12/13 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Brian Cage vs. Moose, Rich Swann vs. Dave Crist and Trevor Lee vs. Trey Miguel in Ultimate X qualifying matches, Jordynne Grace vs. Ruby Raze, Taya Valkyre and Tessa Blanchard in-ring interview

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped November 11-13, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Sam’s Town Casino

Highlights from last week’s Impact Wrestling show aired followed by the Impact Wrestling theme…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary…

1. Rich Swann vs. Dave Crist (w/Sami Callihan, Jake Crist) in an Ultimate X qualifying match. Dave Crist stalled against the ropes in the corner. Callis noted that it was a smart move due to Swann usually starting his matches at a fast pace. Dave leaped from the corner and put the boots to Rich. Callis noted that Sami Callihan continues to terrorize Josh Mathews and the commentary table. Dave distracted the referee so Jake could hit Rich with a backbreaker. Sami berated Jake a bit after the move. Josh said that OVE are really good at distraction and misdirection.

Rich blocked a kick from Dave and returned with an enzuigiri. Rich hit both OVE guys with a Tope Con Hilo. Rich hit Dave with a punch combination and a Lethal Injection. Josh pointed out that Jake was doing his mime routine as Sami was cheering on Dave.

Rich Swann defeated Dave Crist via pinfall in 4:00 to qualify for Ultimate X.

After the match, Dave Crist put Rich in a rear naked choke so Jake could put the boots to Rich. Sami Callihan rushed the ring, aggressively shoved Jake aside, and ordered Dave to release the choke. Callihan scolded both Crist brothers. Willie Mack’s theme played as Mack walked down the ramp wearing what looked like parachute pants and his Lucha Underground T-Shirt. Jake and Dave rushed Mack and were taken down with singular blows.

Callihan tried to get the upper hand as Mack entered the ring but Mack ducked the lariat and hit Callihan with the Stone Cold Stunner. Mack mounted Callihan with punches and it was Rich Swann that pulled Mack away. Callihan did the same to the Crist brothers. The commentators both acted confused because it was odd to see Callihan act honorable. Callis said it’s time for Callis to summon the backstage stooges to give him some info on this odd situation.

John’s Thoughts: Not much of a match and more of an angle. An intriguing angle though. There are similarities between this angle and the Johnny-Kross program, but I think Callihan is a smart enough dude to differentiate this somehow. No clue where this leads. The payoff may suck (see: Sami Callihan’s feud with Cage), but I’ll tell you I’m intrigued to see where this goes. I don’t think they’re going to do a Sami Callihan face turn? Speaking of which, it wouldn’t hurt to turn Callihan down the road since the company needs a strong babyface and Callihan’s such a strong personality.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in from ringside at the Sam’s Town Casino. Josh said he thinks Callihan and Swann have history between each other. Callis said it might be checkered history. Josh then recapped the other Ultimate X qualifiers while advertising Trevor Lee vs. Trey Miguel. Josh said that Allie is now “Dark Allie”. Josh also ran through some upcoming matches…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Moose on possibly being distracted by Eddie Edwards. Moose started his promos, as usual, by hitting on McKenzie. Moose called McKenzie a “sweetheart” and told her that he had a gift for her. Moose said the gift wasn’t here because one of his “other girlfriends” stole it. Moose said it was a long story and he’ll talk about it with McKenzie later. Moose said now it was time to answer McKenzie’s question about Eddie.

Moose said he’s not worried because Eddie is somewhere sipping on orange juice, eating crackers, playing cards, or doing whatever they do at nuthouses. Moose said he’s focused on “The Machine” Cage. Moose said Cage needs to understand that computers die, laptops die, electric cars die, machines die, but legends live forever. Moose said Cage will find out why Moose is the “legend known as Moose”. Moose walked away saying “call me, sweetheart” as he blew a kiss at McKenzie… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Heel Moose is great. It’s such an upgrade over dumb-babyface Moose who ended every segment either in the Yamcha dead pose or rolling around holding his kicked balls.

