8/17 Moore’s GFW Impact Wrestling TV Review: Destination X with Lashley vs. Matt Sydal, Jim Cornette returns, Sienna vs. Gail Kim for the GFW Knockouts Championship with a returning Knockout, Bruce Prichard’s statement on Alberto El Patron, Johnny Impact (John Morrison/Mundo) teaser

By John Moore

GFW Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Aired “Live” on August 17, 2017 from Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

A replacement graphic aired before the show. This replaced the TNA History montage. The graphic was now a virtual atlas that highlighted all of Global Force’s worldwide partnerships. Bobby Lashley, Dan Lambert, and America’s Top Team were shown entering the Impact Zone from the Universal Studio lot. Lambert was shown slapping hands with Jeff Jarrett. The show cut to a video package with GFW wrestlers talking about their upcoming Destination X matches…

The opening theme played. The video still featured Alberto El Patron holding up both the TNA and GFW championships (it was the same video they’ve been showing during the last tapings). McKenzie Mitchell was standing in front of a random office with Bruce Prichard’s name and the Anthem Owl on it. The door opened and closed randomly after McKenzie knocked. McKenzie acted surprised as to who was in Bruce Prichard’s office and it was supposedly not Bruce Prichard. McKenzie told the viewers that this could be interesting…

Jeremy Borash checked in on commentary. He was joined by Josh Mathews. No D’Angelo Dinero on this episode. Gail Kim made her entrance as JB recapped Gail Kim’s plan to retire at the end of the year. Mathews took the side of the heel by saying that Sienna’s doing the right thing in not allowing Gail to retire with the championship title. Sienna had a new Global Force belt with her as opposed to the TNA and old-GFW ones. It looked similar to the GFW belt just it was painted with blue letters instead of neon green. The ropes were neon green by the way…

John’s Thoughts: Dinero has improved a lot since he was first put on the commentary table to replace Taz. That said, I feel Josh is going to bring more commentary experience to the table and do a solid job telling stories as the heel color. The color position will also improve Josh’s commentary as it should by default keep him away from his constant reinforcement of Vince McMahon Play-By-Play-Isms.

1. Sienna (w/ KM) vs. Gail Kim for the GFW Knockouts Championship. Josh talked about how Sienna is a hybrid Pro Wrestling and MMA athlete. Gail Kim started off with a quick armbreaker and huracanrana. Gail went for a Crucifix rollup but Sienna blocked it. Gail swung over into a reverse DDT. Gail Kim went for Eat D-Feet but Sienna was aware and rolled to the outside. Gail Kim nailed Sienna with an innovative modified Tiger Feint Kick with the ring post. Sienna grabbed Gail and slammed her on the steel steps. Sienna ordered Earl Hebner to count out Gail. Gail quickly recovered and rolled into the ring.

Sienna put the beatdown on Gail Kim with strikes and a corner splash. Sienna would hold up her pinky finger after her moves. Gail Kim escaped Sienna’s Pounce and went for a rollup. Sienna escaped and hit Gail with a Lariat. Sienna gave Gail some forearms on the top turnbuckle.

John’s Thoughts: Here’s one problem I’m seeing with Sienna. She’s fine in the ring and a confident talker, but I feel she’s trying to play an offshoot of the Maria Kanellis character. Sienna impressed me most when she was brought in with a similar push as Awesome Kong.

Gail Kim blocked a superplex. Gail hit Sienna with a sunset flip bomb. KM was irate on the outside. Sienna missed a corner splash. Kim dominated Sienna with punches and a lariat. Gail hit the corner splash. Gail hit Sienna with a flying crossbody. Josh said Gail has a speed and experience advantage. Sienna powered through Gail’s shoulder tackle transition into a guillotine choke. Gail had a clunky escape from Sienna’s gutwrench. Kim hit Eat D-Feet. Mathews said “We have a New Champion” (which means we won’t at this part of the match, the Vince McMahon-isms still won’t go away). KM stood on the ring apron. Is it Ref Bump time?

