AEW World Champion CM Punk reportedly out with a serious injury

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW World Champion CM Punk suffered what was described as a serious injury during his match with Jon Moxley at Sunday’s All Out pay-per-view. Dave Meltzer of reports that the injury is serious enough that the company will need to address the status of the the AEW World Championship on tonight’s AEW Dynamite.

Powell’s POV: The awful week continues for AEW. The injury is believed to have occurred during the match and not during the backstage altercation that occurred after the All Out media scrum.



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  1. You can’t help but think that the timing is interesting, and perhaps space is being manufactured between certain people. AEW seems to be a toxic work environment for sure. There is a lot of quiet around the backstage incident as nobody may want to say something out loud that could be used against them.

  2. Wait, wait….he’s at the media scrum, gets into a physical altercation afterwards, meets with Tony yesterday or today, and now suddenly he’s “seriously injured”? F Punk. I honestly hoped he had gotten over his narcissism but obviously he hasn’t, nor ever will…

  3. We’re really seeing just how much Cody did to keep the 9,000 gallons of shit from hitting the fan in AEW.

    No chance I buy that this was during the match. And yes, Punk’s an asshole but he’s also an asshole who has drawn the biggest house and biggest PPV gross for AEW while the assholes he’s complaining about have done six man matches the last few weeks that directly correlate with nearly 200k drops in viewership during the quarter hours. I’ll keep the asshole who draws over the assholes who don’t.

  4. I’m starting to get a really bad feeling that this whole company is imploding and I don’t like it. I’ve been AEW loyal through all of this and I just… I dunno. I have a bad feeling.

    Then again, who knows? Maybe this is the kind of shit they needed to have happen to start getting things right. That would be good.

  5. So Kenny isn’t 100 percent and now he’s suspended. Bucks wanted time off and now they’re suspended. Punk got seriously hurt so now he’s suspended.

    My opinion is this makes it look better than if you had an interim champion again.

    This is going to be turned into everyone vs punk and when punk shows back up on the dynamite before Thanksgiving in CHICAGO, It’ll be the start of an amazing program w champion MJF vs the challenger CM punk

  6. Definitely not buying the injury line. This might be a way 5p quietly have Punk sit out for awhile before chance he may come back to work for AEW. Or figure a way to buy him out or release him. Injury thing came up too fast after he seemed alright.

  7. I really doubt that it happened during the match because audibles have been called in the past in other federations where the match outcome were changed due to injury. Unless of course Punks ego got in the way and he didn’t want to lose in Chicago. That is a possibility,

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