5/10 AEW Dynamite results: Powell’s live review of Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega in a steel cage match, Orange Cassidy vs. Daniel Garcia for the AEW International Title, House of Black vs. Bandido, Trent Beretta, and Chuck Taylor for the AEW Trios Titles, Anna Jay vs. Julia Hart in a No Holds Barred match, Claudio Castagnoli vs. Rey Fenix in a double jeopardy match

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW Dynamite (Episode 188)
Detroit, Michigan at Little Caesars Arena
Aired live May 10, 2023 on TBS

[Hour One] The Dynamite opening aired. Pyro shot off on the stage while the broadcast team of Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Taz checked in. The wrestlers were already inside the ring for the opening match…

1. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Rey Fenix (w/Alex Abrahantes) in a double jeopardy match. The broadcast team explained that the winner of the match would get a shot at the other man’s title (Castagnoli is the ROH Champion, Fenix is an ROH Tag Team Champion). Excalibur touted this episode as being “a pay-per-view on free TV.”

Fenix sent Castagnoli to ringside and hit him with two suicide dives. Fenix went for a third, but Castagnoli caught him and dumped him on the ringside barricade. Fenix fought back and then ran across the barricade and executed a huracanrana on the floor.

Schiavone showed his gap in pro wrestling viewing (it happens) by saying that he’d never seen anyone walk across the barricade before. Schiavone asked Taz if he’d seen it before. Taz said that he had yet also praised Fenix for the move.

Back inside the ring, Castagnoli turned Fenix inside out with a clothesline and covered him for a two count. They went back to ringside where Castagnoli dumped Fenix over the barricade and then returned to the ring while the show cut to a picture-in-picture break. [C]

Fenix caught Castagnoli with a cutter and covered him for a two count. A shot aired of Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta watching the match on a backstage television. Castagnoli went to ringside. Fenix performed a top rope moonsault onto Castagnoli on the floor.

Castagnoli returned to the ring. Fenix went for a top rope move and was caught by an uppercut. Castagnoli set up for his Ricola Bomb finisher, but Fenix countered into Destroyer and got a near fall. Castagnoli came back and fired elbows to the head of Fenix and then hoisted him up and hit the Ricola Bomb for the win…

Claudio Castagnoli defeated Rey Fenix in 14:30 to earn an ROH Tag Team Title shot.

Powell’s POV: A very good opening match. Castagnoli always works well with high spot guys and this was no exception. I was legitimately surprised that Fenix didn’t go over to earn an ROH Title shot, but I like that the ROH Champion was protected and didn’t take a non-title loss. They made it clear that Castagnoli can select a partner of his choosing for the tag title match, but they did not indicate when the match will take place. Meanwhile, the broadcast team doubled down on Tony Khan’s online claim that this is a pay-per-view worthy card. It’s a nice lineup and all, but something tells me that Khan wouldn’t actually go with this lineup on pay-per-view.

Miro was shown walking backstage in street clothes when Renee Paquette approached him and asked what brought him back to Dynamite. Miro walked past her without speaking and entered Tony Khan’s office…

Powell’s POV: Finally! It’s been far too long since Miro last appeared on AEW television. His last match was at AEW All Out back in September.

A video package aired with MJF asking the crew what they wanted him to talk about. He spoke about the other three pillars Darby Allin, Jack Perry, and Sammy Guevara. MJF said the gap between him and the others has gotten bigger and bigger. MJF recalled beating Jon Moxley, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, and Bryan Danielson. “What have you guys done?” MJF asked. MJF added that his reign of terror was just beginning… [C]

Excalibur pointed out the cage above the ring and said the Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega feud goes back to the first AEW Double Or Nothing. A brief video package recapped their history…

AEW Tag Team Champions “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler made their entrance dressed in non-wrestling attire. Once in the ring, Harwood asked Mark Briscoe to join them in the ring so that he and Wheeler could apologize to him.

Jeff Jarrett’s entrance theme played instead. Jarrett walked out with a guitar and was followed by Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh. Dutt had a mic and spoke as they walked to the ring. Once inside, Dutt asked if they accepted their AEW Tag Team Title match challenge for AEW Double Or Nothing. Harwood polled the crowd and then said they would give them the tag team title match if they admitted that they used Briscoe.

