9/5 WWE Raw results: Powell’s live review of Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz in a cage match for the U.S. Championship, the fallout from WWE Clash at the Castle

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,528)
Live from Kansas City, Missouri at T-Mobile Center
Aired September 5, 2022 on USA Network

[Hour One] The Raw opening aired… The broadcast team was Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton, and Mike Rome was the ring announcer…

Edge made his entrance. Once in the ring, he spoke about his history with the Mysterio family, which included stating at the family home when they had events in San Diego. He recalled calming Dom down before he had his first match in front of a live audience.

Edge wondered if Dom turned on him and his father Rey Mysterio because he accidentally speared Dom. Edge said it feels like it’s his fault that the Judgment Day made their lives hell, but he also knows that Rey raised Dom better than this. Edge said Dom and his father can hash things out, but he is a different animal. Edge called out Dom and said he would beat his ass.

Rey Mysterio made his entrance. Rey entered the ring and said he knew his son messed up and he said he was seeking to apologize on his behalf. Edge said he loves Rey, but Dom is old enough to drink, drive, and stand in the ring. Edge said Dom is old enough to be held responsible for his actions and then called him out again.

The Judgment Day entrance started and then Rhea Ripley walked onto the stage with a mic in her hand. Ripley said Edge needed to calm down. Ripley said Dom is no longer Rey’s baby boy. Ripley said she saw the potential in Dom and turned him into a man. Ripley pointed to the entrance.

Dominik Mysterio walked out dressed in all black with his hair slicked back. Rey told his son to snap out of it and asked him to make amends with Edge. Ripley said Dom no longer listens to Rey, and Edge can’t stop his Judgment Day. Ripley nudged Dom and they started walking to the ring.

Rey left the ring and approached Dom and Ripley. Rey told Dom not to do this. Dom looked straight ahead while Rey asked if he could look into his eyes. Rey walked to the back. Edge motioned for Dom to enter the ring. Dom and Ripley teased honoring his request.

Finn Balor and Damian Priest attacked Edge, who was fighting them off when Dom entered the ring and chop blocked Edge’s knee. Rey returned to the ring and had his path to the ring blocked by Dom, who shoved his father. Ripley hit Rey from behind with a forearm and then ran him into the ring steps. Priest chokeslammed Edge in the ring.

Ripley handed a chair to Dom, who then handed it to Balor. Priest stood on Edge while Balor worked him over with the chair. Balor placed the chair over Edge’s knee. Balor went up top and performed a Coup De Grace onto the chair. Rey entered the ring and tended to Edge while Dom left with Judgment Day… [C]

Powell’s POV: I don’t know what it was like at your house, but my experience is that there’s one family friend that a kid in the family can’t stand. Maybe it was someone who was fine when they were younger and then got annoying in later years or it was the family friend who tried to hard and spoke to you like you were seven when you were actually seventeen. I’m not saying I condone what Dom did, but I do understand. Anyway, this was a good angle and a good start to Dom’s heel run.

WWE Clash at the Castle still shots were shown…

Footage aired from earlier in the day of The Miz and Ciampa being interviewed by Sarah Schreiber. Miz said he’s moving on with his life, but then he discovered a smoking car turned upside down… New Day, Alpha Academy, Los Lotharios, and The Street Profits made their entrances for a four-way match to determine the number one contenders to the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles…

Powell’s POV: Wait, so New Day are in the match and The Viking Raiders are not despite the Viking Raiders beating New Day on Friday’s Smackdown? Is there an annual viking cosplayer orgy held every Labor Day or something?

1. “The New Day” Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs. “Alpha Academy” Chad Gable and Otis vs. “Los Lotharios” Angel and Humberto vs. “The Street Profits” Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins in a four-way match to determine the number one contenders to the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. A brawl broke out and led to the New Day duo being the only team left in the ring. Kingston and Woods performed stereo dives onto the teams at ringside. [C]

There was a cool spot where Dawkins shoved Kingston and he flew over the top rope onto wrestlers at ringside. In the ring, Gable performed his rolling German suplex on Ford, who landed on his feet. The Profits hit their toss into a suplex on Gable, but Otis broke up the pin.

