WWE Raw on-site report: A second in-person report with notes on the live crowd’s reaction to the Bayley and Sasha Banks counseling skit, Roman Reigns and Lashley, and more

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Dot Net reader Lyle Johnson attended Monday’s WWE Raw in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and sent the following report.

-Sioux Falls pleasantly surprised me by being about 50/50 on Roman Reigns. I figured he would be mostly cheered. I’m assuming WWE thought the same thing since they sent him out three different times during the night. Dolph Ziggler had the line of the night in saying that it was funny that Reigns called someone else an egomaniac. Seth Rollins received a big pop.

-The crowd loved the B-team mocking Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, but they didn’t get much of a reaction during the match. It was disappointing to not witness Bray’s entrance in person, but I hope he is doing well after his car accident.

-Bobby Lashley was mostly booed during his first appearance backstage.

-The Bayley/Sasha skit really cooled off the crowd.

-The Authors of Pain looked impressive in person.

-Seth Rollins had the crowd eating out of his hands during the tag match. By far the most popular performer of the night. The Revival got massive heat just for breaking up a really good match. Ziggler and Drew Mcintyre were really good during the match as well.

-Baron Corbin received moderate heat, but the crowd was pretty quiet until Balor made his appearance.

-Another disappointment was Elias not appearing besides the backstage skit with the Riott Squad.

-The crowd was really quiet during the Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan match. I think Morgan looks like she has improved a lot since her main roster debut. TV does not do the Eclipse justice. It looked awesome in person, and Morgan sold it incredibly.

-Roman Reigns showed once again that ALL he can do is punch and kick. Very boring match versus The Revival. Reigns even hit a Superman Punch, but it got absolutely zero reaction. I couldn’t tell if the crowd was booing Lashley for leaving or booing Reigns since he was being shoved down our throats.

-Alexa Bliss got a strong reaction. The match was a basic Nia Jax match, but the kids in my section loved Nia Jax.

-Lashley’s interview backstage was one of his best promos since returning.

-Braun Strowman got a huge pop. There was an “A-1” (the sanitation company) chant when KO went into the porta-potty. The chant of the night was definitely “Porta-Potty”.

-Overall it was a fun show, and I hope the crowd was large and enthusiastic enough for Smackdown and/or Raw to return yearly.

Biggest Pops
Seth Rollins (by far)
Braun Strowman
Finn Balor


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