Mark Briscoe walked to the ring with a mic in hand and did not have entrance music. Briscoe said he spoke with his good friend Tony Khan and he will be the special referee for their tag team title match at Double Or Nothing. Briscoe had a bottle of alcohol and some styrofoam cups with him and wanted both sides to join him in a drink.

Sonjay took a swig and spat the alcohol in the face of Harwood, who then acted blinded. Jarrett shoved Briscoe toward Harwood, who grabbed him and gave him a piledriver. Jarrett and his crew exited the ring while the FTR duo and a trainer tended to Briscoe…

Powell’s POV: The angle was a little wonky, but isn’t everything with those four heels? As much as I want to see FTR simply have great tag team matches, the addition of Briscoe as the special referee is a logical move given the way the story has unfolded.

Backstage, Chris Jericho was interviewed by Renee Paquette. Jericho questioned why everyone was so happy that Adam Cole attacked him at the broadcast table. Jericho said Cole created an unsafe work environment. Jerichos said he got a court order banning Cole from the building that he’s in.

Roderick Strong showed up and challenged Jericho to face him in a falls count anywhere match. Jericho said he understands why Strong was standing up for his friend, but he was making a mistake if he thought he would make a name for himself off of him.

Jericho accepted the match and warned Strong that he has an army behind him. Strong said he also sought legal counsel and got the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society barred from the building. Strong handed Jericho the paperwork that had the AEW logo on it and left while Jericho questioned if it was real. Paquette smiled said it looked like it checked out…

The broadcast team spoke about the match and then sent things back to Paquette, who was in front of Tony Khan’s office while awaiting word on the Miro situation. Thunder Rosa walked into the picture and said it seemed like a good night to talk with Khan. Paquette wished her luck while Rosa entered the office… [C]

A Sammy Guevara video package aired. It featured comments from Guevara, Tay Melo, and Chris Jericho. Guevara told the kids that if they listen to their heart then they could make their dreams come true…

Tony Khan stood backstage and said he felt this was one of the strongest Dynamite cards they have ever had. Khan said there were stars lined up backstage looking for opportunities. Khan said he felt it was more clear than ever that AEW can produce more great content every week. He encouraged viewers to watch next week’s Dynamite for a huge announcement…

Powell’s POV: All signs point to this being the announcement of the new Saturday night show, which will likely be made before Dynamite at the Warner Bros. Discovery upfront event earlier in the day. I like the way they are going about it by having Miro and Rosa return, and obviously the big question is when they announce CM Punk’s return. I assume they are pre-taping Khan’s announcements now, as he’s come off much better in his last two appearances than he has in the past.

Orange Cassidy made his entrance. Daniel Garcia made his entrance and was accompanied onto the stage by Matt Menard and Angelo Parker, who headed backstage rather than accompany him to ringside…

2. Orange Cassidy vs. Daniel Garcia for the AEW International Title. Cassidy did his hands in pockets offense early and capped it off with a dropkick. Garcia came back and dumped Cassidy back first onto the ringside barricade heading into a PIP break. [C]

Back in the ring, Cassidy was on the offensive until Garcia kicked his knee. Garcia put Cassidy’s hands in his pockets and went for a piledriver, but Cassidy powered out and hit a Beach Break for a two count. The broadcast team pointed out Cassidy’s taped hand and assumed the injury prevented him from hooking the leg of Garcia.

Garcia came back and threw light kicks at Cassidy to taunt him. Cassidy held his hands up and wanted to put them in his pockets, but Garcia grabbed his hands and kicked him in the face. Garcia followed up with a piledriver for a two count. Cassidy punched Garcia and hit another Beach Break for a near fall.

Garcia tackled Cassidy and put him in his Dragon Tamer submission hold. Cassidy fish hooked Garcia to escape. Garcia applied an armbar and the countered into a crossface. Garcia used his foot to stomp Cassidy’s bad hand. Cassidy countered into a pin and then went back and forth with pins, and then Cassidy reversed a pin and hooked the leg while getting the three count.

Orange Cassidy defeated Daniel Garcia in 13:35 to retain the AEW International Title.

