10/13 Impact Wrestling TV Results: Moore’s review of Madman Fulton vs. Doc Gallows, Kylie Rae vs. Kimber Lee, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz vs. Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary vs. Havok and Nevaeh in a three-way tag match, Bound For Glory build continues

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped in Nashville, Tennessee at Skyway Studios

Aired October 13, 2020 on AXS TV

Highlights from last week’s Impact Wrestling show aired…

Moose was shown backstage yelling at Impact Executive Scott D’Amore about having to wrestle EC3 in an “undisclosed location”. Scott yelled back that Moose is imagining things about a guy who doesn’t work in Impact (EC3) in regards to an imaginary title (The TNA Championship). D’Amore said he’s more worried about Rich Swann’s health report after last week’s attack. Moose stormed off claiming he’s the “real world champion.

Moose ran into another EC3 projector backstage. EC3 said Moose is finally learning and controlling the narrative. EC3 said if Moose keeps looking he will find what he seeks. EC3 held up the TNA title belt before the projection turned off. Moose walked away saying he knows where to go…

The Impact intro theme aired…

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were on commentary. Josh noted that this was the penultimate episode of Impact before Slammiversary…

1. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz vs. Jessika Havok and Naveah. Tasha and Kiera stayed behind the ropes. Tasha said that they didn’t want to even be here. Rosemary and Naveah started off the wrestling. Naveah started off the match with three rollup attempts. Rosemary responded with a lariat. Rosemary quickly tagged in Taya. Taya hit Naveah with a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count.

Naveah hit Taya with a calf kick and basement bulldog for a two count. Havok tagged in. Havok and Naveah hit Taya with corner splashes. Taya kicked out at two. Taya rallied back with chops but then got distracted by Tasha and Kiera. Tasha tagged herself in in her corner. Tasha and Kiera traded tags and kept Taya isolated with quick Rosemary tagged in and tossed Kiera to Havok’s corner. Naveah tagged in and Rosemary tagged out. Naveah beat up Kiera a bit. Havok tagged in and cleaned house, taking down Tasha and Kiera with kicks.

Havok hit Tasha with a Gutwrench suplex. Rosemary blined tagged Havok out. Havok was dumped to ringside. Tasha and Rosemary brawled. Tasha went high risk but was caught by Rosemary. Rosemary hit Tasha with a fallaway slam. Taya tagged in and caught Naveah with a shotgun dropkick, dumping Naveah to ringside. Taya went for a crossbody on Havok, Kiera, and Naveah, but it looked like nobody caught Taya and Taya face planted on the ramp. Tasha danced and gloated that she was too smart to dive to ringside (after seeing what just happened to Taya, that may be the right decision in real life). Rosemary caught the dancing Tasha with a spear followed by a Wing Clipper for the win.

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie defeated Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan and Havok and Naveah via pinfall in 9:16.

Josh Mathews noted that Taya and Rosemary have won three matches in a row…

John’s Thoughts: A strong women’s three way match with a scary faceplant by Taya in the end (she did get forearms down is seemed, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been). Praise aside, the Impact Women’s tag division seems to be stuck in neutual gear with them continuing to have matches with no real motivation behind it. Impact’s women’s division is one of the strongest women’s divisions in all of pro wrestling, but that’s with zero credit to the writing team who is doing nothing for them at the moment. Why did they tease Women’s Tag Titles a few months ago, and seemingly forgot what they were building to. They aren’t even doing any slow burn or anything at the moment.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne checked in from their commentary set. Josh noted that Rosemary is still trying to get Jessika Havok to help her “resurrect” James Mitchell. The commentators ran through upcoming segments…

John E Bravo was arging with his proposed groomsmen (and Alisha Edwards) backstage about his wedding plans going wrong. Fallah Bahh was disappointed that he didn’t get the funds to fund the wedding. Bahh and Swinger started arguing. Crazzy Steve tried to calm things down. This would lead to a future match between Bahh and Steve…[c]

Rosemary “teleported” in front of Havok backstage (ugh). Rosemary continued to try to convince Havok to help ressurect James Mitchell backstage. Havok agreed that if Rosemary can beat Havok in a match next week then she would help Rosemary resurrect Mitchell…

John’s Thoughts: Ok? (shrug)

2. Fallah Bahh vs. Crazzy Steve. Josh Mathews noted that Bahh was clutching to Hernandez’s wad of cash under his shirt. The match started off with Steve trying to force Bahh to Dance to make him drop Hernandez’s money. Bahh ended off fending off Steve and catching Steve with a crossbody. Steve caught Bahh with a tarantula and a sleeper hold. Steve ended up taking off Bahh’s shirt off to reveal the wad of cash.

