7/14 AEW Dynamite results: Barnett’s live review of Fyter Fest Night One with Ethan Page vs. Darby Allin in a Coffin Match, Jon Moxley vs. Karl Anderson for the IWGP U.S. Title, Brian Cage vs. Ricky Starks for the FTW Title, Matt Hardy vs. Christian

By Jake Barnett, ProWrestling.net Co-Senior Staffer (@barnettjake)

AEW Dynamite “Fyter Fest Night One” (Episode 94)
Cedar Park, Texas at the HEB Center
Aired live July 14, 2021 on TNT

[Hour One] Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur were on commentary. They tossed to ring announcer Justin Roberts, who announced the first match would be for the IWGP US Championship. Jon Moxley made his entrance first, and made a trip through the crowd, and was joined by Eddie Kingston. Karl Anderson then made his entrance along with Doc Gallows. Excalibur explained some of the history behind The Elite and the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Eddie Kingston and Gallows immediately brawled on the outside…

1. Jon Moxley vs. Karl Anderson for the IWGP U.S. Championship: Moxley and Anderson began their match as Kingston and Gallows brawled through the crowd. Moxley got the better of a hockey fight punch fest. Anderson fired back with some chops and punches, but Moxley cleared him out of the ring with a clothesline. 

Anderson landed a suplex on the ramp on the floor. This match is contested under NJPW rules, so there is a 20 count on the floor. Moxley recovered and rained punches on Anderson, and then tossed him into the ring. Anderson dropped Moxley on the top rope, and then landed a single leg drop kick that sent him into the barricade. 

The action ended up on the top rope, as Moxley bit Anderson, and then suplexed him back into the ring. Anderson no sold a German Suplex and landed a kick. Moxley returned fire with a lariat, and then both men went down from a double clothesline. Moxley went for a piledriver, but Anderson stuffed it and landed one of his own for a near fall. It looked a little wonky, but Moxley was ok. 

Anderson landed a cutter from the top rope for a near fall. Moxley went for a paradigm shift, but Anderson countered into a Gun Stun. No pinfall attempt was made as Moxley rolled away. They both got to their feet, and Moxley hit a corner lariat. Anderson replied with TKO style Gun Stun for a near fall. Moxley recovered and landed the Paradigm Shift a moment later and got the win. 

Jon Moxley defeated Karl Anderson at 11:12 to retain the IWGP U.S. Championship

After the match, Moxley celebrated on top of the ropes and played to the crowd. JR announced the main event would be Page vs. Allin, Wheeler Yuta will face Sammy Guevara, Yuka Sakazaki will face Penelope Ford, and Hangman Page will be interviewed. Backstage, Lance Archer challenged Jon Moxley to a Texas Deathmatch for the IWGP US Championship in Dallas next week. Brian Cage vs. Ricky Starks is up next…[c]

My Take: A good match to open the show. They didn’t do anything insane, but Moxley got a huge pop and the match had a satisfying clean finish. I like that the announce team went out of their way to explain the match is contested under IWGP rules, and gave some history of why Anderson would be motivated to win the title.

Backstage, Andrade El Idolo was interviewed by Alex Abrahantes. He explained that Andrade has the go ahead from Tony Khan to win championships anywhere he wants to go. El Idolo asked Abrahantes where the Death Triangle was, and told him to pass along a message that he was looking for them…

In the arena, Ricky Starks made his entrance. Will Hobbs and Hook were at ringside already. Brian Cage followed with his entrance. The match will be for the FTW Title. Taz joined in on commentary…

2. Brian Cage vs. Ricky Starks for the FTW Title: Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook were at ringside. The hometown crowd was very supportive of Starks at the outset. Cage focused on the neck. He landed an awkward hip toss and dropped Starks into his knee. He then landed a press slam and a powerslam for a two count. Cage charged into the corner and landed real softly on the turnbuckle when Starks moved out of the way. Starks then attacked his bicep with kicks, and landed a dropkick from the top rope…[c]

They went back and forth during the break. Starks hit a crucifix bomb for a two count as the show returned. Starks went outside and grabbed the FTW Title. Cage pulled him into the ring post. Starks slid through the ropes to avoid a second run into the post, and then popped Cage with a dropkick. Starks tried for a rear choke, but Cage quickly escaped. He then landed a pump-handle overhead slam for a near fall. Starks got his leg up on the ropes. 

Cage avoided a Tornado DDT and landed a superkick for a close near fall. Cage climbed up on the ropes, and tried to pull Starks into the ring from the apron. Starks avoided the suplex and slipped into the ring, and pulled Cage off the ropes for a powerbomb. Ricky went to use the title belt, and Hobbs pulled it away from him. Cage pulled Starks in and landed an F5 for a near fall. Hook distracted the ref, and Hobbs ended up hitting Cage with the belt. Starks landed a spear and got the win. 