Gail Kim slapped KM and gave KM a running forearm. Earl Hebner decided to check on KM for some reason. Suddenly a woman wearing a tutu and lingerie entered the ring. It was Taryn Terrell!!! Terrell hit Gail with an RKO. Taryn rolled out of the ring and had a sadistic smile and laugh. Sienna hit the AK-47 on Gail Kim to lead to the pinfall win.

Sienna defeated Gail Kim via pinfall in 7:05 to retain the GFW Knockouts Championship.

Jeremy Borash talked about how Taryn Terrell has been gone for years. Taryn mounted the knocked out Gail in a suggestive way while mocking her at the same time. Taryn did some of her Dollhouse mannerisms as she stood over Gail Kim’s knocked out body. Jeremy Borash talked about how there was a lot of “controversy” this week regarding the GFW World Championship. The camera cut to a guy’s midsection showing a suit and tie and Josh Mathews asked “What the hell is he doing here?”. Logically, Jeremy Borash asked “who’s that?” to Josh since we can’t see the face… [C]

John’s Thoughts: One thing I like about Borash is that he’s picked up where Taz left off in being the voice of the viewer to some of the weird TNA logic things, like this “surprise” guy in a suit. Back to the match. Damn, Gail Kim hasn’t missed a beat and I forget how long she’s been away from the ring. This makes her impending departure sadder due to one of the top female wrestlers who can still go at a top level leaving the spotlight. That was a good match. I like the Taryn Terrell return as it adds star power and a good worker to the division. My memory is vague yet again, but I remember Kim and Terrell having one hell of a ladder match back in the day which was probably one of the best women’s matches that decade (though I also remember that I cringed at some of the risks that they were taking). Taryn is a great brawler and even better in her Dollhouse persona.

Matt Sydal cut a promo in front of the backstage camera. He said Lashley will know his name tonight. Sydal said he was “Re-Bourne” Matt Sydal. Sydal said he moves in fast forward and sees in slow motion. Sydal said he was going to earn Lashley’s respect and make Lashley remember his name. Sydal said a catchphrase: “Tune in, turn on, re-Bourne Matt Sydal”…

John’s Thoughts: The same criticism I have with Ember Moon on NXT is the same with Matt Sydal. The more he’s given a chance to talk, the less hype his matches get. He would be more effective if he just take care of business and kick ass.

“Something to Wrestle With” was on the video wall as Bruce Prichard made his entrance. He had a Something to Wrestle With shirt so he wasn’t the guy with a suit and tie that Josh was shocked about. Prichard had the singular GFW Championship belt hanging on his shoulder. Bruce Prichard grabbed a mic and said his official role in GFW is as a “Corporate Consultant” for GFW and Anthem Sports which means it’s his job to oversee the talent here in “The GFW” (wait? Consultants don’t usually “oversee” anything. That’s more of a “general manager”, “Human Resources”, or “Talent Relations” role right?). Prichard said GFW respects the loyalty of the fans for being lenient with GFW’s issues in 2017. Prichard said you have to agree that the past year has been “great” (maybe he’s confusing 2017 with 2016). Prichard said next year will be “bigger and better”.

Prichard said he has a prepared statement from the offices of “The GFW”. The letter read that due to an incident involving the GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron, real name Alberto Rodriguez, GFW was announcing that El Patron was no longer GFW Champion. This drew a mixed response. Prichard read that Patron has “voluntarily surrendered” the GFW championship to focus on his family and personal interests. Prichard read that GFW wishes Mr. Patron the best in his future endeavors. Prichard said as Corporate Consultant it falls on his shoulders to rectify the problem of GFW not having a champion. Prichard said the company is only as good as it champion and The GFW has had some great champions. Prichard said as “Head Corporate Advisor” he can order the title back to a former champion. Prichard said he was mandating that the GFW Global Championship be returned to the former title holder. Bruce Prichard introduced Bobby Lashley as the new GFW Global Champion.