A short time later, Humberto went for a moonsault on Ford, who put his feet up. Humberto then bounced into the arms of Gable, who gave him a German suplex. Otis went to the middle rope and splashed Ford, but Kingston double stomped the back of Otis to break up the pin heading into a picture-in-picture break. [C] Ford hit a top rope splash on Otis, but legal man Gable immediately applied the ankle lock.

Braun Strowman’s entrance music played and he came out wearing red pants and a black belt. Strowman got a big pop and entered the ring and stared down Gable. “David meet Goliath,” Graves said. Strowman took out Gable and Los Lotharios, and knocked Otis off the apron with a shoulder block. The crowd cheered.

Security guards ran in and were quickly destroyed by Strowman, who powerbombed one of them. Strowman went to ringside and shoulder blocked Otis through the barricade in front of the timekeepers area. Strowman picked up Dawkins and slammed him through the broadcast table.

Strowman returned to the ring and posed for the crowd. Smith said it was eight-on-one and it was a mismatch because the one was Strowman. They cut to another PIP break. [C]

Powell’s POV: One man destroying four tag teams? Is Vince McMahon back? Is Braun declaring war on the tag team division because he is bringing back Nicolas for another tag team run? Is he controlling his narrative?

During the break, WWE officials tried to talk Strowman down. Strowman picked up Gable and rolled him back inside the ring and then powerslammed him. Coming out of the break, Strowman headed to the back while the broadcast team recapped his destruction of the tag teams.

The four-way tag team match for a shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles ended in an apparent no-contest.

New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah made their entrance. The entrances of Nikki ASH and Doudrop followed…

2. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah vs. Nikki ASH and Doudrop in a non-title match. “Damage CTRL” Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai were shown watching the match on a backstage monitor. Smith said Damage CTRL believes the wrong woman was pinned during the finals of the tournament to crown the new champions.

Rodriguez tried and failed to pick up Doudrop, who came back with a senton and got a two count. Aliyah took out ASH at ringside. Rodriguez caught Doudrop on the top rope and then slammed her to the mat with a Texana Bomb and then pinned her…

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah beat Nikki ASH and Doudrop in 3:45 in a non-title match.

Powell’s POV: I don’t know how much Doudrop weighs, but whatever it is appears to be roughly the limit of how much Rodriguez can lift. Rodriguez looked pretty shaky while performing the Texana Bomb, but at least she pulled it off safely.

Backstage, Megan Morant spoke with Rey Mysterio, who said he needs to have a moment alone with Dominik. Rey said Judgment Day is out to ruin his life by poisoning Dom’s mind and taking out Edge. Rey said no one deserves to have their asses beat more than Judgment Day. He challenged Finn Balor or Damian Priest to face him in a singles match on Raw… [C]

Mainstream media headlines regarding WWE Clash at the Castle were shown… The broadcast team recapped Sheamus’s performance against Gunther in the Intercontinental Title match at the Castle event…

[Hour Two] Austin Theory made his entrance and sold jaw pain from taking the Tyson Fury punch. He mistakenly mentioned Crown Jewel, then said he was just kidding and listed the Castle event instead. Theory said he is still the youngest Money in the Bank briefcase holder in history. He said that means he will still be the youngest Undisputed WWE Universal Champion in history.

Kevin Owens made his entrance. Owens stood on the stage and asked what was wrong with Theory’s jaw. Owens said he remembered, Theory got knocked the hell out. “You got KO’d,” Owens cracked. Owens also noted that Theory found his first name again so he could call him Austin.

Owens said Fury did Theory a favor because Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre would have put him in the ground and then he wouldn’t have his MITB contract. Theory said Owens is jealous of him doing things that he could never do. Theory said he felt bad for Owens and told him he could be first in line for a title shot so that he could be the first mean he beats once he’s champion.