Ricky Starks defeated Brian Cage at 9:52 to win the FTW Title

All of the Team Taz members celebrated, and Taz and the announcers said they screwed Cage out of the title. Hobbs chuckled and Taz ran down to the ring to celebrate with the rest of the crew…

The announce team recapped Malakai Black’s introduction. Cody Rhodes ran out and grabbed a headset to yell at Black for kicking Arn Anderson last week. He said that Black could have made a phone call and he could have had a job, but he crossed a line last week. He said he’s not getting his point across, so he headed to the ring. 

Cody demanded Tommy End or Malakai Black come down to the ring. Black appeared on the screen and told a story about a man who had to put down his prized horse because “it just wasn’t there anymore”. He likened Cody to the horse, and said that when he looked in his eyes last week he saw the same thing. Cody demanded he come down and get a better look, and Black said he hoped he’d say that. The lights dimmed and Black appeared in the ring. They had a brief brawl and were separated by referees… [c]

My Take: A solid match from Starks and Cage, but I think they wanted it to feel like a swerve, and it really didn’t. Cage has been on the outs with Team Taz for months. The Cody and Black segment was effective, but I must admit I’m still not a fan of storytime with Malakai. He’s got to shake up that style a bit and find a way to inject a bit more energy.

Backstage, Tully Blanchard walked backstage and was asked about attacking Konnan last week. He said it wasn’t a cheap shot, he had to take care of business. He walked up on Santana and Ortiz, who said he was brave for walking around alone backstage. Ortiz grabbed Tully and Santana produced a crowbar. He tapped Tully with it and said it was fake, but next time it wouldn’t be. Santana told him to get his boys, because they respect their elders. Tully said he would, just wait…[c]

In the ring, Tony Schiavone brought out Adam Page. He got a big reaction as you’d expect. Page said he has wanted to be AEW Champion since Day 1, and he had it in his fingertips but he failed. Page said the Dark Order was right, and he still needed that Championship, and he was there to challenge….but Don Callis interrupted. 

Callis said Cowboy was talking but in Texas they call that all hat and no cattle. The entire elite walked out. They told him repeatedly that he “wasn’t that guy” like the meme. Matt Jackson walked down to the ring and told him that they were his friends that he abandoned. He could tell by his breath that he was still hitting the bottle, and that just fits the narrative perfectly, because he would be the next wrestling tragedy. 

Matt dared Page to hit him, and so he did. A brawl broke out. Omega looked poised to take a cheap shot on Page, but the Dark Order ran down to even the odds. Page grabbed a microphone and said he still wanted a match, and neither he or Omega were leaving without one. Omega proposed a match between his guys and Page and the Dark Order, elimination style five on five. 

Page said he would take that match, but if they won he got a World Title shot, and his guys got a Tag Team Title shot. Omega said Page had no power to make demands, but he would entertain his idea if Page agreed to walk away from the World Title match. Omega then said you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, but you don’t fail either, and that is what Page is really afraid of. The crowd chanted “Cowboy Shit”. Omega said he would take pleasure in turning those chants into “belt collector”. Page said the Dark Order doesn’t back down from a fight, so they are on. 

My Take: A strong segment for Page, who showed renewed confidence. Omega and Matt Jackson played their roles well, but they still come across like they are patterning themselves off of internet trolls a bit too much with all the memespeak. Dark Order still feel like fish out of water in comparison to The Elite, but thankfully they didn’t have to carry the promo end this time. It does seem like a waste if Omega and Page have contact before All Out. Hopefully they get creative with the elimination match. 

Alex Marvez interviewed Chris Jericho. He spoke about Greek Mythology, and that what MJF didn’t remember was that Hercules completed his trials and got what he wanted. He called himself the God of Thunder, and God of War in AEW, and that he would walk through fire to get his hands on MJF. Jericho got blindsided by a chairshot to the neck from Shawn Spears. He held him down while MJF spoke, and said that he had to pay him back for that cheapshot from last week. He told Jericho that his first labor was next week against Spears, who could use a chair while Jericho couldn’t. Spears then hit Jericho in the injured elbow with the chair…

[Hour Two] In the arena, Matt Hardy made his entrance, followed by Christian Cage.

3. Matt Hardy vs. Christian Cage: Both men jawed at each other to start. They spilled through the ropes still locked up. Christian grabbed a side headlock, but Hardy punched his way out and tossed him back into the ring. Christian punched Hardy on the apron, and then tossed him into the barricade on the outside. He then climbed up to the top rope, and splashed Hardy on the floor. 