Willie Mack caught up with Rich Swann in the Gorilla Position area. Mack said he warned Swann that OVE would triple team him and they did exactly that. Mack then asked Swann why he suddenly pulled Mack away from Sami. Mack said he’s dealt with these guys before. Mack wondered what was Rich’s history with this Sami dude (Mack has had plenty of history with Sami in the Lucha Underground universe). Rich said he was going to keep it 100 with Mack. Rich said he’s dealt with Sami before and he doesn’t want to pull Mack down into this conflict. Rich said nobody knows Sami more than him. Rich said Sami is dangerous and maniacal. Rich told Mack to just back off…

John’s Thoughts: If you’re keeping track, Callihan completely helped Jake Crist cheat last week against Willie Mack, but for some reason he was super honorable against Rich Swann. Eyebrow raising, but in a fun way. It makes you ask the question “Callihan’s up to something, but what game is he playing?”.

Josh Mathews was already in the ring. Josh ran through the history of the Impact/TNA Knockouts Championship. Josh brought up the “household names” of wrestlers that held the title like Angelina Love, Mickie James, ODB, and “The Hall of Famer” and inaugural Knockouts Champion Gail Kim. Josh then announced that he was going to host an in-ring interview with Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard. Taya made her entrance wearing street clothes. The crowd gave Taya a “Wera Loca” chant. Tessa got a mixed reaction (with EC3 jacket guy shaking his head).

Josh said he would interview the challenger first. Josh wanted Taya to recap the rivalry she has with Tessa. Taya said Tessa was very creative with what she did with the ring apron at Bound for Glory. Taya claimed that she’s over it. Tessa pointed out how Tessa got herself intentionally disqualified by attacking the referee. Taya said Tessa has no respect for authority (Well… Not sure if the Taya character knows, but that referee was acting like a real douchebag to Tessa right before the match and Tessa deserved a chance to beat up the referee who was trying to flaunt his authority over Tessa). Taya said that’s not representative of a Champion and Knockout. Taya said at Homecoming La Wera Loca is going to be “all over that”.

Dueling “Wera Loca” and “Tessa Blanchard” chants ensued with the Tessa chant being stronger and more enthusiastic. Josh asked Tessa for a response. Tessa fired back at Taya by asking Taya how Taya would know about being a champion, which drew “ohhhhhh’s” from the crowd. Tessa said Taya only knows about being champion by watching her husband. Tessa said Johnny Impact isn’t even good at being champ. Tessa said Taya has been “just a challenger” her entire run in Impact. Tessa mocked Taya’s catchphrase. Tessa said Taya is just like the people in the crowd, “a loser”. Tessa said what she does has kept her champion this long. Tessa said she may have to pull the ring apron or hit a ref, but she’ll even walk right out the door with the title on her damn waist if she wants to. Tessa said Taya is going to have to take the belt from Tessa and nobody has been able to.

John’s Thoughts: Damn! Tessa’s a star.

Taya and Tessa stood face to face with Tessa holding her belt up. Taya mocked Tessa’s shorter height. Josh asked for some decorum. Josh talked about how “Impact Management” is aware of the things that have been happening in Tessa’s title matches and they decided to put a special referee in charge of the title match. Suddenly, Gail Kim’s entrance theme played as Gail Kim jawed with an angry Tessa from the stage… [c]

John’s Thoughts: A good and logical face-to-face with the nice twist of inserting Gail Kim into the Knockouts Championship match at Homecoming (especially since Gail Kim fits into the “homecoming” theming). What has me still baffled is the crowd has no reason to rally behind Taya other than her constantly chanting that she’s a “crazy white chick”, which is what “Wera Loca” translates from. The funny thing is, Taya has a strong babyface journey story that they’re not telling. Vampiro in Lucha Underground did this well (despite her being heel there) where she was trained by Lance Storm in her home country of Canada, struggled to get noticed in the US and Canadian wrestling scene, traveled to Mexico and struggled to make it there due to locker room politics and the language barrier, and ultimately succeeded due to hard work and family-like support from Perro Aguayo Jr. and Konnan helping her conquer the shady political climate in AAA. The reason they call her “Crazy white girl” (if I’m remembering it correctly) is because most people would have given up after going through the pain that Taya suffered so Taya must be crazy. See… I did more in that paragraph to tell Taya’s real life babyface journey than Impact Wrestling has done for Taya in 3+ months. As Tessa keeps pointing out, Taya’s just “Johnny’s Wife” in Impact.

