count off a rollup. Axiom and Ali traded stiff chops in the corner. Ali took one of his signature epic bumps by taking huracanrana that took him from the apron and sent him to the announce table. Scrypts showed up to yell at Axiom.

Ali rolled up Axiom for a two count after the distraction. Axiom gave Ali an armdrag and dropkick, followed by a backdrop. Axiom hit Ali with a standing moonsault for a two count. Ali shoved Axiom off the top rope and hit him with a top rope Buckshot Lariat for a nearfall. Lucien Price and Bronco Nima joined Scrypts at ringside, which caught Ali’s attention. Axiom got a two count off a distraction.

Axiom hit Ali with a German Suplex while sliding between the ropes. Scrypts ended up ordering Nima and Price to head to the back with him. Ali staggered Axiom with a kick. Axiom reversed a neckbreaker into a Rear Naked Choke. Ali got to his feet and reversed the choke into a Jackhammer Suplex. Both men took the moment to recover. Axiom reversed a power bomb into a seamless Canadian Destroyer.

Ali rolled to ringside for a moment of respite, but Axiom followed him with a Triangle Moonsault. Ali recovered and gave Axiom a DDT at ringside which let out a loud thud. Back in the ring, Axiom avoided a 450 and hit Ali with a Tornado DDT for a good nearfall. Axiom turned the kickout into a Juji Gatame. Ali got to his feet and turned the move into a Sharpshooter in his favor. Axiom escaped and got to his feet. Axiom hit Ali with A-Kid’s signature Moonsault DDT for a nearfall.

Axiom staggered Ali with a Gamengiri. BOth men traded punches. One of the punches got caught in Axiom’s mask. That caused the bottom of Axiom’s mask to come loose. Ali used the distraction to shove Axiom off the apron to ringside. Ali threw Axiom back in the ring and hit him with a 450 for the win.

Mustafa Ali defeated Axiom via pinfall in 10:12.

Ali got in the camera and declared that he was next in line for the North American Championship…

John’s Thoughts: Now that was a clinic. On paper, I knew these two guys could deliver a instant classic, but I didn’t think that the booking would have allowed them to have a full on clinic, especially when they teased chicanery at ringside with Scrypts and crew. They also teased an out for Axiom with the K tape on his arm. This match is must-watch, and I hope the dirty finish from Ali means that they can run this back down the road, with maybe 5 more minutes.

The show cut to Joe Gacy and the Schism where they and the masked cultists were beating up random NXT wrestlers. Gacy talked about how they are on the search for the Creeds and won’t stop…

Kelani Jordan and Dana Brooke made their entrance. A promo from Instagram aired where Kelani Jordan said she was going to challenge one of the most dangerous women in NXT, Blair Davenport. Back at the Performance Center ring, Blair Davenport made her entrance…

2. Blair Davenport vs. Kelani Jordan (w/Dana Broke). Jordan hit an ugly huracanrana early on, but bounced back with a crossbody for a two count. Jordan reversed a hip toss into a back slide for a two count. Davenport turned the tables by tossing Jordan into the buckle and ropes face first. Jordan fought out with right hands and had an axe handle rally.

Jordan did a nice front flip into a back elbow for a nearfall. Davenport escaped an Overdrive attempt. Davenport hit Jordan with a draping front kick and double stomp. Davenport hit Jordan with a Kamigoye for the win.

Blair Davenport defeated Kelani Jordan via pinfall in 3:34. 

Dana Brooke took off her belt and chased away Blair Davenport with it. Brooke snapped at Keliani when she tried to calm her down and almost hit Kelani with the belt…

John’s Thoughts: Jordan was clearly green here. Lots of mistimed moves here, but she showed potential. I sure hope she doesn’t use that “Overdrive” as a finisher. I’ve been hating that move since Randy Orton made his debut with it back in the day. I also don’t think being paired up with Dana Brooke does her benefits either.

McKenzie Mitchell interview Von Wagner and Robert Stone. Wagner wore a “You’re gonna get tabled” shirt (Oh mah god! That’s great!). McKenzie asked Von if Bron’s words from last week affected Von. Stone tried to defend Von but Von took control of the interview. Von said he’s had people say words like that all his life.

