8/31 Moore’s GFW Impact Wrestling Review: Eli Drake and Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards in a match were the man who scores a pinfall gets a GFW Title Shot, more Dan Lambert and American Top Team, Low Ki vs. James Storm, Petey Williams wrestles his first match in Impact in eight years

By John Moore

GFW Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped in August 2017 in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

GFW Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis were shown entering the Universal Studios studio lot. Drake and Adonis had suits. Drake had a cigar and his Championship belt. In what has been a regular occurrence the past three weeks or so, Bobby Lashley, Dan Lambert, and American Top Team were shown entering the studio lot. Scott D’Amore and Rafael Morffi talked with Dan Lambert and they all shook hands. Borash talked about this being odd due to Dan Lambert shoving Scott D’Amore a few weeks ago. Jeff Jarrett walked into the scene to continue his endless arguing with Dan Lambert. Borash said he thinks that Dan Lambert said “The Gravy Train has left the station”. For some reason (I feel like GFW-TNA’s catchphrase should be “for some reason”). For Some reason Earl Hebner joined in on the arguing. Jeremy Borash translated the inaudible audio to say that Dan Lambert said “you can shove that olive branch up your [ass]”. The word ass was censored. The intro teaser followed with highlights from “Gauntlet for the Gold” with Eli Drake winning the Global Title as well as Johnny Impact (a.k.a Johnny Mundo, on Wednesdays)…

The GFW intro theme played. Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews were on commentary. Eli Drake came out to his old entrance theme (the one that can be found on Jeff Hardy’s CD since Dale Oliver is a member of Jeff’s band). Chris Adonis was there two. Adonis and Drake stood on the ropes with cigars in their mouths. Drake had zebra pattern couches set up in the ring. Drake took a mic and said he was going to talk to ya. He said in 14 years, he’s busted his keester all over this business, country, and world. Drake said people thinks that makes him happy, but it’s wrong. Drake said looking at the title belt pisses him off. He said he’s pissed off that it took him this long. Drake said he was pissed because after all the BS and politics he’s here. Drake said he’s at the top of the mountain now and that’s all that matters.

Drake said people think that when you’re at the top you’re not hungry anymore, but that was BS. Drake said he sat by the pool earlier today and unbeknownst to him “she” has Drake in her sights and was wearing a leopard print bikini. Drake said “she” was a cougar looking for a cub. Yeah! (x3). The crowd joined him in the “yeah” but he told them to shut up. Drake said she tried to offer him some of her mother’s milk. Drake said he only drinks from jugs. She said she has jugs. Drake said he only drinks from the plastic kind. She said these are plastic. Drake said “hey now!”. Adonis and the crowd cracked up (and to be honest, I did as well).

Drake said his thirst was quenched and he didn’t get rest. Drake said he stands up top as Global Champion. Drake said no one could stop him including Bobby Lashley, EC3, Eddie Edwards, Johnny Impact, and especially Jim Cornette who tried to made him one and two. Drake said this is how it goes down and that’s as global champion E-li Drake, and that was just a fact of life.

Johnny Impact made his entrance. Mundo was wearing a “Boone the Bounty Hunter” shirt to pimp out his DVD which you can find at Walmart. Johnny got a good reaction. Johnny said Drake can say his own name repeatedly, talk about working for 14 years, watch himself online and mark out for being campion. Johnny said everyone is tired of Drake running his mouth. Drake said he speaks for the Impact Zone who want Drake to shut up. The crowd chanted “Shut the hell up”. Josh Mathews said it was hot in here now. Johnny said that he has more names than Drake title reigns. Johnny Impact said he’s the AAA Super Mega World Heavyweight Champion. Impact said that being a champion is about keeping the title and Johnny Impact was here to take the title from Drake. Impact was about to say more but he was cut off by Eddie Edwards’ music.

John’s Thoughts: Here’s a thing. Transcribing Johnny Impact is a bit annoying at this point given how I go from reporting Johnny MundoPactSonTro just a day prior. This is going to be fun! Not to mention, Impact is now both the name of the show and a wrestler!