In the ring, Christian landed a reverse DDT for a near fall. He then landed punches in the corner, but Hardy escaped and landed a DDT onto the ring steps through the ropes. Cage was unresponsive for a bit, and Hardy started to choke him using the bottom rope. He then catapulted Christian into the bottom rope, and climbed to the second rope for an elbow drop. He covered for a two count…[c]

Christian turned the tables from earlier and choked Hardy on the ropes. He then landed a back elbow from the second rope and covered for a two count. Cage looked for the Killswitch, but Hardy avoided it. He then went for a Twist of Fate, but Christian shoved him away. Christian avoided a throw into the turnbuckles and landed a spear for a near fall. He then went up top and landed a frog splash that got another near fall. 

Both men went up top and stood on the top rope. Hardy pulled Christian in with a superplex for another near fall. Christian pulled an inside cradle for a two count. He then tried a backslide, but Hardy shielded the ref from a low blow. Hardy then landed a Twist of Fate, and covered for a close near fall. Hardy applied his Leech submission on the floor, and then got back in the ring for a countout victory. Cage beat the count at the last second, and then countered a Twist of Fate into a Killswitch for the win. 

Christian Cage defeated Matt Hardy at 13:07

After the match, the Hardy Family Office swarmed the ring, but Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy evened the odds before anything physical could happen. Christian got a ride on the shoulders of Luchasaurus, which seemed to catch Jungle Boy off guard…

A Miro video package aired where he explained how he had lost his way, but God had told him to forgive himself and remember who he was. He called himself The Redeemer…

Back in the ring, Tony Schiavone brought out AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker for an interview. Baker shared a hug with Schiavone, then he asked her about Nyla Rose and how she put her through a table. She said she has dealt with tables, ladders, chairs, and thumbtacks before, and she came out of it the baddest bitch on the block. She said the real challenge was keeping Nyla relevant. Baker said Nyla is at the top of the food chain, but she’s off the menu and special order and out of her league. She addressed Vickie Guerrero and said her last name had kept her relevant. Baker claimed Nyla needed the title to keep her relevant, but even without it she’s still Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. 

Guerrero was shown backstage, and she said Baker’s days as champion are numbered. She then said she would find the biggest jalapeno in Dallas and shove it up her ass. Nyla then said she would give Baker an ass whoopin world class, and that she couldn’t be held responsible because it’s the nature of the beast… 

Elsewhere, Jon Moxley said that one doesn’t beat Lance Archer, you survive, and he realized that Archer wouldn’t stop coming until he ends his career. Moxley then said that he’s not going to stop either, because there’s only one BoogeyMan in AEW and NJPW and it’s Jon Moxley. He continued and said that Archer was Texas born and bred, but next week he would be Texas dead…[c]

My Take: Christian and Hardy was a solid match. Very different pace from the usual AEW match, but they made it work. I hope they both move onto other things. Baker’s promo felt heelish, but she was cheered the whole time. She’s walking an interesting tight rope as a character. Moxley continues to be one of the most intense and well thought out promos in AEW.

Wheeler Yuta made his entrance with Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor, who then headed to the back. Some videos aired of his recent rise on AEW Dark and Dark Elevation. He was followed by Sammy Guevara…

4. Sammy Guevara vs. Wheeler Yuta: Sammy sent Yuta to the floor early and taunted him. Wheeler landed a back elbow, but Sammy quickly replied with a powerslam. Sammy went up top for a moonsault, but Yuta got out of the way. He landed on his feet, however, and landed a subsequent standing shooting star press. He went up top for another SSP, but Yuta got the knees up and landed a kick. 

Yuta landed a release German Suplex,and a top rope splash for a one count. Guevara landed a corner enziguri and a springboard cutter. He then followed up with a GTH for the win. 

Sammy Guevara defeated Wheeler Yuta at 4:33

After the match, Guevara patted Yuta on the back, and then fist bumped the crowd. 

Backstage, Tony interviewed QT Marshall, who immediately questioned Schiavone’s attitude, and said he hadn’t been buried by the Golden Shovel Cody. QT then grabbed a drink bottle and dumped out what looked like a smoothie on Tony’s head…

Penelope Ford made her entrance in the arena, followed by Yuka Sakazaki. 

5. Penelope Ford vs. Yuka Sakazaki: Ford grabbed a waistlock to start, but Sakazaki reversed out of it and landed a dropkick. Ford rolled to the outside to recover. The crowd chanted for Yuka, and she dove on Ford with a cannonball from the second rope. She made a cover in the ring for a one count. Ford then choked Sakazaki in the ropes…[c]

My Take: Good match for Sammy Guevara, who got a big home state reaction. The QT Marshall segment was a miss. It was too inside baseball, and I don’t think dumping a drink out on Schiavone’s head improves his relevance.

Both women traded punches. She then landed a vertical suplex and landed a sliding knee for a two count. She then landed a kick in the corner, and a diving back elbow for a two count. Ford replied with two pump kicks, and covered for a near fall. Yuka applied a hammerlock, and did a bit of an airplane spin into a slam. Yuka then landed a Magical Girl Splash and got the win. 