Tessa Blanchard was shown pacing around in the Gorilla Position area. Tessa said this is absurd. Tessa bragged about beating all the Knockouts in the division. Tessa said the odds are stacked against her at homecoming. Tessa said other than her family, Tessa respects Gail Kim. Tessa said Gail made Tessa want to enter the business. Tessa said if Gail gets in her way, she’ll run right through her too.

John’s Thoughts: In all honesty, I’m looking way more forward to what I assume would be a Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim match at next year’s Slammiversary (and if you’ve read my LU reviews you know that I’m a huge proponent of Taya’s work).

Trevor Lee made what might be his last entrance in Impact Wrestling…

John’s Thoughts: God bless the wrestling gods! (hopefully, if all remains accurate) Trevor Lee will finally be free from his three-year stint in Impact Wrestling undercard hell!

2. Trevor Lee vs. Trey Miguel (w/Zachary Wentz, Dezmond Xavier) in an Ultimate X qualifying match. Josh said that Trey calls himself “The Fresh Prince of [Mid-]air”. Josh hyped the “Ohio vs. Everything” Twitch show that Impact was hosting in Dayton tomorrow. Trey and Trevor started off with trading hammerlocks. Trey landed on his feet from a Trevor Lee deadlift German. Trey did his Rascalz pose. Trey hit Trevor with a huracanrana. Trey showed off some more cruiserweight dodges.

Trey hit Trevor with a nice Tiger Feint Kick into a huracanrana at ringside. Trevor hit Trey with a roundhouse and backbreaker for a two count. Don Callis said that The Rascalz are way better as a team than as singles wrestlers. Josh went into a PopTV and Schitt’s Creek plug. Josh then asked Callis about his thoughts on Trevor Lee’s chest hair. Callis said he doesn’t make an effort to keep up on the male wrestlers grooming habits and that he’s happy that Josh is handling that job. Callis then called Josh a “hairless wonder” (uhm… where is this going?).

Trevor hit Trey with a backbreaker into a back stretch. Trey hit Trevor with rapid slaps. Trevor went for a few lariats, but Trey dodged. Trey caught Trevor with a Pele Kick. Trey then hit Trevor with a Scorpion Kick into a neckbreaker. Trevor went for the deadlift German again to no avail. Trevor caught Trey with a Superman Punch. Trey trapped Trevor on the top rope and hit him with a 619. Trey then hit Trevor with a Spike Huracanrana into a victory roll for the win.

Trey Miguel defeated Trevor Lee via pinfall in 6:29.

Josh said that Trey is on his way to Homecoming (and fingers crossed that Trevor is on his way to Takeover: Phoenix)…

John’s Thoughts: As much as I joke about Trevor Lee finally being freed from jobber servitude, I do like how Impact has allowed Trevor Lee (after all these damn freakin’ years) to finally shine as a serious competitor in his last three matches. A part of me really wants to see what Impact had planned for Lee because Callis was really putting him over as serious in the past few months. Another part of me didn’t want to see that because Lee has had the creative rug pulled from under him by even great creative teams. Can’t wait to see this guy wrestle the likes of Roderick Strong, Oney Lorcan, Ethan Carter III (again), Ricochet, Hideo Itami, Mustafa Ali, etc.

The show cut to another one of those strange Lucha Brother promos. Pentagon said he understands that their family relationship makes things complicated, but if any problems exist between them they can address them in the ring. Pentagon said the Lucha Brothers will be there at Homecoming and that they will prevail as champions. Pentagon said that’s what they came to Impact to do, to stand tall as champions. Fenix called out his opponent for tonight, Santana. Fenix said he was going to show Santana Lucha Libre. Fenix said on January 6 the Lucha Brothers will “beat you guys”. Pentagon said “Nosotros somos Lucha Brothers, Somos Cero Miedo”. Fenix ended the promo by saying “You know what? Animo!”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: The Lucha Brothers still have very strange promos in Impact. Fenix is better when he isn’t hyperactive, and I’ve seen Pentagon show up in Los Angeles cutting promos in the spirit of Steve Austin. Oddball promos aside, LAX vs. Lucha Brothers is going to be amazing!