Von said he’s going against the “badass” Bron Breakker, and eventually even a badass needs to get put in his place. Von said he’s got a special reservation, table for one, with Bron’s name on it. Von said Bron’s ass is about to “get tabled”…

John’s Thoughts: I think they might have an instant hit on their hands. They’re leaning onto Von’s horrible promo delivery, and I think it’s resonating with the audience. And it all started with his “Come Toosday” promo on Kyle O’Reilly.

A graphic aired that laid out the Heritage Cup match rules…

The Meta Four made their entrance. Booker and Vic bickered over Noam’s counterfeit cup. Booker and Vic called each other Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith respectively. Tyler Bate made his entrance…

John’s Thoughts: I appreciate the match clock during these “limited commercial” episodes. Means I don’t have to pay attention to my stopwatch.

3. Noam Dar (w/Lash Legend, Oro Mensah, Jakara Jackson) vs. Tyler Bate in a Rounds Match for the “Noam Dar’s Heritage Cup Championship”. Bate kept Noam grounded with a body scissors. Noam retreated to ringside. Bate put Noam in an armbar. Dar rolled up the armbar into a two count. Dar reversed Bop and Bang into an elbow hold. Both men took each other out with a lariat. The round ended with a collar and elbow. [End of Round 1]

Lash Legend used a paper fan from her bucket to cool Noam down between rounds. Oro went for the distraction on Bate early on. Bate hit Dar with a rebound lariat and top rope clearing dive at ringside. Bate caught Dar with a Tyler Driver for the pinfall. [End of Round 2] 

Tyler Bate pinned Noam Dar 0:42 in Round 2 to go up 0-1. 

Vic sent the show to picture in picture (thank God)…[c]

In Round 3, both men went to the top rope. Both men avoided moves. Both men took each other out with lariats and simultaneous punches. Bate went for the pin, but the clock timed out. [End of Round 3]

Dar hit Bate with a nice CQC combo. Bate came back with a diving uppercut. Bate hit Dar with a Helicopter Spin Slam. Dar kicked out at two. Dar reversed a Standing Shooting Star into a rollup for a two count. Dar hit Bate with a Judas Effect for a nerfall. Dar put Bate in a reverse heel hook.

Bate escaped by rolling up Dar. Dar dragged Bate down into the reverse kneebar. Dar made sure to drag Bate to the center of the ring. Bate had to tap out. [End of Round 4]

Noam Dar submitted Tyler Bate in 2:20 of Round 4 to tie the match at 1-1. 

Dar held on to the hold several seconds after the bell. Dar worked on Bate with precision strikes after the reset. Bate came back with a desperation Liger Kick. Bate pressured Dar to the ropes with boxing strikes. Bate hit Dar with a German Suplex. Dar reversed Bate’s rebound into a kneebar.

Bate rolled up Dar into a German Suplex. Oro took a punch from Bate from the apron. Bate ended up hitting Dar with a rebound lariat which turned him inside out. Dar reversed a Tyler Driver into a rollup. Bate got in his own rollup for the victory. [End of Round 5]

Tyler Bate defeated Noam Dar via pinfall 2:24 of Round 5 to become the new “Noam Dar’s Heritage Cup Champion”. 

The Schism surrounded Hank Walker and Tank Ledger, asking for wereabouts of the Creeds. Tank mocked The Schism for falling for the Creeds’ green screen last week.  The Schism and unnamed masked cultists put the boots to Hank and Tank to leave them lying…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Ilja Dragunov and asked him if he’s cooled down after his ultimatium he sent ot Trick Williams last week. Ilja said he’s going to call out Trick in the ring and for Trick all he’ll get is pain…[c]

John’s Thoughts: WWE is still struggling to get the Heritage Cup off the ground, especially since they’re involving so much comedy in the title picture. That aside, that was one of the better Heritage Cup matches in NXT US. Dar was really good here in establishing his knee bar as a threat. The strong babyface still went over. Hopefully he trashes the imposter title. My other hope is this leads to the return of Weekend at Bernie’s Comatose Noam Dar.

