9/27 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards vs. Moose and Killer Kross, Tessa Blanchard vs. Faby Apache for the Knockouts Championship, LAX vs. The Desi Hit Squad, Brian Cage vs. Jake Crist

By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped September 13-14 from the Frontón México Entertainment Center in Mexico City, Mexico

The cold open focused on highlights from last week’s Impact episode which was the first episode taped at the recent Mexico City tapings. The Impact Wrestling theme aired…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in on commentary. Josh Mathews plugged the sold out “Comda Presents” Bound for Glory right away…

Tessa Blanchard made her entrance to open the show. Her opponent was AAA legend Faby Apache (who had pretty cool ring gear this week compared to last week’s). Josh Mathews mentioned that even though Faby Apache beating Alisha Edwards happened last week, the real news was the setup to this match which was Faby Apache interacting with Tessa Blanchard backstage when Tessa was disrespecting the locker room. Josh Mathews noted that Faby Apache is the current Queen of Queens (Reina de Reinas) Champion in AAA. The commentators also mentioned both women being generational wrestlers…

1. Tessa Blanchard vs. Faby Apache for the Impact Knockouts Championship. Faby started off with a dropkick and front kick to dominate early on. Tessa turned the tables and went into her roughhouse offense. Faby countered by grabbing the hair of Tessa. Faby got an innovative modified jackknife pin attempt on Tessa. Tessa went back to the rapid forearms but Faby came back with a high thrust kick. Tessa countered a powerbomb. Faby countered back with a huracanrana. Faby blocked a hammerlock DDT attempt from Tessa.

Tessa got Faby draped on the rope as she kicked Faby. Tessa slowed down the action to maintain her advantage. Tessa lifted Faby and planted her with a Saito Suplex. Don Callis talked about how he chatted with Tully Blanchard at All In where Don said Tessa will become the greatest Blanchard in a few years. Don said Tully agreed. Faby locked in a reverse Indian Deathlock. Josh Mathews and Don Callis went into an ad for Grumpy Old Men which was showing after Impact. Faby hit Tessa with a sit-out Implant Buster for a nearfall.

Tessa went to the top rope and caught Faby with a top rope Codebreaker. Josh noted that Tessa calls the move Magnum. Josh said she named the move after her step dad. Tessa floated into and hit Faby with the Hammerlock DDT for the win.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Faby Apache via pinfall in 5:21 to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship.

John’s Thoughts: A really good women’s match that was way too short. Impact wrestling needs more wrestlers like Faby who can put on a good well-wrestled match. Tessa just has good match after good match with great aggression.

Tessa grabbed a mic and started gloating about being the Champion. Tessa said she ran through the entire Knockouts locker room. Tessa said she beat the best in Mexico now which makes her the best wrestler and athlete in professional wrestling. Tessa said she is the one and only diamond of the Knockouts Division.

A returning Taya Valkyrie was shown on the video screen where she talked in Spanish (and since it she has an Canadian/American accent it was easy to translate). Taya said she’s the “Wera Loca” (Crazy White Girl). Taya also said she was a part of the Perros Del Mal faction (the now defunct faction run by the late Perro Aguayo Jr). Taya said she is also the former two-time Queen of Queens champion (and never lost the title). Taya said she’s heard Tessa gloat and run her mouth over the past few months.

Taya said Tessa probably thinks she’s the best Luchador in Mexico, but she can’t say that because she didn’t beat Taya. Taya proposed a match between the Diamond vs. the self-made first generation crazy white girl and queen of Lucha Libre for the title at Bound for Glory. Taya said the balls in Tessa’s court. Taya said everyone thinks that Tessa is a bitch, but Taya respects Tessa because Tessa is one of the best. Taya said Taya was also one of the best too. This ended the promo segment. Don Callis was hung up over Taya saying, “everyone things you’re a… well… b word” (line of the night!)… [c]

John’s Thoughts: So, is Bound for Glory going to be headlined by singles title matches involving Mr. and Mrs. Hennigan [Impact-Morrison-Mundo-Nitro-etc]? A solid promo segment. This was almost as odd as her husband randomly getting a title shot against Austin Aries, but at least Taya “requested” the match and John would probably tell you that Taya is a better promo than him. Hopefully they find a way to build to this and I wonder if she’s even in Mexico. Taya couldn’t make the Canada tapings due to having issues with her visa. She also might not be in Mexico due to having issues with the AAA promotion. It’ll be interesting to see how they juggle this feud. Pre-tapes?

