WWE TLC onsite report: The live perspective on Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles, comical garbage truck sound volume issue, notes on the main event, cruiserweight matches, reaction to Asuka, and more

Dot Net member Mafujon (Jon Leonard) attended the WWE TLC event in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Target Center and sent the following report.

-As far as attendance is concerned, the side opposite hard camera was about three-quarters full and some of the upper level by the stage was deserted. Other than that mostly full.

-The Kickoff Show was missable. The crowd did have fun booing Drew Gulak as he made his way around the set.

-There was a huge pop for the start of the show video package highlighting Kurt Angle’s return to the ring.

-A great pop for Asuka and glad to be a part of her debut. It was a much louder pop than what was reported to me by someone watching WWE Network. Asuka’s moves were over and though the in-ring was solid, nobody bought the two counts from Emma.

-Minimal reaction for the cruiserweight tag match. Unless you watch 205 Live, which I assume most in attendance didn’t given that nobody seemed to care for either of these four men. Like most of their matches, the only rise from the crowd was the high flying spots. This is a shame because I liked all of these men from the Cruiserweight Classic and NXT runs.

-I didn’t watch the Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss match due to trying to get concessions, which was very understaffed. I walked away from the concessions after the match was over. What is it about Mickie James and Minnesota with shit storylines about weight or age? (see Bragging Rights 2010)

-Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto was the biggest nothing burger of the night. After Enzo’s promo, no one cared until the finish, which is sad because it wasn’t like it fallowed a hot match so no excuses.

-The Elias segments did get heat more than when WWE tried the same tactic at Elimination Chamber 2014 with Bad News Barrett.

-The Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles match felt like the match of the night. The crowd was into it from the get go and first time it truly felt electric in there. There was a big pop for the finish and the too sweet gesture at the end. There was a funny technical moment that I know didn’t make air. When the video wall started playing Balor’s video again after victory, the video wall at the small panel where people come out spasmed with logos for Ticketmaster, Fastlane, and National Guard before switching back to Balor.

-No one cared for the Jason Jordan vs. Elias match itself. We marked for Jordan’s interruptions but the match finish kind of confused us.

-The main event was a cluster f— from the get go. The crowd did lose interest in the match after Kurt Angle was taken out since everyone assumed either someone would interfere on behalf of The Shield or Angle would come back. The garbage truck spot did cause groans and laughs since the “noise” of the trash compacting was played much louder over the speakers like a sound effect. The match did send the crowd home happy with enough high spots to satisfy.

Biggest Pops
1. Kurt Angle’s return during TLC Match
2. A.J. Syles
3. Asuka

Biggest Heat
1. Elias
2. Emma
3. Drew Gulak (with everyone whose there at that point)

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