Dijak confronted Carmelo Hayes and bragged about his win against Eddy Thorpe. Melo said he’s a little busy. Dijak talked about how he’s coming after Melo’s title. Wes Lee showed up and got in Melo’s face to talk about last week. Dijak interrupted and told Wes that Wes is no longer in the title picture. Wes Lee stood up to Dijak and Dijak left saying “we’ll see about that”. Wes looked for Melo, but was attacked from behind by Dijak who tossed him around the locker room. A trainer showed up to check on the fallen Wes…

Ilja Dragunov made his entrance and called out Trick Williams. Trick Williams made his entrance. Trick said it’s not about kumbaya or hand holding tonight. Trick said he can see in Ilja’s eyes that he won’t back down, but Trick won’t back down either. Trick said before Ilja starts throwing that headbutt, they need to talk. Ilja asked Trick if he’s serious? Ilja said Trick has no right to make demands.

Ilja dared Trick to make one step closer. Trick said things ended back last time for both of them where he took a beating, but was also able to show up what all that new muscle delivers. Trick said he has a proposal. Ilja said he’s here for retribution for costing him the title. Trick said he didn’t hit Ilja with the title, Ilja ran into the title. Trick said it looks like Ilja wants to hit Trick and whoop Trick’s ass. Trick proposed a match. Trick said during that match he’ll shut down the whispers and say that “trick Willy ain’t no sidekick. Trick said he’ll go through one of the best to prove that he’s one of the best.

Ilja told Trick to look in his eyes that burn red sometimes. He said the red is his anger. He said that anger consumes him. Ilja said something always rage that fire, and this time is Trick Willy doing it. Ilja told Willy to think twice about what he’s asking because “I will break you!!!”. Trick asked Ilja to bring his A-game, because he’s bringing his. Trick said he knows that Ilja is the man that beat Gunther, Breakker, everyone but “him. Trick said Ilja is one of the best and at Heatwave, Trick will prove he’s one of the best. Ilja said he’ll grant Trick his request and at Heatwave Trick’s “career will die”. Both men faced off to end the segment…

John’s Thoughts: A bit of a long promo exchange, but both men got good once they dug into the promo. Trick continues to show that he does have the gift of gab and can confront everybody. I also think Ilja has shown he’s solid on the mic too. This is a fun feud because Trick is the underdog and Ilja is presented as the boss battle.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak and told them their match with Hank and Tank was cancelled due to them being beat up. Gulak said the medical report proves that Hank and Tank are S-O-F-T (In the form of his old tag team partner Enzo Amore). Dempsey said people keep making excuses to avoid matches. Damon Kemp showed up and asked to join Gulak’s crew. Gulak said that Kemp can’t just take shortcuts to roll with them. Briggs and Jensen showed up to challenge Gulak and Dempsey. Gulak accepted the challenge.

Kelly Kincaid (a.k.a. Quinn McKay) interviewed Bron Breakker and told him Von Wagner said he’ll put Bron through a table. Bron said “gimme a break”…[c]

Rey Mysterio was congratulating Roxanne Perez backstage for her win against Blair Davenport. Perez said that means a lot to her coming from a legend. Rey then approached Thea Hail, who started to fangirl. Rey said he knows what being the ultimate underdog is all about. Rey said Thea has been struggling, but he sees the amount of heart Thea puts in the ring every single time she is in the ring.

Thea thanked Rey and asked Rey if he still loves Dominik. Rey said he doesn’t like what Dom has become and Dom is hanging out with the wrong crowd. Rey said he still loves Dom and hopes that Dom will realize who his real family is. Rey left and hyped upThea a bit. Andre Chase and Duke Hudson showed up and were astonished by Rey showing up to coach Thea. Thea said unlike Andre, Rey won’t throw in the towel. Thea walked away looking pouty…

[Hour Two] Entrances for the next match took place. Von Wagner was wearing his dorky, but endearingly dorky “Your’re Gonna Get Tabled” T-Shirt.

4. Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner (w/Robert Stone). Von quickly turned the tables early on with overhead strikes. Bron turned the tables back with a shoulder tackle. Von took down Bron with a series of shoulder tackles. A “Tables” chant ensued. Bron tackled Von into the apron to avoid being tossed into the table. Bron ran the ropes and hit Von with a momentum lariat. Bron slammed Von into the mat several times.

Bron hit Von with a hip attack on the bottom buckle. Von kicked out of a pin at one. Von rallied back with right hands. Bron avoided a big boot and punted Von in the hamstring. Bron hit Von with a German and Vertical Suplex, showing agility with a kip up. Bron hit Von with a Standing Moonsault ofr a two count. Bron mocked Von with pushups. Bron talked smack to Von.

Von hit Bron with a shortarm lariat. Both men took each other out with stereo clotheslines. Stone cheered on Wagner. Von rellied with right hands on Bron. Von blocked a hip toss into hand trap headbutts. Von flattened Bron with a Big Boot. A “We want tables” chant ensued. Bron escaped a hold and hit Von with a spear for the win.

Bron Breakker defeated Von Wagner via pinfall in 5:13. 

After the match, Bron Breakker dragged Robert Stone in the ring and put him in a Military Press. Von dragged Stone down and saved him. Von dumped Bron to ringside. Von Wagner popped the crowd by power bombing Bron through the table. It also look like Vic and Booker T’s candy spilled all over the place. Stone was fired up and gave Von a big hug. Von stood tall to end the segment…

John’s Thoughts: Good bounce back win for Bron Breakker, but good on Bron to allow Von to get some heat back by putting Bron through a table at the end. Looking forward to see how far Von can go now that he’s finally endearing himself. Curious to see where Bron goes as he’s been spinning his wheels and ready for a callup.

The show cut to a cinematic vignette. Eddy Thorpe was in the forest. He said when he needs grounding he surrounds himself with nature. He said he went to see his spirit animal, the wolf. A “ghost” wolf was shown. Thorpe recollected his loss to Dijak. He said he was going to invoke the spirits of those close to him. He said a native american word to end the segment…

Rhea Ripley was coaching Dominik Mysterio in the locker room. Lyra Valkyria showed up and hoped she wasn’t interrupting anything. Lyra talked about taking care of Jacy. Lyra then talked about she understands that Rhea Ripley manipulates people to keep her and Dom’s title. Lyra dared Mami not to get involved in Dom’s match to prove she’s legit. After Lyra left, Dom said “only I can call you Mami”…

Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley made their entrance…[c]

The show cut to Tony D’Angelo and Stacks who were in the middle of a photo shoot. The Schism showed up to find The Creeds. Tony D said they don’t know nothing. Tony D and Stacks were making random jokes on NXT roster members. Rip Fowler threatened Tony D and Stacks with the numbers advantage. Tony D and Stacks took out their crowbars. Jagger Reid talked about how Tony D and Stacks have something they want, the NXT tag titles. Joe Gacy ordered The Schism to stand down and continue their search…

Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak made their entrance. Developmental wrestler Miles Bourne joined Gulak and Dempsey to be their cornerman…

5. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (w/Fallon Henley) vs. Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey (w/Miles Bourne). Jensen hit Gulak with an elbow drop. Gulak recovered and dragged Jensen to his corner. Gulak asked Miles for some water, but Miles forgot it. Gulak sent Miles to the back for not having water. Dempsey hit Jensen with a hip toss. Jesnen came back with an armdrag. Briggs tagged in and hit Dempsey with a body slam. Dempsey managed to tag in Gulak.

Briggs and Jensen hit Gulak with a double team Body Slam. Briggs used a Military Press slam on Gulak to prevent a tag. Briggs and Jensen hit Gulak with their signature baseball slide punches. Dempsey tagged in and worked on Briggs with methodical strikes. Gulak and Dempsey traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Briggs as well as apply joint manipulation.

Vic said that Dempsey takes a “Regal” approach to the game (get it!).Briggs escaped with a deadlift power bomb. Jensen tagged in and cleaned house off the hot hand. Jensen hit Gulak with a Body Slam. Briggs and Gulak brawled to ringside. While the referee was distracted, Damon Kemp gave Jensen an Exploder Suplex. Dempsey hit the staggered Jensen with a bridged Butterfly Suplex for the win.

Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak defeated Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs via pinfall in 5:47. 

Dana Brooke berated Kelani Jordan in the locker room for not showing a killer instinct. Brooke ranted about all the social media attacks she’s getting. Jordan said she’s not sure what her killer instinct is in only her third match. Dana said she’s going to show Jordan what killer instinct looks like next week when she faces Blair Davenport…

John’s Thoughts: Again, when I think tenured veteran and “Killer Instinct”, Dana Brooke isn’t the first person that comes to mind. These poorly acted segments aren’t helping Brooke and James either (and they’re not hilariously bad like Von Wagner’s, which is worse). As for the match, the goal was to link up Damon Kemp to the shoot fighter act. That should be fun. Unlike his brother Gable, Bobby Steveson has been showing that he has the potential to be a top player in WWE.

Entrances for the next match took place…

6. Kiana James vs. Ivy Nile. James tossed the loaded bag at Nile for the distraction to get the upper hand. James tossed Nile into the ring post and called herself the one percent. James dominated Nile at ringside. James sold an enziguri that missed by a mile. James turned the tables by yanking Niles’s elbow on the top rope. James got a two count. The show cut to picture-in-picture.[c]

The Schism (w/unnamed cult members) surrounded the ring. The Schism slammed their hands on the mat in unison. Two large men in masked showed up behind Joe Gacy. Nile escaped a stretch in the center of the ring. Nile hit James iwht a kick combination. Nile hit James with a running huracanrana. Nile caught James with a jump kick. James came back with a spinebuster for a two count.

James quickly transitioned the kickout into an armbar. Nile got a two count off a small package. Nile got another two count off a Body Slam. Nile put James in the Dragon Sleeper and broke the hold when Ava caught her attention. James caught Nile with an Inverted Overdrive (Zack Ryder’s old Zack Attack).

Kiana James defeated Ivy Nile via pinfall in 7:41.

The Schism threatened to attack Nile. Tony D and Stacks ran out with crowbars to chase The Schism away…

John’s Thoughts: There was just too much around the ring for that match to feel meaningful. The whole Schism manhunt is just not clicking. Hopefully once they reveal the Creeds coming back, that it leads to Ivy Nile going on a roll because she shouldn’t be losing as much as she is given her look. While I talked crap about the regular Overdrive earlier, I’m actually a fan of the Inverted version.

The show cut to cinematic of Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo texting each other and looking depressed in their separate homes. Humberto talked about how their grandfather is disappointed in them. Humberto said without him, they would have no identity. Humberto said they are embarrassing the man that gave them everything. Angel texted that they should be honoring him. Humberto and Angel cried as they looked at a photo of their grandfather, asking what he’d think of them now…

The Meta Four showed up to Tyler Bate. Lash asked for the “Heritage Cup” back. Bate said that he won the cup fair and square. Lash said that the cup is Noam’s emotional support vassal. Nathan Frazer showed up and said he just walked into the Spiderman meme. Frazer said it’s only fair to give the cup back as long as Dar acknowledges that the fake cup is a fake. Dar danced around it and noted that technically Mensah lost the cup not him. Bate agreed to give the cup back. Freazer agreed to put the real cup on the line at heatwave. After the Metal Four left, Frazer said he owes Bate one…

Dragon Lee and Rey Mysterio were shown heading to the ring from backstage. Rhea Ripley and Dom Mysterio were also shown…[c]

McKenzie Mitchell congratulated Tiffany Stratton on defending her title against Thea Hail and wondered what her next steps. Stratton went on a tangent about going on a shopping spree. McKenzie pressed again about Tiffany’s next opponent. Tiffany said “no one”…

Wes Lee pulled up to Trick Williams to tell Trick to send a message to Melo that he’s coming after him. After Wes left, Trick said “I ain’t no messenger”. Damon Kemp, Drew Gulak, and Dempsey Showed up to taunt Trick Williams about facing Dragunov. Trick joked about Dempsey looking like Willie Wonka and said he’d show something to them next week…

The following segments were announced for next week: Tony D and Stacks vs. The Dyad for the NXT Tag Team Championships, Wes Lee vs. Dijak in a number one contenders match for the NXT Championship, and Dana Brooke vs. Blair Davenport.

