7/24 NXT UK TV results: Gleed’s review of WWE UK Champion Walter vs. Trent Seven in a non-title match, Toni Storm, Piper Niven, and Xia Brookside vs. Kay Lee Ray, Jinny, and Jazzy Gabert, Noam Dar vs. Kenny Williams

By Haydn Gleed, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@haydngleed)

Taped June 12-14 at Download Festival in at Donington Park in Leicestershire, England
Aired July 24, 2019 on WWE Network

Trent Seven was shown walking through the field to the tent when the “media” asked him what was going through his head. He said he will knock Walters head off his shoulders. He said Pete and Tyler are not there but he is… Bad music and opening video and we were at the Download festival for the final time (definitely this time)…

Gleed’s Ramblings: I mistakenly wrote in my report last week that it was the final show from the Download festival. I was clearly wrong. Thanks to everyone who pointed that out to me. Footage from the Plymouth tapings will start next week.

The broadcast team was Vic Joseph and Aiden English… Kenny Williams made his entrance followed by Noam Dar to settle their TV feud…

1. Noam Dar defeated Kenny Williams. Dar won following a low blow and a roller nova.

Gleed’s Ramblings: This was a good match that started off slow and went through the gears, but there was still a feeling that it had a couple more gears to go through. It suffered somewhat because the crowd haven’t really got to know Williams, who was the babyface in this match so they were cheering the heel or staying quiet. Hopefully after the character development over the last 6-8 weeks the fans will know how to react to Kenny moving forward. Nova winning via heel tactics made him a stronger heel coming out of this show and will be interesting to see where he goes next.

Radzi interviewed “The Grizzled Young Veterans” Zack Gibson and James Drake at the UK Performance Centre. Gibson and Drake were working out, so Radzi stuck a microphone in their face and asked them if it was a good time. Gibson berated him and then told him that he had no questions to answer because they have answered all questions inside and outside the ring, so what could he possibly ask them? Radzi went to ask a question but Gibson said don’t, that question was rhetorical and asked him why he doesn’t go off and find someone for them to face. Drake told him to leave and called him a loser…

Video was shown of Xia Brookside looking like she had won the No. 1 contendership battle royal before Kay Lee Ray snuck back in and chucked her out. They replayed the announcement by Kay Lee Ray that the challenge would be at NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff and how Kay Lee promised to make Toni Storm’s life hell…

2. Jinny, Jazzy Gabert, and Kay Lee Ray defeated Toni Storm, Piper Niven, and Xia Brookside.

Gleed’s Ramblings: If you don’t believe me when I say that the NXT UK women’s division is the best booked female division in the world just look at this match. We had two different feuds being developed in one match with Brookside having issues with Jinny Gabert, plus Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray have their issues. The other member of this match, Piper Niven, also has an ongoing feud with Rhea Ripley, so it’s not like other divisions where it’s the champion against the challenger of the month. As for the match, it had its moments, which excited the crowd such as the crowd baying for Toni to get her hands on Ray, and Niven and Gabert going one on one for the first time. It is a clever and obvious move to not allow Storm and Ray to get physical until Takeover. The action wasn’t anything special but this was a good TV match that was there to tell stories.

Trent Seven was shown warming up backstage for his match with Walter…

3. WWE UK Champion Walter defeated Trent Seven via ref stoppage. The story of the match was showing Seven as a huge underdog who started off hot on the blindside but eventually was getting beat down by the big Austrian. Steven rallied towards the end of the match despite the beatdown, but ultimately Walter was stronger.

Gleed’s Ramblings: This did a lot of good for the credibility of Trent as a singles guy, as it did for Walter being a strong champion. What pleased me more than anything was the fact that despite Walter being a clear heel, the crowd was still singing along with his entrance before his matches, but they really turned on him. This was a very good TV main event, but it wasn’t an all out classic despite how hard both worked. The crowd was really into this, which was as a result of the great rally style promo from Trent on last week’s show that was delivered in front of the same crowd. The fact that Walter destroyed Trent with five powerbombs before the ref stopped the match clearly shows that the issues between Imperium and British Strong Style aren’t over. Overall, it was another strong show for the heels. Each match ended with heels standing tall, which is smart on the road to the greatest city in the world for NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff. The main event was really strong and made Imperium look dominant heading into the final tapings before Takeover.

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