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12/13 WWE Raw Results: Powell’s live review of Bianca Belair vs. Doudrop, Bobby Lashley comments on attacking Big E, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins, Miz TV with The Miz and Maryse, Becky Lynch promo, WWE Day 1 build continues

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw (Episode 1,490)
Live from St. Paul, Minnesota at Xcel Energy Center
Aired December 13, 2021 on USA Network

[Hour One] Raw opened with a video package that recapped last week’s drama involving Big E, Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, and Kevin Owens… Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton were on commentary and mentioned the city name and host venue (home of the Minnesota Wild!)…

Bobby Lashley and MVP made their entrance and were both dressed in suits. Lashley stood in the ring and said he showed last week what happens when he’s disrespected. MVP said Lashley is the most terrifying man in WWE. He said that unlike the Candyman character from the horror movies, if you say Lashley’s name just once, he will show up and bad things will happen.

Kevin Owens made his entrance and took issue with MVP referring to him as disrespectful. Owens stood at ringside and stated that he needs to become WWE Champion to give the fans a champion they can be proud of. Owens said Lashley doesn’t belong in the championship match because a four-way would make it more difficult for him.

Seth Rollins made his entrance and stood near Owens while a terrible person (a Green Bay Packers fan) held up an “Aaron Rodgers Owns Seth Rollins” sign (funny) behind him. Rollins agreed with Owens that Lashley didn’t belong in the WWE Championship match at Day 1.

WWE Champion Big E made his entrance. “Well, if it isn’t my favorite collection of idiots,” Big E said. He reminded Lashley that he beat him to become WWE Champion and said he has no problem with doing it one more time.

WWE authority figures Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville came out. Pearce said there would be severe consequences if the wrestlers got physical with one another. Pearce said they are not afraid to dish out fines and suspensions.

Deville said she and Pearce liked the idea of the WWE Championship match becoming a four-way. Pearce said that in order to earn a spot in the match, Lashley must beat Big E, Rollins, and Owens in singles matches in one night…

Footage aired from earlier in the day of Randy Orton and Riddle speaking in their locker room. Riddle spoke about watching a lot of tape to improve as a broadcaster. Orton said he should have been watching footage of their potential opponents at WWE Day 1. Riddle mentioned Pat McAfee’s new podcast sponsorship deal, hanging out with the Jackass crew, and being The Shaman (NXT). Orton switched the focus to Riddle’s upcoming match…

Orton and Riddle made their entrance for Riddle’s match against Otis… [C]

Powell’s POV: I’m surprised they are going with Lashley facing each of those wrestlers in singles matches all in one night. It’s hard to imagine they will be normal length matches, but it’s a solid hook for the show.

Backstage, Deville and Pearce spoke with Big E, Rollins, and Owens about the Lashley situation. Pearce said Owens was added to the match last and therefore he should face Lashley first. After the heels left, Big E said he would walk out of WWE Day 1 as the WWE Champion regardless of whether it’s a Triple Threat our a four-way match…

1. Riddle (w/Randy Orton) vs. Otis (w/Chad Gable). A portion of Otis’s entrance was televised. The broadcast team mentioned the Street Profits vs. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio match being postponed two weeks “due to injuries.” Otis blocked a Riddle kick from the apron, then pulled him down and ran him into the barricade. [C]

Riddle hit Otis with a knee to the head and followed up with a springboard knee, which failed to knock him off his foot. Riddle hit a move from the ropes that put Otis down, then struck the Viper’s Pose. Riddle went for the RKO. Otis blocked it and performed a Popup Powerslam and scored the clean pin.

Otis defeated Riddle in 7:25.

After the match, Orton entered the ring and tried to RKO Otis, who shoved him toward Gable, who was dropped by an RKO. Otis put Orton down with an elbow to the head…

Powell’s POV: Apparently, no one bothered to tell Vince McMahon that Otis was born in Duluth, Minnesota. I’m not sure how else to explain Otis having a big night in his home state rather than being humiliated. All kidding aside, it was surprising and fun to see Otis showcased at the expense of two guys who are higher on the food chain. It’s not like anyone will look at Orton and Riddle differently, but it could be a big boost for Otis.