Lashley’s smoke and video wall happened. Lashley didn’t walk out and instead the returning Jim Cornette made his entrance. Josh Mathews said “ughhhh!”. Prichard had a smile on his face and welcomed Cornette to the ring. Prichard said he was happy to see Cornette but he didn’t call him out. Cornette said he told Lashley to stay back because he wanted to see the look on Prichard’s face for the surprise. Prichard sounded nervous and said this wasn’t dairy queen with extra lettuce and extra mayo. Cornette said he’s a “Corporate specialist”. Cornette talked about Anthem being new to the wrestling business and how they lack experience with the volatile personalities and things that go on. Cornette said corporate has dealt with some people the wrong way and dealt with the wrong people in some case. Cornette said Anthem called him to fix that because he doesn’t mind telling people were to go and how to get there.

Prichard said he doesn’t know who Cornette is talking to because no one outranks him. Prichard said he doesn’t know why Cornette is in “my Impact Zone” and “My Ring”. Prichard called for Rafael Morffi for security to escort Cornette out. Cornette sarcastically joked about Prichard calling security to apprehend a friend. Prichard said that’s why he isn’t calling the cops. Morffi and the security entered the ring. Prichard said Cornette was not his boss and will never be his boss. Prichard asked the security to get Cornette out of the ring. Cornette said Prichard was right in him not being Bruce’s boss. Cornette said Prichard has always been the same for 30 year in being arrogant, obnoxious, and steamrolling over people. Cornette said Prichard pushes his agenda in the board and locker rooms and have overstepped his bounds. Cornette said people are sick and tired of Prichard. Cornette announced that Prichard was fired. Cornette and Morffi shook hands. The crowd chanted “get the f— out” which Borash comically acknowledged.

Cornette told the crowd to watch their language so he can tell Prichard to get the hell out of his ring. Prichard told Cornette this isn’t the last we’re seeing of him. Cornette ripped the GFW belt from Prichard’s shoulders and ordered security to escort Prichard out. Prichard got the na-na-na-na treatment. Cornette asked Prichard to send his children Cornette’s regards in Houston.

Cornette cut a promo and said that Corporate was sick and tired of bad dealings all around. Cornette said El Patron didn’t volunteer to give up the title, he was stripped of the title. Cornette said he was telling everyone that it was a new day. He said they are not having big stars come in GFW on vacation to waltz to the top. Cornette said no one is given anything and they will fight for it. Cornette said wrestlers are going to prove themselves in ring to other wrestlers and to the fans by conducting themselves like professionals outside of the ring or else they will deal with Cornette.

Cornette said he wasn’t giving any one the championship. Cornette said 20 men will have a gauntlet match next week. Cornette said whoever wins that match will earn it by beating 20 other men to become Global Force Champion. Suddenly LAX made their entrance (sans Homicide) before the commercial break to join Jim Cornette… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I know Cornette is a very divisive person in real life, but… I’m actually a huge fan of him making the surprise return to national wrestling as well as supplanting Bruce Prichard. Cornette’s promos were always better than Brother Love’s. On top of that, Cornette cut one hell of a promo on this show. Here’s hoping we get Cornette coming back later in this show or next week to do this exact thing to Karen Jarrett, who has been even more destructive to Impact segments kayfabe and not-kayfabe than good ol’ Bruce.

Cornette said he was glad to see Konnan and Low Ki, but isn’t familiar with the other guys. Konnan said GFW exchanged one lying cracker for another one. Konnan said Low Ki shouldn’t be running through hoops and Ki should be facing the winner of the Gauntlet one-on-one. Cornette said this was not his decision but rather the decision of corporate. Cornette said he may be a cracker but not a liar. Konnan said he doesn’t trust Cornette because Jim can sell house insurance to the homeless. Konnan said Low Ki isn’t going to be screwed over because Cornette doesn’t want any of this “Silent Tsunami” (which I assume is another Agent 47 reference). Ki was not silent and he told Cornette that he respect’s Prichard’s position.

Ki said he smells fear. LAX invaded Cornette’s personal space. Cornette said he understands Ki’s issues and that Ki was screwed over in this situation. Cornette said corporate’s decision made this. Cornette compromised with Low Ki by giving him the #20 spot that Ki deserves. Cornette said if anyone in LAX lays their hands on him they will be sent to jail for attacking a non-employee. Konnan said that in Orlando Los Boricuas run the pen. Konnan said that for Cornette’s fine white ass in jail, they can get a cup of soup and a honey bun.