Alisha Edwards was fixing her makeup backstage. Suddenly she was tapped on the shoulder by Eddie Edwards and his Kendo Stick. Eddie said revenge and love was in the air. Alisha cut off Eddie and said that Eddie was stupid last week for trying to take on three guys by himself (so she’s accusing him of being a Babyface Moose?). Edwards said he wasn’t alone since he had Kenny (the Kendo Stick) and Johnny Impact with him as his friends. Alisha said the first thing is Kenny isn’t a person. Alisha said the second thing is Eddie being crazy. Alisha said the only good thing is at least Eddie has one friend who would team with him tonight.

Johnny Impact walked into the scene and called Aries and his goons three douchebags. Johnny then called Austin Aries a “turd cutter”. Johnny said they are going to have to take care of a common problem together and that Eddie should bring Kenny along. Johnny wanted a fist bump, but Eddie hit him in the hand with the stick. Johnny and Alisha walked away. Eddie kept yelling “it’s all good”…

John’s Thoughts: Ugh… Johnny has fallen into that weird thing WWE is doing these days by feeling the need to hamfist their catchphrase in every promo. Except Johnny’s catchphrases are a bit lame. In fact, Johnny made Eddie look a lot better by comparison. As I mentioned before, Johnny should look back at the babyface work he did in Lucha Underground season 4 which is airing now (and he taped back in March!) because he comes off more as a kind, a bit nerdy, but genuine human being.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from their commentary table. Don Callis wore his Comda Bound for Glory hat over his headset. Josh called out Don for wearing the cap over the headset. Josh then used that as a segue to advertise free hats you can get from Comda…

The show cut to a Sami Callihan camcorder promo with the Crist Brothers. Jake Crist was doing his Damien Mizdow act again for some reason. Dave Crist was the highlight again with his disapproval of Jake being a dweeb. It was hard to hear what Sami was saying at first due to the audio being light, but it became Sami’s usual promo of being a ticket draw. Sami said he sold out Bound for Glory. Sami said people are calling Sami a dumpster fire. Dave said Sami wasn’t a dumpster fire. Sami then said he could have taken this opportunity, but he was giving it to Jake. Sami said Jake will take on Brian Cage on this week’s Impact.

Jake stopped the mime act after hearing that he had to face Cage and Dave Crist started cracking up. Sami said that Jake will beat Cage tonight and we will see a reenactment of the end of Terminator 2 with Cage as the Terminator dying. Sami said that instead of being the mini draw, Jake will become the “medium” draw. Jake tried to talk his way out by saying that Cage almost broke his neck before. Sami slapped Jake in the face and inspired him. Jake got inspired and said, “Get ready for the mini draw”. Sami then said that OVE was for Ohio, by Ohio, and will take over everything… Everything… Everything…

John’s Thoughts: Remember when the Crist Brothers were cutting promos by themselves and they all stunk? Sami’s promo here might be a bit repetitive, but the guy is so good as a hype man and talker that all he does is enhance any segment he’s in. More solid work from Sami and Dave Crist. Not sure what Jake is going for?

Eli Drake was shown in the streets of Mexico. He walked around Mexico doing his Dwayne Johnson thing in front of the Mexican street food vendors…

Sami Callihan and The Crist Brothers made their entrance in front of the Fronton Mexico crowd. Brian Cage made his entrance next (he used to wrestle in Mexico before the great Konnan exodus of AAA). Cage now has X-Men Wolverine claw effects on his video wall…

2. Brian Cage vs. Jake Crist (w/Sami Callihan, Dave Crist). Cage overpowered Jake in the corner early on. Jake managed to sidestep Cage to allow Sami Callihan to get a cheap shot Tornado DDT on Cage. Somehow the referee didn’t see this. Jake worked on the left arm of Cage. Jake DDT’d the arm of Cage into the mat. Jake went for a huracanrana but Cage blocked it with his core. Jake got an armbar in there, but Cage broke it up with a power bomb on his knee. Cage won a knee exchange on Jake and hit him with the 619 (or 559). Cage hit Jake with a top rope elbow drop for a nearfall.