Bianca Belair made her entrance for a match against Doudrop. Meanwhile, a pre-taped Belair promo aired. After last week’s count-out finish, Belair said she wouldn’t let Doudrop walk way from the fact that she couldn’t beat her… [C]

Doudop made her entrance while a pre-taped promo aired. She said she’s sick of how much people talk about Belair…

2. Bianca Belair vs. Doudrop. Saxton assumed that Doudrop walked out of last week’s match because she lost confidence during the match and realized that she couldn’t beat Belair. With Doudrop on the apron, Belair went for a handspring move. Doudrop caught her legs and kicked her face. Belair sold an eye injury. Doudrop dropped an elbow on Belair, who then rolled to the floor and continued to sell a left eye injury. [C]

Doudrop performed a Michinoku Driver for a good near fall. A graphic listed Damian Priest and Finn Balor vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode for later in the show. A short time later, Belair caught Doudrop on the ropes and powerbombed her. Belair performed a top rope 450 splash and then scored the clean pin.

Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop in 10:35.

After the match, Doudrop went to the back and then Belair celebrated on the stage. Doudrop returned hit Belair with a forearm to the back of her head…

Powell’s POV: An entertaining match. Bad name aside, Doudrop is doing a really nice job as a heel and this felt like a meaningful win for Belair. I like the attempt to give Doudrop some heat back with the post match cheap shot.

Kevin Owens was interviewed in the backstage area by Kevin Patrick. Owens said the situation with Lashley was trash, just like the city of St. Paul (blasphemy!). Owens made his entrance for his match with Lashley… [C]

Imagery from the host city was shown. Smith noted that they were in the home of the Minnesota Wild while some shots aired of the Wild and fans at their games…

The broadcast team touted the NIL signings while each of their photos were shown…

Gable Steveson, the first of the company’s NIL signings, was shown in the front row. He held up his Olympic gold medal while ring announcer Mike Rome labeled him a future WWE Superstar…

[Hour Two] Bobby Lashley and MVP made their entrance. Lashley bumped fists with Steveson, and then MVP shook Steveson’s hand…

3. Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) vs. Kevin Owens. Early in the match, Owens went for a cannonball off the apron. Lashley avoided it, causing Owens to crash onto the floor. Owens returned to the ring and caught Lashley with a superkick when he followed. Big E and Seth Rollins was shown watching the match on separate backstage monitors.

Owens put Lashley down with a tornado DDT and covered him for a two count. A graphic listed a special edition of Miz TV. Meanwhile, Lashley rallied and hoisted up Owens and then dropped him to the mat. Lashley went for the Hurt Lock, but Owens countered into a rollup. Lashley blocked a Stunner and then put Owens down with a spinebuster. Lashley set up for the Hurt Lock, but Owens tapped out before he could even apply the hold…

Bobby Lashley defeated Kevin Owens in 4:35.

Powell’s POV: Owens tapping out before Lashley could even apply the hold was a fun and unexpected heel move. The broadcast team framed it as Owens trying to save himself from injury.

Backstage, Seth Rollins fumed that Owens didn’t even try. Sonya Deville told him that he would have the next match with Lashley and wished him good luck…

A video package recapped Becky Lynch defeating Liv Morgan to retain the Raw Women’s Championship in last week’s Raw main event… Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch made her entrance for a promo… [C] A Veer Mahaan video package listed him as “coming to Raw” again this week…

Becky Lynch delivered an in-ring promo and welcomed people to the big time. She said it was a big night for St. Paul now that she was in the building. Lynch said last Monday was a big night for Liv Morgan. She said it was a great match, but she won just like she said she would. Lynch said some fans were happy she won while a lot of them wished that Morgan would have won.

