8/18 NXT UK TV results: Gibbons’ review of Tyler Bate vs. Kenny Williams, and Joe Coffey vs. Mark Andrews in first-round tournament matches for the vacant NXT UK Championship, plus Amale vs. Nina Samuels and Bodhi Hayward and Andre Chase vs. Eddie Dennis and Saxon Huxley


By Laurence Gibbons, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@Gibbonsgob)

Taped in London, England at BT Sport Studios
Streamed August 18, 2022 on WWE Network and Peacock

The broadcast team was Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness… Andy Shepherd welcomed us to the BT Sport Studios and hyped the two matches in the NXT UK Championship tournament set for the show…

Gibbons’ Opinion: Prior to the show airing it was revealed that the final ever NXT UK show would be a World’s Collide joint show with NXT 2.0 on September 4. NXT UK will be rebranded as NXT Europe. Throughout this show many stars took to Twitter to announce the end of their WWE contracts.

Joe Coffey made his entrance. Mark Andrews entrance was also shown…

1. Joe Coffey vs. Mark Andrews in an NXT UK Championship tournament first-round match. Coffey struggled to get control of Andrews. First Andrews landed on his feet after Coffey’s belly-to-belly attempt. Then he dropped down off the ropes and leapfrogged over Coffey.

Coffey went for a powerbomb but Andrews again landed on his feet. Andrews hit a huracanrana and went up top. Coffey caught Andrews in the air smashed him with a powerslam. Coffey whipped Andrews from pillar to post and came close from a bodyslam to winning. Coffey enjoyed a while in control.

Coffey lifted Andrews up for a move but Andrews hit the tornado DDT. Andrews used his speed to turn things his way. He came close from a enzuigiri. Coffey fought back and went for a vertical suplex but Andrews hit Stundog Millionaire. Coffey kicked out. Coffey hit the Glasgow Send Off and Best of the Bells for the win.

Joe Coffey defeated Mark Andrews in 7:42 to advance to the NXT UK Championship tournament semifinals.

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was a good showing of what these two men can offer. It’ll be interesting to see if they are brought back for NXT Europe. Coffey felt like he had achieved all he could in NXT UK. Andrews is a massive talent but was one of the first to announce his departure from WWE on Twitter so that could signal the end for him.

We got the announcement that Noam Dar would face Mark Coffey next week for the Heritage Cup Championship…

Trent Seven trash talked Oliver Carter ahead of their semi-final match in the tournament set for a few weeks’ time…

2. Amale vs. Nina Samuels. Both women looked for end things early as Samuels rolled Amale up for a two count. Amale sprung up and hit the rolling crucifix for a two of her own. Things swung back and forth until Samuels hit the big boot. Samuels worked the back and neck. Samuels rained down strikes and kicks. Samuels put the rear naked choke on.

Amale came back with a bang. Amale came close to winning from a running bulldog. Amale battered Samuels for a bit before hitting her running kick in the corner and the Hope Breaker for the win.

Amale defeated Nina Samuels in 6:42.

Gibbons’ Opinion: Again, both women have announced their departures from WWE. But I imagine we will see a lot of these acts show up elsewhere in the company – probably with new names. I’m a big fan of Samuels and hope she gets an opportunity elsewhere. With the Europe rebranding, I’m sure Amale will be front and centre as the WWE looks to develop in France.

Chase U made their entrance. Eddie Dennis and Saxon Huxley also made their entrance…

3. “Chase U” Bodhi Hayward and Andre Chase (w/Thea Hail) vs. Eddie Dennis and Saxon Huxley. Dennis and Chase started things. There was a funny early moment when Chase slapped Dennis round the back of the head and exclaimed it a ‘teachable moment!’ Hayward and Chase worked the quick tags to control the bout.

Dennis got the tag and pushed Huxley into Chase which aided in a pin. Chase kicked out. Huxley gained control and seemed to have things sealed up but Dennis tagged himself in.

Huxley seemed annoyed. Dennis went for the Severn Bridge but Hayward reversed and hit the back body drop. Chase tagged in and hit the flatliner for the win.

“Chase U” Bodhi Hayward and Andre Chase defeated. Eddie Dennis and Saxon Huxley in 6:31.

Gibbons’ Opinion: Chase win what was meant to be the battle of the teachers because Eddie Dennis wanted to take the glory from his ‘pupil’ Huxley. There’s a message for all of us there.

4. Tyler Bate vs. Kenny Williams in an NXT UK Championship tournament first-round match. Bate and Williams put on a real show in the opening minutes which technical grappling. Multiple wrist lock to roll throughs and leapfrogs.

Things took a turn for the rougher side of things. Bate hit some body shots and then Williams responded with a rake to the eyes. Williams went for multiple roll ups but Bate kept kicking out.

Bate performed the Airplane Spin but Williams adjusted himself to force Bate to hit the ring post. Williams targeted the arm of Bate. Williams stomped on the chest and gut of Bate before hitting a senton. Williams enjoyed some time in control.

Bate caught Williams off the ropes and hit a northern lights suplex and the running shooting star press for a close two. Bate hit a back elbow, Bop and Bang and swan dive. Bate went for Tyler Driver 97 but Williams reversed it. Williams went for Bad Luck but Bate evaded and hit a release German suplex, backspring lariat and Tyler Driver for the win.

Tyler Bate defeated Kenny Williams in 13:21 to advance to the NXT UK Championship tournament semifinals.

Gibbons’ Opinion: What a lovely match to show what NXT UK was all about. I avoided spoilers, but I have a feeling that the final match from NXT UK will be Bate vs. Seven for the title. Well, it’ll be interesting to see how NXT UK goes into its rebranding into NXT Europe and where all the talent ends up. I’d expect we could see someone play a role in any fallout between Butch, Sheamus, and Ridge Holland to maybe create two separate British and Irish groups.


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