Lance Von Erich on the deception of being a Von Erich family member, his relationship with the Von Erichs, life after pro wrestling

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On the ‘deception’ of being a Von Erich: There was no deception about it to me. It was pro wrestling. None of it was real. I was as much of a Von Erich as the Von Erich’s were. That wasn’t their real name and it wasn’t mine. I was brought in to do a job and play a character like so many of the other wrestlers were. I didn’t think it was lying to the fans, it was pro wrestling.

Leaving the wrestling business 30 years ago: I’ve lived out of the country ever since I left World Class Championship Wrestling back in the late 1980s. I never really thought too much about wrestling after that. I never watched wrestling, I never liked wrestling, I finished my career and I never really looked back. I actually finished my career wrestling in South Africa. I appreciated wrestling because it afforded me to do a lot of the great things I’ve been able to do in my life. My after wrestling life has been great, I got into acting, I got to do television commercials, I got to own health clubs, so it was good to me. I think I did better after WCCW, then if I were to stay around.

His relationship with the Von Erichs: Well, I got along great with Kerry (Von Erich), I liked him and he liked me. I think everyone got along with Kerry, he never took anything too seriously and had a great personality. As far as Kevin, he didn’t like me, he didn’t want me to be a Von Erich. It was all his dad, Fritz’s idea and he didn’t care for it. I didn’t dislike him and I didn’t like him either, we just didn’t have anything in common. Mike and Chris were on their own clock, they did their own thing. And I really didn’t ever get to know… I don’t think anybody ever got to know them. They were kind of, you know, off on the side, didn’t talk to anybody really. They just did their own thing. I don’t know if Mike or Chris ever wanted to become wrestlers, but Fritz put a lot of pressure of them.

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  1. Hey buddy you are right about you never was in the family but as far as Mike and Chris don’t ever say a word about them guys your damn right nobody ever like your fake ass so with that God bless all the Von E. And you say why they were my cousins my dad’s side of the family asshole.

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