Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky announces her retirement

Velvet Sky (Jamie Szantyr) announced her retirement from pro wrestling. She told that she has returned college and noted that she once postponed college for pro wrestling. “Wrestling has a shelf life,” she said of her decision to postpone college for pro wrestling. “College doesn’t. You can be 50 years old and go to college for your degree. You can’t be 50 years old and train to be a pro wrestler.” Read more at [Thanks to Dot Net Member Ernesto Cruz]

Powell’s POV: Velvet noted that she is attending Post University and hopes to be a a personal trainer. She also wrote on Twitter that she is studying marketing and business management. Here’s wishing her the best in this decision, though she isn’t completely finished with the business, as she noted that while she is finished in the ring, she will continue to take bookings for conventions and autograph signings.



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