Lynch said that if Morgan had won, the fans would have found every reason to doubt the same woman that convinced them to believe in her. Lynch said the fans don’t know what they want. She recalled the fans wanting her back and then once she returned, the fans had opinions on how she should do her job.

Lynch said the fans have never been in the ring and never left and came back better than ever. She said that if you don’t evolve, then you get left behind. Lynch had a shot of a disappointed young female fan who was in the crowd last week appear on the big screen and laughed about it.

Morgan made her entrance and said said St. Paul is getting sick and tired of listening to Lynch’s broken record. Morgan said the only person doubting her is Lynch. She said that’s the reason that Lynch nearly lost last week. Morgan said she prepared her own photo to prove her point. An image appeared on the big screen of Lynch holding the ropes while she pinned Morgan last week.

Morgan said the only thing Lynch is the best at is cheating to win. Morgan said she cried a bit after their match last week. She said it’s not because she’s weak, it’s because she’s human and was disappointed. She said she snapped out of it because she knows she can beat Lynch. Morgan said she wants to make the title mean something again for people like that little girl.

Morgan said that if Lynch is really Big Time Becks, then she’ll accept her challenge to a rematch at WWE Day 1. Lynch said Morgan should not to blame her for grabbing the ropes, she should blame herself for not beating her to it. Lynch said Morgan lacks the killer instinct. She said that Morgan did what she always does – absolutely nothing.

Morgan charged the ring and got the better of Lynch, who fled the ring after taking a kick. Morgan followed her to the floor and was run into the ring steps. Lynch put her hand in an opening next to the ring post and stomped her arm until referees arrived. Morgan cried. Lynch took the mic and said it looked like Morgan went and injured herself. She said that if she still wanted the match, then she was on.

Lynch said that since there were no able-bodied women left to challenge her, she was going to go home with her hot husband and beautiful baby and train. Lynch told Morgan to put some ice on her injured arm and then headed to the stage…

Powell’s POV: A good segment. Lynch continues to channel her husband with the claims about the fans turning on babyface stars. It just doesn’t ring true with her because the fans never rejected her and most still want to cheer her. But she’s upped her heel game lately by lashing out at the fans and has turned some fans against her based on the recent crowd reactions to her. Morgan was solid, but it would be nice if she could get through a week without crying.

Highlights aired of last week’s issues between AJ Styles and Omos during and after their match against The Street Profits…

Backstage, AJ Styles told Sarah Schreiber that he wasn’t ready to give up on his team with Omos. He referred to their issues as growing pains. He said that if things go bad, it’s his fault. He said he teamed with Omos to give back, not for his own benefit. He said Omos is a good kid. Omos showed up and put his arm around Styles and asked if they were good. Styles said he wasn’t giving up on their team. Omos said he wasn’t giving up on it either…

Finn Balor made his entrance for a tag team match… [C] A Superstar Facts graphic noted that Montez Ford enlisted in the Marine Crops and accumulated a perfect score in the physical fitness test…

Footage aired from earlier in the day of WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke and Reggie walking together in a snowy downtown St. Paul. He spoke about how he was happy that he was able to be there for her last week and invited her to have hot chocolate together while he offered her tips on staying champion.

R-Truth stood in his bush outfit and Akira Tozawa was in a snowman outfit. Reggie distracted them while Brooke ran off. Tamina grabbed Brooke, but Brooke fought her off. Brooke and Reggie used a hidden trampoline to jump out of the shot. Tamina barked at Truth and Tozawa to stay out of her way. Truth and Tozawa bickered over who Tamina was talking to…

4. U.S. Champion Damian Priest and Finn Balor vs. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. The entrances of Priest, Roode, and Ziggler were not televised. Both heels ended up at ringside early on. Priest leapt off the ring steps and onto them heading into a break. [C]

Roode put Priest down with a spinebuster at ringside. Balor sent Ziggler to the floor and then performed a flip dive onto him and Roode. Balor tossed Ziggler back inide the ring and hit him with dropkick in the corner. Balor went up top for his finisher, but he was distracted by Austin Theory climbing on the apron and taking selfie pics. Ziggler hit Balor with a Zigzag and scored the pin.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler defeated Damian Priest and Finn Balor in 7:30.