Johnny Impact lounged on the zebra stripe couches as Adonis and Drake yelled at Mundo to get off. Edwards said the words Eli Drake and Drake responded with his usual “yeah”. Edwards said this wasn’t his first rodeo and he knows that if you want something you have to speak up. Edwards said he was speaking to Drake and “Mr. Impact”. Edwards said he respects Impact as AAA champion but this wasn’t AAA because in Impact (Wrestling) Eddie said Eddie outranks Johnny. Edwards said he’s been world champion and he wants it again. Edwards said he needs it. Drake tried to stir the pot and said Edwards deserves a punch in the face at least. Impact said he doesn’t care who he has to punch first Edwards, Adonis, or Drake. Impact said he respects what Edwards did but Edwards had his shot.

This time, Jim Cornette interrupted Johnny’s promo. Cornette said there’s no reason to bicker and argue. Cornette said the GFW Championship scene has been hotter than a summer Sunday after the come to Jesus meetings from a few weeks ago. Cornette said he thinks Impact and Edwards could win it, but he also saw Matt Sydal backstage and the former champion Bobby Lashley. Cornette said anyone can win this thing. Cornette said we need to have a Tag Team Match. Cornette booked the Teddy Long classic between Drake and Adonis vs. Impact and Edwards. Cornette put the twist where if Drake gets the pinfall Drake doesn’t have to defend the title but if Adonis, Edwards, or Impact pick up the pinfall they will get a title shot…

John’s Thoughts: Wow! Drake has been silent for so long that hearing him not be a mute is refreshing. He’s great! Sadly, that segment felt like it went too long given how weak Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards are on the stick. Mundo does a great job when he’s heavily scripted and Edwards has gotten better, but they weren’t that good in the segment to the point where Cornette had to run out there to save it from sinking. Negatives aside, it’s great that Drake is talking again and Impact should just start off with Eli Drake standup.

Allie walked to Taryn Terrell in the backstage coffee area. Taryn was in her underwear and a tutu this week. Allie asked Taryn why she was so mean to Gail Kim. Allie said he thought they were BFFs. Taryn sarcastically said she’s remorseful. Allie was excited and said yes! Taryn blindsided Allie with a forearm and a beatdown. Taryn called Allie annoying. Taryn mounted Allie and asked her to make sure Gail Kim gets the message. Taryn petted Allie and left… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Speaking of people oddly muted. It’s great Allie found her voice again. Hmm… Taryn and Allie down the road has the potential to be the great feud that Allie vs. Maria never got to be due to Maria leaving.

Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews were shown at an announce table in a darkened area (am assuming this was post production). Borash hyped up the main event tag team match. Josh Mathews hyped up Low Ki vs. James Storm with James Storm coming off a concussion injury. Josh also hyped up Petey Williams wrestling on Impact for the first time in eight years. oVe came out next to wrestle Impact’s resident enhancement tag team, Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara. Josh Mathews hyped up GFW’s Over-The-Top streaming service coming soon as well as Pluto TV.

John’s Thoughts: Can’t oVe stand for “one vs. everything” or something like that? Kinda like how LAX doesn’t mean “Los Angeles International Airport”!

1. Jake and David Crist vs. Mario Bokara and Fallah Bahh. Bokara started off against Dave. Bokara placed Dave in the corner but Dave fought out and landed an armdrag. Bokara was kicked in oVe’s corner as the Crist brothers traded quick tags with tandem offense. Jake slammed Bokara on his knee and gave him a neckbreaker. A picture-in-picture cutaway happened with LAX watching the match from their clubhouse. Bokara gave Jake a German Suplex which allowed him to tag in Fallah Bahh.

Bahh gave Jake a running crossbody and successfully got the crowd to chant “Bahh” with him. Bahh missed a dropkick and tagged in Bokara. OVE isolated Bokara. They took Bahh to their side and knocked him out with duel kicks. Jake put Bokara in the Electric Chair as Dave Jumped off the top rope for an RKO to pick up the victory.

Ohio vs. Everything defeated Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara via pinfall in 2:52.

Josh Mathews talked about this being a decisive victory for oVe. Dave Crist stared at the camera like he was in a trance as Jake went to the ropes to celebrate in front of the fans. Josh Mathews then talked over a bumper card that said “Is Lashley’s wrestling career over?”. Josh said they hope to find out this night. Borash talked about Petey Williams returning to Impact for the first time in eight years after the break… [C]

John’s Thoughts: After a shaky first outing, the Crist Brothers have had to solid in ring showcases. The only detractor here is their identities. Borash tells us they are polar opposites, but the contrasting just seems minute at this point. Also, “The Crist Brothers” works way better than the esoteric “Ohio vs. Everything” name. In fact, Fallah Bahh got more people to do his simple chant than the guys being pushed to face LAX.