Yuka Sakazaki defeated Penelope Ford at 6:45

After the match, Yuka celebrated and the announce team went over a few matches from next week’s card. We then got a commercial for AEW Rampage. The Main Event is up next..[c]

My Take: A decent match from Yuka and Penelope. I think we’ve seen better from both women. There was quite a bit of hesitation at times, and the finish seemed like it took a bit too long to come together.

Justin Roberts announced the rules for the main event. The only way to win is to stuff your opponent in a coffin and close the lid. The Coffin was brought out, and then Ethan Page made his entrance. The Coffin said “Nothing’s Over til You’re Underground”. Darby Allin then made his entrance. 

6. Darby Allin vs. Ethan Page in a Coffin Match: Allin jumped Page to start the match. He landed a charge in the corner. He then revealed that he was wearing some kind of metal plate on his back. Allin landed a springboard coffin drop off the ropes and sent Page to ringside. Allin opened the coffin and Scorpio Sky was inside. He threw Allin into the ring steps, and then Sting emerged from the back. 

There were some camera issues following the action. Sting missed a splash on the outside, but the cameras missed it. Page loosened the bottom turnbuckle from the post with a wrench. Allin and Page then spilled into the crowd. Sting dropped Sky on his crotch by knocking him down into a barricade on the floor…[c]

During the break, Allin and Page brawled through the ringside area. Page got the better of it and placed the steel steps in the ring. Page tossed Allin in the air and face first on the steps. Allin dove at Page from the second rope, but Page stood strong and shoulder blocked him out of the sky. Page picked up a turnbuckle and placed the hook on the chain around Allin’s neck. He then used it to yank Allin violently to the mat. 

Page dragged Allin towards the coffin, but he picked up the turnbuckle and blasted Page with it. He then fish-hooked him with it, before kicking the steps into him. Page landed with a foot in the Coffin, and pulled Allin into it with him. 

Page then slapped Allin across the face, who then bit his finger. Page came up bleeding from his forehead. He back body dropped Allin out of the casket onto the floor. The action went back into the ring. Page climbed the steps with Allin across his back. Darby broke free and landed a stunner. He then went up top for a Coffin Drop, but Page met him up there and tossed him with an Ego’s Edge on top of the stairs. 

From the apron, Page picked up Darby to toss him in the coffin, but Darby managed to dig his fingers into his eyes to break it up. Allin then grabbed his skateboard and jumped off the ropes into Page’s back. He then fell into the Coffin, and Darby shut the lid. 

Darby Allin defeated Ethan Page at 15:22

After the match, Darby celebrated briefly. He then adjusted the casket before going up top and landing a Coffin Drop through the Coffin. Page appeared to have slid to one side of the Coffin to avoid the worst of it…

My Take: A good night of TV for AEW. Most of the segments and matches were on point, and the main event delivered. Other than the regrettable camera work in the main event, it went about as well as you could have expected. The only possible complaint is that the whole angle felt a bit rushed. Darby Allin is a mad man. Ethan Page needs a couple of statement victories and he’ll get back on track.

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. First ever “coffin” match?
    Pretty clever AEW

  2. “Baker’s promo felt heelish, but she was cheered the whole time. She’s walking an interesting tight rope as a character.”

    She is an out-and-out heel, and an extremely good one, who unfortunately has started to be cheered by the smarks who don’t understand that the best way to show appreciation for great heel work is to boo as loudly as you can. It’s a shame if the atmosphere-ruining cheering of heels that has been detrimental to NXT has now infected AEW.

    • She was being cheered by pretty much the entire arena. Unless you’re arguing that nobody but smarks even goes to the shows, it’s NOT just the “smarks” cheering her.

      • AEW’s entire fanbase are smarks.

        • Atleast they sell out shows. Can’t say the same for your garbage WWE main roster shit.

        • Yes, that’s it. Nobody goes to AEW shows but smarks. Also, some people believe the world is flat. Both viewpoints are equally true.

          • AEW draws small crowds outside the smarkiest cities (NYC, Philly, Chicago, etc). They failed to sell out 4600 seats in Miami last week.

            The people that go to AEW and NXT shows are smarks. Nobody else gives a damn that either show exists. On top of that, both shows cater to that crowd which is why neither has shown any growth in their viewership in 2 years on TV.

            Raw and Smackdown, despite Raw being a terrible show these days, still dwarf the smark shows because they actually have casual fans in addition to the smarks.

  3. The show opened with a good 11 minute match with no shenanigans. It was actual pro wrestling with two guys who looked like they belong there.

    Then we got a match and 4 interview segments, all of which had some sort of interference, followed by a match with a bunch of stupid post match crap between two factions nobody will ever care about.

    Pretty much a good 11 minutes followed by 109 minutes of typical AEW crap with a solid Britt Baker interview in there somewhere.

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