6/13 Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: Shinsuke Nakamura plays word association with his Money in the Bank opponents, The Hype Bros say that they are due a Tag Title shot, Jinder Mahal appears


By John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired June 13, 2017 on The WWE Network

-Renee Young and JBL checked in from the WWE Talking Smack set. JBL joked about being “controversial” again. Renee said she looked up JBL’s ladder match history and noticed that he did have one. JBL said he had a ladder match against Jeff Hardy for some reason. JBL talked about fearing heights when he faced Hardy and Eddie Guerrero.

-Because of the Jeff Hardy reference, JBL talked about being happy to see the Hardys back in WWE.

-Shinsuke Nakamura was the first guest of the night. JBL talked about wrestling in Japan where he met Funaki. Renee was lost in the Japan talk.

-Renee transitioned to Smackdown where Shinsuke got his hands on the Money In The Bank case. Renee asked Shinsuke about the feeling of having to climb a ladder to get the case in preparation for the upcoming ladder match on Sunday. Shinsuke said it was a bit scary especially the balance part. Renee said she is most curious about being hit. Nakamura said it hurts but you only feel the pain after the match.

-JBL asked Nakamura how he prepares for a match he’s never been in. Nakamura joked about going to Home Depot to buy some ladders. Nakamura said it’s good for him because he came to WWE for something new. Nakamura said it can be stimulating.

-Renee wanted Nakamura’s thoughts on being in Smackdown. Nakamura said he doesn’t decide how his entrance goes. He said he feels it.

-Renee played Word Association with the other Money in the Bank wrestlers. Nakamura said Kevin Owens talks too much. Nakamura joking said that Sami Zayn also talks too much. JBL said he agrees with that. Nakamura said even though Kevin’s a bad guy and Sami’s a good guy, they are both like twins. Nakamura said Dolph Ziggler’s a good wrestler who would do well in Japan. Nakamura said he wants more matches with Ziggler. Nakamura said Tye Dillinger is a perfect 10 which would make AJ Styles a perfect 100. Nakamura said he wants to face Styles again similar to facing him at Wrestle Kingdom at the Tokyo Dome. Nakamura then said that Baron Corbin was inexperienced yet he has a size advantage. Nakamura said Corbin has potential.

-Renee referenced Nakamura’s love for surfing and wondered if Nakamura spoke with James Ellsworth during his recent surf trip in Puerto Rico. Nakamura said Ellsworth talked about being a skater and surfer. Nakamura talked about bringing a GoPro to Puerto Rico but he missed the surf season. Nakamura said Ellsworth already knew about the lack of waves and was already in the pool. Nakamura said he’s looking forward to Florida or Costa Rica where there are more waves. This closed out the interview.

-Renee Young gave more hype for the Money in the Bank hype. She asked JBL about the proper time to cash in. JBL mentioned the entire range of cash in times from Kane/Ambrose who cashed in the same night to Edge or Dolph who took over 200 days.

-Renee asked JBL for his thoughts on the women’s iteration of the match. JBL said the women are heading into an unknown but they are world class athletes. Renee wanted a Dark Horse pick. JBL picked Natalya. He said you can’t trust the Harts since they are Canadian.

-Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley were the next guests. Ryder talked about returning on the short end of his return timeframe. The doctor said 6-9 months and he’s back in 6. Ryder talked about getting a squatty potty from Mojo. It’s the leg lift for when you take a dump.

-Ryder talked about being proud of Mojo for the success he’s had since the Ryder injury. They then cut to clips of the number one contenders match where Ryder injured himself. Ryder said the injury happened during his Ruff Ryder Leg Lariat. Mojo talked about being freaked out since he might have made the injury worse by running at Ryder in celebration when he was in a bad spot. They talked about opening the knee pad and seeing Ryder’s bone out of place.

-JBL asked Mojo if he’s okay going back to being a tag team. JBL talked about Mojo’s success against the World Champion, Jinder Mahal. Mojo talked about Zack Ryder giving his knee away for a chance to get the tag titles. Ryder said they earned an opportunity that they haven’t used yet.

-JBL asked Ryder the same question. Ryder said since they have a title shot in the air it would be stupid to pass it up. Ryder talked about getting more hyped. Ryder said their time apart has made them better. JBL wondered if there was a statute of limitations on the tag title shot since they won that shot months ago. Ryder said he did jump ahead and they have to chat with Shane. This closed out the interview.

-JBL and Renee talked about the New Day entrance. JBL talked about beads. JBL also mentioned that Raw Lead Writer Dave Kapoor (Ranjin Singh) has homes in the neighboorhood.

-Jinder Mahal was the next guest. Jinder joked about Renee trying to keep Jinder off the show. Jinder brought up Renee not being confident in him. Renee said she just didn’t want to discredit The Viper.

-Jinder said Randy is past his prime and Jinder is entering his prime. Jinder said it was the era of the Modern Day Maharaja.

-Renee asked Jinder of his thoughts on Randy sneaking up on him. Jinder said Randy was a coward for sneaking up on him from behind. Jinder said he’s looking forward to embarrassing Randy in front of his father at Money in the Bank.

-Renee asked Jinder for some insight into Jinder’s gameplan. Jinder said only he and the Singh Brothers know the plan and he’s going to walk out of Money in the Bank as Champion. That was a quick interview.

-JBL and Renee gave some more hype towards the World Title match. JBL said Bob Orton told him one time while they were both working in Japan in the early 90s that Randy was going to be the greatest of all time.

John’s Thoughts: Yet another episode of Talking Smack, and another solid one. Shinsuke probably could have used Daniel Bryan since they have history, but JBL is fine. JBL brings way more energy and knowledge to the show than Shane. On the other hand, Jinder continues to just be average when given the mic. Maybe he just needs to sit back and reassess his promo style. If you really want to see some good heel Jinder Mahal promos, which I’ve looked back at recently, I’d look back to the work he was doing in his WWE debut where he terrorized Great Kahli and Dave Kapoor. Younger Jinder seemed to be a bit more of a cunning heel where he sounds as scripted as hell out there these days.


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