Jim Cornette was chatting with Moose telling him that he’s proud that Moose is competing at the upcoming AAA TripleMania show (which has already aired! Only in TNA folks!). Cornette had a Moose and EC3 Bound for Glory poster behind him. Cornette said AAA doesn’t let a lot of Americans compete (yet Jeff Jarrett, Brian Cage, Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans and others have been long time featured wrestlers with Jarrett being one of their long term Mega Champions). Cornette said Lashley was also going to be at TripleMania and he’s just giving Moose a heads up. Impact Grand Champion EC3 walked in and asked Cornette why he wasn’t on TripleMania? Cornette said EC3 is busy with GFW stuff. Cornette said next week EC3 was facing “Fantasma Jr.” (a.k.a. El Hijo De Fantasma/King Cuerno) in a Grand Championship match. Cornette and Moose then did Road Dogg’s shtick because “[EC3] Didn’t Know?”. Moose and Cornette then walked out laughing at their Road Dogg joke…

2. Caleb Konley (w/ Trevor Lee) vs. Petey Williams. Caleb Konley now wears generic black tights to match Trevor Lee. Borash talked about how Petey Williams defeated AJ Styles for the X Division Championship and was a part of Team Canada (Impact is really proud of Team Canada for some reason?). After the bell, Petey beat Konley to the punch and pummeled Konley in the corner. Konley turned the tables with a chop and kick. Borash said Konley’s alliance with Trevor Lee stems from them both coming from North Carolina just like Andrew Everett.

Williams caught Konley with a huracanrana and dropkick. Trevor Lee distracted Williams which allowed Konley to leg sweep Williams to ringside. Lee choked Williams off the Konley distraction. Konley worked on Petey as Borash hyped up “ShopImpact.com” (it’s no longer ShopTNA) and the knockout calendar. Konley decked Williams with a strong right hand. After more methodical heel offense Williams fought back with right hands. Konley calmed things down with a boot to Williams. Jeremy Borash gave some hype to Dan Lambert!

Williams came back with some chops. Williams then turned a La Mistica into a Russian Leg Sweep. Williams hit a Flatliner on Konley. Williams called for the Canadian Destroyer but Konley blocked it and hit a strong knife edge. Williams dodged a moonsault and went for the Destroyer again. Trevor Lee ranted on the ring apron to draw Williams’ ire. Williams outwitted both men and hit Lee with a plancha into a huracanrana. Williams hit Konley with a slingshot codebreaker. Petey hit the Canadian Destroyer to pick up the victory…

Petey Williams defeated Caleb Konley via pinfall in 5:57.

Trevor Lee put the boots to Petey Williams post-match. Sonjay Dutt ran out wearing a Du Rag to save Petey Williams. Josh Mathews then hyped up James Storm vs. Low Ki as Storm’s first match since being concussed. Richard Justice was then being interviewed by who I think is Dave Penzer about how to do his ring introductions. Justice was so excited to be having a match. He said he was from Milsap, Texas. He then claimed to be 205 lbs. He then said 2[bleep]5…

John’s Thoughts: See! Impact is really noticing the benefits of singles matches in the X Division. The commentators were able to get out a lot of exposition on the wrestlers as opposed to saying “whoa, what a flip!”. This was a good return for Petey Williams who looked great in his return to national TV. Caleb Konley has shown a lot too on his end in his non-Suicide matches.

Karen Jarrett approached Sienna and Taryn Terrell backstage. Karen wanted Taryn to walk out but Sienna wouldn’t go. Karen said Taryn cost Gail her title match and what Taryn did to Allie was unacceptable. Karen mocked Sienna about some “late night texts”. Karen then booked a tag match against Gail Kim and Allie. Karen called Sienna and Taryn kiddies…

John’s Thoughts: Jim Cornette is doing a great job as the single meaningful GM type. Karen Jarrett is just extraneous and annoying. Now I must know the pain Braun Strowman felt.

