Moore’s Lucha Underground Hit List: Mariposa vs. Fenix, Pindar vs. Mascarita Sagrada, Vinnie Massaro vs. Brian Cage

By John Moore

Lucha Underground Hits

Mariposa vs. Fenix: While the superhero trio of Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago was fun while it lasted, that’s too much talent to be contained in tag team matches. Fenix, in particular, is Lucha Underground’s strongest white meat babyface. Some people may call it disrespectful for Fenix not wanting to hurt a woman, but as a nice person I would ask you what you would do if in the same situation. Fenix is presented as a nice guy so I like that he doesn’t resort to any dark side tactics. Mariposa looked good on her side. The problem with her is she was presented in Season 2 where there was no character development with the new warriors. She won one match and immediately was put in No Mas to take a loss (that said, No Mas was a match of the year candidate and an amazing women’s “I Quit” match). Mariposa looked good here, but the right person went over because there is more stock in Fenix as a headliner. I hope they give Mariposa some wins though.

Pindar vs. Mascarita Sagrada: The right guy went over, but Mascarita gained a lot in the loss. That was the story of the night. Pindar is the better worker of the two Lizard dudes. He worked really well with Sagrada, who had his best serious match in Lucha Underground to date and got to show off some really cool offense that larger wrestlers aren’t capable of. The best one was that tope into a huracanrana that was so clean because he couldn’t trip over the second rope as would have happened to a taller wrestler.

Marty the Moth vs. Saltador: Yet another match where the loser gained a lot in loss. Saltador is a big unknown. The only thing we know about him is that Matt Striker won’t stop telling us that he and Paul London are drug addicts to illegal drugs. They should go more mystic than drug addict with him and he got to show some good character to wrestler integration in this match. Both men did. Marty is really good with hitting the right amounts of creep while also carrying through the match. There’s a reason Marty was the WWE coaches’ favorite at the point he was on Tough Enough. He wrestles well and makes sure to tell a story. Saltador did the same thing and made sure to do the comedy spots without becoming cringeworthy.

Lucha Underground Misses

Vinnie Massaro vs. Cage: This is the third time Cage has done this and it’s starting to become a bad trend with him. Cage is an extremely good big man that can do cruiserweight moves. Cage is also good at keeping the flips to a minimum and making sure he’s getting over that he’s a machine. The problem with Cage in this match is the same problem he had with Chavo Guerrero and Ricky Reyes. Cage sold too damn much. It even got noticeable in this and the Chavo match to the point where Striker had to go above and beyond to make excuses as to why Cage was selling so much. In the Chavo match, Striker rightfully had to cover it up by saying that Chavo had the best match of his career due to Chavo never really dominating anyone (Chavo doesn’t have to dominate, as a babyface and heel he comes from behind). In this match, Striker tried to cover for Cage by saying he had a leg injury from the gym. That doesn’t excuse Cage for taking a beating from the bottom member of the Lucha Underground roster. This does nothing for Massaro. It just made Cage look weak, and he’s supposed to be “powered up” due to the head exploding punchy glove.

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