The show cut to Allie in Su Yung cutting a promo in what looked like the same dark area that the Lucha Brothers just were. There were plenty of cheap Adobe After Effects filters. Allie was whispering, so it was hard to hear; but I think she talked about how the old Allie was gone. She said the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end. Su Yung said, “Your time has come”, in regard to Kiera Hogan…

John’s Thoughts: So, with the whispering, has Dark Allie now become ASMR Allie? Seriously, why is this a thing? What is the payoff? I would rather just have Rosemary come back via Abyss’s Monster Ball match to stay the hell away from this god-awful part of the Knockouts division. Or do we call this the “Zombie Princess” Division because Su Yung is a Zombie and Jimmy Jacobs may or may not be in charge of this?

Josh Mathews cut to the Global Wrestling Network Flashback Match of the Week. It was an Ultimate X from Bound for Glory 2009: Amazing Red vs. Homicide vs. Suicide (Frankie Kazarian) vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Championship (according to Wikipedia). Amazing Red won after I fast forwarded three minutes…

An LAX vs. Lucha Brothers Homecoming ad aired…

The show cut to this week’s LAX clubhouse cinematic. Santana and Ortiz were hanging out looking at strange things on the internet while Konnan was shown looking nervous while tapping his leg. Ortiz told Konnan that he was acting wound up. Konnan went into his angry father rant. Konnan said that Santana and Ortiz are on their own. Konnan left. Santana started to rant about being okay with facing Fenix tonight by himself. Ortiz asked if that makes Ortiz chopped liver because Ortiz will still be at ringside… [c]

3. “The Mexi-king” Fenix (w/Pentagon Jr) vs. Santana (w/Ortiz). Ortiz was waving around a flip flop for some reason. Callis wondered if the flip flop was stolen since he only has one. Josh said there’s something written on the bottom. Callis said it was probably the name of the person Ortiz ripped off (great line!). Santana landed Fenix’s signature tightrope armdrag but Fenix landed on his feet. Fenix responded by hitting Santana with the move, adding in more tightrope bouncing. Josh Mathews said they aren’t using traditional ring ropes in Las Vegas and instead are using covered braided rope.

Santana hit Fenix with a Tope Con Hilo. Fenix staggered Santana with a rising palm and hit Santana with his Slicing Sobat at ringside. Fenix then hit Santana with a top rope Golden Triangle Moonsault. Fenix missed a springboard Swanton. Santana hit Fenix with a Claymore for a two count. Fenix and Santana traded strikes. Fenix had the upper hand with his blocks. Santana caught Fenix with a Swinging Uranage for a two count. Pentagon led an “Animo” chant at ringside. Fenix hit Santana with an enzuigiri. Santana went for a move, but Fenix caught him with a rolling cutter.

Fenix caught Santana with a backfist. More dodging ensued. Santana hit Fenix with a reverse huracanrana and Fenix responded with the same move. Don Callis said he didn’t expect Santana to last this long since Fenix has way more experience as a singles wrestler. Santana and Fenix had a Japanese strong style exchange. Fenix tagged Santana with a sweet back hook kick. Santana responded with a thrust kick. Fenix trapped Santana on the second rope and caught him with a sweet tightrope running PK for the two count. Santana reversed Fenix and caught him with a rolling cutter. Santana hit Fenix with a Liger Bomb for a two count.

Fenix hit Santana on the top rope with a rising palm and backfist. Santana blocked Fenix’s Kinniku Buster attempt. Fenix hooked the legs for the Kinniku Buster, but Santana rolled up and escaped. Fenix hit Santana with some savate kicks. Fenix then hit Santana with his Slicing Sobat. Fenix hit Santana with the Kinniku Buster Driver for the victory.

Fenix defeated Santana via pinfall in 8:50.