After the match, Theory marveled over his selfies at ringside while the babyface duo fumed inside the ring…

Powell’s POV: I like the idea of an established tag team beating a makeshift team, even if it did require a distraction finish. Sure, the babyfaces will eventually get their win back, but this furthered the Balor and Theory feud, and gave Ziggler a win over the U.S. Champion.

Backstage, Nikki ASH apologized to Rhea Ripley for letting her down last week. Ripley said she became ASH’s partner because she saw the fire in her. She noted that ASH beat Charlotte Flair and said that’s something that she hasn’t done. Ripley said she wants that ASH to return. ASH said she appreciated Ripley trying to cheer her up and said she would have Ripley’s back. The duo made their entrance for Ripley’s match against Queen Zelina… [C]

A video invited WWE fans to donate to the American Red Cross to help with tornado recovery efforts…

Carmella came out and introduced Queen Zelina, who walked onto the stage. Zelina praised her tag team partner and then said she felt it was her royal duty to grace the frozen tundra with her presence. She said she would accept their applause. She snapped at the crowd for not cheering and called them low class like Ripley. Zelina snapped back into royalty mode and referred to Minnesota as a flyover state…

5. Rhea Ripley (w/Nikki ASH) vs. Queen Zelina (w/Carmella). Ripley took offensive control. Carmella climbed on the apron and yelled at her. ASH pulled Carmella down and then chased her into the ring where Carmella superkicked her. A distracted Ripley abandoned setting up Zelina for her finisher. Ripley checked on ASH. Zelina hit double knees to the back of Ripley and then rolled her into a pin…

Queen Zelina beat Rhea Ripley in 0:50.

Powell’s POV: While I’m more than ready for Ripley to get out of this tag team with ASH, the creative forces are doing a decent job of putting heat on the heels heading into an eventual tag title rematch.

Backstage, Kevin Owens told Seth Rollins that he would be in his corner during his match against Lashley. Rollins took issue with Owens tapping out earlier. Owens said he wasn’t going to take a chance on being injured heading into the title match at WWE Day 1. Rollins blew off Owens’ offer to be in his corner and walked off without him…

Bobby Lashley and MVP made their entrance… [C] A portion of a Migos video aired. Graves hyped their appearance at WWE Day 1…

[Hour Three] Seth Rollins made his entrance…

6. Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) vs. Seth Rollins. The broadcast team reminded viewers that Lashley beat Owens earlier and needed to beat Rollins and Big E during this episode to earn a spot in the WWE Championship match at WWE Day 1. Early in the match, Rollins shoved Lashley into the ring post. Lashley returned to the ring at the referee’s nine count. Big E was shown taking comically fast notes while watching a monitor backstage.

Lashley put Rollins down with a Flatliner. Lashley set up for a Dominator, but Rollins escaped and fled to ringside. Kevin Owens came out and punched Rollins. Owens put the boots to Rollins, causing the referee to call for a DQ.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Devile came out and said they weren’t going to let the match end like that. Pearce said that the match and any other Lashley match on this show would be fought under no disqualification rules. The bell rang to restart the match and Lashley immediately speared and pinned Rollins…

Bobby Lashley beat Seth Rollins in 3:50.

Backstage, Vince McMahon was talking with Apollo Crews, who had Commander Azeez standing behind him. Austin Theory entered the room and boasted to Vince about what he did to Finn Balor, saying he did what Vince taught him. Vince asked if he wanted a pat on the back or a participation trophy or maybe his autograph on a doily.

