WWE Clash of Champions on-site report: Notes on the crowd reactions to Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman, Luke Harper’s return, some signs of the crowd tiring of Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship reign, The Fiend gets the biggest reaction of the night

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Dot Net reader Brian Oglesby attended Sunday’s WWE Clash of Champions in Charlotte, North Carolina at Spectrum Center and sent the following report.

-Around 6-8 of the upper level sections above the hard camera side were the only sections tarped off.

-There was a big reaction for Cedric Alexander and good heat for AJ Styles. The crowd was ready for Cedric victory in his hometown and was definitely disappointed in the rather decisive Styles victory.

-Seth Rollins got a good reaction on his entrance, but I’d say Strowman had the bigger one prior to the Raw Tag Title match. There was not much of a reaction when the title change occurred.

-Bayley was booed heavily upon her entrance. The crowd was not impressed with the quick match nor the finish of her match with Charlotte Flair.

-There was a small pop for the Smackdown Tag Title change.

-Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch both received strong reactions. There were dueling chants for each throughout the match along with a collective groan for one of the worst referee chair shots I’ve ever seen live. There were also a few boos when the match ended in DQ.

-More split reactions and dueling chants during the Kofi Kingston vs. Rand Orton match. There were plenty of people in the crowd that seem tired of Kofi carrying the WWE Championship and were ready for change.

-Most of the crowd didn’t care about anything during the Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan match until Luke Harper arrived. There was a big pop for that as the fans were happy to see him back to doing something meaningful.

-The crowd was fairly into the main event between Rollins and Strowman and some disappointment when Rollins went over. There were definitely some boos were coming out when he won. Fans around me seemed to be more interested in a Fiend vs. Strowman match than a Fiend match with Rollins.

-The Fiend coming out at the end was the highlight of the night and drew the biggest pop hands down. For the live crowd, it ended a decent PPV on a high note.

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