Konnan said if Cornette double-crosses LAX Cornette will be cashing checks from SSI social security. Konnan said LAX will be on Cornette like bad teeth on a Somali, to live and die with LAX bitch. Cornette reiterated that he’s a cracker but not a liar. Cornette asked LAX to take the good news. LAX let Cornette out as Konnan said hasta la muerte despues. JB and Josh recapped the segment and then moved on to talking about the Super X Cup finals… [C]

John’s Thoughts: That LAX vs. El Patron gaiden feud was so strange! Konnan was great here and so was Cornette on the other side. Konnan was so good on the mic that the crowd was really into what he was saying. I was watching Lucha Underground season 1 episodes recently and remembered how great of a match promoter Konnan can be, even though he can be offensive at times. To be honest, and I hate always bringing up how bad Lucha Underground season 2.5 was, but I believe that if Konnan were an agent there and on-air manager of Prince Puma, that latter part of the season wouldn’t have sucked so bad!

2. Taiji Ishimori vs. Dezmond Xavier in the final match of the Super X Cup. Borash said these were two of the quickest wrestlers you’ve ever see. Ishimori and Xavier had a stalemate to start. Xavier did some cool quick dodges to Ishimori’s rush. Xavier hit Ishimori with a dropkick. Ishimori landed a front kick, tilt-a-shirl headscissors, and dropkick. Jeremy Borash used this moment to plug the PopTV show “Swedish Dicks”. JB then talked about Xavier and Ishimori having superior cardio. Ishimori hit Xavier with a flapjack gutbuster. Josh Mathews announced that GFW was launching the “Global Wrestling Network” which was GFW’s Over-the-top. Josh announced that GFW was going to have free Impact episodes on the network. Josh then announced that GFW was also going to get a channel on the free Pluto TV service soon.

John’s Thoughts: This was an odd time to announce the over the top news during the finals of their big X Division tournament. I respect that they didn’t want to give us Cornette overload so he couldn’t do it. It probably would have been better if they had some sort of CG featurette, similar to how WWE announced the WWE Network. Also, ignore Josh’s latter statement. The Pluto TV TNA Impact Channel has been up for months. You can go to Pluto TV now and watch old TNA episodes for free. In fact, I just checked out the channel now and there’s a LAX vs. Daniels and Styles from TNA Hard Justice 2006. There’s a young Konnan. This also reminds me of how porn-y TNA’s PPV names are.

Ishimori locked Xavier in a body scissors. Ishimori made a feint kick dodge which set up Xavier for a seated senton. Ishimori took off his t-shirt. Ishimori hit Xavier with double knees. Xavier dodged Ishimori’s Vader Bomb into a rollup attempt. Xavier gave Ishimori a hard right. Xavier was caught and backtossed. Josh Mathews sent GFW’s best wishes to Ric Flair in his situation. Xavier turned the tide in his favor with a CQC combo and cutter. Xavier gave Ishimori quick running strikes and a nice standing Red Arrow.

Xavier and Ishimori had the usual fatigue sequence. Xavier won the battle and hit a dropkick to the back of Ishimori, who escaped the 450 and gained breathing room after a kick to Xavier. Ishimori hit a sweet slicing kick to Xavier. Ishimori then hit the Double Stomp-Vader Bomb hybrid move. Ishimori hit a gutbuster on Xavier followed by a clean looking 450. Xavier recovered and hit a nice-looking Eddie Gordo Mars Attack kick on Ishimori. This allowed Xavier to pick up the pinfall win.

Dezmond Xavier defeated Taiji Ishimori via pinfall in 8:42 to win the GFW Super X Cup.

Borash left the commentary table to interview Dezmond mid-ring. Xavier helped Ishimori to his feet. They both complemented each other and did traditional bushido bowing. Xavier was presented with the Super X Cup. Jeremy Borash told Dezmond that this was the biggest win in Dezmond’s career. Dezmond cracked up a bit and said this is a moment he’ll never moment. Dezmond turned to the camera and said that whoever leaves the show X Division Champion, they have to know that Dezmond Xavier is coming for the X Division Championship. Borash announced Xavier as Super X Cup winner…

John’s Thoughts: I can’t help but shake that I think there was some time shaved off of this match, but it was also coupled with the odd news dump that Borash and Mathews had to do. I sympathize with the news part given how they had to do it somewhere with the first hour being filled with mostly talking. Xavier is a star in the making and I like that GFW is trying to make a new star here rather than go back to the well of old TNA/WWE/WCW stars.