Theory said he could show Vince what he could do if he gave him a match. Vince took issue with Theory barging in the room. Theory tried to explain himself, but Vince barked at him to shut up. Vince said Theory isn’t his friend because he has no friends and doesn’t want any friends.

Vince said he was going to do something he didn’t want to do. He said he would use one of the most deadly weapons in the world and then pulled out a pencil. Vince said the pencil part wasn’t important, the eraser was important…

Maryse made her entrance for what was billed as a special edition of Miz TV. Graves got tongue tied while hyping it, then Smith said it would feature the Rated R Superstar… [C]

Powell’s POV: I’m not sure if Edge is the guest or if Smith mistakenly labeled The Miz as the Rated R Superstar. As for Lashley vs. Rollins, the crowd was flat, presumably because it was another match involving two heels, so they had no rooting interest. They were wise to keep that one short.

Maryse stood in the ring and said it was a special edition of Miz TV because she was the host. She said the fans clearly weren’t used to seeing a woman like her. She introduced The Miz as her husband, the father of her children, and the most awesome human being on the planet.

The Miz made his entrance. Once in the ring, he raved about Maryse. Miz said they were endorsing someone for the WWE Hall of Fame. Miz set up a video package for himself as a WWE Hall of Famer. Miz and Maryse acted emotional and then drank champagne after toasting to Miz sending Edge back into retirement permanently at WWE Day 1.

Edge made his entrance and got the best reaction of the night. Once in the ring, Edge said the squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the grease. He said sometimes it just squeaks and squeaks and squeaks and squeaks and squeaks. Miz cut him off. Edge asked if that annoyed Miz, then told him now he knows how everyone else feels when he runs his mouth.

Edge said he knows how good Miz is. He said Miz would get all of the accolades if he would just shut up. Edge said he knows how good Miz is, but he also knows why he acts the way he acts. “Oh, Edge, you think you know me?” Miz asked. Edge told him well played and then said he does know Miz.

Edge said he’s seen so many guys like Miz crash and burn. He said they have layers of BS and it hides that they are insecure. Edge said Miz is afraid. Miz said everyone was afraid of the old Edge, but not this one. Edge said Miz has been told that he’s not good enough so often than deep down he believes it and overcompensates by being an obnoxious, sanctimonious, overbearing jackoff.

Edge said he knows Miz is a future WWE Hall of Famer and is not taking their match lightly. Edge said he would have to teach Miz a lesson. He recalled Miz saying he didn’t help him enough in 2006. Edge said he would help him now by showing him that he still has lessons to learn and would knock the stupid constipated look off his face.

Miz threw champagne in Edge’s eyes and then threw soft punches at him. Edge ducked a punch and then put Miz down with a DDT. Edge tossed the set pieces out of the ring and went for a spear, but Miz pulled Maryse in front of him, so Edge stopped short. Miz kicked Edge and then put him down with a Skull Crushing Finale.

Maryse took issue with Miz using her as a shield. Miz tried to plead his case, but she slapped him across the face and left the ring. Miz followed Maryse to the back while trying to talk to her…

Powell’s POV: The most physical part of this segment was Maryse slapping her husband. Miz’s offense looked so soft. I continue to hope that the feud with Edge will finally elevate the Miz character from his current role as a pest heel, but he’ll need to make some changes to his in-ring work too.

Backstage, Rollins and Owens tried to buddy up to Big E and said that he was their last hope. Big E told them to stay far away from the ring and he would beat Lashley… MVP was shown firing up Lashley in a backstage area… [C]

The Smackdown Breakdown recap video aired… Graves hyped the return of Roman Reigns on Friday’s Smackdown following his mammoth one week absence…

Lashley and MVP were interviewed by Schreiber in the backstage area. MVP said that the no disqualification stipulation meant Lashley was free to do whatever he wants. Lashley said everyone will bow down to him once he wins the championship at the pay-per-view… Big E made his entrance for the main event… [C]

Queen Zelina, Carmella, AJ Styles, Omos, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode were listed as the guests for Raw Talk… Bobby Lashley and MVP made their entrance for the main event while Graves touted next week’s Raw in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…

7. Big E vs. Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) in a non-title, No DQ match. During the opening minute, MVP went to ringside and pulled out a table, which got a rise out of the crowd. He leaned the table against the ring and was struck by Lashley, who slammed him into the barricade. In a fun heel move, MVP put the table away once the wrestlers were back in the ring.