Crazzy Steve defeated Fallah Bahh via pinfall in 2:44.

Bahh walked to the back, clutching to Hernandez’s wad of cash…

John’s Thoughts: It kinda sucks that Steve returned to Imapct as his comedy Menagerie character as opposed to the badass Decay version of Crazzy Steve. I’m not sure what the point is to all this quirky comedy in Impact and who the audience for this is (aside from the Impact fanboys who will cheer for anything). On the bright side, it’s good to see Bahh separated from TJP.

Heath [Slater] met up with Rhino backstage. Rhino informed Heath that he got Heath a spot in the “Call your shot” battle royal at Bound for Glory and that if Heath or Rhino win then Heath will get an Impact contract. Rhino said that if neither of them win, then Heath has no chances in Impact. Heath said he was positive about this. Rhino told Heath to get his gear because he had a match “with BFG Implications” in a bit. After Heath left to get his gear, Scott D’Amore showed up to praise Rhino from being a good person. D’Amore then also brought up that Rhino agreed to give up his contract if neither he or Slater won the battle royal. Rhino agreed and said that Heath doesn’t have to know that he put his career on the line…[c]

John’s Thoughts: I’m still not the biggest fan of them rehashing Heath and Rhino’s job hunting storyline from 2015, but I do like that they are taking some tone shifts with a few characters. Heath is showing that he has some serious edge to him and that he can be sympathetic in serious fashion. I’m still not fully behind them doing the exact story beats of the last time this was run, just this one being more manufactured. It’s still also odd seeing Scott D’Amore in the role of Shane McMahon in this this analog.

Kaleb Konley (with a K) was in the ring, doing the introductions for Tenille Dashwood. Kaleb noted that Dashwood was also in the Call Your Shot battle royal…

3. Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb Konley), Tommy Dreamer, Brian Myers, Cody Deaner, and Johnny Swinger vs. Shawn Hernandez, Cousin Jake, Alisha Edwards, Rhino, and Heath. Heath looking jacked started off the match against Swinger. Swinger quickly tagged in Dashwood. Heath tagged in Alisha Edwards. Dashwood quickly took down Alisha with a snapmare and side headlock. Alisha escaped and caught Tenille’s boot. Alisha yelled at Tenille and missed a senton. Dashwood hit Edwards with a lariat for a two count.

Alisha tagged in Cody. Alisha yelled at Cody, saying he doesn’t know which Deaner that Cody was. Alisha then said she had a new friend, “Herandes”. Rhino then tagged in before they brawled. Cody led an ECW chant for Rhino. Rhino took down Cody with a shoulder tackle. Rhino tagged in Jake. Cody tagged in Dreamer because he didn’t want to wrestle his “cousin”. Dreamer locked Jake in a headlock. Jake came back with a shoulder tackle. Jake then missed a elbow. Jake smacked Dreamer to the mat and Cody argued with Cody over attacking a legend.

Hernandez tagged in and took down Dreamer with a lariat. Hernandez locked Dreamer in a bear hug. Dreamer escaped by biting the head of Herandez. Hernandez knocked off Dreamer’s tag partners from the apron. Dreamer went for the hot tag with Myers, but Myers held his hand back. Dreamer got to Myers and dragged Myers in the ring for the forced tag. Heath tagged in and hit a nice knee on Myers. Heath rallied with strikes against Myers and Deaner. While Heath was distracted, Myers caught Heath with Paydirt.

Myers was teasing doing a move on Heath but Swinger blind tagged himself in. Heath hit Swinger with the Wake Up Call (Side Russian Legsweep) for the victory.

Heath’s Team beat Johnny Swinger’s team via pinfall in 7:10.

Heath had entrance music which played. Josh noted that the winning team will face in a five way to get the 20th spot in the call your shot battle royal (Mahabali Shera won that match last year if I remember correctly?)…

John’s Thoughts: I do like Heath picking up the win because it showcases him in a new light somewhat, but that was not a good match. Impact is getting too enamored with the comedy style developed from Wrestle House. The problem with that comedy is the comedy wasn’t off the charts, it didn’t create any buzz, and it’s a bit esoteric. So why are they continuing to force a good portion of their roster into unproductive comedy antics? That’s beyond me.