After the match, Garcia showed frustration while Cassidy sold exhaustion…

Powell’s POV: A strong match. I’m really enjoying Cassidy’s reign. He produced a series of quality wins and I really like the way he’s looked more weary and vulnerable in each of his recent matches. I bought into at least the possibility of Bandido and now Garcia potentially beating him. I assume the reign is ending soon and there’s no disputing that Cassidy has elevated the championship.

A video package aired that featured The Outcasts challenging Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker, and Hikaru Shida to a trios match for next week, which the babyfaces accepted…

Christian Cage made his entrance and was followed by Luchasaurus. Tony Schiavone conducted an interview in the ring. Cage said he’s the number one contender for the TNT Championship because he’s Christian Cage. He questioned what was with so many AEW wrestlers having daddy issues. Cage paused and smiled at the fans chanting “shut the f— up.”

Cage said his previous opponent (Jack Perry) and now Wardlow “had a father.” Cage said he wouldn’t berate Wardlow’s father because he wasn’t famous and no one cares about him, so he wouldn’t waste his breath. Cage said Wardlow found a father figure in Arn Anderson, who is looking for a new son himself.

Cage said Arn’s son Brock is under contract to AEW. Cage recalled Arn saying that he wanted to send his son down the right path. Cage said that changed when Arn figured out he could toss Brock aside and hop onto Wardlow and take all the credit.

[Hour Two] Cage assumed that being “the other guy” in the tag team with Tully Blanchard makes him a legend. He assumed that being Ric Flair’s lapdog makes him a legend. Cage questioned how many world titles Arn won and pointed out that he’s a multi-time world champion. Cage claimed he would spit in Wardlow’s face next week. Cage took the mic from Schiavone and told the Detroit crowd to kiss his ass. Excalibur pointed out that Wardlow and Arn were not in the building…

Powell’s POV: It got uncomfortable when Cage said Arn was looking for a son given that his other son Barrett recently passed. I hope that’s not what Cage was going for, as it ended up making sense when he claimed that Arn chose Wardlow over Brock. Cage received near Dominik Mysterio level heat throughout the promo.

A Darby Allin video aired. Footage aired of him jumping his car over his home. He pointed out his skate park in the yard. Allin said he does crazy things because it breaks down barriers and helps him realize he’s capable of so much more than people told him he was capable of. Allin spoke of representing the company as AEW Champion and said he just wanted to give back. Allin said he knows where he’s going and how he’ll get there. Allin closed by saying that he’s going to Double Or Nothing to become AEW World Champion…

Ring announcer Justin Roberts announced that the next match was No Holds Barred. Julia Hart made her entrance. Her opponent Anna Jay ran out and hit her with a chair. Hart entered the ring while Jay pulled a trashcan out from underneath the ring and threw it inside the ring…

3. Julia Hart vs. Anna Jay in a No Holds Barred match. The wrestlers fought in and around the ring. Hart ran Jay into the ring post and then slammed her head on the timekeepers table. Hart was on the offensive heading into a PIP break. [C]

Coming out of the break, Hart had a pile of chairs on the floor. Hart grabbed Jay for a move, but Jay ended up hooking her from behind and dumping her face first onto the chairs. Jay brought Hart inside the ring and covered her for a near fall. Back in the ring, Jay put a trashcan over Hart and hit then kicked it. Jay got another two count.

Jay threw several chairs inside the ring. Hart stuffed whatever move Jay was going for while selling an arm injury. Hart placed Jay on the ropes and then superplexed her near the chairs while Excalibur fibbed by saying that Jay’s lower body hit the chairs. Hart applied her submission finisher and got the win…

Julia Hart defeated Anna Jay in a No Holds Barred match.

Powell’s POV: They tried hard. The finish was obviously rough because they missed the chairs. I don’t really get this feud. I get that their characters were best friends, but I’m also not sure why Hart is the babyface when she and House of Black seem to be heels more often than not.

