10/15 Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Queens, New York at Melrose Ballroom
Report by Dot Net reader MrEddyG

Xpolsion Match: Ace Austin over Brian Gallagher. Austin wins with an impressive leg drop from the top rope onto the back of Gallagher’s neck while he’s standing. About a five minute match.

1. Brain Cage over Rich Swann to retain the X Division Title. Cage seemed to be more aggressive as he powerbombed Swann on a ring post outside. Swann hit two cutters, including a Lethal injection and a second rope 450 for a very close near fall, but in the end Cage retained .

Sami Callihan came into the ring after the match to get in Cage’s face. Highlights of OVE winning at Bound For Glory were shown. Sami said the X Division Tile is his and grabbed the title and tried to swing at Brian, who ducked and was about to Sami before the Crists came down. Jake Crist tried to help, but he was destroyed with a Drill Claw! Cage stood tall as OVE retreated to the back.

New Impact World Heavyweight Champion Johnny Impact came out next to a big ovation. He ran down Aries for his Twitter actions, and said he’ll be a champion we can be proud of. Ray Fenix interrupted and said he’s been a champion everywhere but not here and challenged Johnny to a match for “next week”, which Impact accepted.

2. Killer Kross (w/Moose) beat Tommy Dreamer via ref stoppage. The end came when Tommy was ruled unable to compete as the referee stopped the match. Kross was pissed and threw the referee outside and applied his finisher. Moose came out with his ridiculous outfit on to lay out Dreamer one more time. The crowd was chanting for Eddie Edwards, but no one came to help except for more referees to take Tommy backstage.

3. Taya Valkyrie defeated Katarina. Katarina was very aggressive early with a lot of hair throws and chokes. Taya came back to win The Road To Valhalla. Good effort from Katarina, though.

4. Ethan Page (w/Matt Sydal) over Trevor Lee. A funny spot where Trevor raked Ethan’s eyes in a corner. Page said to Sydal: “It’s okay, Matt, he only got two of my eyes.” Sydal is trying throughout the match to get Lee to join them. Page won with a urange, and Trevor didn’t join them.

5. Allie (w/Kiera Hogan) beat Alisha Edwards. Allie acted like she was possessed and worked a more aggressive style. She slapped herself at one point before winning with her Codebreaker. Allie kept attacking Edwards after the match until Kiera pulled her off. Allie looked confused and tried to apologize.

6. Pentagon Jr. (w/Fenix) beat Homicide (w/Hernandez, Eddie Kingston). Homicide no-sold a big chop early and spat at him! A hard hitting match with the crowd almost evenly split for both. Pentagon won with a roll up. Hernandez attacked immediately after the match. Fenix tried to help but was taken down with a vicious cutter by Homicide. King came in and whipped both men with his flapjack afterward.

7. Impact Tag Champions LAX (w/Konnan) beat Jigglo Justin and Bizzaro Justin. LAX won with The Street Sweeper. Pretty good showing from the Justins in their debut.

8. Gama Singh fought Rohit Roju to a no-contest. Gama Singh was out next and ran on about Rohit Raju’s background to loud heat from the crowd. Raju was reluctant to fight at first, and was attacked by a man with a shaved head and a beard. The referee threw the match out but Singh covered Rohit and the new guy made a three count. Afterward, there appeared to be no hard feelings as both men raised Singh’s hand and walked backstage together.

9. Su Yung beat Kiera Hogan (w/Allie). Su performed an impressive Pedigree from the second rope while trying to get back into the ring for a near fall. As Su put on her glove for the Mandible Claw, Allie yelled at her. Su pointed to Allie, who appeared to be acting possessed. Su won with the Panic Switch. The crowd chanted bring Kiera back and there were lots of chants for Scarlett and the Smoke Show.

10. Killer Ross and Moose beat Fallah Bahh and KM. Bahh debuted a new move in which he went back on forth on the ropes as if he was setting up for a People’s Elbow, but he stopped and choked Moose with his foot. KM and Moose eventually won. Another good match.

11. Johnny Impact beat Fenix to retain the Impact World Championship. Tremendous match from both men with Johnny retaining. Johnny went to the back first and left Fenix to get a big ovation from the crowd. The OGZ attacked Fenix. Homicide pulled out a fork before Pentagon came out and chased everyone away with a chair.

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