Pentagon held up his brother’s hand after the match while Ortiz checked up on Santana on the ground. Josh used the quality of this match to hype up Impact’s upcoming “Best of…” holiday episodes. Fenix and Santana gave each other some dap after the match…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Killer Kross who looked focused and had his arms crossed. McKenzie said it seemed like Kross sided with Taya and Johnny last week. Kross said he sees that McKenzie using the words “seemed like” shows a biased perspective. Kross told McKenzie to “shut up, my little friend”. Kross said it’s obvious that Johnny can’t do this on his own. Johnny interrupted Kross’s promo as Kross told Johnny “hello John”. Johnny told Kross that Kross tells people that he’s speaking fact but Kross is actually trying to manipulate people. Johnny said he doesn’t understand Kross’s psyche, but he sees through Kross’s ruse.

Johnny told Kross to stay away. Kross yelled and got under Johnny’s nerves by calling him a half-assed husband who can’t protect his wife. This caused Johnny to cross-arm choke Kross against a chain link fence. Kross laughed and said that this is the Johnny Impact that needs to emerge to beat Brian Cage. Johnny said to stay away from Johnny and Taya. Johnny left. Kross said “Sure John… whatever it takes…”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: While Cage is a bit player in this world title program, this has been a really entertaining triangle involving Johnny, Kross, and Cage. Mostly Kross and Johnny. Kross is carrying this feud with is charisma and body language. Johnny’s doing a good job by being a human being and not “Slamtown” Johnny. Bravo Impact Wrestling for making me as a viewer really want to see what Killer Kross does in the World Title main event at Homecoming.

Kiera Hogan was shown backstage cutting a promo about how sad she is. Kiera said last week she realized that her friend Allie was gone and all that’s left is a soulless shell of what used to be Allie. Kiera sniffed a bit to show that she was crying. Kiera said she always said she had Allie’s back to the end. Kiera said the end is already here and it’s time to fight…

John’s Thoughts: Oh my word. Why do they have Kiera, Allie, and Su trapped in this pretentious B-movie melodrama purgatory? Here’s hoping they get back to Tessa Blanchard vs. Kiera Hogan as soon as possible. I got a great revisit of that strong program a few weeks ago when Impact Wrestling had a show in the San Jose area.

Josh Mathews announced that Impact Wrestling was returning to the Fronton Mexico Entertainment Center in Mexico City, Mexico January 11-12, 2019…

The show went to cinematic mode at Shady Acres. Raven was playing chess and lecturing a random “crazy person”. Raven won the chess match. Eli Drake handed the person “a bottle of urine” (?) and told the crazy person to leave so he could chat with Raven. Drake introduced himself. Drake brought up Raven’s “friend” Tommy Dreamer. Drake said he came to the hospital to see the head of the snake, a man that inspired a generation. Drake said Raven doesn’t belong in this business. Drake mocked Raven for inspiring wrestlers to look like the fans and hit people with sticks and light tubes. Drake said Raven is the star while the inspired wrestlers are just cheap knockoffs. Drake said Raven is waiting to die in this hospital, and the hardcore genre will die with Raven.

Raven asked Drake if Drake was staying for lunch. Drake then hyped up his upcoming match with Abyss and mentioned how Raven had fought with Abyss at Nashville in an Monster’s Ball match before. Drake said Drake can adapt via natural selection. Drake said he can beat Raven at Raven’s own game and do the same to Abyss. Drake then slapped the chess board away and said that he wants Raven to watch Homecoming on PPV. Raven said Shady Acres doesn’t get PPV. Drake then yelled that Raven needs to get the GWN app (but Impact doesn’t put their PPVs on the app until months later). Raven told the orderlies to take Drake away because he slapped the chess board. Drake was dragged away saying that Raven better order the PPV… [c]

Josh Mathews and Don Callis recapped a few of the recent segments. Josh then ran through the announced Homecoming matches. Josh Mathews also noted that Impact Wrestling is going to air “Best of…” episodes in the next two weeks before a January 3rd Go-home show…

Katarina and Ruby Raze made their entrance. Raze did a funny cat pose. Callis said he’s afraid of Raze and also not sure if he’s allowed to talk about her weight…

4. Jordynne Grace vs. Ruby Raze (w/ Katarina). Josh plugged the upcoming Mexico TV Tapings. Grace dominated the taller Raze with punches. Grace slingshotted out of the corner and caught Raze in the back with a meteora and basement uppercut. Raze hit Grace with a German Suplex after a distraction from Katarina. Katarina continued to get some cheap shots in while the referee was distracted. Raze hit Grace with a twisting Tower of London. Grace then bodied up Raze. Raze tried to claw Grace but Grace used her sheer strength to hold back the hand of Raze.

