AEW Dynamite on-site report: Bailin’s in-person notes on the live experience

By Rich Bailin, Contributor (@RichBailin)

Dot Net contributor Rich Bailin attended Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite in Washington, D.C. at the Entertainment and Sports Arena and sent the following report.

My son attended another episode of Dynamite in our Nation’s Capital. While the first episode of Dynamite was held at the much larger Capitol One Arena, every show in DC since has been held at the Entertainment and Sports Arena. I estimate the arena was about 75%-80% full. I’m not sure how it came off on TV but other than a few moments and surprisingly the Darby Allin/Jay Lethal match, the crowd seemed to be into the rest of the show.

I managed to spend much less at the merch stand this time, as my son had been spoiled the week before on vacation. But we of course took a look and surprisingly there was a CM Punk shirt still for sale. I did not see any merch for Kenny Omega or the Young Bucks. I did not make it out of there merch free, as I did get my son Adam Cole and Surfer Sting Micro Brawlers.

After Elevation (see my spoiler report via the main page), about 10 minutes prior to Dynamite going live we got a pre taped MJF promo. He talked down DC and said it wasn’t even a real state. Typical stuff but tied it into his match tonight with Wheeler Yuta, who is a DC favorite. MJF referenced the Mets beating the Nationals last night, so it was a bit more than generic heel stuff. He worked himself up and said instead of saying anything more he would loop everything he just said. And that is exactly what they did and the promo played again. Funny stuff.

Dynamite live was a fun show. I have yet to rewatch it to really comment on how it came across on TV. I’m not sure when the broadcast ended, but after the main event the rest of the JAS came out. Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo made out and then they lifted Sammy onto their shoulders as Judas played. The JAS walked to the back.

Tony Khan came out and thanked everyone and said for better or worse he wanted to bring Jericho back out. Jericho said without the fans there would be no AEW and he said without AEW he probably wouldn’t even be wrestling any longer. A mostly out of character promo from him to send everyone home happy.

And yes, it seems like everyone was. And lucky us, we get to do it again in less than a month when AEW comes back to Baltimore. Seeing as that show is back in ROH’s old home, maybe just maybe all this ROH crossover on AEW TV will culminate there? Let me know what you think.



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