Big E eventually pulled the table out and set it up in a corner of the ring. Lashley grabbed a chair from underneath the ring and wedged it in another corner between the ropes. Big E ended up running Lashley into the chair. [C]

A chair was set up at ringside. Big E tried to knock Lashley off the apron multiple times, but Lashley stuffed it and slammed him through another table that was set up in the ring. Lashley covered Big E for a near fall and showed frustration. [C]

Lashley speared Big E. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens ran in and attacked Lashley. Big E got upset and fought with Rollins and Owens, who then worked him over with punches. Lashley recovered and fought Rollins and Owens. Big E and Owens went to ringside where Owens ran Big E into the barricade. Owens tried and failed to hoist up Big E, who performed a uranage slam that drove Owens through a table.

In the ring, Lashley speared Rollins through a table that was leaning in a corner of the ring. Big E returned to the ring and barked at Lashley that it was just the two of them. He told him to get his ass up so they could finish it. MVP entered the ring and hit Big E’s knee with his cane and then fled to ringside. Lashley speared and pinned Big E.

Bobby Lashley defeated WWE Champion Big E in 17:50 in a non-title, No DQ match.

The broadcast team recapped highlights of the match. Lashley stood on the ropes and celebrated his win while a graphic listed the new WWE Championship of Big E vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins in a four-way at the WWE Day 1 pay-per-view…

Powell’s POV: I liked this match a lot. It was laid out really well in terms of protecting Big E even though he took the loss. Big E fought off Lashley’s attempt to put him in the Hurt Lock and was speared, but Rollins and Owens arrived before Lashley could make the cover, so it didn’t feel like they had to save Big E even though that was the motivation of their characters as they tried to stop Lashley from getting into WWE Championship match. I also liked the finish, as Big E was calling for a fair fight and just when it seemed like we might get one, MVP took advantage of the No DQ stipulation and hit his knee right in front of the referee. I was looking forward to the Triple Threat, but I’m already sold on the four-way.

Overall, this was an entertaining episode. The Lashley matches helped fill some time that may have been dedicated to some of the usual filler segments. The show did an effective job of building up the WWE Championship match and the Raw Women’s Championship match for the pay-per-view. I will have more to say about Raw in my weekly same night audio review for Dot Net Members. Let me know what you thought of Raw by grading it below.

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  1. Poor Rhea Ripley!

  2. Jason, you didn’t notice Pearce trolling y’all with his Packers tie?

    • I took a jab at the Packers fan who was holding up the Rollins sign. I figured two would be overkill. I knew Adam when he worked local independents back in the day. I have no idea if he’d remember, but I certainly let him know what I think of his team! I was surprised that a Chicago guy was a big Packers fan. I don’t remember the story. Maybe his father was a big Green Bay fan and so he followed suit? That’s not a good excuse. My Dad is a big Green Bay fan and that didn’t stop me from doing the right thing.

      Honestly, though, it’s a fun rivalry and I think it’s great that he wore the tie. He’s a heel, that’s his team, and it’s easy heat with the local fans. Well, at least 75 percent of the locals. We’re close to the border and we have a lot of Packer fans who live here or drive to the Twin Cities for entertainment. Lord knows there’s nothing in western Wisconsin for entertainment aside from bars bars, and, well, more bars.

  3. WWE really needs to hide some kind of coach to help its wrestlers concentrate during their matches – is there nothing they can’t be distracted by in order to lose a match?

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