Excalibur hyped the open house rules for the AEW Trios Championship match while a black and white graphic listed the same rules…

Backstage, Paquette interviewed Orange Cassidy, Bandido, Trent Beretta, and Chuck Taylor. Cassidy said he thought there was enough room in his backpack for three more title belts. Beretta said they were feeling it and this was the night that they would win the big one. Paquette asked which stipulation they wanted to add. Taylor said all witches would be barred from ringside (meaning no Julia Hart). The challengers headed to the stage. Paquette asked Cassidy if he had more to say. Cassidy said no and added that he was “so tired.” Paquette replied, “Me too, bud.” The Best Friends and Bandido were shown walking onto the stage… [C]

House of Black made their entrance without Julia Hart…

4. “House of Black” Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews vs. Bandido, Trent Beretta, and Chuck Taylor in Open House Rules match for the AEW Trios Titles. The lighting dimmed throughout the building during the match, which Excalibur said was at the request of House of Black. Orange Cassidy was shown watching the match on a backstage monitor. The champions were in offensive control heading into yet another PIP break. [C]

Bandido had an offensive flurry coming out of the break with some of his high flying moves. Bandido went up top and leapt toward Matthews, who blasted him with a knee strike in mid-air. Taylor performed Soul Food on Matthews, who tagged out. Matthews hit another knee strike on Taylor and then King performed a Gonzo Bomb on Taylor before pinning him.

“House of Black” Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews defeated Bandido, Trent Beretta, and Chuck Taylor in 8:15 in an Open House Rules match to retain the AEW Trios Titles.

The cameras cut backstage to Orange Cassidy, who was laid out on the ground. Kyle Fletcher of the Aussie Open tag team was standing over him holding up title belts…

A “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry video package aired. Christian Cage said he aligned himself with Perry because he had the most talent out of all of the Four Pillars and he stands by that. Perry sat poolside and said he learned a lot from Cage and made him realize that the world is colder than he imagined. Perry said he wants to be the best pro wrestler in the world. He said he wants to show that if you put in the work, it can happen and you don’t have to take shortcuts…

Excalibur hyped the four-way main event for Double Or Nothing…

Excalibur announced the following matches and event for Saturday’s AEW Rampage, which airs at 9CT/10ET: The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass vs. The Butcher, The Blade, and Kip Sabian, Kyle Fletcher vs. Action Andretti, Toni Storm vs. Allysin Kay, The Gunns speak, Swerve Strickland and Brian Cage vs. John Silver and Alex Reynolds…

Excalibur announced the following matches and event for next week’s Dynamite: “The Outcasts” Ruby Soho, Toni Storm, and Saraya vs. Jamie Hayter, Britt Baker, and Hikaru Shida, and Ricky Starks vs. Jay White (a brief video package on this match was shown), Chris Jericho vs. Roderick Strong in a Falls Count Anywhere match with Adam Cole and the rest of JAS banned from the building…

The cage lowered around the ring. Jon Moxley made his entrance through the crowd. Moxley gave a double bird to the camera while mouthing f— you… [C] Kenny Omega and Don Callis made their entrance coming out of the break. Moxley met Omega on the ramp and brawled with him. Danielson was on commentary and said they had “more strategy than that” once Omega took offensive control.

Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta attacked Omega. The Young Bucks ran out and dominated Yuta and Castagnoli. The Bucks turned their attention to Danielson, but Castagnoli returned and took out the Bucks. Nick recovered and performed a dive off the stage onto Castagnoli and Matt Jackson, who were in the area next to the stage…

5. Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega (w/Don Callis). Omega performed an early middle rope moonsault for a two count. Omega pulled out a chair wrapped in barbed wire and ended up hitting Moxley with it. Omega placed the chair over Moxley’s back and double stomped it. Moxley bled from the forehead and the back.

Moxley slammed Omega’s head into the camera. Danielson said Moxley doesn’t wake up until he bleeds and Omega was now in real trouble. A short time later, Omega bodyslammed Moxley onto the barbed wire chair. Moxley came right back and superplexed Omega onto the chair heading into a PIP break. [C]

During the break, Moxley tried to remove the top rope from a turnbuckle. Omega, whose back was also bleeding, attacked him. Moxley eventually pulled removed the top rope from two corners. Moxley used the hook from one of the turnbuckles to fish hook Omega as the show returned from the break just in time for a “you sick f—” chant. “I love that man,” Danielson said while he was shown smiling on commentary.

Moxley used the top rope to choke Omega, who gouged Moxley’s eyes. Moxley took Omega down. Omega hit Moxley with the turnbuckle pad. Moxley no-sold it and drilled Omega with a knee to the head. Moxley pulled out a black bag and poured broken glass inside the ring. Omega got up and fired chops at Moxley, who kicked him and set up for a DDT, but Omega stuffed it and slammed Moxley onto his knee.