Grace hit Raze with some clubbing lariats. Callis said “she’s SO much like Rhyno”. Grace went for a Samoan Drop but Raze adjusted her weight to block it. Grace dodged Raze and put her in the Electric Chair position. Grace the power bombed Raze. Katarina tried to go to the top rope and got hit by a Kinniku Buster from Grace. Grace then hit both Raze and Katarina with a Vader Bomb for the victory.

Jordynne Grace defeated Ruby Raze via pinfall in 4:02.

Josh noted that Katarina’s plan to bring in a ringer backfired…

Josh hyped Moose vs. Cage for after the commercial… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Maybe Katarina should have brought in Murder Clown? Or how about Dave the Clown?

Josh Mathews plugged the PopTV app…

Impact cut to b-movie cinematic mode showing Gama Singh wandering hotel hallway in one shot while Raj and Rohit Raju were shown chatting in another shot. They were talking in Indian while constantly saying the name “Scarlett”. Smoke appeared, and Scarlett Bordeaux teleported in on top of a table. Rohit said that the Desi Hit Squad has to be on top of her talent search list. Raj said Gama also sung her a good song. Scarlett told the Desi Hit Squad about what she told KM and Fallah Bahh last week. Scarlett then proposed a match between Desi Hit Squad and Bahh and KM for the show in a few weeks. Scarlett said she likes when men fight over her. Scarlett walked away and rolled her eyes…

John’s Thoughts: They’re really just spinning their wheels with Scarlett Bordeaux at this point which is a shame because she plays the fanservice “Diva” character very well. Sadly, instead of putting her in meaningful programs, she continues to meander with the undercard wrestlers in Impact’s comedy division. By the way, weren’t the Desi Hit Squad guys supposed to get more serious after becoming the “New” Desi Hit Squad? Instead, they’re as yuk-yuk goofy as ever.

An ad aired for Impact’s “Back to Cali” One Night Only show (this was taped a day after the show I attended and features Johnny Impact vs. Moose for the Impact World Championship)…

Moose made his entrance to Austin Aries’s theme music. Pockets of the crowd still like doing the Moose arm pump… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Speaking of the Impact show I attended a few weeks ago, Cage wrestled Moose there and they had a pretty entertaining match, albeit it was a bit of a comedy match. Cage won the match by doing a nice twist on the Eddie Guerrero fake chairshot trick. Looking forward to this match.

5. Brian Cage vs. Moose. Cage and Moose ran into each other several times to a stalemate. Josh Mathews explained that the reason Cage’s back is bruised looking like Legos, is because earlier in the day Cage decided to get a “cupping” treatment which is where the doctor sticks air pressure cups on a person back to increase blood flow. Moose managed to get Cage down with a shoulder block. Cage came back with a dropkick and huracanrana. Cage and Moose brawled at ringside. Moose accidently chopped the ringpost (is this something he does regularly?).

Moose chopped Cage but sold the injured hand. Moose then hit Cage with a pump kick at ringside. Cage lifted Moose and gave Moose an apron power bomb. A Terminator clap ensued. Moose got Cage on the second rope and hit Cage in the back of the head with a hesitation dropkick. Moose went to the ground and pound full mount. Moose tried to chop Cage again but continued to sell the injured hand. Callis said Moose needs to stop using his hand and instead start using his forearm or foot. Moose did the Buff Bagwell pose.

Cage used his boot to block Moose. Moose stopped Cage from going high risk with a standing high dropkick. Callis noted that Moose should be commended for being a NFL starting left tackle. Moose worked on Cage at ringside. Moose argued with the fans to get out of the way, which took a while. Moose then teased throwing Cage in the crowd but then pulled the rug from the fans by tossing Cage in the ring (nice swerve). Cage caught a distracted Moose with a Tope Con Hilo. Cage hit Moose with a spinebuster for a two count. Cage hit a rally of strikes on Moose. Moose blocked a suplex. Cage ducked the Game Changer (which I don’t remember Moose ever hitting after two or so years).