Owens entered the ring and said he’s been in the ring with Reigns and McIntyre. Owens claimed he probably would have beaten McIntyre in their recent Raw match had it not been for the Usos. Owens also claimed he would have ended Roman’s title run six months in had it not been for the Usos and Paul Heyman.

Owens told Theory that the only reason he has the MITB contract is that he wasn’t in the match. Theory said Owens is just trying to stay relevant. Owens said he does everything he can to do that and that’s why he’s so good. Owens predicted that a referee would run out and slide into the ring. He was right. Owens said one of the guys in the ring would say enough talking, let’s fight…

3. Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory. The bell rang and Theory bailed to ringside. Owens followed worked him over on the floor. Owens splashed Theory from the apron heading into another PIP break. [C]

Footage aired of Fury punching Theory at the Castle event. Owens went for a Swanton Bomb from the apron onto Theory at ringside, but Theory put his knees up. They went to another PIP break. [C]

Theory performed a twisting powerbomb on Owens in the ring for a near fall. Theory picked up a couple more near falls. Owens came back with and landed a fisherman’s buster style suplex from the ropes. Owens put Theory down with a Popup Powerbomb. Owens stood up Theory, kicked him, hit him with a Stunner, and pinned him…

Kevin Owens defeated Austin Theory in 15:40.

Powell’s POV: A strong match. Owens is a babyface despite never actually turning. I still he will eventually reunite with a babyface Sami Zayn to chase the Usos for the tag titles.

The Miz was talking with Tommaso Ciampa when Sarah Schreiber showed up and startled Miz, who said he still didn’t want to talk about it. Miz said nothing could stop him while he’s inside the cage from becoming the new U.S. Champion…

Powell’s POV: Hey, Ciampa got his first name back. Theory stated in a recent interview that he liked going by his last name. I’m happy the powers that be didn’t care and gave him his first name back too.

Additional still shots from the WWE Clash at the Castle event were shown. Graves said it was an amazing night and thanked the city of Cardiff, Wales and the fans who filled the stadium. Smith set up a video package on the Castle event…

Damage CTRL (Bayley’s group) was shown walking backstage, and Smith said they would speak after the break… [C]

Update: Thanks to the readers who pointed out that as Damage CTRL was shown walking, Nikki ASH could be seen throwing her mask at Doudrop in the background.

Kanas City imagery was shown and then members of the Kansas City Chiefs football team were shown sitting in the front row… A video package aired on medal of honor recipient Patrick Payne, and the crowd cheered loudly afterward…

“Damage CTRL” Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai made their entrance for an in-ring promo. Bayley boasted about their win at the Castle show over Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss. Kai said that if they could do that to the best, imagine what they can do to the worst of the roster. She said they are taking control. Sky spoke in Japanese and then said next week they would take the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Kai said she wasn’t the legal person when she was pinned last week. She said Rodriguez and Aliyah could pretend to be champions for one more week and then they will take what is theirs. Bayley boasted about pinning Belair to win the six-woman tag team match.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair made her entrance. Belair walked to ringside and challenged Bayley to face her in a singles match on the the spot. Bayley said she wasn’t working because it was Labor Day. Funny.

Belair said it took all three of them to take her down. Belair entered the ring and said that Bayley might have her little minions, but she has the Raw Women’s Championship. Belair said that unless it’s one-on-one and unless you have the title, “you’re in control of nothing.”

Bayley walked a circle around Belair and then she and her crew left the ring. Bayley said it’s not all about Belair. She said her girls would get the tag titles next week. Bayley said that if and when she wants the title, she will get it one way or another (she had Sky and Kai move forward to threaten their interference)…

Rey Mysterio was shown walking backstage and a graphic listed him as facing Damian Priest… An ad for Smackdown focused on Solo Sikoa joining The Bloodline… [C]

Footage aired of Drew McIntyre’s entrance at the Castle event…

Johnny Gargano was interviewed by Schreiber on the backstage ring set. Gargano spoke about how he’s proud of what he’s accomplished in his career. He said Austin Theory may have forgotten what he’s capable of, but he’s excited to remind everyone.

