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Frankie Kazarian on Christopher Daniels winning the ROH Championship, keeping in touch with friends such as Samoa Joe and AJ Styles when they work elsewhere

Wrestling News Hub Magazine Interview with Frankie Kazarian
Host: Marc Madison
Interview available at Thewrestlingnewshubmagazine.blogspot.ca

On Christopher Daniels’ ROH Championship win: “It was like imaging two guys who were actors that came up together, and one gets nominated for an Academy Award, you are going to be happy for them, it’s the pinnacle. For him to be the Ring of Honor world champion meant so much to him because of his pedigree there. It was just a great night, one of the better nights of my career. I am very happy for him and so very happy the angle came off the way that it did. Everyone enjoyed the match, and everyone enjoyed the way the angle came off. It was just a really, really good night for me and my career.”

On how he maintains his friendship with those he doesn’t currently work with: “We have such a strong bond, and no matter how much time passes, when you see each other and when you talk on the phone you are right back to where you started. I could go months without seeing (Samoa) Joe and AJ (Styles), but when we do get together it’s like it was five minutes. I am blessed and fortunate to have a bond with three guys that I have known many years. They are the best friends I could ask for. For me, it was real easy, and I have a lot of real good friends, but those are the guys that I will communicate with until they throw dirt on me. It is pretty simple because that bond is so strong.”

On the future of his band VexTemper: Well with VexTemper right now, we are basically auditioning drummers so that is time-consuming and challenging, but also very exciting. The writing process again, nothing gets me more charged up as a musician than the development of music and focusing on that…


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