Impact Wrestling TV Taping spoilers: Full results of the first night of Las Vegas tapings (spoilers)

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Las Vegas, Nevada at Sam’s Town Live
Report by Dot Net reader MrEddyG

Xplosion: Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace beat Su Yung and Dark Allie. Kiera and Jordynne won after Kiera pins Allie w/her Fisherman’s Buster.

The World Champion, Johnny Impact came out and said he’s beaten everyone, and it’s time to move on to the next contender. Moose arrived and started mocking Johnny for crying about his body breaking down. He blamed Brian Cage and Killer Kross, the man he thought was his best friend, for Impact being the champion. Cue Killer Kross’s music. Kross called Moose a defiler, liar, and a SOB. Johnny and Kross made fun of Moose’s boots. Johnny stirred things up and suggested that Moose and Kross have a match to determine the new No. 1 contender. Moose cheap-shotted Kross and the match is on.

1. Moose fought Killer Kross to a no-contest in a No. 1 contenders match. Johnny Impact stuck around to do commentary. Both men kicked and punched and then argued about who did it first (Moose started it). Eventually Kross hit Johnny, who started to attack both men outside and inside the ring; the referee threw out the match. Kross and Moose double teamed Johnny before Brian Cage evened things up. Johnny posed with the title to end the segment.

2. Dezmond Xavier and Trey Miguel defeated Desi Hit Squad (w/Gama Singh). Sing came out before the match and called the people of Vegas zombies while saying they looked like they were out of the Walking Dead. He called out the government for building the wall not to keep people out but to keep the people in. Trey pinned Rohit Raju with a double knee press off the top rope.

3. Eddie Edwards beat Eli Drake. Edwards was dressed in street clothes, and had his Kendo Stick. Eli kept telling Edwards he doesn’t need the kendo stick, so Eddie responded with a hard chop to the chest. Eddie brought in the kendo stick late in the match, which led to Eli getting a very close near fall. Drake got frustrated, threatened to hit the referee with the stick, but Eddie got the pin with a jackknife cover.

4. Alisha Edwards fought Delilah Doom to an apparent no-contest. Tessa Blanchard came out early in the match and attacked Alisha first and then Delilah. Blanchard finished off Doom with her HammerLock DDT.

Xplosion: X Division Champion Rich Swann beat Mike Mucus. Fans delivered a Happy Birthday chant to Rich. Mike kept calling himself “Immaculate.” Rich won with the 450 from the middle rope. Mike looked very impressive, and Rich applauded him afterwards.

5. Pentagon Jr. and Fenix defeated LAX (w/Konnan) to retain the Impact Wrestling Tag Titles. Santana and Ortiz are out first and they attacked Pentagon and Fenix as they were coming down the ramp. Someone’s flipflop ended up in the ring, and Ortiz used it over Fenix’s head. Lots of double teaming by both teams, but The Lucha Brothers retained with the assisted Pentagon Driver in a fairly short match. Konnan got in the ring afterward and asked the two teams to shake hands, but Santana and Ortiz attacked the Lucha Brothers and eventually take both of their masks off. LAX left the masks on the ramp, and Pentagon and Fenix put them back on.

6. Willie Mack beat Jake Crist (w/Dave Crist) by DQ. Jake hit a beautiful suicide dive into a Tornado DDT on the outside early in the match. The match ended in a disqualification when Willie was on the top rope and Dave shoved him off in front of the referee. Jake and Dave attacked Willie afterwards, but Tommy Dreamer made the save with a kendo stick. Dreamer challenged Jake and Dave to a tag team match.

7. Willie Mack and Tommy Dreamer beat OVE. Tommy hit Dave outside with a plate of food and spat water in his face early on. Wille eventually got the pin.

8. Fallah Bahh and KM defeated “Reno Scum” Adam Hawthorne and Luster The Legend. Bahh got the pin on Hawthorne after KM pushed him off the top rope into a big Samoan Drop. Reno Scum attacked Bahh and KM after the match.

9. Tessa Blanchard vs Delilah Doom. Very good match. Delilah got a lot of near falls, but Tessa pulled it out with the HammerLock DDT.

10. Zachary Wentz defeated “All Ego” Ethan Page. Page got into the face of an NFL Alumni member (I’m not sure who it was), and shoved him. While the ref was checking on Wentz, Page gets shoved down. Wentz won with a springboard from the second rope.

11. Moose and Killer Kross defeated Johnny Impact and Brian Cage. Impact missed a top rope move, and stayed down for awhile, indicating to the ref that his shoulder and neck area were injured. The referee immediately gave the X sign, so Cage was left by himself. While referees and officials, were outside checking on Johnny, Kross grabbed the World Title and blasted Cage in the head busting him open. Impact was taken eventually backstage. Taya also came down. Moose and Kross did a lot of double teaming to wear down Cage. Kross eventually applied the rear naked crossjacket choke, and Cage passed out.

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