Prichard was being escorted out of the building. Karen Jarrett was laughing at him being escorted out. Karen and Prichard than jawed at each other. Karen yelled very loudly and annoyingly (I wonder if this was the fury Braun Strowman had to confront). Karen continued to yell at Prichard’s direction on his way out. She yelled that Prichard will never come back…

John’s Thoughts: Can Jim Cornette walk into scene now to fire Karen Jarrett? How awesome would that be?

Grado talked about how much he’s going to miss American Wrestling, American Mac-n-Cheese, and American women. Joe Park walked into scene to console Grado and told him that Grado knew that this day might come. Park told Grado to buck up. Park said Grado isn’t going to leave the company and hide behind a key board to talk to the “Poop” sheets. Park said that Grado isn’t going to be what the boys call “a mark” to tweet on Twitter/Instagram. Park said Grado is going to say goodbye live next week. Grado and Park embraced…

3. Sonjay Dutt vs. Trevor Lee in a Ladder Match for the GFW X Division Championship. The X belt was not blue instead of green. Random tangent, a year ago Josh Mathews said that the belt was painted green due to Hurricane Helms. Dutt smothered Lee in the corner. Dutt then hair-tossed Lee. Borash clarified that there is no active referee in the ring since it’s a ladder match. Lee tried to retreat to ringside but Sonjay whipped him into the barricade. Lee took a sip of lime soda and spit it in Lee’s face.

Lee pushed Dutt into the barricade to get some recovery time. Lee gave Dutt an uppercut. Dutt recovered and hit Lee with a huracanrana. Lee retreated outside to secure a ladder. Dutt maintained pursuit. Lee got his ladder to the ring apron. Dutt baseball slid the ladder into Trevor Lee. Sonjay Dutt hit Lee with an Asai Moonsault. Lee switched places with Dutt to kick Dutt with his running apron punt. Lee tried to make a play for the belt but Dutt kept him from ascending. Lee caught Dutt and did a fisherman toss of Dutt onto the ladder… [C]

Trevor Lee made a play for the belt with Dutt writhing from a ladder shot to the gut. Dutt had enough wherewithal to get Lee off of the ladder. Dutt tried for a running move but Lee planted Dutt with a standing double stomp. Lee set up a table against the turnbuckle. Dutt adjusted his weight to block a German Suplex. Dutt kicked off of the table to hit Lee with a DDT. Dutt then set up the table inside of the ring and put Lee on top. Lee got out of the way and crotched Dutt on the top rope. Dutt skidded over the table in a toss but Lee gave Dutt a right hand to maintain an advantage over the champ. Lee worked on Dutt on the outside while also supplying the ring with a second ladder.

Lee set up the second ladder in the rung of the established ladder (this also reminds me of Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell). It must have also reminded Jeremy Borash since he talked about Taryn Terrell being the arch-nemesis to Gail Kim. Dutt used a drop toehold on Lee to the Ladder. Dutt put Lee on the Ladder contraption and hit Lee with his freefall splash. Randomly, Caleb Konley ran in to assist Trevor Lee by giving Dutt a powerbomb through the table. Suddenly a random unknown guy ran in to take out Konley. Oh Mah Gawd! IT’S PETEY FREAKIN’ WILLIAMS. Petey hit Konley with the Canadian Destroyer. Borash talked about how Konley and Lee both come from North Carolina while Williams and Dutt both are pioneers of the X Division.

Lee recovered quicker than Dutt. Lee threw the ladder into Dutt. Dutt then did a springboard to the top of the ladder. Dutt punched Lee off the top to the hanging Ladder. Dutt recovered his belt to retain the X Division Championship.

Sonjay Dutt defeated Trevor Lee in 11:26 in a Ladder match to retain the GFW X Division Championship.

