WWE Raw onsite report: What happened with Braun Strowman and Kane after the show went off the air?

Dot Net readers Brian Oglesby and Matt H attended Monday’s WWE Raw in Atlanta, Georgia at Philips Arena and sent the following combined notes.

-After Raw went off the air, Braun Strowman emerged from the hole in the ring and posed as his music played. Strowman walked off like nothing happened. Kane was still under when house lights came up. There was not a dark match.

Brian’s Notes:

-The only area tarped off was the 400 level which is a second level of the upper deck. I am guessing a solid 10k in attendance.

-The biggest pops were for Kurt Angle, The Shield, Triple H, and the couple that got engaged during the Paul Heyman promo.

-The most heel heat was for the Miz TV segment and anything involving Jason Jordan.

-A good, fun show. Three-plus hours is still too long.

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