Cage caught Jake and hit him with a sitout Alabama Slam for a nearfall. Jake took down Cage with his unique Savate kicks. Cage countered Jake with an enzuigiri. Jake blocked a Superplex and hit Cage with a top rope RKO for a one count. Sami tried to inspire Jake with face slaps. Cage hit Jake with the Drill Claw for the win.

Brian Cage defeated Jake Crist via pinfall in 4:45.

Sami didn’t waste any time before going in the ring to pummel Cage. Dave Crist assisted Callihan in the attack. Don Callis reasoned that Callihan sacrificed Jake, so he could soften up and blindside Cage. The lights went out suddenly. Don Callis asked for an electrical tech. Suddenly Dave Crist was missing when the lights came back on. The video screen showed that Pentagon and Fenix kidnapped Dave Crist and managed to get him tied up on a chair really quickly.

Pentagon and Fenix then beat up on Dave with 2×4’s (hmmm… that’s a little out of character for white meat babyface Fenix). Sami Callihan was shown crying in the ring. The Lucha Brothers superkicked Dave. Penta said “Cero Miedo” while Fenix said “Animo”. Sami Callihan then let out a melodramatic “DAVE!!!!!”. Cage blindsided Jake and Sami with a lariat. Cage then cleared the top rope to hit Jake and Sami with a Tope Con Hilo. Sami and Jake retreated to the back while Cage’s theme played… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Another match tonight that was solid in the time given, but again, the match was too short. At least that leaves you wanting more (but as for the Faby/Tessa one, we might not ever get that on TV ever again due to Faby being in a different Country). The OVE vs. Lucha Underground feud has been basic but effective and will lead to a really fun trios match. I don’t doubt that. I still think they’re wasting The Crist Brothers (who could be in a hot tag team match). Pentagon and Fenix are good as a tag team but better as singles wrestlers so that’s a waste. Sami’s a main eventer. Not to mention, the X-Division title has become an afterthought and is not even being acknowledged on the Bound for Glory card. Freaking Comda hats mean more than the X title these days.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed the trio of Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross. Moose’s outrageous outfit of the week consisted of a red silken sleeved shirt. Austin Aries repeated his joke from last week by asking McKenzie why she’s still here. Aries said that at least McKenzie lasted one more week than El Texano. Aries said “The Texan” gave his best shot but he came up short because Aries took care of business and that’s why Aries is the world champion. Aries said he feels sorry for a few poor souls because a couple of six foot five 275 pounders will take care of business their own way.

Moose said he told himself that he wasn’t going to lose his composure tonight, but now that he sees McKenzie he definitely won’t lose it (wait? what?). Moose called McKenzie a sweetheart. Moose said Eddie is getting to him just a little bit. Moose said Eddie thinks being crazy makes him dangerous but Moose and Kross are dangerous. Moose called himself a legend and then did his Moose arm pump.

Kross then said, “hello John, we have a problem here”. Kross talked about how John infiltrates major companies and positions himself for success (Kross worked with Johnny in Lucha Underground and AAA). Kross said Johnny corrupts everything he touches like a plague or virus. Kross said he can’t Johnny do it this time because “we” have big plans for this place. Kross said Johnny’s future looks very bleak. Kross said he was going to make Johnny Impact into Johnny Neckbrace. Aries said that McKenzie Mitchell was now done, just like Johnny Neckbrace. Kross and Aries left. Moose stuck around and blew a kiss at McKenzie. McKenzie said “ew”…

John’s Thoughts: I was a little bit weary in terms of Killer Kross being a part of this act, but the guy is so good at playing his focused and cunning character that it fills out this trio of personalities very well. Aries is good no matter what heel position you put him in. Heel Moose is a weekly riot. As I said before, he’s becoming Impact’s version of Kyle O’Reilly where you can’t help but pay attention to what he’s doing on the side. This week we got “sexual harassment” horny Moose? Or something? Heel Moose is a riot. Can we make Heel Moose X Division Champion? Just for the LOLs!

