Jim Cornette resigns from the NWA

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The National Wrestling Alliance issued the following statement to announce that Jim Cornette has resigned from his role as the color commentator for the company.

Effective immediately: Jim Cornette has resigned from the National Wrestling Alliance. As an announcer on the November 19th edition of NWA Power, Jim made remarks during a singles match between Nick Aldis and Trevor Murdoch that were both offensive and do not meet the high standards of decency and good faith of the National Wrestling Alliance.

To ensure that such an error can never happen again, we’ve established new procedures of review for all NWA programming going forward.

We sincerely regret our failure in this regard.

Powell’s POV: I assume that Cornette will continue to appear on the shows that are already in the can, as it would be awfully difficult to scrub him from those episodes. Given the fan reaction to the Cornette comment, it felt like the two sides needed to go separate ways. For those who missed the comment (as I did while covering the show live), Cornette stated that Trevor Murdoch is such a bad man that he could drive through Ethiopia with a bucket of fried chicken strapped to his back. The NWA pulled the show and replaced it with an edited version. There’s no indication yet as to who will replace Cornette as the color commentator for the NWA Into The Fire pay-per-view on December 14 or the two days of Powerrr tapings that will follow.

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  1. Right move for all involved. Jim has got to be smarter about those things, and NWA should have had someone in the Dusty role saying, “Kid. Don’t mention the Challenger. Now go out there and do it again.

  2. What i don’t understand is it wasn’t a live show. When they edit the shows does no one actually watch and listen to the show? If they really didn’t want that in the episode it should have been caught by numerous people in the company before it aired.

  3. I have a suggestion for their replacement: Dutch Mantell. Great on commentary for every promotion, absolutely hilarious and nobody else knows the business like he does.

  4. I remember him making that same joke about Steve Williams back in the old NWA days. No big deal then but times have changed.

  5. its only just sunk in what the joke is and thus why it is offensive. i am slow.
    anyway im more offended that NWA has nt removed it in what was a non-live show before anyone got to hear it. I will not watch NWA again and why would i MLW and IMPACT both better.
    you can only follow so many companies and i like Impact,MLW an new japan

  6. Funny how an ultra-liberal like Corny gets done in by political correctness.

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