Aaron Henare on his contract status with NJPW, Jay White leaving for NJPW, AEW wrestlers he would like to face


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

PWMania interview with guest Aaron Henare
Interview conducted by Lewis Carlan
Interview available at PWMania.com

AEW talent he’d like to face: “There’s quite a few men like, like I mentioned Miro before, he’s one of the guys that I respect most in the business not only him but Cesaro, [Claudio] Castagnoli. Those two like just tough guys that aren’t afraid to go that they’ve been to the top as well. They’ve wrestled the top guys everywhere. I think right now, it’s a wrester’s market everywhere. So now I think more than ever, wrestlers have the chance to wrestle guys that they never would have wrestled before you know, and I’m with that. I mean, with leveling up in Japan, that only increases my chances overseas. But for now, who I’m happy with just New Japan. Last year, I went to Rev Pro in the UK. I went to Greece did a few in Australia in New Zealand as well. But yeah, in AEW, definitely Miro and Castagnoli, are my favorite guys that I’d like to wrestle.”

His contract situation with NJPW: “I’ve been fully contracted since 2016 and September since my debut. So I’m pretty glad that the company’s it’s a bit different to how you do it in the West. If companies are taking a loss, or for example, COVID. They don’t fire people in Japan. It’s like very rare that they fire people because to them is a corporate responsibility for them to take care of everybody that works for them. So you’ve probably seen that nobody in Japan, no wrestlers have lost their job because of the pandemic despite company losses. And I’m pretty grateful for that. But it’s also coming through the system. I was protected in that way because they came through the Dojo. I did the young boy stuff. I do do all the hard yards. I’m protected in that regard. But right now I got three more years on my contract, which is pretty good.”

Jay White leaving NJPW: “I was surprised to be honest. Because he was he’s someone that I mean, he’s a Kiwi boy, people forget because he acts like an American. But he’s someone that I look forward to, we actually had a match in 2015. And ever since then, I looked up to him as a dude, as someone leading the way as a Kiwi. So yeah, it was really out of left field that he left and went to AEW, people were talking about, is he going to AEW? Or is he going to WWE? It’s his journey so I can’t really take anything away from his journey. Because what seems good for me might not be good for him and where he’s at. But I mean, he had accomplished everything in New Japan, where I’ve still got a lot to accomplish in New Japan. But it’s sort of like, I heard the story of why [Shinsuke] Nakamura left New Japan. And it’s because he had already accomplished everything here, that he was looking for different horizons to try and accomplish things there. And that’s what I see with Jay. I got no hard feelings to him. I respect the shit out of him as a Kiwi boy. Did he have more opportunities? Yes. Did he work hard? Yes. It seems like he’s the he’s the captain of his ship. So he sails it the way he sees fit just the same way, I’m sailing to see how I see fit.”

Henare also talked about his recent match against Shingo Takagi, his experience in the United States, the United Empire, Will Ospreay, his goals for 2023, and more.


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