6/5 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Jack Gallagher, Oney Lorcan vs. Tehuti Miles

By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live
Taped last the week in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Streamed June 5, 2020 on WWE Network

Byron Saxton and Corey Graves were on commentary…

1. Oney Lorcan (w/Danny Burch) vs. Tehuti Miles. Miles and Lorcan took a little time to feel each other out, with Lorcan drawing first blood with a hip-toss and a brief armbar. Lorcan then picked him up and chopped him before whipping him out of the ring where Miles argued with Burch. Distracted, Miles fell prey to a running strike from Lorcan followed by more chops in the ring.

Lorcan was caught out for a second by a flapjack from Miles followed by a couple of strikes and some stomps in the corner. Miles even followed up with a running knee to the back of Lorcan’s head and some elbows as well. However, Miles took too much time showing off to the crowd, allowing Lorcan to retaliate with a chop, however Miles maintained control with a delayed neckbreaker. Miles then hit Loran with an Irish whip rebound chop to get a two count.

Miles then locked in a modified Fujiwara armbar, although this wasn’t able to break Lorcan. Miles let go and chopped Lorcan who was on his knees, but this simply fired Lorcan up who rattled Miles with some strong chops of his own. Lorcan then struck Miles in the corner and attempted a Half-and-Half Suplex, but Miles countered into a roll up.

Miles grabbed onto the trunks, but Burch alerted the referee, who forced Miles to break the count. By doing this Lorcan was then able to roll up Miles and get the pinfall victory…

Oney Lorcan defeated Tehuti Miles.

Anish’s Thoughts: So with that ending, this match is seemingly a way for Burch and Lorcan to get their back on Miles, and in the process teaching him a lesson about trying to pull a heel move like grabbing the trunks when he is outnumbered. This was a very standard opening match and I think we still really haven’t seen anything from Miles aside from his neckbreaker, and again Lorcan and Burch come out of this looking good, while Miles doesn’t so much.

Before the next match, we saw a recap of 205 Live where Jack Gallagher attempted to interfere in a match between Isaiah Scott and Tony Nese on Nese’s behalf but this backfired and allowed Scott to get the victory. This set up the next match between Jack Gallagher and Isaiah Scott…

2. Jack Gallagher vs. Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott. Gallagher and Scott circled each other and threw out some strikes each. Gallagher and Scott traded takedowns with Gallagher attempting to manipulate Scott’s joints and Scott pushing back with a short arm wringer and a wrist lock. Gallagher rolled out and reversed into mount position and hit Scott with some punches before picking Scott up and getting caught with a head scissors whip and a dropkick.

Scott followed up on the dropkick with a middle rope back elbow, which earned him a two count. Scott then went back up to the top rope, but Gallagher rolled out of the way and goaded Scott to the apron where he dragged Scott’s leg through the middle rope and on to the turnbuckle. Gallagher then toyed with Scott, peppering him with some jabs and uppercuts, but out of nowhere, Scott was able to execute the ‘House Call’ kick.

Gallagher rolled out of the ring, but Scott brought him back in and hit a jumping flatliner to get himself a two count. Scott then laid into Gallagher with kicks to the chest. Scott tried for another House Call, but Gallagher caught him with a jumping Guillotine and almost got a submission, but Scott muscled him into a Brainbuster.

Scott couldn’t take advantage initially as Gallagher hit him with a knee. Gallagher however tried to go to the top rope, but Scott caught him there and hit a Super-Back-Plex. Scott couldn’t get the pinfall however, and Gallagher hit him with a headbutt, getting a two count for himself. Gallagher then tried for a rolling armbar, but Scott reversed this into a roll up to get the pinfall victory.

Isaiah Scott defeated Jack Gallagher.

After the match as Scott made his way backstage, Tony Nese came from backstage and hit Scott with a clothesline and tossed him into the steel steps, where Gallagher taunted him to finish the live portion of tonight’s show.

Anish’s Thoughts: Another good match here, this one kicked things up a little bit, however even this match felt a little restrained and the fact that both matches ended in quick roll-ups tonight left a little to be desired.

After the match we got a replay of the NXT Cruiserweight title tournament finale in which El Hijo Del Fantasma defeated Drake Maverick to become the new champion, while Drake Maverick was given a new WWE contract, apparently as an NXT wrestler, possibly ending his involvement with 205 Live…

Anish’s Thoughts: Overall, this was another alright show tonight, I don’t really mind that they replayed the tournament finale, because it was a good match and generally relevant to 205 Live. Although that being said, I am befuddled as to why the Cruiserweight title was not determined on the Cruiserweight show. Oh well, the mysteries of life I guess. Again, I am disappointed that WWE do not do more with this show. In this case, I understand airing the title match, but I would have preferred giving either of the live matches twice the time to make it really good instead of just fine.

I know I say this every week, but WWE have the talent and the time to make a show every week on 205 Live that’s simply a phenomenal wrestling show. They’re half committing to it right now, rather literally, only using half the time slot and keeping it a pure wrestling show, but without the time to make the matches great in the vein of old school Ring of Honor or even early NXT. Instead we get a fair to midland wrestling show that could be so much more. Here’s hoping for more!



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