Lance Von Erich on what he is doing today, working with the Von Erichs, his relationship with the family, and whether he was interested in working for the WWF

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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What he’s up to today: “I was on a two month holiday, and part of that was, you know, in the States. So it’s nice to come visit. So Nevada and Arizona, and then the first time in I guess 35 years that I’ve been to Texas. So I spent a couple of days in Texas. It’s kind of strange because I drove by the Sporatorium, uh, where it was and God has Dallas-Fort Worth completely changed. I didn’t even recognize it. That’s kind of crazy. It brought back some memories, you know, And not all of them were good either, but it was interesting.”

Getting into World Class Championship Wrestling: “I wasn’t ready, but they needed someone right then and there. It was either go or lose the opportunity. And so to my detriment, actually it turned out to be to my detriment, because I was pushed in this situation too early and also being overworked. I actually kind of held them up. I said, listen, I’m leaving, you know, unless you pay me more. And they didn’t wanna pay me more. And so they were afraid I would go to WWF. So they kinda, on television, said that I wasn’t a real Von Erich and all that, you know. And I wouldn’t have come back in reality, I wasn’t gonna come back to the States anyway.”

On his relationship with the Von Erichs: “Actually, my ex and his (Kerry’s) wife were actually pretty good friends. And we used to go over to his house. I never went over to Kevin’s house, couldn’t tell you where he lived. But I used to go over to Kerry’s house quite often and we hung out. The thing is that we lived very far from each other, so it wasn’t something that we did a lot. I was really good friends with Steve Simpson. And, obviously I spent a lot of time with Steve, you know, he’s still in Dallas today. I didn’t go see him this last time I was there, but I lived with his family in South Africa and spent a few months with his dad. I wrestled for his dad a couple of years before he actually immigrated to the States. The father, you know, the whole family actually immigrated and so yeah, they were good to me.”

On not really being a Von Erich: “Well, I thought, how stupid, you know, cuz it, it in reality, looking back, and I wasn’t in the States at the time. I just had heard about it, this was all, second… I believe I had just left and it was all from other people that told me that they’d gone on television, on national television. And I just thought, well, it’s kind of stupid for them to actually say that. Because if they hadn’t said anything, I would’ve just gone by the wayside and they could have said anything, but I think it made them look like liars, you know? I mean, I don’t see what the, the purpose of it was, but it is what it is. And that’s what they did. I think that they thought that I was gonna go to the WWF. And I was actually offered to actually work at the WWF, and I really didn’t have a desire. Looking back, I probably should’ve, but, my life turned. You kind of get pushed in a way you should have gone in the first place and I wouldn’t have the life that I have now had I stayed with the Von Erichs.”

Other topics include what Lance has been up to for the past 35 years, what he says to say about being a Von Erich. For Lance and author Vincent Berry’s new book “Lance by Chance, Wrestling as a Von Erich” go to



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