Jeremy Borash talked how Petey Williams has been out of pro wrestling for three years. Williams was shown nodding in approval from the ramp as Dutt celebrated his title defense. Jeremy Borash hyped up the Sydal vs. Lashley main event as well as the OVE debut after the commercial… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I was about to call shenanigans with the dull Caleb Konley run-in. That was a thing, but GFW quickly rectified it with a legit good return. It’s cool to see Petey back, even if it’s just a one-off. The match was good and way better than the confusing feud that led up to it. Lee shines when he’s given a chance to wrestle. Dutt may lack charisma, but he does know how to put in work in the ring when it counts.

JB and Josh sent it to McKenzie Mitchell to interview Lashley, who had his arms crossed and wore shades. Lashley asked McKenzie if she really watches the show or if she’s just put backstage to be pretty (good line). McKenzie claimed to watch the show. Lashley said since she watches the show she knows that Lashley is not an X Division guy. He said he was going to destroy the little kid that’s keeping him away from what’s rightfully his. Lashley said he does know his opponent’s name, loser!

There were two enhancement guys in the ring and they had childlike j-brone music. Ohio Versus Everything made their entrance and that was what Dave Penzer announced them as. Jeremy Borash talked about how he watched the Crist brothers defeat The Young Bucks in ECW Arena…

4. “Ohio vs. Everything” Jake and Dave Crist vs. Zachery Wentz and Jason Cade. Wentz started the match against Jake and managed to dominated early on. Jake blocked the guy with a boot. Jake hit the guy with a kick and tagged in Dave. Dave hit a senton on the back of the guy. Cade tagged in. Cade and Wentz managed to dominate the match with some codebreakers. Jake caught Cade with a superkick and back hook. OVE hit a high-low combo to win the match.

Ohio Vs. Everything defeated Zachery Wentz and Jason Cade via pinfall in 2:11.

Josh Mathews talked about how OVE’s finisher reminds him of Total Elimination…

John’s Thoughts: I heard some hype of the Crist brothers, but I have to say that I wasn’t impressed by their debut. The enhancement team got to show a bit more than the Ohio guys. This probably also would have been better placed next week as opposed to the Destination X show.

EC3 and Moose were trying to get Jim Cornette’s attention but Cornette was talking on his clamshell cellphone. Moose and EC3 demanded to be in the gauntlet. Cornette said he agrees due to EC3 and Moose being the top 20 in the roster. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis followed up with the same request. Drake finally got a chance to say some of his catchphrases again. Drake claimed to be the number one wrestler in Impact. Cornette said Adonis and Drake were in the match but Drake was the first person in the match. Cornette joked about Drake being unrecognizable. Drake said that’s not what he meant by being number one. They cut to a Lashley/MMA vignette… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Oh my goodness, GFW finally realized that Eli Drake has a voice. It wasn’t too much but it’s refreshing to see Eli Drake do promo work again. If I were booking GFW and wanted to do a hard reset from El Patron, I’d give Eli Drake the ball to run with and have him win the World Champion. I know who they have debuting soon and I sure hope they don’t rush the title on that guy to fall into old TNA ways.

5. Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Sydal to win a title shot of their choosing. Sydal started the match by dodging Lashley against the perimeter of the ring. Sydal snuck in some roundhouse kicks. Lashley fought through with a power elbow. Sydal slipped outside and surprised Lashley with a Pele kick when Lashley followed up. Lashley hit Sydal with a flying crossbody in the center of the ring. Sydal tried to steal the win with a reverse victory roll. Sydal hit a roundhouse and Rolling Sobat on Lashley. Lashley caught Sydal into powerbomb position but Sydal did another victory roll. Sydal hit Lashley with a knee strike and standing moonsault. Sydal rolled to ringside to recover heading into commercial. [C]

Lashley threw Sydal into the barricade in front of American Top Team. Lashley high fived ATT. Borash talked about how Lashley trains with top tier MMA champions. Josh and Borash then talked about how Dan Lambert was trying to pull Lashley away from pro wrestling. Lashley gave Sydal a shoulder tackle into the turnbuckle. Sydal ate calculated strikes from Lashley. Lashley stretched Sydal several times. Lashley hit Sydal with his delayed vertical suplex while also showboating his biceps. Sydal dodged a spear and hit a spinning wheel kick on Lashley.