Josh Mathews did his weekly plug for the Chris Jericho Cruise…

It was time for the Global Wrestling Network Flashback Match of the Week. It was the OGz team of Homicide and Hernandez (w/Konnan) vs. AJ Styles and Chris Daniels from Bound For Glory 2006. Hernandez fell off the top of a cage and ate dirt to begin the segment. I only had to fast forward about one minute or so this week…

The show cut to the weekly Grado, Joe Hendry, and Katarina skit. Katarina told Grado that he looked like he lost weight. Joe Hendry reminded Katarina that he said, “access denied”. Grado started trying to sing Hendry’s song. Katarina said she deserved it. Katarina said she brought Grado and Hendry a gift. A creepy clown lumberjack man popped out behind Hendry and Grado. Katarina started naming off the famous Clowns of Lucha Libre like Psycho Clown, Monster Clown, or Pagano. Katarina said this is the scariest clown of all, Murder Clown. Murder Clown said something in Spanish. Katarina said next week Hendry will face Murder Clown…

John’s Thoughts: This Grado storyline has jumped the shark, right? I really like all three acts involved but I feel like we’ve been stuck in this holding pattern for months with a decent but underwhelming payoff. Can they move Hendry and Grado to other things? Maybe bring Joe Park in here to fix it?

Some random guy named Rolando Martinez interviewed Scarlett Bordeaux on top of a Mexican monument. There was smoke. Martinez said Scarlett was making a big announcement. Scarlett said she’s at the revolutionary monument because she revolutionized Impact Wrestling. She said she got a show on her first night, made “hot shaming” trend worldwide, and almost led Fallah Bahh to the World title. Scarlett said that her big news of the night was she was going to issue a talent search to find one man or woman she will give all of her attention to…

Now it was time for the exact opposite of Scarlett Bordeaux, Gama Singh cutting one of his boring ass introductions for the Desi Hit Squad. Rohit Raju was acting like Jeff Jarrett in Mexico by calling everyone trash. Their opponents were LAX who got a good reaction. Ortiz was sporting a Wu Tang Clan shirt…

3. “The Latin American XChange” Santana and Ortiz (w/Konnan) vs. “The Desi Hit Squad” Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh (w/Gama Singh). The crowd chanted LAX as Konnan did the LA hand sign. Some fast-paced chain wrestling ensued to start the match. Raju caught Santana with a kick. Santana tagged in Ortiz for some tandem offense. They hit Raju with a double suplex. Ortiz then hit a free fall splash on Raju. Don Callis said he’s more excited to be a part of Scarlett Bordeaux’s casting call, so much that he’ll clean her toilet. Josh said Don wouldn’t clean toilets since he’s a germ-a-phobe. Don Callis said he would clean Scarlett’s toilet which cracked Josh up.

Raju yelled at the referee for a nearfall. Josh then asked who was a better leader, Gama or Konnan. Don said Gama is cerebral while Konnan is like a dictator. Don Callis then compared Konnan to Paul Heyman and Don said that he drank the Paul Heyman Kool Aid. Rohit Raju dominated Ortiz for a sequence. The crowd chanted “culero” (asshole). Ortiz got a boot up to fend off Gursinder. Ortiz cleared a way but Raju pulled Santana off the apron. Santana kicked Raju and tagged in Santana who pummeled Gursinder with chops. Santana hit Gursinder with a Lucha Libre armdrag and a Knee Plus. Santana hit Raju with a suicide dive.

