WWE confirms the cancellation of Talking Smack as a weekly series, will continue to air after Smackdown pay-per-views

WWE issued the following statement to Prowrestling.net regarding the cancellation of Talking Smack as a weekly television series. “We continuously review WWE Network’s programming line-up based on a variety of factors, including viewership and subscriber research. Talking Smack and Raw Talk will air following pay-per-view events, and Tuesday will continue to feature 205 LIVE.”

Powell’s POV: Here’s hoping that there’s enough fan backlash that WWE officials reconsider. The Talking Smack show is behind only the NXT television show in terms of drawing me to WWE Network on a weekly basis. As I wrote earlier, Talking Smack gave the talent a terrific forum to help establish their own personas. It seems like cheap programming and I consider it a mistake to pull from the weekly lineup.

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  1. Preach on Jason. For whatever good it will do, I registered my complaint thru the WWE feedback section on their website.

  2. Pretty sure it’s because of the unscripted nature of the show that Vince decided to cancel it. Everything must be controlled.

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