Sydal countered a side slam into a DDT. Lashley recovered and met Matt Sydal on the top rope. Sydal blocked a Superplex by adjusting his weight midair. Sydal fought Lashley off. Sydal yelled “Bobby!” and hit Bobby with a diving double knee. Sydal gave Lashley a roundhouse to the gut and axe kick to the back of the head. Lashley quickly recovered and planted Sydal with a spinebuster. Sydal and Lashley traded holds with Lashley ending up on top with the Dominator Power Slam.

Sydal was flipped into the ground to lead to a Lashley nearfall. Lashley brought a chair into the ring which Borash attributed to frustration. Brian Hebner tried to yank away the chair. Sydal hit Lashley with a Rolling Sobat Van-Daminator. Lashley caught Air Bourne with his knees. Lashley accidently speared the ringpost which allowed Sydal to roll Lashley up for the win.

Matt Sydal defeated Bobby Lashley via pinfall in 10:29 to win a title shot of his choosing.

Dan Lambert and American Top Team showed their disappointment in the front row. Borash gave Sydal credit for doing something very few people do, get a pinfall over Lashley. The America Top Team members suddenly attacked Brian Hebner. Lashley broke things up. Borash wanted to keep the camera on the ring but he was ordered by the production truck to cut to a video package…

But Wait! There’s More! (to reference how I usually end my Lucha Underground written reviews). The Current on-air Lucha Underground Champion John Morrison/Mundo had a vignette. He talked about how he’s coming to a new roster with new challenges. He said he was going to be the Thursday night delight. Morrison talked about being a AAA Triple Champion and Lucha Underground Champion. Morrison said this was just the beginning. The camera cut and a graphic revealed his new name “Johnny Impact”…

John’s Thoughts: The main event was fun while it lasted. I have a feeling we’ve haven’t seen the last of these two in the ring and I hope it isn’t the end because they looked to be on the way to have a stellar main event level encounter. Sydal’s plucky win allows for a future encounter. That said, I’m not too optimistic about the two scenarios spawning from this angle. On one side, Sydal hasn’t been built up to being a world title contender yet and even in the X Division there are people who seem to be higher on the food chain than him. The other scenario is with Lashley. With the way they’ve been advertising Dan Lambert, I suspected that they were going to make an angle out of this American Top Team story. I get that they are trying to cross kayfabe into reality but this angle is just too insider-baseball for the casual fan to even care about.

Moving along, how many times does John Hennigan have to cut the promo about his next name change. He goes from John, to Johnny Nitro, to John Morrison, to Johnny Mundo, and now Johnny Impact. Now all Mundo has to do is go to join ROH or New Japan so he can be Johnny Honor or Johnny Nippon. Kidding aside, I like the signing of Mundo and feel that he can be a bit (not to much, but a bit) of a catalyst to draw in some fringe viewers. Next week is going to be Johnny Mundo overload since Lucha Underground is hyping up a huge Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio match for the Lucha Underground Championship for next Wednesday. One would assume that Johnny Mundo will then through the power of tapings go on Thursday to challenge for the vacant GFW Championship. Here’s hoping we get serious John Morrison on GFW as opposed to the Miz derivative that he plays on Lucha Underground currently. Here’s hoping GFW doesn’t pull another TNA and put the belt quickly to the former WWE guy. Give it to Drake.

This was NOT a frustrating show! We got a lot of talking and angles, but the angles were solid. The returns of Jim Cornette, Taryn Terrell, and Petey Williams all did good things to add some buzz to the show. They did contradict some of El Patron’s public comments but I’d take GFW’s word over Alberto’s at this point due to how Alberto tends to have very shaky stories in his public statements. Without the albatross of El Patron, this show as much improved over the last set of tapings. The matches were all fun to watch. Could this be GFW’s best show of the year? It very might well be. Of course, I’m just one person and let’s see where Jason Powell ends up in this discussion because he’ll be by later on with his GFW Hit List and member exclusive audio review.

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