John Cena on losing to Undertaker at WrestleMania and the message he hoped to send to the locker room, sitting in the crowd at WrestleMania 34

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

John Cena spoke with Sports Illustrated about a variety of topics. Read the full interview at The following are highlights of the interview.

Cena on the message of losing to Undertaker so quickly at WrestleMania 34: “That is a message to any performer who is complaining about their spot or that, creatively, they have nothing going for them. I’ve been first, I’ve been in the middle, I’ve been last. I just want to go out there and do something. There are a few performers who share my ideology, with The Miz being one of them. That’s why he is skyrocketing into a new bracket as we speak, and I can’t wait to see what he does next week. But there is also a lot of disdain and complacency. You should be happy with any sort of role, even if it is getting your tail kicked in.”

Cena on sitting in the crowd at WrestleMania: “There were reservations about me in the audience. Originally, they wanted me to go out in the crowd for 10 minutes. I said, ‘Absolutely not. I need a ticket, a physical ticket, I need a real seat, and I am going out in that arena when the doors open.'”

Powell’s POV: So is it be happy with your role or have ruthless aggression and grab the brass ring? These messages must be confusing for the WWE wrestlers. If Cena really wants to be a great locker room leader then he could lead the charge to make sure that the wrestlers receive pay and treatment that is comparable to what athletes in professional sports receive, especially once those lucrative new television deals kick in. I’m not holding my breath, as Cena has always been a company first guy and that approach has served him well. Cena also spoke about his role in the animated series Dallas & Robo on Youtube Red and had more to say about his match with Undertaker.

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  1. >>So is it be happy with your role or have ruthless aggression and grab the brass ring? <

    Have someone with better comprehension skills (a 4th grader would be a good bet) explain what Cena is saying.

  2. I think his message is that you should make the best of every opportunity… You can be happy with your role and still grab every opportunity to be better. The Miz had a pretty rough run for years after his WrestleMania main event, but he didn’t complain or whine on social media, he just improved his skill set and made the best of the TV time he got to prove that he should be a main eventer.

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