Sone generic hip hop beat played as Dave Penzer told us that Richard Justice claims to be 205 pounds. Justice looked lost on his way down the ramp. Justice had a resistance band and American Flag bandanna. Justice did his signature squats before the steps. His opponent was Kongo Kong…

3. “Standby Wrestler” Richard Justice vs. Kongo Kong. Justice kicked things off with some fast-paced offense which Kong no-sold. Justice did his signature squats and ran into Kongo Kong’s stationary fist. Kongo Kong hit Justice with a top rope splash to pick up the quick win…

Kongo Kong defeated Richard Justice via pinfall in 0:52.

Kongo Kong continued the beatdown. Impact’s actual standby wrestler, Mahabali Shera, slowly walked out for the save. Shera and Kong traded punches. Shera learned a new move and gave Kong a flying shoulder block. Kong landed on his feet at ringside. Shera called for Kong to enter the ring but Kong hesitated…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Johnny Impact. Impact said he came to GFW to win the GFW Championship. Impact said he knows Chris Adonis is no pushover since he knew him for 15 years. Impact said Drake was no slouch. Impact said Drake likes to talk about gravy trains but this gravy train was pulling straight into SlamTown…

It was time for an LAX clubhouse cinematic. Konnan called James Storm an Impact favorite and “Drunk fat boy”. Konnan said he wants Low Ki to prove a point and send Storm to the hospital. Low Ki said Storm is about to be sorry about his damn luck…

They cut to the Impact Zone where LAX made their entrance. Low Ki doesn’t wear a suit jacket anymore. He wears a dress shirt and slacks with duel gun holsters to continue the Agent 47 motif… [C]

4. James Storm vs. Low Ki (w/ Konnan, Diamante, Santana, Ortiz). LAX tried to intimidate Storm at ringside but Storm just shrugged them off. Ki struck a Muay Thai stance early on. Ki gave storm calculated strikes to pressure Storm to the bottom turnbuckle. Josh said Ki may be the best pound for pound striker in pro wrestling. Ki kept Storm grounded with headbutts. Ki distracted Brian Hebner so LAX could lay in punches on James Storm. Storm turned the tables with a rally. Storm hit Ki with a Sling Blade. Storm tossed Ki around the turnbuckles. Josh Mathews talked about Bruce Prichard probably not being happy and did a little exposition on Prichard.

John’s Thoughts: There’s the queue that Prichard’s coming back to feud with Cornette.

Ki distracted Hebner again so Ortiz and Diamante could cheap shot Storm. Ki had Storm locked in a body stretch. Ki wrenched on Storm’s abdominal with a claw fist. Borash used the resthold moment to hype the “Global Wrestling Network” app as coming soon. An IOS/Android icon showed the logo for the Global Wrestling Network app. Borash said the app was coming in September and to go to globalwrestlingnetwork.com to check out the app.

Low Ki hit Storm with an overhead feint kick. Ki continued to shake up Storm with calculated strikes. Storm came back with a flying lariat and atomic drop. Ki sent Storm to the apron but Storm kicked Ki and staggered Ki into a neckbreaker. Storm hit Ki with a side Russian leg sweep for the nearfall. Ki escaped the eye of the storm. Ki then turned a Storm slingshot into a double stomp to get a nearfall on Storm. Storm blocked a Ki Crusher. Storm hit Ki with a falling backdrop for a nearfall. Ki kicked Storm to halt the Last Call. Storm dodged a ghetto stomp and Storm got a nearfall after the Eye of the Storm.

Ortiz went to ringside and taunted James Storm. Low Ki jumped and hit Storm with a springboard roundhouse. Konnan distracted the referee. Storm hit the Last Call on Ki. Santana hit Storm with a belt. Ki hit Warriors way on Storm for the win.

Low Ki defeated James Storm via pinfall in 9:20.

LAX celebrated Low Ki’s win with Ki afterward… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Storm had a really good return match. The ending part was a bit weird though with the outside interference distracting the ref on the ring apron. It’s just odd because we saw the same interference in the Konley vs. Williams match. On top of that, this match was set up with Konnan telling Ki to prioritize sending Storm to the hospital rather than win but LAX just celebrated like a babyface faction after the match as opposed to the violent angle that was teased…

Allie and Braxton Sutter were talking in the studio. Allie talked about how Taryn attacked her after a simple introduction. Hector Garza Jr. walked in to check up on if Allie was okay. Sutter threated Garza and told him to back off. Garza acted innocent and said he was just there to check on Allie. Garza backed off. Allie said Garza was just checking to see if she was okay. Sutter said he knows what Garza was “exactly” here for.