Eddie Edwards ran into Sami Callihan backstage. Callihan threatened if he pressed a button on his phone that bad things will happen. Eddie slapped Sami’s phone away and then the two men tussled. Ken Shamrock ran in and laid punches on Eddie. Sami said he’s posting this video online and for Ken to beat Eddie’s ass. Ken left Eddie rolling in pain after an ankle lock…

Josh Mathews hyped more matches later in the show “with Bound for Glory implications”…[c]

Eric Young confronted Jimmy Jacobs backstage. EY said he was going to the ring to get answers and get to the bottom of this situation. Young said he trusts that Rich Swann is smart enough to do the right thing…

4. Kimber Lee (w/Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Kylie Rae. Lee pulled Rae’s hair during the initial Collar and Elbow lockup. Rae took down Lee with a leg takedown followed by a hurracanrana. Rae tackled Lee to the corner. Lee retreated to behind Deonna. Deonna taunted Kylie a bit. Josh plugged “Impact week” next week. Rae took down Lee with a huracanrana and pump kick for a two count. Lee and Rae brawled on the apron. Lee teased a German from the apron to floor (which never happens in undercard matches, for good reason).

Rae knocked Lee off the apron. Rae went for another huracanrana at ringside, but Lee reversed it into a apron bomb. Lee beat up Kylie with aggressive boots on the ropes for a few minutes. Lee told the ref that “I have five seconds, don’t I?” when the ref tried to break them apart (That reminds me of heel Bryan Danielson for some reason). Rae ended up turning the tables after series of forearms and a springboard armdrag. Lee regained control after a STO into the buckle. pad.

Lee hit Rae with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Rae reversed lee into a Juji Gatame. Lee escaped with a cross armbreaker. Kylie hit Lee with her signature basement superkick for a two count. Kylie hit Lee with a senton for a two count. Lee reversed Rae into a sitout power bomb for a two count. Rae reversed a bomb into a Victory Roll for a two count. Purrazzo got on the apron for a distraction. Rae rolled up Lee, who tried to take advantage of the distraction, but Rae rolled up Lee into the Crossface for the submission win.

Kylie Rae defeated Kimber Lee via submission in 9:48.

Rae wouldn’t let go of the hold after the match. Deonna broke up the submission. Deonna and Kylie traded forearms. Rae got Deonna to the mat with a superkick and ground and pound. Deonna posed at the top of the ramp after retreating…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Now that was a strong match and good showcase for Kylie heading into her title match at BFG. I can see this match losing people though, and it loss me a bit to be honest, because Kimber Lee has zero credibility in terms of having the ability to win a match. Zero credibility equals zero drama when she goes for pin attempts. She’s stuck in the Kassius Ohno role of Impact in that she has great matches, but you know the outcome a mile away. What makes things worse is that she always cheats in matches, and her cheating always leads to her losing.

Josh Mathews advertised the Rosemary and John E Bravo wedding in two weeks…

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson cut a promo before Gallows’ match. Anderson joked about taking a lot of money from Impact when they signed. He then said they ended up liking everything Impact has to offer. Gallows said he likes the vodka. Gallows then reiterated how the Good Brothers are coming after the tag titles…

5. “The Big LG” Doc Gallows (w/Karl Anderson) vs. Madman Fulton (w/Ace Austin). Gallows laid boxer punches on Gallows early on. Fulton quickly gained control after snake eyes and by dumping Gallows over the top rope. Gallows pulled Fulton to ringside and the two big men brawled at ringside. The ref counted both men out.

Doc Gallows vs. Madman Fulton ended in a double countout draw in 1:21.

The two men continued to brawl heading into commercial…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Well? I’m actually ok with this. We don’t see that match result too often and it’s nice that they’re mixing things up compared to the formula (but effective) matches we’ve gotten over the past few weeks. My guess is that they continue the match after break.

Josh Mathews noted that Imapct managment booked the match to continue as a No-DQ match. Fulton was already beating up Doc Gallows while also beating up ringside personnel…

6. Doc Gallows vs. Madman Fulton in a no-dq match. The match was joined in-progress. Fulton hit Gallows with a pipe and trash can. Gallows gained control in the ring after hitting Fulton with a few chair shots. Ace Austin was laid out at the top of the ramp. Fulton got a boot up on Gallows when Gallows tried to dive with a chair. Fulton hit Gallows in the back with an axe handle strike on a chair. Fulton then used the weapons to beat up and torture Gallows.