Grusinder hit a few punches on Gursinder. Ortiz hit an ugly looking Code Red on Gursinder. LAX hit a double team slam. Santana hit Gursinder with a moonsault while jumping off the back of Ortiz. Josh Mathews went into a plug for Border City Wrestling where David Arquette will be appearing at a future show. Gursinder regained control by hitting Santana with a lungblower. Raju softened SanTana with a knee which allowed Gursinder to hit Santana with the Sky High. Ortiz gave Raju a DVD on Gursinder. Santana then hit a cannonball whisper of the wind on Gursinder’s face (ouch! Gursinder always seems to take the worst shots in the face). LAX hit their Blockbuster Power Bomb finisher for the win.

LAX defeated the Desi Hit Squad via pinfall in 7:28.

John’s Thoughts: A solid tag team match with solid tag team talents. Sadly, the announce team focused on everything other than the match and you can’t really blame them. The Desi Hit Squad has been a dud in Impact very similar to the dorky Cult of Lee faction. Gama is obviously the weak link, but Rohit Raju also needs to stop acting like a goof (like Trevor Lee) because he’s painting himself as enhancement talent. Other than that, LAX looks good as always and it’s cool seeing Konnan and his boys get a good reaction in Mexico.

Eddie Kingston and the OGz popped up on the video wall. Kingston called LAX a couple of young boy bitches. Kingston said he won last week and gave them a preview as to what Kingston will do to Konnan at BFG. Kingston said it was time to talk about the past. Kingston pulled out a printed collage of masked Konnan pictures from back in the day. Kingston said Konnan looked jacked. King said the mask looks beautiful. Konnan said all of the Hispanics wanted to be Konnan, the top in the industry. Kingston ripped up the paper. Kingston brought up how Konnan lost the match in a Luchas De Apuestas match in Mexico City. King then showed that he has Konnan’s mask.

Konnan said it symbolized everything about Konnan. Kingston said that after Konnan lost the mask he started to leach off people. Kingston said Konnan leached off of Art Barr, Eddie Guerrero, and still leaches off Rey Mysterio to this day (damn…). Kingston then called out to Rey and said that even though Rey doesn’t know King, Rey doesn’t need Konnan. Kingston said Konnan Leached off of the OGz and even Kingston in the streets. Kingston said Konnan has a couple of young marks who’s he leaching off now. King said that losing the mask was the beginning of the end and soon Kingston will end Konnan. Kingston then burned Konnan’s mask in effigy. Homicide then said some things about death in Spanish and then did his “Bryattt” catchphrase. Josh Mathews said this was sick and disrespectful… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Damn, that was great. See what happens when you move away from (attempted) child murder and cosplay mafia dudes? I didn’t expect Kingston to cut so deep and bring things to reality. Konnan does have a reputation for attaching himself to hot acts (but you can also argue that he brought a lot of hidden acts to light). Kingston could have named more like Pentagon, Kalisto, Ron Killings, Killer Kross, Taya, and more. Great promo work from King. Why the hell was James Storm cutting the promos for that lame DCC faction when they had someone like this waiting in the midst?

Fallah Bahh and KM were in some random (but awesome) boujee looking pink room. KM was wearing a neckbrace while sleeping on a couch. Fallah Bahh sung the Go to Sleep lullaby in his Bahh language. This is oddly very cute. Bahh took his robe off and put it on KM as a blanket. Bahh gave KM a kiss on the forehead. KM then woke up and told Bahh to come closer. KM thanked Bahh for taking care of him but there is something bigger that Bahh needs to take care of. KM said Bahh not only needs to get revenge for him but for “us”. KM said Bahh needs to do this. KM then told Bahh “Fallah Go!… I believe in you!”. Bahh left saying “Bahh”…

Tessa Blanchard talked about how Taya was waiting in the background to pick her moment with a video. Tessa said Taya tried to steal the moment from Tessa of Tessa beating one of the best in Mexico. Tessa bragged about beating Faby in front of her family and friends. Tessa said if the BFG match is the match that Taya wants, then she has it. Tessa said that if Taya wants to call Tessa a bitch, Tessa will show her a bitch at Bound for Glory…

John’s Thoughts: There we go, I’m already looking forward to Taya vs. Tessa. This will be a hard-hitting brawl. Knowing how brutal both Tessa and Taya can be, there might be some bloody noses and mouths involved by the end of the match. I hope they don’t end up as bloody as that one Faby Apache vs. Taya Valkyrie match I watched a few years ago.