John’s Thoughts: I’m with Sutter on that one, especially given how Garza likes to rip his pants off in front of people randomly.

Jim Cornette was shown talking to the camera about Dan Lambert and American Top Team. Cornette said Lambert should be called Lambert the Leach. They showed the continuation of Jeff Jarrett and Dan Lambert continuing to bicker and act like petulant kids. Karen Jarrett appeared out of nowhere did more of her annoying yelling. Karen Jarrett then slapped Dan Lambert in the face.

John’s Thoughts: Can the Karen Jarrett character finally get fired now for slapping a random fan?

Cornette said Lambert was screwing Lashley’s head up. They constantly cut to the Lambert and Jarretts confrontation. Cornette called the ATT thugs and said they were hanging on the coat tails of Lashley. Karen Jarrett was still yelling. Mahabali Shera walked into the camera shot for some reason. Cornette said Lashley should be in control and associate with the right people. Cornette said he doesn’t like how Dan Lambert and American Top Team are causing trouble in their arena. Lambert told Jeff “You know what we do for a living! Dude!”. Jeff tried to calm things down. Lashley tried to get in between Jeff and Dan. Karen jumped into the camera shot and annoyingly yelled “get the f–k out of here!!!”. Lambert told Lashley that he doesn’t need this shit.

John’s Thoughts: Impact viewers don’t need this shit either! Can Karen Jarrett get the hell out of here too along with Dan F’n Lambert?

It was time for a Grado and Park cinematic. Park told Laurel that she of all people knows that weddings can go south. Grado said he found true love. Park was going over the wedding checklist which included a church, hall, catering, lots of alcohol, 1000 doves to reach the stratosphere which was expensive, a DJ who was Park’s uncle named Tobias. Grado said he wants bagpipes. Park said that belongs in a bachelor party and not the wedding since there are kids present. Park said the guest list was most important. Grado said some names. Laurel said her family from Victory was coming. Park thought it was Victoria, Wisconsin. Laurel said it was Victoria, Canada which freaked out Park and Grado since Grado can’t get a US citizenship from this. A Pagano from AAA vignette aired. Lashley was shown getting mic’d up for an interview… [C]

A Taya Valkyrie vignette aired. She talked about shadows, souls, crown, crimson, wars, and stuff. She said her intentions were worthy of the gods and the battlefield will be stained. The graphic showed that Taya was debuting next week…

Borash said Grado finally found someone to marry but now found out that Laurel was actually Canadian. Borash said “who knew…” in a sarcastic tone. Josh said it was back to the drawing board. Josh then hyped up a few matches for next week’s show…

Lashley was interviewed about a decision between MMA and Wrestling. Dan Lambert and American Top Team were also in the room. Lashley said his decision is not important right now. Lashley said he just has to win titles in both Wrestling and MMA so he’s going to do both. Dan Lambert cut in and told Lashley that he would be more successful if he focuses on one. Lambert talked about the window to make money in MMA for Lashley closing. Lashley said the same could be said about wrestling and he wants to make money in Wrestling for about 15 years. Lambert said Lashley is just going to be a token in MMA and a token to people like Matt Sydal. Lashley was asked about what he’s going to do at TripleMania (which already happened! Only in TNA!). Lashley said he’s going to win championships there. The interviewer asked Lashley when he was going to make a decision. Lashley said “when it’s time”…

John’s Thoughts: Speaking of tokens, are they going to give the random MMA guys names or are they just faceless extras in the context of pro wrestling?

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis made their entrance for the upcoming tag team match. Johnny Impact got his usual slow mo entrance…

5. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis vs. Eddie Edwards and Johnny Impact. Edwards squared off against the Masterpiece. Josh Mathews hyped up GFW Amped Anthology part 2. Adonis overpowered Edwards early on. Impact tagged in and worked on Adonis. Adonis grounded Impact with a shoulder block. Drake tagged in. Impact took down Drake with a kick causing Drake to call a huddle with Adonis. Adonis tagged in. Impact hit a standing Shooting Star on Adonis. Adonis raked the eyes of Impact. Josh Mathews called back to his WWE announce days where he and Cole would go into full details as to what Parkour is.

