6/25 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of Ikemen Jiro vs. Ariya Daivari, and August Grey vs. Grayson Waller in the final appearances of two cut talents

By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live (Episode 237)
Orlando, Florida at Capitol Wrestling Center (WWE PC)
Streamed June 25, 2021 on WWE Network

Watching the opening Promo play and realizing half the people in it will not be WWE Wrestlers next week on 205 Live and it is an odd feeling. A strange day in 205 Live history…let’s get to it. The show opened with Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness on commentary and kicked things off.

1.  Ariya Daivari vs. Ikemen Jiro. As the crowd cheered for Jiro who danced around the ring, Daivari watched on cynically and conducted the crowd sarcastically. The two then slowly locked up although Daivari quickly ditched the lockup to kick Jiro in a gut a few times and yell to the crowd that this was his show. Daivari took it too easy and was arm-dragged a couple of times as Jiro controlled his wrist for a second. Daivari countered and hit Jiro with a shoulder block but Jiro just kipped up and grabbed a headlock, using his jacket for extra grip on Daivari.

Daivari now shot Jiro off the ropes and hit a kitchen sink knee to down Jiro before ramming his head on the turnbuckle. Daivari then tossed him at the opposite corner but Jiro pulled off a headstand to avoid impact and came back at Daivari with some strong strikes, a scoop slam and a lax cover for a two count. Daivari rolled to the ropes only for Jiro to follow him out there and keep striking at him. Daivari was able to catch a punch coming in and turned Jiro round for a reverse DDT on the apron before rolling him into the ring for a two count.

Daivari then used an arm trap and elbowed Jiro’s shoulders before using a sleeper to try and put Jiro out. Jiro was able to back Daivari into the corner to break the hold before trying for a running corner head scissors, however Daivari bucked Jiro off and kicked him in the gut. Daivari then tried for a Suplex but Jiro blocked it, forcing Daivari to strike at him, giving Jiro the window to set up and hit a Suplex of his own. Jiro then staggered to his feet and hit a pair of forearms followed by a series of jacket aided strikes.

Daivari stumbled into the corner, allowing Jiro to hit a hotshot and an Asai moonsault to get a two count. Jiro then set Daivari up for the Ikemen Slash, but Daivari ducked and tried for a Back Suplex, although Jiro countered with a superkick to knock Daivari to the outside. Jiro followed up with another Asai moonsault before rolling Daivari back into the ring for a rolling senton from the top rope for a two count. Jiro signaled for the end and set Daivari up for a Fireman’s Carry Driver but Daivari blocked it and hit a neckbreaker on Jiro.

Daivari followed up with the Devil Lock DDT but got a close two count. Daivari then stomped Jiro into the corner before kicking him in the head and tried for a top rope splash. Jiro rolled out of the way however and hit the Ikemen Slash to get the pinfall victory.

Ikemen Jiro defeated Ariya Daivari.

Anish’s Thoughts: Once again, in what might be his final appearance on 205 Live, Daivari does what he does best and makes his opponent look good. This was a prime heel Daivari matchup and as always Daivari managed to look like a consistent and credible threat, only for Jiro to get a burst of energy at the end to defeat him. Jiro did well showing off his personality and unorthodox move set as he has done and played off Daivari well. While Daivari never won the Cruiserweight title here in WWE, I can’t think of anyone else who has consistently made people look as good as they possibly could, anywhere on WWE television than Daivari. His character never got old, and he always found a new gripe to pick at and form credible rivalries in WWE.

2. August Grey vs. Grayson Waller. (Loser Leaves Town Match). The two locked up with Waller quickly tripping Grey and taunting him before doing so again walking across his back. They locked up once more with Waller shooting Grey off the ropes and prompting a running exchange only for Waller to trip him again and hit some ground and pound. Waller let him up, allowing Grey to hit him with a hip toss and taunt him right back, also executing a trip and walking across Waller’s back.

The two then exchanged arm drags with Grey using an arm trap for a second. Waller rolled out, but Grey brought him back down with a keylock and continued to pressure Waller’s arm. Grey tried for a Crucifix pin but only got a pair of two counts before hitting another arm drag on Waller. This time Waller was able to get to his feet and roll out and hit Grey in the face with a forearm to drop him. Waller then rammed Grey with a big boot to the chest and danced around Grey before slapping him to the ropes and peppering him with some strikes.

Waller chopped Grey in the corner before whipping him to the ropes and locking in a Triangle submission. Grey stacked him up to force a kick out but Grey just hit a crescent kick and got another two count. Waller yelled at Grey in the corner before hitting a Backbreaker for another two count. Waller then hit a suplex and stole Grey’s headband, again dancing round him and baiting the crowd. Waller then propped Grey in Tree of Woe position and yanked his head backwards on the floor to the ring post.

Grey yelled at Grey upside down now only to be met with a slap which prompted him to stomp at Grey. Waller then set Grey up for an Argentine Backbreaker series topped with a reverse Steamroller. Waller then went to the top rope and hit an elbow for a pair of two counts before using a Cobra Clutch to try and put Grey out. Grey muscled out and hit Waller with a backdrop before hitting a series of strikes to stun Waller.

Grey then clotheslined Waller to the outside and hit a suicide dive, rolling Waller back into the ring and hitting a Springboard cross body to gain some momentum. Grey got caught out for a second as Waller dragged him across the top rope and hit the leapfrog Curb Stomp to get the pinfall victory.

Greyson Waller defeated August Grey.

Anish’s Thoughts: This was a strange match to think about because it is clear that at the time this was filmed, it was not a ‘Loser Leaves Town’ match, however as the news came out that WWE had released August Grey, the 205 Live social media accounts portrayed and advertised it as such. With that in mind, it did add a strange note to watching August Grey essentially fight to keep his job, but the match itself was good for what it was and in his last appearance, although he hasn’t been on 205 Live for a while, Grey made a good showing for himself. Waller also continued to show off his cocky personality and style, really feeling like a randomized Create A Wrestler from a WWE game because of his mismatched offense and unique ring gear. Not a knock on him at all, if anything it puts him in an interesting niche.

Overall, just based on basic show quality it was a good show, however with the releases earlier today it really tinged this show as essentially the end of a chapter. Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese, August Grey, Curt Stallion, Ever Rise, Breezango, and The Bollywood Boyz are all no longer part of 205 Live… just a few days after there were reports of WWE planning to place more emphasis on the cruiserweights. Best of luck to each of these wrestlers, all of whom had an important impact on 205 Live at one time or another. It will be especially strange to see 205 without Nese, Daivari and the Singh Bros who must have at least half of all 205 Live matches between them. Here’s to hoping they all land on their feet, and so does this show.



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