Kiera Hogan and Allie made their entrance first. Su Yung and the Undead Maid of Honor followed. This Undead Maid of Honor looks like a different maid of honor…

4. Allie and Kiera Hogan vs. Su Yung and The Undead Maid of Honor. UDMOH and Allie started off the match. Allie took down the maid with a flying lariat. Josh Mathews said some say that Allie’s soul remained in the coffin. Kiera tagged in as the faces hit a clunky tandem sequence. Kiera got a nearfall on UDMOH after some offense. The face team focused double team moves on the maid. Josh Mathews went into a plug for Comda. Su Yung surprised Allie with a punt to the face. The child ref guy focused on Kiera while Su and the maid double teamed Allie. Josh continued his Comda plug.

The maid hit Allie with a leg trap suplex. Su Yung tagged in and used a guillotine choke to trap Allie. Allie used strikes to escape and hit Su Yung with a codebreaker. Allie went for the tag, but the maid tripped Kiera off the ring apron. Su Yung attacked Allie and got a nearfall. Allie escaped the panic switch. Both women took each other out with a lariat. Kiera ducked Su to allow Allie to make the hot tag (but the crowd was quiet). The crowd picked up after a kick from Kiera. Kiera hit Su Yung with a rally of hip strikes and dropkicks. Kiera then hit Su with a facebuster for a nearfall. The maid tried to interfere but ate double roundhouse kicks form the face team. Su Yung stuck the bloody glove in the mouth of Kiera. The maid and Allie took each other out. Kiera then hit Su Yung with the Paige Turner and got the clean pin? What?

Allie and Kiera Hogan defeated Su Yung and the UDMOH via pinfall in 6:43.

Kiera and Allie got a mild applause and air horn from the crowd as Su Yung and UDMOH retreated up the ramp. Josh Mathews went right into hyping the main event…

John’s Thoughts: Let me get the negative out of the way first. What the hell was that finish? This happened before. Isn’t UDMOH’s job to be cannon fodder and, in meta purposes, there to take the pin for Su Yung? Why are they jobbing out Su Yung cleanly all of a sudden? This was very similar to what they did with Taya Valkyrie after her huge push. Very weird. I don’t get what they’re going for and now what? Lovable loser Kiera Hogan defeated the “monster” of the division. In the same week we saw both Konnor from the Ascension and Kiera Hogan pick up a clean win. As for the match, the match was well wrestled. The women had a tough crowd but I give Allie and Kiera a lot of credit for making them cheer as the match went on.

Matt Sydal was shown meditating in front of the revolutionary monument with a CG third eye on his head. Rich Swann poked it out and told Sydal to open his real one. Rich Swann complained about Sydal turning their singles match into teaming up. Rich Swann said next week Sydal should be ready for a singles match…

Josh Mathews hyped Matt Sydal vs. Rich Swann, Eli Drake’s open challenge, Kiera Hogan vs. Su Yung, and Joe Hendry vs. Murder Clown for next week…

Johnny Impact made his entrance first followed by Eddie Edwards. Austin Aries and his boys made their entrance to what sounds like Heel music for Moose. It actually sounded good complete with violins. Don Callis said that Kross got leaner. Josh Mathews went right into his Grumpy Old Men plug. Don Callis said that he and Scott D’Amore sound like a couple of grumpy old men…

5. Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards vs. Moose and Killer Kross (w/Austin Aries). Edwards and Kross started the match. Edwards wanted to face Moose so Kross tagged in Moose. Moose teased wrestling, but he tagged back in Kross. Kross struck what looked like an offensive Krav Maga stance. Johnny Impact tagged in. The crowd chanted “Johnny Impact” complete with their Mexican accent, that was cool. Johnny did wrestle in AAA for a while in crossovers with Lucha Underground. Josh Mathews noted that even though Johnny and Taya aren’t from Mexico they spend time wrestling here (Josh also acknowledge they are married). Kross and Johnny traded submissions until Kross clawed the head of Johnny.

