Matt Riddle touts NXT as being more believable than the WWE main roster brands, says he would like to “fight” John Cena

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Matt Riddle spoke with TMZ and heralded NXT as being “different” and “fresh” and not “the same kind of watered-down child’s product that WWE’s kind of turned into a lot.” Riddle said he believes the difference is that NXT is more realistic than the Raw and Smackdown brands. “People watch us, even though it’s scripted a lot of the time, it’s more real,” Riddle said. It’s more believable.”

Riddle also said he’s considered staying in NXT rather than going to the main roster: “I want to get to the main roster, but then I was thinking, ‘Maybe I’m thinking about it wrong,’ because ‘NXT’ is so hot, maybe we should stay and try to build ‘NXT’ and make it bigger than ‘Raw’ and ‘Smackdown’ and just be the big guy, which isn’t impossible.” Watch the video below or at

Powell’s POV: Riddle also spoke about his desire to “fight” John Cena after meeting him at Madison Square Garden while noting that Cena would probably prefer to wrestle. Read into all of this what you will. TMZ shown in the past that they are willing to play ball with WWE and other pro wrestling companies when it comes to driving storylines or positioning videos that are clearly staged as being chance encounters. Riddle’s comments about possibly staying in NXT makes it seem as if he has a choice in the matter beyond expressing his desire when the truth is that it’s a management call. Nevertheless, it is an interesting video, as it could be leading to something. It’s worth noting that John Cena was reportedly going to face Lars Sullivan at WrestleMania, but plans changed when Sullivan took a leave of absence. As such, we can’t rule out the possibility of Cena vs. Riddle or some type of main roster vs. NXT talent match occurring at WrestleMania.

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