NJPW Super J-Cup Night 3 results: Will Pruett’s in-person report on the final day of the tournament

By Will Pruett (@itswilltime), ProWrestling.net Co-Senior StafferNJPW Super J-Cup Night 3
Long Beach, California at Walter Pyramid

1. Dragon Lee defeated Caristico in a Super J-Cup semifinal match. A pretty good match

2. El Phantasmo defeated Will Ospreay in a Super J-Cup semifinal match. Taiji Ishimori interfered after a ref bump. Another pretty good match, but the crowd was bummed about Ospreay losing. Everyone expected him to win, obviously.

3. Alex Coughlin over Shota Umino. The crowd loved Shota due to the Jon Moxley connection. Shota tapped to the Boston Crab.

4. Jonathan Gresham beat Clark Connors. This match was fun towards the end, but there was a ton of miscommunication at the beginning. It clearly looked like Connors was lost.

5. Soberano Jr. over Ren Narita. It was fun.

6. Juice Robinson over Karl Fredericks. A fun young lion match, but I’m glad it’s the last.

7. Jushin Liger, Amazing Red, TJP, and Ryusuke Taguchi beat Robbie Eagles, Rocky Romero, Sho, and Yoh. TJP pinned Romero to win the match for Liger’s team. That was super fun. It was great to see Liger one more time.

8. Jay White and Taiji Ishimori beat Tetsuya Naito and Bushi. White pinned Bushi after the Blade Runner. White beat down Naito after the match and said the Intercontinental Title is his Destino. White said he wants the title so he can be the first ever dual champion at Wrestle Kingdom.

9. El Phantasmo beat Dragon Lee to win the Super J-Cup tournament. Surprising finish. Good match. Phantasmo came up from a dive to the outside bleeding a ton. He must have hit his head on the concrete.

After the match, Jushin Liger was presenting ELP with the jacket and trophy. ELP kicked the trophy then told Liger to put the jacket on him. Liger refused to put the jacket on ELP, who challenged Liger to a match on the spot. Liger declined.

ELP insulted LA, Long Beach, and Will Ospreay, who came to the ring and was beaten up by ELP and Ishimori. Robbie Eagles ran in to help Ospreay. Eagles and Ospreay ran off the Bullet Club duo. Ospreay called ELP a “Budget Prince Devitt.” Ospreay said he misses when Bullet Club relied on talent instead of low blows. Ospreay and Eagles want a shot at the IWGP Jr. Hvt. Tag Titles. A couple fans tried to go after ELP after he left. Wild. Ospreay closed the show by saying NJPW is the best wrestling in the world.


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