Johnny fended off Kross with a dropkick. Moose tagged in and Johnny trapped him in a headlock. Johnny tagged in Edwards. Moose quickly shoved off Edwards and quickly tagged Kross back in. Kross pummeled Edwards in the corner. Edwards cornered Kross and tagged in Johnny for tandem offense. Kross blocked a Moonlight Drive with a Northern Lights. Kross deadlifted Johnny into a Fisherman Suplex. [c]

Moose was beating up Johnny in the corner. Moose started rubbing his balls from under his pants (yes, he did that. ew) and then chopped Johnny.

John’s Thoughts: Can we say that Moose just pulled a Randy Orton?

Johnny flipped away and tagged in Edwards. Moose quickly tagged in Kross. Edwards worked on Kross with knife edge chops. Moose gave Edwards the advantage with a trip. Kross hit Edwards with an impressive release uranage. Moose tagged in to beat up the fallen Edwards. Moose then did something to Edwards that people couldn’t see. Moose then tried to pull a Randy Orton on Edwards with the chop but Edwards escaped and returned the chops. Moose hit Edwards with his high dropkick.

Moose tagged in Kross to avoid Edwards. Kross hit Edwards with a Giant Swing. Kross turned the swing into a Cloverleaf. Edwards blocked a suplex by grabbing at the hamstring of Kross. Edwards gave Kross a suplex. Johnny came in with the hot tag. Josh Mathews hyped a Survivor viewing party on October 10 in New York. Johnny trapped Kross on the second rope for an Edward kick and sliding German. Johnny Impact went for the Impact elbow but Kross got out of the way and turned Impact inside out with a lariat.

Moose and Edwards tagged in. Edwards came with frantic slaps. Edward and Moose traded kicks. Edwards hit Moose with a Frankensteiner. Kross broke up the pin attempt. Kross hit an overhead suplex on Edwards as the crowd chanted “Culero”. Johnny was suplexed into the barricade as Johnny did his parkour to land on his feet. Johnny used Parkour to avoid Kross and hit him with the Moonlight Drive on the ringside floor. Moose and Eddie were left in the ring. Moose hit Eddie with a knife edge. Johnny hit Moose with a Flying Chuck which allowed Edward to hit Moose with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Madness ensued when Kross returned with kicks coming from everywhere.

All four men took each other out with kicks. Austin Aries went into the ring to “try” to hit Johnny with the belt. Johnny took the belt and hit Aries with it. Johnny celebrated with the belt which allowed Kross to hit Johnny with the Doomsday Saito. Edwards attacked Kross with the Kendo Stick. Moose then hit Edwards with the flipping Spear (looked more like a Gore, which looks more impressive) for the win.

Moose and Killer Kross defeated Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards via pinfall in 12:00 of TV Time.

Aries, Kross, and Moose stood tall to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: A solid match with a logical outcome (unlike the previous match). This match ended up telling a logical story with all the players involved. I’m really hoping one day we see Kross compete in singles matches because the guy has some really vicious looking suplexes. There’s a reason I’ve been hyping this guy up from his dark matches. Moose is really good as a heel. The random harassment of McKenzie and the crotch rubbing may be a bit much, but this Moose is way more interesting and funny than lame babyface Moose. Maybe Moose has been practicing with Randy Orton on how to be a heel backstage? I’m kidding.

This week’s episode of Impact was better than last week’s. Last week’s wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really stand out either. This episode contained less random luchador matches and more of a push towards storyline development and Bound for Glory. There were a lot of bad points to this show, but at least there was enough good to offset that. A few of the matches were cut short, but you don’t always need in-ring classics every week. Save those for the PPVs (though these short matches seemed “cut” short rather than naturally short). The crowd also seemed a bit more familiar with the American talent showcased on this episode with a lot of them wrestling in AAA. Jason Powell will be by later today with his hit list and Members Exclusive Impact Wrestling Audio Review.



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