Moose hit Cage with the Go to Hell (Sky High). Moose hit Cage with a power bomb-senton combo for a two count. Cage did a leapfrog over Cage to start his rally of offense. Cage hit Moose with a deadlift outside-in suplex. Cage encouraged the crowd to do the Terminator clap. Moose bit Cage’s ear to end Cage’s rally. Cage and Moose then had a strong style exchange. Callis said Moose’s hand is numb which is why he’s not selling the hand anymore. Both men started to stagger during the strong style exchange.

Moose hit Cage with a discus lariat. Cage responded with a Tornado Claw to leave both men prone on the ground for respite. Josh noticed that Cage looked to be in more pain from the Tornado Claw. Josh said Cage might have torn a muscle. Moose blocked the F5. Cage then hit an ugly looking Power Bomb. Moose hit Cage with a spear. Cage rolled to ringside. Moose was about to power bomb Cage, but Eddie Edwards ran in for the DQ.

Moose defeated Brian Cage via an apparent DQ in 11:23.

Eddie was wearing a hospital gown (thank God he was also wearing shorts). Eddie found a flip flop and beat up Moose. Josh reminded viewers that Raven gave Eddie a keycard to escape the mental hospital. Eddie hit Moose with a plancha and started to bite Moose. Eddie beat up Moose around ringside. Eddie then found “Kenny” which is Tommy Dreamer’s Kendo Stick. Eddie beat up Moose with the stick to incite a “whack-a-Moose” chant. Eddie went for a Tiger Bomb but Moose escaped and stormed to the back. Eddie entered the ring, did snow angels, and ran around the ring with his mouth wide open to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: A good match in terms of the action between the bells. Down the road, if Cage is a babyface champion, I wouldn’t mind Impact revisiting this because there was a level of chemistry between the two. Praise aside, it’s a bit odd that not only is Cage a bit player in the Johnny-Kross feud, but they had Cage play the bit role in the Eddie-Moose feud. Odd approach, but I’m still really looking forward to see what they do with Cage at Homecoming with Kross’s involvement. The reason this is odd overall is Cage is supposed to be the world title contender, but so far he’s being treated like he’s several rungs lower on the totem pole.

A solid episode of Impact. There’s still a bunch of annoying things, things annoying enough that if you’re a non-Impact viewer, and/or TNA fanboy, those annoying parts would turn them away. Where Impact is strong now is they’re building up a handful of intriguing mystery storylines. Combine that with Lucha Brothers vs. LAX at homecoming, Impact really is starting to do a good job at making their PPV worth the purchase (that still doesn’t give them a recommendation at a $40 price tag. New Japan Wrestle Kingdom is happening two days earlier and you can get that for $9. I believe Don Callis is also calling that show as usual). Jason Powell will have you guys covered later today with both a Hit List and Members Exclusive Audio Review.

Check below for the new Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast with Jason Powell and guest Konnan, who discusses his return to the ring for MLW in Miami on Friday and shares the crazy story of how he started in pro wrestling.



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  1. I’m not sure they know where they’re going with Scarlett yet, but I think they’ve maybe held off because they know what they have in her. She’s a star.

    If you throw out the Su Yung/Allie/Kiera garbage, which I usually use to go grab a snack, it was a really good show.

    • I do hope they tone down the undercard comedy with Scarlett at least because it will define her down and make it seem a bit jarring if they decide to take her seriously.

      But yeah, I totally agree that this and the last few weeks of non-Turkey suit television have been pretty good. I keep my optimism tempered with this creative team because we have been burned with them trying to be too cute, but what I like now is they have a few eye draw-ers like LAX or the Kross-Johnny feud

      • I’m here to answer both of your questions in one answer Moore. The reason for why Bordeaux isn’t doing much right now is that supposedly she was supposed to become Trevor Lee’s manager but Lee told management at the beginning of the tapings that he’s leaving.

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