Jenn Sterger on AEW interviews, trying out for WWE, the Brett Favre controversy, whether she’s interested in returning to pro wrestling

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Insight With Chris Van Vliet with guest Jenn Sterger
Host: Chris Van Vliet
Podcast available via here
Video available at Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube Page

Jenn Sterger’s favorite people to interview in AEW: “You know, it just all depended on who it was with, and I had such good chemistry with a lot of a lot of the cast. And they knew they could be funny with me, or they could be engaging with me. You know, I remember I gave, I think it was Scorpio Sky like a funny one liner and I was like, you should add that in there. Because he was cutting the promo, he was trying, it was very Rock-ish, you know, it was a very Rock type promo. And I was like, You should add this line in there. And I’m like, and then Frankie [Kazarian] should react to you saying that line because it was like, it had like a little entendre to it. And so and I watched that clip back all the time, and I’m just like that was so smooth.”

On possibly returning to wrestling in the future: “You know, I just think it has to be the right opportunity. That travel schedule is wild. It’s way faster than comedy, honestly. You would get in the morning of, or shooting the next day, and we were only doing east coast loops, it was tough on my body. I was also doing 3 hours of live radio every day, so even when I was doing television, I had just done 3 hours of live radio. I know I won’t be bumping, that’s for sure.”

On trying out to be a WWE Diva: “Every girl that watched wrestling at the time wanted to be Lita. We all got sent home from school for wearing our underwear above our pants. You know what I mean? I couldn’t find padded bras big enough to be Trish Stratus. Like I wanted to be that, but not just because they were sexy and gorgeous, but because they were just these badass women that despite everything the late ’90s put them through, because let’s face it, totally different era of women’s wrestling. They owned it, they owned who they were. I got the opportunity to audition for the Divas in like the last Divas Search that they did you know, where they were still taking girls that weren’t necessarily athletes or wrestlers. But they were like, are you a model? Are you moderately athletic? We’ll take you. I was in that crop.

“So, they brought me in, I think at the end of 2012, beginning of 2013, I had just recovered from breaking my neck the previous year. I somehow passed their physical they do. I was just like, oh my God, I am held together by Graham Crackers. I was like, I have no idea, like how I’m getting through this. And it just didn’t work out. You know, I ended up breaking my neck again in that training. And they were just like, we’re just gonna we’re just gonna table that for now. They tried to bring me in to do like, announcing type stuff, but I don’t think I understood as much as I thought I watched wrestling and I understood wrestling, I don’t think I understood the world back then as much as I thought I did.”

On the Brett Farve controversy: “Society took so long to catch up. It was basically weirdo cyberstalking. Celebrities, they are just like us! It was a really unsupportive time. I think the hardest part was being attacked by my peers, by women. They were supposed to have my back, because they know damn well it is happening to all of us. It’s just the way it is. I had a comedian tell me that comedy is hard for pretty women. I told him that every job I have had is hard for pretty women, how about all women? I had a chance to talk to some of the women that called me out in 2010 to further their career. When they were beating the drum, I called them out and asked them where were you when I needed you? I’m sorry I was not a good enough victim for you.”



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