Ric Flair and Charlotte book signing in Atlanta notes

Dot Net reader Scott Barnett attended the Ric Flair and Charlotte book signing on Thursday in Atlanta, Georgia and sent the following report.

My buddy and I drove to Atlanta from Athens last night for the book signing. We were the first ones in line and we got there at 5:00pm. The crowd was pretty light until about 6:10 when the doors opened.

During that hour it seemed people started rolling in. The security guard we were talking to said they had about 300 pre-sold tickets, but we did see a steady group of people coming up to buy tickets.

They did an interview with two local stations and started the signing at about 7:15. I was the very first person in line. They were both super nice and seemed to really be thankful for us being there. You could tell that Ric was still a little weak but was in good spirits. Charlotte was very sweet and just seemed like a nice person to be around.

All around it was great to meet them both, and getting my picture with them was awesome! The venue was a great place for a book signing, and the whole process was a welled oiled machine.

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