6/19 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of Jack Gallagher’s final WWE match vs. Jake Atlas, Oney Lorcan vs. Chase Parker, heavyweight tag team appears

By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live
Taped earlier this week in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Streamed June 19, 2020 on WWE Network

Byron Saxton and Corey Graves were on commentary…

1. Chase Parker (w/Matt Martell) vs. Oney Lorcan (w/Danny Burch). Another telling start, as I had forgotten which one of Ever Rise was Chase Parker until he locked up with Lorcan. The newly revealed Parker immediately grabbed a wrist lock and took Lorcan’s back, but not for long as Lorcan was able to reverse into a headlock and slapped Parker’s head around. Parker tried to hoot Lorcan off the ropes a couple of times, but Lorcan kept his grip.

When Parker finally managed to shoot Lorcan off, Lorcan bounced right back with a shoulder block to knock him down. Parker and Lorcan re-engaged, with Lorcan ramming Parker’s head into the turnbuckle before chopping him and repeating the turnbuckle ramming. Parker rolled to the apron, where Lorcan was distracted by Martell, allowing Parker to hit an apron arm-wringer, followed by a slingshot leg drop back into the ring.

Parker choked Lorcan using the ropes before hitting him with a single-footed dropkick and then locking in another wrist lock, wrenching on Lorcan for a while. Lorcan was able to get up and push Parker to the corner before hitting a pair of atomic drops to disorient Parker. Lorcan tried to run at him in the corner, but Parker pushed him off and went for a top rope axe-handle, however Lorcan caught him with a third atomic drop and followed up with the running Blockbuster to get the pinfall victory.

Oney Lorcan defeated Chase Parker.

After the match, Malcolm Bivens came out to distract Burch and Lorcan, allowing Ever Rise to beat them down. After this, Bivens’ own clients, the Indus Sher tag team from NXT came down to beat up Burch and Lorcan, even hitting them with a Backbreaker Elbow combo.

Anish’s Thoughts: A fun match that essentially amounted to an elongated squash match for Lorcan. Oney looked great and just showcased his offense, however it didn’t really do much for Ever Rise, who continue to look like an uninspired heel team. While it was a surprise, I don’t really know what the point of Indus Sher being here is given that both men are over 205 pounds. If they are here to put someone over, that does them a disservice. If they go over in the long run, I don’t think it does anything for them being that they are in a different division and brand entirely.

It was announced that the main event would be Jake Atlas vs. Jack Gallagher…the recently fired Jack Gallagher, as in fired right before Smackdown Jack Gallagher…

Anish’s Thoughts: It’s one thing for WWE to air the Matt Riddle match from Smackdown earlier being that Riddle has maintained his innocence as he has every legal right to do. But unless there’s more to the story, WWE found reason enough to release Gallagher, presumably based on the allegations against him, so it feels completely out of place to air his match tonight.

2. Jack Gallagher vs. Jake Atlas. The match started with both men exchanging wrist locks. Atlas seemingly had the upper hand on the feet, but Gallagher was able to take control using grounded maneuvers. At one point, Atlas changed the tempo and hit Gallagher with a handspring dropkick and bowed to taunt the Englishman.

Atlas hit Gallagher with shoulder blocks and a springboard arm-drag before trying a reverse DDT. Gallagher reversed and hit Atlas with a front suplex onto the top rope, before kicking him while he was on the ground. Gallagher unloaded on Atlas with a number of strikes and a snapmare followed by a soccer ball kick. Gallagher used a double arm lock and pressed his boot into the neck of Atlas before hitting a jump kick.

Gallagher continued to strike Atlas until eventually Atlas hit countered by tossing Gallagher into the corner and chopping him. This didn’t last long as Gallagher struck the torso of Atlas and transitioned to ground and pound. Gallagher continued to keep control of the match until eventually Atlas reversed an octopus stretch into a back suplex.

Atlas hit Gallagher with a couple of clotheslines as well before flipping into a neckbreaker to avoid a clothesline. Atlas tried for a German next, but Gallagher pushed him off and then caught Atlas with a guillotine, which forced Atlas to the ground and to the ropes. Gallagher continued to strike Atlas on the ropes, but started arguing with the referee, giving Atlas enough time to recover and hit a snap German suplex. Atlas went to the top rope and hit the Rainbow DDT to get the pinfall victory…

Jake Atlas defeated Jack Gallagher.

Anish’s Thoughts: That was a good match and Atlas looked great. But the whole time I was just really hoping for WWE’s sake that Gallagher was not going over. Luckily, he didn’t. This was a weird episode of 205 Live. Nothing really spectacular either way. The 205 Live twitter stopped reacting after Indus Sher made their 205 Live debuts…thankfully. I’m completely dumbfounded that WWE didn’t just air literally any match other than the one they actually aired in the main event slot, it’s not like they show great care for the continuity of 205 Live anyway. I hope the circumstances and the show surrounding next Friday are all better than today.

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