Smackdown Star and WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio made his entrance. Rey grabbed a mic and soaked in “Rey” chants. Rey introduced Dragon Lee as the future North American Champion. Dragon Lee made his entrance. NXT North American Champion Dom Mysterio and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley made their entrance. The match started with about 8 minutes left at the top of the hour…

7. Dominik Mysterio (w/Rhea Ripley) vs. Dragon Lee (w/Rey Mysterio) for the NXT North American Championship. Dragon pressured Dom to the corner to start the match. Dom turned the tables with a collar and elbow. Dom fired up Dragon with a slap to the chest. Dom hid behind the ropes and kicked Dragon in the gut off a cheap shot. Dragon came back with a running Huracanrana. Dragon hit Dom with a Slingshot Wrecking Ball kick.

Dragon dumped Rey to ringside. Dom and Rhea taunted Dom’s Dad Rey. Dragon caught a distracted Dom with a baseball slide. The show cut to picture-in-picture.[c]

Dragon fought out of a headlock. Dom came back with a jawbreaker on the top rope. Dom did the Eddie shimmy and hit Dragon with a slingshot Senton for a two count. Dominik disrespected his dad by tossing Dragon’s tassels at his father.

[Overrun] Dom hit Dragon with the Three Amigos for a two count. Dom worked on Dragon with methodical offense while Rhea Ripley taunted Dragon from a distance. Dominik went for the “ultimate disrespect” by ripping at Dragon’s mask. Dragon escaped a “powered up”. Dragon rallied with clotheslines and a backdrop mule kick. Dragon Lee hit Dom with a Dragon Screw on the bottom rope.

Dragon dumped Dominik to ringside and hit Dom with a nice Suicide Dive on the announce table. Dragon hit Dom with a running knee for a two count. Dom fought back with overhead elbows. Dragon caught Dom with a Gamengiri. Dom crotched Dragon on the top rope. Dragon recovered and put Dom in the tree of woe. Dragon hit Dom with a Tree of Woe Double Stomp for a nearfall.

Dom escaped a power bomb and hit Dragon Lee with a neckbreaker for a two count. Dom no solde a German. Both men traded shots to the shin. Dom dialed it up and hit Dragon Lee with a 619. Dragon blocked a Frog Splash with knees. Dragon hit his finishing Sitout Power Bomb on Dom for a nearfall. Rhea tossed the North American Belt to Dom. Rey stole the title back. Rhea hit Dragon Lee in the back of the head with the WWE Women’s Belt. Dominik hit Dragon with a Michinoku Driver for the win.

Dominik Mysterio defeated Dragon Lee via pinfall in 11:43 to retain the NXT North American Championship. 

Rey got in his son’s face after the match. Rhea Ripley got in between them and poked at Rey. Lyra Valkyria ran out and attacked Rhea Lyra hit Rhea with a Crescent Kick. Dom and Rhea retreated up the ramp as Rey Mysterio’s theme played. The three babyfaces stood tall to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Solid match with the right result to allow for a run-back later. I thought it was a bit quick to pair Rey and Dragon so soon, to the point where they needed a screwy Dom finish. One, having the belt on Dom is more valuable for WWE’s ratings and storylines. Two, I think Dragon Lee is the perfect person to take the belt of Dom given Rey’s endorsement and Dragon’s excellent strong style ability. I’m curious to see if they have Dom end up losing the title belt at the NXT No Mercy show which will be happening in Rey and Dom’s home state of California (though Bakersfield is a nice 3-4 hour drive away from SD.

This week’s episode wasn’t bad. Nothing really earth shattering, but we got some solid storyline development as well as some solid in-ring performances. If you have 15 minutes to spare, at least watch the first quarter of the show because Mustafa Ali and Axiom randomly decided to have a instant classic out of nowhere.

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  1. Blair Davenport vs. Kelani Jordan (w/Kelani Jordan). Twin magic!

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