Gallows turned the tide by superkicking a chair into fulton, and then tossing Fulton into a chair in the corner. Gallows gave Fulton a choke bomb for the victory.

Doc Gallows defeated Madman Fulton via pinfall.

John’s Thoughts: While a lot of Impact’s stories at the moment are ice cold and treading water, their hottest feuds are their world title match and the tag team title feud. This was a good big man match. Fulton loss another match, but ever since he’s teamed up with Ace he’s improved his characterization as a big man. He looked good here.

The Eric Young Bound For Glory commercial aired…

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne checked in from their commentary set. Josh hyped up Fite TV as a way to watch BFG. Josh advertised the following matches for next week: The five way match for the 20th spot of the Call Your Shot battle royal, Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan, Chris Bey, Jordynne Grace, and Rohit Raju vs. Willie Mack, TJP, and Trey Miguel, and The North vs. Good Brothers…

Eric Young made his entrance to the Skyway arena. Young noted that BFG is in 11 days. Young demanded answers. He said this is his world and the world title is the power. Young wanted to hear from someone that Rich Swann quit. EY paced around the ring and Josh Matehews said that Young is holding the show hostage. They cut to backstage where Scott D’Amore was watching Impact. He got a phone call, presumably to give D’Amore a health update on Rich Swann…[c]

Back from the break, Scott D’Amore met with Eric Young in the ring. Young taunted D’Amore and demanded that D’Amore call Swann a no-good quiter. D’Amore said Young must be proud of himself. D’Amore said he doesn’t know what’s up with this new Eric Young. D’Amore talked about speaking with Rich’s Orthopedic surgeon and EY did give Rich Swann more damage on his leg. Young gloated about how happy he was to do what he did to Swann. Young yelled that D’Amore works for Young now. Young demanded that D’Amore announce that Swann is not ready for Bound for Glory.

D’Amore turned things around and brought up the young Eric Young, who was nice and determined. D’Amore said he and everyone saw something special in young, but Young lost something about himself as the new Eric Young. D’Amore said that even though Swann has additional Orthopedic damage, he’s a special athlete and ahead of his rehabilitation schedule.

D’Amore said Swann will be ready for BFG and he hopes that Swann knocks the smug smile off of Young’s face. Young shoved D’Amore to the corner and put the boots to D’Amore. Young beat up D’Amore. Rich Swann made his entrance and hit Eric Young with a Lethal Injection to send EY into retreat. Rich Swann taunted Young from the ring, holding up the world title…

The show cut to Moose meeting with EC3 at a random bridge. EC3 was holding up the TNA Title Belt. EC3 said the belt was a false title for a false idol. Moose and EC3 then yelled at each other. EC3 called Moose out for being fake. EC3 called Moose a fraud and pathetic. Moose said he’ll enjoy beating EC3 to death. EC3 put the belt on the ground and told Moose to cross the line and fight him. Moose punched EC3 around with country music playing in the background. Moose had the advantage for a bit, but EC3 slammed Moose’s head on the rail. EC3 then knelt over the grounded Moose. EC3 called Moose a father and husband.

EC3 said he wanted the fight for his life, but got only this. EC3 said it wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so sad. EC3 walked away laughing. Moose recovered and punched EC3 in the head several times. Moose called EC3 a son of a bitch. Moose walked away slowly with the TNA title belt. Moose’s hand had blood on it. EC3 continued to laugh on the ground to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Interesting couple of segments. The Eric Young and Scott D’Amore segment dragged on a bit, but I’ll give them a bit of a pass because the players involved did solid promo work. The problem with that final segment is the same problem with the rest of this episode in that they were really moving any storylines forward, and moreso spinning their wheels heading into Bound for Glory. Slammiversary was a much hotter show with a lot of teasers and intrigue. I did like the Moose and EC3 segment. They could have done without the background music, but EC3 was solid in trying to get the “real” Moose to come out. Hopefully, after Bound for Glory, this leads to Moose taking a more serious turn with his character and we see the death of the comedic Moose.

I’m wasn’t the biggest fan of this episode as a whole. It wasn’t horrible, and we’ve seen worse, especially the episodes that were carried by Wrestle House or Undead Realm. This just felt totally missable as there was no storyline progression or any reason to tune in. Everything just felt predictable. Maybe Jason Powell liked the show better than I did. You can check out his hit list and member’s exclusive audio review tomorrow.



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