Omega hit Moxley with a V-Trigger and then hoisted him up for the One Winged Angel, but Moxley countered into a sleeper. Omega started to fade, but then stepped forward and dropped Moxley’s back onto the broken glass. Moxley sold it for a bit and then sat up and reapplied the sleeper. Omega laid back on Moxley, whose back was on the glass, and he had to release the hold to avoid being pinned.

A short time later, both wrestlers traded strikes. Omega connected with a pair of V-Triggers and then performed a snap dragon suplex. Omega hit Moxley with another V-Trigger. Moxley, who was on the apron, crashed through the cage wall while Omega landed awkwardly with his crotch on one of the cage poles. A trainer checked on Omega.

Moxley sat up and threw Omega back inside the ring and then grabbed a screwdriver. Callis entered through the broken cage wall and took the screwdriver from Moxley. Omega hit a couple of moves on Moxley and then performed the One Winged Angel. Omega went for the cover. Callis struck Omega with the screwdriver. Moxley covered Omega and pinned him to win the match.

Jon Moxley defeated Kenny Omega in 14:50 in a steel cage match.

Danielson was shown laughing. Excalibur played up the relationship between Callis and Omega as being father and son, and said that Omega would be leaving Detroit with a broken face and a broken heart. Omega sat up with blood on his forehead.

Callis stood over Omega and teased hitting him again, but he threw the screwdriver down and then spoke to Omega and kissed his forehead. The fans booed. Callis looked to the crowd and pointed at his own head and smiled. Callis left the ring while Danielson was shown smiling. Callis left the ring and an “asshole” chant broke out. Moxley exited the cage through the open portion. Danielson said everyone should praise the king of violence Moxley for winning an incredible main event. A trainer and a referee tended to Omega while Moxley celebrated on the stage to close the show…

Powell’s POV: A well worked hardcore brawl with the big surprise turn of Callis at the end. I’m not a big fan of introducing a bunch of weapons during a cage match, as I simply prefer the idea of wrestlers using the cage as a weapon in creative ways. That said, this was an over the top hardcore war that fortunately didn’t go as far as their pay-per-view match. It was an entertaining main event and I can’t say that I saw the Callis turn happening tonight.

Overall, Dynamite still moves too fast and tries to cram in too much for one show. It was an entertaining two hours, but I am hopeful that they will slow down and let things breathe more once they launch the Saturday night show. However, I suspect that this is Tony Khan’s booking style and I guess I won’t be surprised if the Saturday show is just as overstuffed. I will have more to say about Dynamite in my weekly same night audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let me know what you thought of the show by grading it below.

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Readers Comments (9)

  1. Welp. That’s why sometimes it’s not such a great idea to let wrestlers write their own promos. Even if Arn okd that bit, it was incredibly bad taste

  2. Is this where Callis and Takeshita turn against Omega? I hope so.

  3. Stop with the screwdrivers, it looks awful every time.

  4. A few years ago, when Omega turned heel, won the world title from Moxley, and aligned with Callis, wasn’t a screwdriver used then also?

  5. Tim, no, it was a microphone. I remember it because the announcers were hilariously acting like a shot with the mic was basically as bad as a shot from an Abrams tank and that only someone literally spawned from Satan would resort to such vile tactics. A screwdriver did come into play later on though, I think at the less than explosive exploding ring match.

  6. Miro is back!! I have been begging for this. I am wondering if Castagnoli will choose a partner from outside the BCC as a way to turn babyface again, as in my opinion he doesn’t really fit in with that group now.

  7. >Meanwhile, the broadcast team doubled down on Tony Khan’s online claim that this is a pay-per-view worthy card. It’s a nice lineup and all, but something tells me that Khan wouldn’t actually go with this lineup on pay-per-view.<

    Please have someone explain to you what "PPV WORTHY" means. Because it was "PPV WORTHY".

  8. Overall good fun show with a hot Detroit crowd. I liked the Anna Joy and Julia Hart match a lot even though there were some expected botches in it, but their chemistry is getting better. This is a nice little rivalry and I like the fact that they’re so young too as it reminds me of the NXT feuds. AEW needs a NXT type show in the future for sure or an all-women wrestling show.

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