Austin Theory crashed the set and said all Gargano has done is talk since he returned. Theory said Gargano should be called Johnny Talking. Gargano said Theory was right, but he was just about to announce that he will return to in-ring action for the first time in nine months on next week’s Raw…

A shot of the steel cage hanging above the ring was shown while Smith hyped the U.S. Championship match… Rey Mysterio made his entrance.

[Hour Three] Highlights aired of the angle involving Rey, Dominik Mysterio, Judgment Day, and Edge. Graves said Edge was taken to a local hospital… Damian Priest made his entrance…

Powell’s POV: Wait, what is a hospital? Is that a new word to replace “a nearby medical facility”? I’m so confused by all of these changes!

4. Damian Priest vs. Rey Mysterio. Rey went right at Priest to start the match, but Priest put him down with an early big boot to the head. Priest dominated the majority of the offense heading into another PIP break. [C]

Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor, and Rhea Ripley were at ringside coming out of the break. Rey rallied and hit a springboard moonsault on Priest for a near fall. Priest came back briefly, but Rey countered into a DDT. Rey went up top and was cut off by Priest.

Priest sat on the top rope and put Rey over his shoulders. Rey fought free and performed a huracanrana from the ropes and covered Priest for a near fall. Priest avoided a 619 and then hit Rey with a spin kick. Priest set up for his finisher, but Rey avoided it and put him in position for a 619.

Rey went for the move, but Dom climbed onto the apron. Ripley also caused a distraction and then Rey turned into a clothesline from Priest, who followed up with the South of Heaven chokeslam and scored the pin.

Damian Priest defeated Rey Mysterio in 13:35.

After the match, Dom, Ripley, Balor, and Priest stood over Rey. Ripley said there’s just one more man left in the way. She said Dominik would send him back into retirement. Ripley announced that Dom was challenging Edge to a singles match for next week…

Powell’s POV: A solid match with a predictable and yet totally logical outcome. I’m curious to see who Rey and Edge eventually get to help them even the sides. Beth Phoenix can obviously counter Ripley, but they are a man down in this rivalry.

Schreiber interviewed Bobby Lashley on the backstage ring set. Lashley said Miz thinks the cage can keep him safe from Dexter Lumis, but once the door closes, the only one Miz should be afraid of is him… [C]

The broadcast team hyped Undertaker’s one-man show for Philadelphia, then recapped Braun Strowman destroying four tag teams…

A cameraman caught up with Braun Strowman backstage. He said the monsters of all monsters is back and nobody is safe. Strowman said he would see everyone on Friday’s Smackdown…

A video package recapped Seth Rollins beating Riddle at the Castle event along with their heated exchange in last week’s interview segment…

Footage aired of Riddle being interviewed by Schreiber after his loss at the Castle show. He said Rollins took advantage of his emotions and stomped his brains into the canvas. Riddle said he wants a rematch as soon as possible.

Schreiber interviewed Rollins, who said he admires Riddle’s moxie, but he came to Cardiff and did what he said he was going to do. Rollins said a rematch is not in the cards because he’s moving on to bigger and better things…

A split screen shot showed Bobby Lashley and The Miz walking backstage while the broadcast team said the U.S. Title match was up next… [C] Additional Castle event still shots were shown…

The broadcast team listed the following matches for next week’s Raw: Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah vs. Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, Johnny Gargano’s in-ring return, and Edge vs. Dominik Mysterio…

Powell’s POV: A good lineup for next week. It’s nice to see that they’re not just phoning in the show while running opposite the first Monday Night Football game of the year.

The cage lowered around the ring and then The Miz and Tommaso Ciampa made their entrance, followed by Bobby Lashley. Mike Rome introduced both men once they were in the ring. The referee held up the title belt. Miz took the belt from the referee and hit Lashley with it.