Drake gave Impact an elbow. Impact leapfrogged Drake to send Drake outside. Edwards hit Drake with a suicide dive. Impact hit Adonis with a corkscrew plancha. [C]

Impact hit Drake with some Caporieta kicks. Adonis managed to tag in and do some power moves on Impact. Adonis gave Mundo chops in the corner. Adonis gave Impact a powerslam in the corner. Drake and Adonis then made quick tags to land some quick strikes on Impact. Adonis locked in a Camel Clutch on Impact. Impact fought out with an armdrag. Adonis overpowered Impact and continued the isolation offense. Drake gave Impact a guillotine dropkick on the second rope. Impact dragged Drake to his corner to get a tag. Hebner was distracted so the tag didn’t count. Adonis and Drake then did some quick tags to continue the isolation.

Impact surprised Eli Drake and knocked him out with a Pele Kick. Edwards tagged in and Adonis. Edwards hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Adonis for the nearfall. Edwards got his hands on Drake. Adonis held on Edwards’ leg on the top rope to allow Drake to hit a Superplex on Edwards… [C]

Eli Drake yelled out his name and hit a high elbow on Edwards. The heel team isolated Edwards this time. Edwards hit Drake with a Suplex to make his way to Impact. Impact made the hot tag. Impact hit his signature running knee on Drake. Adonis stopped Impact from hitting Starship Pain. Impact instead hit both Drake and Adonis with a double Moonlight Delight. Impact got a nearfall after the delight. Impact counted down for Starship Pain but took too much time which allowed Drake to recover. Drake and Adonis then did some tandem tag team moves on Impact.

Adonis held down Impact to allow Drake to give a diving elbow on Impact. Edwards pulled Impact out of a double team suplex. Impact hit Adonis with a Flying Chuck Kick. Edwards kicked Drake in the corner and gave him a Frankensteiner. Impact hit a modified 450 on Drake for the nearfall. Drake ran in for the double team. Edward took out the opponents with a crossbody. Edwards made the tag. Eli Drake hit the “Gravy Train”(?) which is the Celtic Cross to pick up the pinfall win on Edwards.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis defeated Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards via pinfall in about 17:30 to prevent Drake from defending his title.

Eli Drake held up his title to celebrate his win. Dan Lambert, Lashley, and American Top Team walked to ringside. Lambert had a mic for a promo. Lambert said no one in the ring has internet access to google Lambert and the MMA guys or else they would be scattering like roaches. Lambert asked the wrestlers why they call themselves champions when the best two sport athlete in this planet is here. Cornette walked out to yell at Lashley to keep Lambert under control. Cornette said Lashley is about to have a chance in Mexico to get back to the top at TripleMania (which happened last…ahhh.. forget it! Only In TNA!). Cornette said if Lashley and American Top Team cause trouble in the ring Lashley would be suspended and can’t compete in TripleMania. Lambert told Lashley and ATT to storm the ring. Cornette kept them under control and booked a match between Eli Drake vs. Matt Sydal on the spot. Matt Sydal made his entrance with a smile on his face. This closed Impact. Borash hyped Lashley TripleMania highlights for next week…

John’s Thoughts: To get the tag team match out of the way. It was fine, and we got to see some of the John Morrison moves we all got to know and love. It went a bit too long with a lot of filler segments. It also established Drake and Adonis more so as a tag team rather than Drake as world champion. Drake is also forced to play second fiddle to Dan Lambert and American Top Team. Lashley of all people has to play backseat to Dan Lambert. Come on! I have no clue about the rest of the spoilers, but based on how fragmented that ending segment was with Matt Sydal, the viewers totally have to be expecting some dumbass schmoz finish to next week’s Sydal vs. Lashley match involving Dan F’n Lambert and American Top Team. I’m not sure if this was a good show or a bad show. There were good things at points but it’s odd that the Dan Lambert trying to play pro wrestler has to cast a cloud of nausea over this show. Let’s see what Jason Powell will come up with and I wonder if he’s as sick as I am about this. We’ll find out with his GFW Hit List and member exclusive audio review later today. Lambert’s not playing a good heel, he’s just an extra who’s getting a chance to play pro wrestler.



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