Miz worked over Lashley and shoved him through the cage door. Miz and Ciampa ran Lashley’s shoulder into the ring post. Ciampa held Lashley’s arm against the post and then Miz slammed it with the top half of the ring steps heading into a PIP break… [C]

5. Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz (w/Tommaso Ciampa) in a steel cage match for the U.S. Championship. Miz and Ciampa worked over Lashley throughout the break and then rolled him back inside the cage just before they came back from the PIP break. Miz picked up a quick near fall. Miz targeted Lashley’s injured left arm while Graves played up the possibility that the arm was broken.

Lashley battled back using his right arm to throw punches, clotheslines, and shoulder blocks. Ciampa tried and failed to pull Miz through the cage door and Smith reminded viewers there were no disqualifications. Lashley went for a Hurt Lock, but Miz elbowed his bad shoulder to block it. Miz climbed the cage. Lashley climbed to the middle of the top rope and pulled Miz down.

As Lashley stood on the stage, Ciampa started hitting the cage with chairs shots. Lashley dropped back into the cage. Miz hit Lashley with a running knee and covered him for a near fall heading into the final PIP break. [C]

Lashley tossed Miz into the cage. Lashley set up for a spear, but Miz caught him with a knee to stuff it. Miz ran Lashley into the corner and then tried to climb over the top of the cage, but Lashley stood on the second rope and stopped him. Ciampa climbed the side of the cage and tried to pull Miz over, but Lashley pulled him back inside the cage.

Lashley superplexed Miz from the top rope. Lashley charged Miz, who moved and then shoved Lashley through the ropes and into the cage. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale and covered Lashley for a near fall.

Lashley came back and tried to leave through the cage door. Ciampa swung the door at Lashley, who blocked it. Lashley swung the door at Ciampa and knocked him down. Miz stood behind Lashley and pulled the door at his head several times.

The Miz climbed the cage and was going to win, but he looked down and saw Dexter Lumis lying underneath him with his legs under the ring. Miz got scared and returned to the ring where he was speared and pinned by Lashley.

Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz in 14:15 in a steel cage match to retain the U.S. Championship.

After the match, Lumis climbed over the top of the cage. Miz tried to escape through the door, but Lashley closed it. Miz tried to climb the cage, but Lumis pulled him down. Lumis put Miz in his submission choke. Miz passed out. Lumis stroked Miz’s head to close the show (Kevin Owens, Bayley, and Johnny Gargano were listed for Raw Talk)…

Powell’s POV: I really liked the beatdown before the main event. There was no reason to think that Miz was going to win the title before that happened. Heck, there was no reason to think he was going to win after the beatdown, but at least they tried to make it seem like there was a chance. The involvement of Lumis was well done, but the live crowd was really quiet once he put Miz in his finisher.

Overall, this was a good Labor Day edition with the newsworthy return of Braun Strowman, the first look at heel Dominik Mysterio, and some quality matches. They didn’t book any cliffhangers or advertise any PLE worthy matches for next week, but they did announce a solid lineup of matches for the show that runs opposite the Monday Night Football season premiere. I will be back later tonight with my weekly same night Raw audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).

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  1. Holy shit I’m here live and you would think Stone Cold returned with how over Braun was.

  2. So Owens is apparently a face again already??

  3. I am so grateful for Braun ending that terrible tag match. Those team are frozen cold and none of them deserved a shot at the Usos

    I’m also quite certain next week I will be tired of Braun

  4. Well so much for elevating the prestige of the tag team division. I guess I can’t expect the depth of the 1980’s, where some wrestlers were tag-team wrestlers first (just like some guys made a living as enhancement talents) and foremost and didn’t crossover between that and the singles division, or in some cases until much later in their careers. When the division gets buried like that nobody would want to be a tag-team wrestling specialist.

  5. Jason, I think you missed it. When Damage Control were shown backstage – there was an argument behind them between Nikki and Doudrop and Nikki took off her mask, threw it at Doudrop and walked off.

  6. They should give Rey Mysterio his Jr.back while they’re at it

  7. Judgement Day is the most entertaining thing happening on Raw right now as Rhea is turning into a top heel in the company lately or at least #2 behind Reigns. Dom turning heel was the best thing that ever happened to Judgement Day.

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